Best Pistol (Handgun) Light Reviews 2020

A pistol light is an accessory not so famous for many people but is well-known to owners of pistols and handguns. Also known as pistol flashlight or tactical flashlight, it is typically mounted or connected to the handgun through rail systems, ranging from the Weaver rail to the Picatinny rail.

Today, manufacturers of rail mounted pistol lights create these things for both rail types; hence, calling them as universal rail mounts. Otherwise, companies produce add-on rails to attach to the trigger guard.

Apparently, the best pistol light should be durable enough, withstanding the shock of bullets fired. Some features you want to consider, include a quick-release feature, an offset flashlight mount, a pressure switch, and a light-laser combo. So, to help you arrive at the best handgun light, here are the reviews of top pistol lights from the most certified and trusted manufacturers.

Best Pistol Light Reviews

Aimkon HiLight P10S

The Aimkon HiLight P10S is considered as a low-profile flashlight gun, even though it is the brightest and the lightest within its class. This ammo accessory is CREE XM-L2 LED-equipped. It is powered by a CR123 lithium battery and produces 400 lumens as its maximum output. The P10S has a unique strobe function, which will blind intruders at night.

Furthermore, this compact pistol light measures 3 inches and weighs only at 2.8 ounces. It comes in a very sleek black color that will attract any handgun enthusiast. This equipment is constructed from a high-grade aluminum material, ensuring durability and long life span. Also, this battery-operated light has LED bulb type that guarantees optimum brightness.

The Aimkon HiLight P10S has 300 luminous flux while its battery life can last for up to 0.45 hours. Reviewers indicated that the P10S holds up perfectly while withstanding and without budging even up to 1,000 rounds. Customers are also satisfied with its sturdy design, saying that it is solid, but built light for its price.

It is compatible with most compact handguns that have rails. Luckily, it features a quick-release mechanism, allowing you to dismount or mount the P10S without using any tool. Its Strobe and Steady modes offer up to 55 minutes of runtime. Its on/off switch does not require any pressure as you can conveniently slide the switch one needed.

Overall, this compact pistol light garners an average of 4.2-Star Rating from customer reviews (at the time of this writing). Check out our detailed review of the Aimkon HiLight P10S.

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Surefire Ultra High Output LED Weaponlight


Meanwhile, the Surefire LED Weaponlight receives a very high rating.

It is the best weapon light for many as it can deliver a 500-lumen beam, which is focused through a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. These lenses can create a smooth and tight beam with ample surround light that is perfect for peripheral illumination without hot spots or holes while optimizing a long throw.

It features a specially-selected and high-performance LED. Thus, this combination of optimized light color and extreme output certainly increases the perceived light for the user’s convenience.

This handgun flashlight is highly capable of producing a bright surround beam, resulting in an improved situational awareness, while increasing the blinding effect on the dark-adapted vision of the opponent.

Moreover, it can be attached to universal rails and the Picatinny rails, which are popular in many handguns. Moreover, this accessory can also fit other rail-less pistols through the MR adapter mounts of Surefire.

That’s not all; the Surefire Ultra also features a built-in one-finger, ambidextrous switching mechanism. Unlike others, this one can be equipped with the DG handgun grip switch from the same manufacturer, and can be activated through optional remote switches.

The performance of this gun flashlight is unmatched. The same is true with its overall construction as it is made from lightweight aluminum alloy. Its design is corrosion and scratch-resistant, attributed to its Type III hard-anodized finish. It also boasts an anti-reflection coating, plus an impact-resistant tempered glass window. Check our review of this Surefire LED Weaponlight.

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Streamlight 69120 TLR-2


Also with an average rating of 4.8-Star (at the time of this writing) is the Streamlight 69120 TLR-2. Perhaps, this is the best laser light combo to date with its rapid attachment and detachment systems. This lithium battery-operated weapon light has the latest shock-proof LED technology while offering at least 2 and a half hours of continuous run time.

Among the impressive features of this gun light is its combination of the most recent technology and its user-friendly design. You can turn it on through an ambidextrous steady or momentary on-off switch, while the light features a 3-position mode selector switch. You can simply activate the strobe mode with a tap of a momentary paddle.

Unlike the other products, this one provides a one-hand snap-on, plus a tightening interface, keeping the hands of the user away from the muzzle as he attaches or detaches the light. This model also offers a tethered battery door, along with a latch, resulting in a swift battery replacement.

Based on several tactical pistol light reviews, the Streamlight 69120 is incredibly durable as it has passed life-fire tests, ensuring an impact-resistant construction. Its IPX4 rated design is perfect for water-resistant operations too.

The Streamlight 69120 is the best tactical pistol light for many, considering its 4.72-ounce weight and its 1.47-inches by 1.83-inches dimension. The Streamlight 69120 is made from 6000 Series machined aerospace aluminum, plus anodized finish for the body. The casing also offers high impact and polymer laser housing. Finally, the light has up to 50,000 hours lifetime combined with a C4 LED technology. Read our Streamlight 69120 Review too!

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Nebo 6109 iProTec RM190 High-Powered Firearm Light

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Take note of the Nebo 6109 too, because this is among the top-rated handgun lights on the market today.

With an average rating of 4.2-Stars (at the time of this writing), the Nebo 6109 iProTec RM190 can produce 190 lumens output of intense white light. This magnitude is sufficient in dominating the night-adapted vision of any aggressor. Hence, it is perfect for self-defense, law enforcement, and the military.

High-power LED Light Modes:

  • Light: 190 lumens – lasts for one hour/covers 92 meters
  • Strobe: 190 lumens – 2.25 hours/covers 92 meters

This is the best handgun weapon light as it does not require any tools for mounting with its adjustable hinge mount design. It is ideal for rail-equipped long guns and pistols but does not fit subcompact designs. Its overall body is very sturdy because of the anodized aerospace aluminum materials used in its construction.

Moreover, the Nebo 6109 is water-resistant and impact-resistant . It operates through its on/off toggle switch, located on the side. It is powered by one CR123A battery, which is included in the kit. The Nebo 6109 is among the smallest pistol light accessories, weighing only at 0.2 pounds, while measuring at 3.375 inches in length, 1.625 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in height.

This is the best pistol light for the money, considering its high performance at a very reasonable price tag. Customer reviews have also indicated their satisfaction with this creation by Nebo, saying that the accessory has a very convenient switch, bright light, and high-powered beam, all packed in one. Read our Nebo 6109 detailed review here.

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SyndeRay G01 CREE LED Tactical Gun Flashlight


The last product on the list is the SyndeRay G01, which is a tactical pistol light that makes use of high-efficient and recoil-proof CREE R5 LED, generating 600 lumens of white light. It is perfect for handguns installed with Picatinny rails, and will never fit for shotguns and rifles.

The SyndeRay G01’s reflector lens can focus the beam for long-distance lighting operations. It can also produce ample light in supporting the peripheral vision of the user. Simultaneously, its ultra-mini body is designed for convenient transport. In fact, you can carry the G01 in a secretive manner as it is the smallest handgun light to date.

This model features two switch modes, including the High mode and the Strobe mode. Similar to most of the products reviewed above, this model is also made from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum alloy together with a weatherproof design.

Its no-tool design allows you to install and disassemble it quickly. Besides functioning as a handgun light, the SyndeRay G01 is also ideal for other activities such as camping and hiking activities. It has lighting distance coverage of approximately 100 meters, perfect for search, rescue, and other operations within large areas.

A lot of positive weapon light reviews for this product due to its easy on/off switch, while fitting perfectly on the rail without adjustments. Besides its fantastic delivery of beam of light, the SyndeRay G01 is barely noticeable on the handgun, making it easy to conceal when necessary. This model can surely perform the same as its expensive counterparts. Read our detailed SyndeRay G01 Review.

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There are several selections of reliable and affordable pistol laser light combo products on the market. Finding a trusted dealer is just one of the important things to take note of, and among the initial steps throughout the search.

Before placing your order, you should also have an in-depth understanding of how to use this accessory for your handgun.

This is of utmost importance as pointing pistol light is equivalent to pointing a deadly weapon. Keep in mind that the best tactical pistol light is used in identifying threats, pointing at it, and then eliminating it. Hence, it is used during tactical situations and not the ordinary daily routines.

All in all, the best tactical light for handgun is widely used for self-defense against aggressors and intruders. Understanding the differences between a handheld flashlight and the best pistol mounted flashlights, as well as the advantages of one model over the other, is equally crucial, helping you arrive at the best product possible that will suit your needs, skill level, and budget all at the same time.

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