Best Pocket Flashlight Reviews 2017 – 2018

There are a lot of new units and models of pocket flashlight in the market – some are just an improvement to a predecessor unit of the same brand, while others are a totally new brand and model. This sometimes causes panic to the consumers who are torn among several features that they want to include in their next purchased flashlight while operating on a limited budget. This article will talk about the popular brands of pocket flashlight in the market and their exceptional features that will make you double-think your next purchases.

This article will also talk about the other criteria you have to consider in order to best utilize these products, and to ensure maximum value for your money. Finally, this will also discuss some DIY tips should you opt to just replace you’re the bulb of your pocket flashlight. These tips will make sure that you do not worsen the condition of the unit itself, as this is a very delicate substance to handle and repair.

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Best Pocket Flashlight Reviews

Coast HP1 Focusing 190 Lumen LED Flashlight


If you are for an entry-level pocket flashlight, then Coast HP1 LED flashlight has all the ingredients for your next purchase. It offers brilliant light along with a very compact body making it feasible to be brought anywhere you go.

The pocket flashlight offers several key features you might not be aware of. It exerts 68 lumens with a simple AA battery; 92 lumens using an alkaline battery; and an astounding and blinding 220 lumens with a lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery – a rather exceptional feat despite its size. The maximum light output can last up to an hour and 15 minutes, and can reach as high as a 50-story skyscraper.

The ergonomics of the Coast HP1 includes a patented slide focus, where you only have to slide up and down to adjust the focus of the light. It also includes a small clip making it portable and travel-friendly. The small flashlight also has a lightweight aluminum body capable of resisting effects of wear and tear and capable of making the gadget impact and water resistant.

Users have noted that the 4.5-rated pocket flashlight is a great lighting item for its cheap price. At $10, you will have a product capable of lasting during storms. The product includes type II anodized body, which makes it somehow scratch resistant. This also offers wide-angle floodlight useful especially for police officers and military.

Look no further, as Coast HP1 will give you the quality you are looking for your pocket flashlight without the cost.

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J5 Tactical J5 Hyper V 300 Lumen 3 Mode Tactical Flashlight

The best-selling invention of the J5 tactical range, the J5 Hyper V produces a light output comparable to the huge flashlights of the old times. It uses relatively simple and small batteries but produces light that can partially blind a person when used directly to the eyes.

The pocket flashlight has a maximum output of 300 lumens, capable of going over the length of two football fields at once. Its three modes of output can also be used in high, low or strobe mode – perfect for cyclists and policemen who need flexibility in their lights. All of these features can be generated with single AA batteries that will last for hours with constant use, or for a week with normal usage.

The product also uses skid-proof and water-proof design that maximizes its usage life. Its aircraft grade casing and attack head design renders the pocket flashlight capable of use for self defense, among other emergency functions it may serve.

Some of the consumers’ reviews include its ultra low pricing, light weight, and ergonomics. Some have rated the small flashlight as 4.5, saying that the bright light it can deliver is visible even under the sunlight, without constantly demanding for battery replacement. Others have commended its stylish look, noting that it can be used as an accessory especially with its size.

If you are on a budget but you never want to sacrifice any quality you want from your pocket flashlight, the J5 Tactical J5 Hyper V 300 Lumen 3 Mode Tactical Flashlight from the tactical series is what you need to purchase. It will never demand you any additional costs from battery replacements.

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Revtronic Pocket Flashlight – Small & Compact Pen Flashlights with Stainless Clip


If you have an additional budget, then the revolutionary genius of Revtronic’s Pocket Flashlight is the one you need to avail of. Other than being durable and capable of resisting any impact, the small flashlight offers longer lasting light for the battery that it demands.

The Revtronic small flashlight produces 105 lumens of pocket light, lasting for about 2.25 hours of regulated runtime – making it a favorite for the technicians who are looking for a small light without compromising its brightness. The light also offers floodlight feature, dispersing the output beam over great areas. You only need two batteries to access these features.

The 5.16-inch pocket flashlight can also fit into your pocket, in addition to having a pocket clip that makes it suitable for high-movement activities. It is also water as well as impact resistant, and has a virtually indestructible LED with its exceptional Toshiba LED technology.

ANSI FL1 compliance, durability, compactness and luminosity are among the reviews given out by the users of the pocket flashlight from the Revtronic’s Pocket Flashlight. One user have noted of its quality button that ensures that the flashlight will not have any accidental lights on – saving on battery consumptions in the long run. The less-than-200 lumen output is also perfect for tasks involving small details – gun cleaning, tube inspections, etc.

Revtronic’s small flashlight goes away with the typical pocket flashlights that offers super bright lights which are, in some cases, not really applicable and useable especially when it comes to small-detail operations. If you need a smarter product, purchase this pen flashlight without any worry.

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OxyLED Super Bright 800 Lumens CREE T6 LED Flashlight Bundle


The best flashlight in terms of user demand, the OxyLED Super Bright flashlight offers more than what a typical flashlight does. Other than being durable, it also exhibits water proof and shock proof capabilities, and can shift from within any of the five modes it has perfectly combined.

OxyLED revolutionarily brought together five modes in its small flashlight – the users have the option to choose among the three brightness settings along with the strobe and SOS function. Its Cree LED has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, making the user feel comfortable with every constant use without the worry of any long-term damage to the product. If, after constant use the customer wants it to be charged, it will never have to be watched over, as the battery is protected by the gadget from over-charging and over discharging.

The pocket flashlight also offers durability and flexibility. Its body is made up of aircraft grade alloy, with premium type-3 hard-anodized NTI-abrasive coating – making the gadget impact and water resistant (with a water resistance level of IPX6 – making it capable to work under intense raining).

Users gave the pocket flashlight an all-time high of 4.7, saying its price is worth the features it provides for the consumers. Some customer even stated that its light is comparable to their headlights. Others have noted, meanwhile that its five modes of lighting are ergonomically set up – not providing the users any headaches in switching from one setting to another like the typical brands in the market.

OxyLED Super Bright flashlight is the device to go when you want balance for the price and quality – that is, if you can still purchase one despite the high demand.

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ThruNite Ti3 NW Mini Edc Cree Xp-G2 R5 LED Flashlight


The ThruNite Ti3 completes the list of best flashlights in the market. It may have a relatively higher price than the others, but the price will surely provide you savings in the long run with its durable and longer lasting services to the consumer.

The ThrNite Ti3 small flashlight provides a maximum brightness of 120 lumens and a reach of 50 meters. This maximum setting can last up to 30 minutes with constant use, and 6.3 hours with low mode use. It uses an OP reflector which makes it more useable despite its relatively low maximum output.

What it boasts about is its durability and material strength. The pocket flashlight uses aircraft graded aluminum, finished with a Premium type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasive surface treatment. It also has IPX-8 water resistance, rendering the product capable of being submerged 2 meters underwater. Its impact resistance mechanism can resist 1.2 meters of downfall.

Other ergonomic features include head twister to switch the lights on and off, O-rings and keychain rings.

Users have a 4.4 rating, saying that it is tiny but high in output. It has the size of a typical chap-stick that sometimes confuses the users when this is in their pocket. However, it produces light that certainly is brighter than the typical phone flashlights. Others praised the choice among its accessories, ranging from belt clip to keychains.

Spend your way to the best small flashlight in the market with ThruNite as your first and foremost choice when you have cash to spare for the most durable product out there.

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Pocket Flashlight Buying Guide

The next sections will provide the consumers with information that will aid them in choosing for the market’s best mini flashlight.  The types of flashlights and the considerations in purchasing for your next product, all concern your next well-chosen product to patronize. Achieving the proper combination of all these information will make sure that you will have the best one in the market out there according to your specifications.

Types of Flashlights

When picking for the best pocket flashlight in the market, you have to determine the types of flashlight you may need matching your particular needs. This has something to do with the type of bulb being employed in it. This section will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using these products as the bulb for your next flashlight.

  • Incandescent Bulbs – This type is the most common in the market. Some small flashlights that come with this kind cost less than the LED ones. However, it doesn’t last long enough because of the excessive filament use and the heat produces along with the light.
  • LED Lights – This class doesn’t use any filaments, thereby creating longer lasting life to the bulb and to the small flashlight as well. LED lights usually last longer than any of those in the market; however, you might need a higher initial cost to purchase it – that’s why some of the products employing this type of bulb cost higher.
  • Krypton/Halogen/Xenon Bulb – This is a redefinition of the incandescent bulbs, as it uses krypton, halogen and Xenon in order to prolong the life of the small flashlight. It still has a shorter life span than the LEDs, but longer life span and brighter than the incandescent lights.

Major Considerations

Some small flashlights need further evaluation before being purchased. Some are an excellent genius by itself because of its brand. This section will present you with the essential guidelines and criteria in choosing for the next flashlight you will patronize. The article will make sure that you get the best value out of your money.

  • Durability – One thing you have to keep an eye on is the durability of the product. You have to compare the number of bulb hours the pocket flashlight is offering, as this tells you basically all about the length of time the flashlight will be functional. You also have to determine the body composition, as small flashlights tend to be exposed to compressive forces when kept in bags or even in the back pocket. One error in storage and its durability will surely show.
  • Brightness – small flashlights can emit lights ranging from 10 to 300 lumens, but you have to find the proper brightness according to your specific purposes. For example, when you are working in the police, you will need higher and brighter lights from these gadgets. If you are using it only for emergencies, you might want to opt for the cheaper, low-lumen light.
  • Weight – The reason that you opt for a small flashlight is that you want to carry it around wherever and whenever you will go. Thus, you have to keep track of the weight of the whole unit with respect to its features and functionalities. More expensive pocket flashlight usually comes with lots of features without compromising the weight of the entire model. Nevertheless, you will never need a branded unit in order to find the balance between the weight and the added functionality.
  • Emergency/Self-Defense Features – This should automatically come with your flashlight. Some units offer crenulated bezel that doubles as a striking weapon to any attacker. Some only has the ultra-bright light output as a blinding agent. These self-defense and emergency features should come with the product as a bonus than something that should be a source of added cost.

DIY Tips

Replacing the bulb of a small flashlight is the most difficult task faced by the consumer. The unit is so small that some tend to replace the entire unit, while others tend to return it to the manufacturer for reimbursement. However, if the flashlight can be opened and be operated, you might want to consider replacing the bulb on your own. These are the important tips in ensuring that you will do a good job in replacing the small bulbs within the flashlight.

  • Check for faulty connections and wirings inside the flashlight, if possible, to determine if it is the bulb or the entire pocket flashlight that needs replacement. You need to observe this step if replacement of the batteries and bulbs still has no effect to the situation at hand.
  • Check the batteries first. Before replacing your bulbs, you have to determine first whether the pocket flashlight needs to replace its batteries or the bulb itself has all the damage.
  • Research for the bulb type. Replacing the original ones with a new type of bulb might cause some serious damage to the unit itself. The next section will provide you with some knowledge on various bulbs employed by different types of small edc flashlight.
  • Clean the entirety of the pocket flashlight window in order to have a clearer light output. This will maximize the light output of the unit by significant amounts.


This article will conclude with a note that the best compact light out there in the market can only be determined by you as the consumers. This has something to do with the proper combination of all considerations that you have as a user. Make sure that no matter how loyal you are to one product or brand, you still have to check from time to time some market data on innovations or price changes, as these will make sure that you achieve your maximum utility with the value of your money.