Best Penlight Reviews 2020

A penlight is used in many circumstances by people from different walks of life. This handy tool comes in varied sizes, ranging from two inches to 5 inches long, and is typically powered by two AA or two AAA batteries; hence, making penlights very light and portable at the same time.

The best benefit of a pen light is its capacity in illuminating a particular area through a bright light, making it more of a specialized tool than a general one. However, these mini torches are used for searching for lost items and also helpful during plumbing, hiking, and many other boundless purposes.

A pen flashlight is designed to fit in anyone’s pocket, or attach it to a keychain, providing the owner with a readily-available and controllable tool that equates to brightness and accuracy. With that said, below are the top 5 penlight reviews that you might want to consider as you shop for this one-of-a-kind tool.

Best Penlight Reviews

Brite Strike EPLI Executive Precision


The Brite Strike EPLI Executive Precision deserves an average rating of 4.5-Stars due to its more user-friendly interface, unlike its Tactical Blue Dot counterpart, which is ideal for duty and combat purposes. The new Brite Strike EPLI is more suited for ordinary purposes. Also referred to as Executive Precision Lighting Instrument, the EPLI technology equates to a slim and sleek design.

This flashlight pen is made from premium aircraft-grade aluminum for optimum durability. This model also boasts a Mil-spec graphite anodized finish, unlike any other. Its bezel stainless steel polish makes it look like a writing instrument, instead of a tactical pen light. Perhaps, it has the most elegant exterior design within its class.

Additionally, the Brite Strike EPLI features the most updated Cree LED technology, plus a cutting-edge digital power management, delivering optimum power and run time via two AAA batteries. Its highly polished steel reflector is narrower and deeper compared to other lights out there.

This entire technology produces an incredible 160 lumens output, which is c color-tuned beam that is very close to the natural daylight. The lowest setting generates 80 lumens, which is ideal for reading purposes while the third setting produces 160-lumen strobe for disorienting intruders.

This tactical penlight measures at 5.12 inches in length, making it very convenient to conceal in your pocket. Known as the perfect tool for the conference room, the Brite Strike EPLI has an overall look that is very presentable in business settings, making it highly preferred by a lot of businesspeople and office workers. But it is more than that, as this light is also perfect for a self-defense tool. Read our detailed Brite Strike EPLI Review.

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Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight, Black


On the other hand, the Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight garners an average rating of 4.5-Stars. This LED penlight boasts a new and ultra-compact aluminum design, but not compromising the style and function. It is powered by three AAA batteries, creating a clean white beam. The combination of long burn times and hi-lumen output makes this torch a highly efficient tool, hence, considered as the perfect personal light by many existing owners.

On high, this device generates 120 lumens of light output, while 12 lumens on low setting. It offers 3 hours of run time on high, and 9 hours runtime on low setting. While this brand is not within the budget flashlights, this tactical pen flashlight is certainly a great price for what you want to get.

Moreover, the Pelican 1920 is very durable, while powering a bright LED bulb. Its entire body is constructed very well, withstanding obstructions and working in different tactical situations. The ridges on its frame can provide a comfortable grip, together with its anti-roll design. These main features give it a top spot on the list of the best penlights on the market.

Without the batteries, the Pelican 1920 weighs at only 1.4 ounces, while measuring at 5.5 inches in length. Based on customer reviews, this model is a great deal and not one owner regret from purchasing this one. Actual owners indicate the efficiency and portability of this torch as they frequently carry this LED pen light in their pockets. Surely, it is a great choice if you’re into looking into buying a reliable and powerful penlight. Check our detailed review of the Pelican 1920.

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Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen Flashlight


Among the best penlights also include the Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro with a 4.7-Star as an average rating. This tool is compact and lightweight, making it versatile for a wide array of applications. Through its new C4 LED technology, this torch can produce a bright, 1/2-watt high-flux LED light, just as you’d wanted.

Additionally, the Streamlight 66118 makes use of Micro Optical System (MOS) that tends to maximize both run time and output simultaneously. It offers a maximum of 6.25 hours of regulated runtime with 65 lumens output. It measures 5.3 inches in length with an assured durable construction.

The kit already includes two AAA batteries, making it a very reasonable package deal. This version from Streamlight also features a maximum lifetime of 30,000 hours, not to mention its corrosion-proof design, waterproof construction, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

Actual owners and users of this torch say that the Streamlight 66118 is the best penlight to date due to its innovative lighting technology, advancements in its LED quality, as well as the brightness levels that meet, if not surpass the previous iterations.

The push button switch is the most-loved feature in this model, making a one-hand operation possible, unlike other torches out there. This feature is its biggest advantage over other, and is pretty much useful in many situations. Indeed, the Streamlight 66118 is a supreme quality light combined with compact and lightweight design, plus optimum durability. Read our Streamlight 66118 detailed review.

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Also in the list of the best pen light today is the HUGSBY Mini AAA CREE Handheld penlight with an average rating of 4.5-Stars. It is a well-built torch that makes use of two AAA batteries. Its thin rolled metal casing makes this model one of the most durable flashlights to date.

Furthermore, the HUGSBY Mini has IPX-6 waterproof resistance rating. This only means that this tool can get wet although it cannot be submerged in water. This LED pen flashlight has a pencil-like clip, allowing you to carry it in the easiest and most convenient manner.

Weighing at only one ounce, its outer casing is made from durable aluminum, while measuring at 5 inches long and half an inch in diameter. It is very simple to operate through its innovative switch without requiring large thumbs, unlike other versions.

The HUGSBY Mini has also generated a lot of positive customer reviews from actual users, ranging from mechanics to nurses, and doctors. It functions at the same level as other models, which cost twice or more. Hence, this LED penlight flashlight is highly recommended by existing owners.

There is no denying that the HUGSBY Mini is very bright. While its power might use a lot of energy, its size and brightness are all worth it. The solid brightness and easy-to-use interface of this model have surely satisfied customers to the point that they’re stashing more than one of this penlight flashlight in their tool bags and vehicles. Read our HUGSBY Mini Penlight review.

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ThorFire PF01 Tactical LED Pen Light


Finally, the ThorFire PF01 LED Pen Light is also on the list, receiving a 4.2-Star as an average rating. This is the best pen flashlight if you’re looking for one with a forward clicky switch and a moonlight mode.

This model is known to be the perfect combination of Cree XP-E2 LED bulb and an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy shell. This combination naturally results in a lightweight and compact marker-pen-sized LED lighting. This torch weighs at only 1.16 ounces and is a must-have bright penlight for various applications.

Its compact design will suit your pocket, purse, backpack, emergency kit, or your nightstand. Its sealed concentric beam tends to illuminate the eyes, throat, and ears, functioning as a medical light. Furthermore, its power can also illuminate outdoors for any out-of-the-home activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and so on.

Undeniably, the ThorFire PF01 is perfect for purposes requiring for a precision-focused lighting. Unlike other models out there, this version offers a dual-mode tail tap switch for optimum convenience. It also features a ‘momentary on’ setting by just tapping and slightly holding the switch button. Depressing the switch button results in a ‘constant on’ setting.

The memory setting does not store the latest configuration used. Instead, the moonlight output is activated the next time you turn it on. This one-AAA-battery-operated torch measures at 105mm x 15mm in dimension, fitting nicely in your hand or clipping it to your pocket. Indeed, the ThorFire PF01 is an impressive pen-size flashlight with incredible brightness. Read our ThorFire PF01 Review too!

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Bottom Line

Keep in mind that there are great uses of pen light flashlights, not to mention the extensive selections of manufacturers and brands on the market. In this regard, it is sensible to take note of the above products reviewed here, giving you a good grasp of the best flashlight pens today. Reading about product reviews and customer ratings is an excellent comparison guide on your way to arriving at the best product possible.

Certainly, getting the brightest penlight is as practical as getting the most reliable and most efficient torch to suit your needs, whether for personal use or professional use. After all, a flashlight should provide you the brightest light required for your situation.

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