Best Pocket Drone Reviews 2017 – 2018

Kids and adults have been talking about this latest innovation in the world of robotics. Its no other than the pocket drones. If you are not a technical person, maybe you haven’t heard of this flying robot. This has been phenomenal and has captured the gaming market as well.

Why it created anyway? Pocket drones are meant to carry cameras. These cameras are attached to its main core, and the pocket drone would serve as the carrying platform. This is a multicopter robot created by AirDroids.

If you could see, there are many advertisements of Pocket drones in television in many parts of Asia and Western countries as well. It has gained a lot of praises from users and gamers, especially in the market of teenagers. The pocket drone review shows the number of buyers who are actually using it for fun and entertainment.

Enough of the entertainment part because there is one important feature of this robot that is the real and original purpose of it. These innovations are really meant for carrying a camera in it, so they would be able to function as the support for an unmanned function.

To give you a perfect example, volcanologists cannot go to the crater part of the volcano, especially in critical times of possible explosion. In this case, the pocket drone is the safest way to capture the images in the crater to give them relevant information on what is going on.

There are different pocket drones made in different designs. They all have different designs to make them more enticing and beautiful to the eyes of the users. That is only one part of the aesthetic physique of these machines. One of the most important features of this is the actual technical specifications.

These specifications are relevant in performing the task assigned to it. They are designed to a particular mission, and artificial intelligence was also incorporated in it. The makers of the pocket drones made it with high quality materials and metals for it to withstand external factors that might break it.

If you are interested with these mini flying robots and is planning to buy yourself one, then, this article is just for you.

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Best Pocket Drone Reviews

Cheerson CX-10 Mini


This product from Cheerson was given 3.3 stars out of 5 by the consumers. The pocket drone is similar to other pocket drones in the market. The price is rather cheap. This is very affordable for most people indeed.

The color of this mini robot is orange. Another reason for this color choice is to make it visible even at night because you know that orange is a reflector color. The quality of CX-10 is really good and has a stable performance.

One great feature of this drone is that it is very easy to install without any hassle. The support is also very reliable to ensure the smooth and good performance of this product. In fact, a lot of people have already availed this product.

The pocket drone review also shows that people really find this item convincing to buy. Some technical issues could be solved by the user himself, and you really get a good value from the price. The flight mode could be set in three different modes. The flight modes will set the limit on the tilting capability of the pocket drone.

The first mode is for the least maneuver capability. The second mode would give you already a good hovering action. The third mode is the best because it is the highest maneuver. This part is actually the most enjoying part in handling a pocket drone.

It can also do some clipping with the right clip position. Just be careful because it tends to get sensitive sometimes. In terms of stability, then, there is no question about it. This machine is meant for kids, adults, and those flying professionals who would like to practice their maneuvering skills.

If you would like to improve its flying skills, then, it is recommended for you to calibrate it. The results are superb. Many consumers are all hands down to this particular product. The quad copter has 2 triple A batteries and has charging efficiencies.

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FQ FQ777-124 Pocket Drone


This product of FQ received 3.9 stars out of 5. The cost is rather cheap as well. It’s a good bargain isn’t it? This drone could be headless and also have a return key that proves it’s a well-developed technology.

The pocket drone is also designed with a controller that has one key for two modes for a space savvy robot. This also makes it possible for the users of mode 1 and mode 2 to play this pocket drone without any problem.

The product is indeed protected with its rotor protector that would ensure the propeller blades will be protected from expected crashes. This is actually a dual purpose of ensuring the safety of the users as well. FQ made it really easy to charge by providing USB cables that would make it possible to charge it with the controller itself.

The pocket drone review shows that most of the users are indeed very satisfied with this product. The range of this mini flying robot is quite impressive because it could reach long ranges without any problem.

In terms of flying speed, it is rather speedy and smooth flying. It is also a great fit for its own controller. The charging life of this pocket drone is also speedy. You can charge it with the remote control as well. The blades are also covered and that is obviously for protecting it.

Some users noted that it is a great pocket drone with such a promising price. Kids and adults would surely enjoy its flying abilities not to mention the aesthetic appearance of this mini flying robot. This is actually for indoor use, and it is advisable to just use it for indoor purposes.

There is only a minor concern for this that is the LED indicator is actually very hard to see during day time. The pocket drone review also showed the pros and minor cons of this product. Of course, there are more of the pros or the advantages.

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Eachine H8 Mini Quadcopter Drone


This is a pocket drone made by EACHINE, and it recently got 3.3 stars out of 5 from the buyers of the pocket drone. The cost is almost similar to others that are available in the market. What is good about this product is that it also has a headless mode to easily distinguish the head from the tail.

To make it easier and less time consuming, you don’t need to readjust the body of the drone or to reposition it before the actual flying. This means that the positioning has already been set and adjusted.

There is  one key function for it, and its purpose is to ensure that the mini flying robot will return safely. This is to prevent the drone from losing its way home. There are cases with some pocket drones that they were not able to return functioning well.

In terms of the 3D tumbling, it can effectively get familiarize with it so even children would not have a hard time in dealing with it. The airframe of this pocket drone is so lightweight, so the flying is also very smooth.

In order to make it also usable for night outdoors, there are 4 LED indicators that would help you to locate it even when it is dark. It has 6 Axis Gyro for its system and operates with tripe A batteries.

It can go as far as 30 meters. That means that it has also a great capacity for long range flights. Another great thing about this product is that there are four channels that control the flying direction of the pocket drone. It either go up or go down and even sideways.

When you buy Eachine H8 Mini Quadcopter Drone, there are several accessories that are included in it. You get to have the transmitter and a USB cable for portable charging. There is also a screw driver for minor technical issues. This is a good buy indeed for beginners as well.

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TEC BEAN Mini Pocket Drone


This is created by the company TECBEAN, and it astoundingly got 4.1 stars out of 5 for its super nice quality. TEC BEAN Mini Pocket Drone  looks so classic and clean. The design is really handy and portable. You can even put this in your pocket because the RC is already integrated.

Based from the pocket drone review, it is so easy to use because it is also headless, which makes it easier to fly without positioning the drone. You also don’t need to put much effort in doing a hand throw because a slight sway of your hand will do the trick.

There are two modes and controls as well because there are people who are used to the right hand and left hand modes. This would be definitely comfortable to use. It all depends on your habits. Of course, just like with other pocket drones, there is a setup instruction in the package so you can easily do it by yourself.

According to most of the buyers, at first, you would find it a bit hard to use. You just need to get the good feel out of it, and with several practices, you’re off to go! The pocket drone is intelligently stores in its remote controller. This is why you just need to familiarize the commands.

This mini flying robot is a perfect gift for the young ones and the young at heart. Most kids would love the ease of manipulating it. Pilots could use this as they practice doing the hover while they are on land.

Other customers commented that TEC BEAN Mini Pocket Drone is the best nano drone. There are features that they couldn’t compare with other brands as well. This is actually meant for indoor use, but you could also use it for outdoors. Just be careful because a really strong gust of wind could blow it away.

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Cheerwing CHEER X2 Pocket Drone

Cheerwing CHEER X2 Pocket Drone

This model is made by Cheerwing, and it gained 3.7 stars out of 5. It is really relatively cheap for its quality. The pocket drone also looks so cute, and the color is also very appealing to the eyes. This is a pocket-sized mini robot and was made to be a very light weight material, so it is very easy to carry.

In terms of its capability, there is a headless mode that makes it easy to identify the heads from its tail. This pocket drone is very stable due to its Gyro Technology. It is versatile because you can either use it indoor or outdoor. It can make a 360 degrees eversion, which allows it to roll smoothly.

This product can be utilized by hand throw. This is a conventional way of using it. After throwing, the pocket drone would fly smoothly and freely. This is really a good toy idea for adventurous kids as well. If ever you would encounter errors, you could easily reset it to make it function normal again.

The speed of Cheerwing CHEER could also be controlled and managed in terms of speed. In this way, you could manipulate it effectively without further frustrations. This mini robot is also very durable. It can withstand several hard crashes without getting damaged.

The pocket drone review shows the positive feedback to this wonderful pocket drone. The battery life of this mini robot is longer than the usual, and to make it better, it charges quickly; so you don’t need to wait for long.

Of course, just like other devices and machines, your pocket drone needs to cleanse because sometimes there are hair being wrapped in the propellers. It is actually the most frustrating part of using it. Make yourself a favor, purchase this CHEER pocket drone and have endless fun with your multicopter.

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What Are Drones and Their Uses?

Now that you already have an idea on what is a pocket drone, it is best to diverge more deeply in its practical uses outside entertainment. Before it became famous in the world of virtual games, the pocket drone has been already used in highly important missions.

They are commonly termed as drones. These mini flying robots are greatly valuable if manned flights and missions are really impossible to carry out. So instead of sending humans, the drone would be sent together with an HD camera to record.

The drones can produce real time imageries, and they could capture in different acrobatic angles as well. Try to imagine if a person is required to do this, it would be too risky for their lives. Drones come in variety of sized, shapes, and weight. It all depends on the kind of mission it is going to be used for. The military have been using drones for tactical purposes. Some are used to spy on suspicious places and entities. That is why they are highly valued. To make a perfect example, the drones are being used under the administration of Pres. Barrack Obama as part of the strategic attacks with the enemies.

In terms of offense, they could deliver a precise and accurate strike without a human interference. The calculations are so precise that you could almost assume that the target would be hit.

How Drones Work?

The drones can carry without highly innovative sensors that could return tremendous amounted of data. They could also intensify images for proper viewing as well as infrared imagery. Imagine a small machine like that could do extraordinary stuff.

Drones are unmanned, but they are controlled by the users. A trained individual would be the one to control where it would and the spectrum of its view and target. These are all part of the tactical assignment.

In fact new helicopter style drones are currently in the process of development. This is in line with a better performance and a better reception in key areas where it has been a challenge. The cameras would be replaced by colored images rather than the black and white images.

This is where the pocket drones have gotten the inspiration to create virtual games that have a specific mission to solve. This would remind you that pocket drones are not just a simple pocket drone or robot.

To wrap it up, the pocket drone has really been a phenomenal these days, and based from the users of this mini flying robot, they could actually feel the excitement of flying it especially outdoors.

It is a fact that you might have an idea with them, so if ever you would decide to avail one, it is recommended to check the pocket drone review. It would serve as a guide in narrowing your choices and helping to pick out the best pocket drone according to your chosen design and feature.