Best Pool Pumps Reviews 2020

Deciding to buy the best pool pump is not as easy as most people think it is. If you purchase one that is too weak, it cannot effectively clean your pool. If you choose one which comes out as too strong, the water will be left unwelcoming and cloudy.

Pool pumps are responsible for keeping the flow of water in you pool, as they make sure that enough amounts are circulated in the filter system and that water goes back into the swimming area, making sure that everything is clean and suitable for swimming. For every pool owner, there is perhaps nothing worse than dirty green water, which is the primary reason why a quality pool pump is of utmost importance.

In selecting a quality pool pump, you need to know the turnover and flow rate. The latter is the amount of gallons per minute while the former is the minimum time that it will take for the device to work on the whole area.

Best Pool Pumps Reviews

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump


The Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump has been building a name for itself as the pump that can outsell all other brands. It has the capacity to set off a revolution of the best swimming pool pumps because it is energy efficient, has a near-silent movement and impeccable long-service guarantee.

This quality pool pump has an Energy Star certification, which means that it was able to meet the energy efficient criteria set by the United States Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The great thing about this pump is the fact that it lets you save up to 90 percent energy compared to other brands. It also has an adjustable speed setting and a timer to make sure that this best inground pool pump runs at an optimum speed and at the perfect time.

If you are looking for top rated pool pumps for your indoor or outdoor swimming pool, the Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo is a breather from all the traditional pumps that are set at permanent and unchangeable speed settings. Say goodbye to pumps that overpower the original jobs and end up wasting too much energy.

Today’s IntelliFlow offers unmatched reliability, an integrated keypad which will allow you to save some bucks because you do not have to buy it separately, an LCD screen which informs you of your current speed settings and wattage consumption and exclusive digital control to make pool setting programming easier. Read our Pentair 011018 Review here.

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WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump


This new WAPC250 boasts of its automatic on and off power high-efficiency pool pump. It has a dain hose with a maximum flow rate of 3000 gallons every hour. If you want a high-quality product, made by a known and leading manufacturer, then this best pool pump is definitely for you. It has an excellent efficiency rating which can help cut down energy bill without sacrificing convenience during the warm summer months.

The WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump circulates water with ease, preventing the occurrence of algae or bacteria. The brand’s iSwitch technology automatically turns the pump on if it senses water. If you want worry-free removal, you can also just plug it in and leave it unattended. It features filters that are strainer based to make sure that your pool is free from debris, clogging is minimized and the pump is not tipped over.

Because of its tested durability, the WAYNE WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump has made a name for itself when it comes to best-rated pool pumps. It has a characteristic auto freeze protection feature which prevents damage to your pool and a check valve which reduces overwork and repetitive cycling.

The WAYNE pool cover also does an excellent job in collecting water that normally accumulates on the cover of the pool and this can be of help during the fall and spring seasons. Read our Wayne WAPC250 Review.

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Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series


If you have an on-ground and above ground swimming pool, then this Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series is most definitely for you as it features a high-performance quality pump that is designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Constructed with a combination of advanced and durable characteristics, this best pool equipment definitely sets the standard when it comes to performance and value.

One of the basic things to consider in buying above ground pool pumps is energy efficiency. As the pump is going to run though most parts of the whole year, every home owner wants real value for their money by making sure that the device will last for many years, so energy cost has to add up after a certain period of time. Although energy efficient pumps are going to cost you more at first, the savings will eventually add up and you will have a lower energy bill every month.

It boasts of durable and corrosion-proof features that are coupled with high-quality setting options, offering consumers quiet operations and dependable performance. The design of this best pool pump brand reduces maintenance to just non-sensical and simple procedures.

The Hayward SP1580X15 is made out of a high-strength material called PermaGlass XL which is transparent enough to let you see when the device basket needs some cleaning. The extra-large basket which collects debris measures 118 cubic-inches and keeps maintenance at a low by providing for long intervals in between cleanings. Read our Hayward SP1580X15 Review.

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Little Giant APCP-1700 1/3-HP Automatic Pool Pump


The Little Giant APCP-1700 Submersible Pump is the perfect tool for in-house water transfer operations, and it also eliminates standing water collected from pool covers. This quality pool pump is ideal for water removal involving all kinds of covers and is also suited for draining a pond, spa or pool. This wonder machine and automatic pump can handle any kind of job, no matter the size.

The excellent thing about this best pool pump brand is that you can easily attach it to any garden hose and it activates in just about two inches of water. Furthermore, the package comes with a detachable screen which paves the way for easy maintenance and cleaning. Its built-in handle provides portability and easy removal and placement. Homeowners can also connect this best pool equipment with a ¾-inch hose for easy water distribution.

This swim pool pump prevents standing water from becoming breeding grounds for microorganisms and insects. The Little Giant APCP-1700 1/3-HP Automatic Pool Cover Submersible Pump keeps the water circulating through several cleaning processes, always making sure that you pool water remains fresh and healthy.

If you are having maintenance troubles with your outdoor swimming pool, make sure that above ground pool pumps have been installed to keep everything in order. Go to a reputed store which offers high-quality top rated pool pumps. In this way, you would be able to save as much time and energy in looking for the perfect quality pool pump. Read our Little Giant APCP-1700 Review.

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Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools


Above ground pool pumps function similarly to how the heat works for the human body. The Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools sucks out water and lets it go through a filtration system. In this way, pool water is cleaned of unwanted particles, debris and dirt, and at the same time, it is treated with disinfectants. When this kind of filtration process is performed regularly, your swimming pool most definitely remains usable and clean.

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools will help keep your pool refreshing and crystal clear this summer. This pool pump boasts of a 2,500-gallon per hour flow rate and a 1,900-gallon per hour system flow rate.

A lot of people consider this as the best pool equipment which is probably why it has a four-star rating on Amazon. This device is relatively easy to use – to keep it in top shape, all you need to do is to replace the cartridge once in two weeks. Furthermore, it has a double insulated pump which allows it to perform any job faster compared to other above ground pumps.

The best pool equipment that is the Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools has been specifically designed to withstand the tribulation and trials of on ground and above ground pools. This lightweight pump is housed in its own reinforced thermoplastic to ensure all-weather operations. This high-efficiency pool pump is 100 percent heat resistant, drip proof and it boasts of a double-sized seal to ensure a longer motor life. Moreover, it has proven t be a good investment because it is built to last. Read our Intext Krystal review.

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Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar VS Pool Pump Energy Star Certified


If you are looking for the best pool pump, the first thing that you need to do is find one that is manufactured by a respected and reputable company. With so many brands in the market, Hayward definitely takes it up a notch, with a proven reputation for offering the most outstanding swimming pool pump available at costs that will not make you whimper or cringe. For more than thirty years, Hayward has defined the standards for top rated pool pumps, making them one of the best.

The Hayward SP3400VSP Pool Pump offers ease of maintenance and environment-friendly features. Hayward has made a name for itself as an industry benchmark when it comes to top rated pool pumps. With its heavy duty and strong motor, this above ground pump offers not only reliable performance but also quiet operations.

It boasts of its extra large clear cover and debris basket, which makes is easier to manage and clean. Low sound impact, energy-efficiency and uncomplicated cleaning – all of these add up to enjoying your summers by the pool without breaking the bank.

Although this equipment is lightweight, weighing only close to 30 pounds, its safety and maintenance features and lightweight motor combine to make it a heavy duty champion amongst different pool pump brands. Read our Hayward SP3400VSP Review.

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Pool Pumps Buying Guide

The importance of best pool pumps cannot be underestimated because they are necessary to keep pool water fresh and clean. However, with the numerous models and brands of pumps in the market today, being aware of what will work best for the pool that you have is not an easy feat. Having the right equipment for your pool will not only offer you the best results, it will also give you the chance to enjoy healthy and crystal-clear water all year long.

Pump Operations

If you have had the chance to read on best pool pumps reviews, you may have noticed that many pool pumps are electricity-powered and these devices work by cleaning pool water and making it safe for swimming. First and foremost, they do this by making sure that water is properly circulated throughout the pool, while cleaning it free from harmful contaminants and other debris. The pump then propels clean water into the pool.

Without such a device to serve this kind of purpose, pools will quickly become cloudy and dirty. The results will not only become disgusting and unsightly, it could also be dangerous, especially to children, as the water will be a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms.

Water Circulation

The right water circulation offered by best pool pumps can also be beneficial in other aspects. Take for example, an excellent water circulation mechanism allows for an even dispersion of chemicals. At the same time, this will ensure that the water continues to move. This pump operation will discourage insects like mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the pool, which can be a health risk and nuisance. As they offer so many important benefits, a high efficiency pool pump is essential for legitimate pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Size

If you are bent and ready to buying the best pool equipment, you also need to consider the size of your swimming pool and the pump’s capacity. Various pumps are made for pools of varying volumes and will only be able to give out peak performance when matched to pools with the right size.

The pool pump that you should end up buying should be able to do the job effectively for your pool’s entire water in a span of eight hours. If it has no power to do so, then water will not be properly cleaned and circulated. The number of gallons per minute or the GPM of the quality pool pump should serve as a guide in determining if one particular pump can serve its purpose or not.

Quality and Durability

If you have already narrowed down all of your options to pumps which have the right capability and power, it is time to include durability and quality into the equation. Naturally, you need to invest in equipment that does not only offer quality performance, but also one that can last for many years. One way to make sure that you are getting your hands on excellent quality is to go for pool pump brands that are trusted and reputable, as these are the ones which are solidly established in the business.

There are brands, for instance, that have been around for decades and have made a name for themselves when it comes to top-notch performance, superior construction and reliability.  With top pool pump brands like Hayward, Pentair, Wayne, Little Giant and Intex, you can feel absolutely confident that you are investing on first-class equipment.

Specifics and Features

Another sure-fire way to make sure that you will have a pool pump which can last for many years is to take a look at the specifics and features at how a model has been constructed. For in-ground pool pumps, go for weather-resistant and corrosion-proof housing that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, go for a high-efficiency pool pump with a casing that can keep the internal parts and elements protected. Again, pool pump ratings indicate that bands like Hayward and Pentair, including Intex, Little Giant and Wayne are very likely to have a rugged design and great features that can enhance the durability of the machine and also extend their overall life span.


When checking out and canvassing different top rated pool pumps and models, you also need to weigh in on factors like noise level and efficiency, as associated to the equipment’s operation. As much as possible, go for energy efficient pool pumps as these require lesser electricity, providing long term money saving and greener options. Aside from that, the best swimming pool pumps which minimize turbulence provide for quieter mechanisms, allowing owners to enjoy their pools without the needless intrusion coming from a noisy motor.


Today’s market offers customers with a wide variety of pool pumps that they can purchase. They differ greatly when it comes to the details of their power and functionality, but overall, they can do the job set out for them effectively. Clearly, a big part is dependent on the size of the swimming pool and the work that is required in filtering, circulating and pumping. To make the long story short, the more water, the more work. There are pumps that have been designed to sustain small pool and they cannot perform well on large ones. However, swimming pool pumps have proven to be great investments in the long run.

The best swimming pool pumps are available in many hardware and DIY shops, as well as in specialist swimming pool stores. You can also ask someone to come to your house and install the pump if you feel like you cannot take on the job for yourself. Keep in mind that these pool pump packages come with installation instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Pool pump reviews are also available in trusted companies’ websites that abound the World Wide Web.

Even if there are a multitude of swimming pool pumps that are available for you to pick from, the whole process that is involved in buying a new pump does not need to be difficult or overwhelming. Choosing the best pool pump for your swimming pool simply boils down to knowing your own preferences and the requirements needed by your pool. When you keep all the aforementioned factors in mind and consider the suggestions given to you by other people, you will definitely feel confident when it comes to finding and purchasing the best pool equipment which can offer you reliable and excellent water circulation for a long period of time.

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