Best Portable DVD Player Review

It is undeniable that people love to travel. Taking long trips with your family, friends, or partner in life is one way of releasing stress from work and your other whereabouts. One way of keeping you entertained during these trips is by bringing your own portable DVD player. You can watch movies or listen to songs with this device while on a trip.

Portable DVD (digital versatile disk) players are often set aside nowadays because of the fast-emerging technology on gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and computer tablets. The evolution of wireless fidelity (WiFi) technology brought us convenience in watching movies and listening to music online.

So, is there still room for this old device? Of course! After all, you have to use your classic DVD collection and consider that not all places have a WiFi connection. Know what is the best portable DVD player for you as you read along.

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Best Portable DVD Player Review

DBPOWER 10.5″ Portable DVD Player


The DBPOWER DVD Player is a portable device that measures 10.2 x 7.2 x 1.6 inches. Although it has a bigger screen than some out in the market, this will not be a major problem as it is very lightweight at 2 pounds, so you need not worry about the hassle of bringing it on long trips.

This portable DVD player is very versatile because, not only that you can play DVDs and CDs (compact disks), it also has a built-in USB (universal serial bus) port and SD (secure digital) card reader which allows you to play movies and music directly from a flash drive or an SD memory card. It supports all major file formats adding proof to its versatility. It also has a stylish swivel screen which makes it a very likable player.

Also, DBPOWER Portable DVD Player has an improved battery life of up to 3 hours of playtime, depending on usage, assuring you that you will finish watching a movie without worrying that you may lose power. It also has a shock resistance feature which will help secure your viewing activities even when traveling on rough roads. These prove that its portable DVD player is very durable and long-standing.

Lastly, the deciding factor that will make you choose this device among competitors is that when purchased, it comes with remote control and a bonus DVD game with a gaming joystick. This will surely entertain young children and the young at heart during a long vacation or business trip, making it arguably one of the top-rated portable DVD players.

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SYNERGY A29 9″ Portable DVD Player & CD Player


The SYNAGY A29 DVD Player is a 2.9-pound portable device measuring 11.2 x 11 x 4 inches. It has a 9-inch TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen, which swivels and can be folded flat into a tablet.

It is equipped with built-in stereo speakers, which emit great audio quality by superior treble and bass. It also comes with a headphone that exhibits the same characteristics. You can set the volume at maximum intensity without experiencing any sound distortion or at a minimum level without hearing even the DVD spinning inside. Truly, its audio quality rivals its competitors in the market these days.

SYNAGY A29 Portable DVD Player also has a great resolution that yields an image quality that is very sharp and crisp. This is because the manufacturer has equipped this portable DVD player with NTSC (National Television System Committee) video system. So you can enjoy quality videos and movies on the go.

Although this device offers superb audio and video quality, it also has its own negatives. One downside is its battery. It is one of the lowest in terms of battery life. It has an average life of 2.5 hours only, which is depending on your usage. Another thing is that it does not support Blue Ray. So if you are a Blue Ray DVD collector, this brand is not suited for you.

All in all, because of its features, notwithstanding its own share of negatives, it is still considered one of the best-rated portable DVD players.

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Sylvania Portable DVD Player SDVD7027-C


The Sylvania SDVD7027-C is a portable DVD player that measures 12 x 3.5 x 9.8 inches. It is also easy to carry around as it is very lightweight at 3 pounds. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. This brand is Chinese made so expect a lot of additional features which you will find convenient to use.

This player offers a 7 inch TFT display at a 16:9 video aspect ratio which allows you to watch movies on a full-screen display. It also features a swivels screen design, making it easy for a group of people to watch on during long vacation or business trips.

Another feature is that it supports almost all video formats available nowadays. Chinese DVD player manufacturers are known to produce products that are very versatile and adaptive to any video or audio format. This universal compatibility is a very advantageous feature, especially for those consumers who have a wide range of movie and music collections.

Just like other portable DVD players in the market, Sylvania SDVD7027-C also has a built-in USB port and SD card reader for those who like storing their collection on these storage devices. Again, this is another proof of its versatility.

To top all of these, this brand comes in with a carrying bag when purchased. It serves as an easy and convenient way of bringing it on vacation and business trips. So this is considered to be one of the best portable DVD players with USB.

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The NAVISKAUTO Portable DVD player is slightly heavier compared to its competitors. But, it is still lightweight at 3.4 pounds and is measuring at 13.9 x 8.8 x 3.2 inches. It has a 9-inch digital TFT display with a 270-degree swivel panel making it very convenient to use on a long vacation or business trip either by solo or group. It is also equipped with a built-in USB port and SD card reader, just like the others, for different kinds of media storage.

NAVISKAUTO portable DVD player is considered one of the most favored when it comes to playback times. Its Lithium-ion battery can support up to 5 hours of the viewing experience, and it can still be extended if you set the volume and the screen brightness at minimum levels. This feature is perfect, especially if you are going to have long trips and vacations.

Although it has superb video and battery quality although, it still has its own downside, the sole negative that you will experience is its audio quality. It comes with built-in speakers that the manufacturers promised to send out high-quality audio but produces a relatively low volume sound when it is set to maximum. As compensation for this minor downside, the package comes in with high-quality headphones with perfect bass and treble. You can plug it in the player as an alternative. Because of those, it is still in contention to be one of the best portable DVD players available nowadays.

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Philips PET741M/37 Portable DVD Player


The Philips PET741M/37 portable DVD player has a 7-inch TFT LCD and a 16:9 video aspect ratio format. This will surely give a mini portable cinematic experience due to its widescreen characteristics. There are also built-in high-quality stereo speakers to complement its video quality.

As one of the top-rated portable DVD players, it is not only built with sturdy materials which are meant to endure the tests of time, but this product is also very lightweight at 1.5 pounds. It is arguably the lightest in the market. These make it a very likable device to have during long vacation and business trips for entertainment.

Also, it can support several video formats, so there will seldom be issues of videos and photos not playing due to the unsupported file format.

Another unique feature of this is its stylish design. It stands out among its competitors because of its one-of-a-kind round block-shaped edges. So if you are a buyer that emphasizes looks and elegance, this model is the best for you.

Although Philips PET741M/37 offers a lot just like its competitors, it is compressed built may have affected its battery life. It is one of the lowest in the market in terms of playback time, with just 2 hours of viewing playback capacity. As a solution, you may consider purchasing a portable car charger separately for you to have extended viewing pleasure. This minor downside is compensated with the quality you will be experiencing with this very light player.

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Buying Guide of Best Portable DVD Player

Different Designs of Portable DVD Players

  • Fold-Up Design – Fold-up design on portable DVD players looks like a laptop personal computer. It can be folded in half if you are not using it. To watch a movie, you have to lift open the lid and insert your DVD in a round-like slot that pops up when pushed. The display screen is on the top portion for ease in the viewing experience. The bottom portion contains the DVD slot as well as the DVD controls. This design is advisable if you plan to be seated and in front of a desk or on a couch. It’s also perfect for your children because it sits conveniently and safely on their laps.
  • Tablet-Like Design – This design looks similar to tablet personal computers. These cannot be folded in half and have thinner and stylish looks. They are more lightweight than fold-up portable DVD players. The display screen typically fills up the whole front face, while the controls and ports and the DVD slot are placed on the sides. These players are suitable for installing in your car with mounting straps for security and stability.
  • Product Price – You have to consider the price before buying a portable DVD player. Different brands and models have surfaced in the market, which offers different features making them distinct with all their competitors. The reviews stated above will help you decide if the cost you will be incurred in buying a specific brand and model that is justifiable. It is always best to avail cheaper ones and bear in mind that those more expensive brands have quoted price for they offer a special feature not present in other devices.
  • Screen Display Size – You have to consider this factor to determine the satisfaction and viewing pleasures. Portable DVD players come in various screen sizes. For children, it is best to have those small screen-sized types, but for the young at heart, bigger ones are really advised especially if you will be using them as a group.
  • Materials Used for Build – You have to consider if the purchasing device is durable enough to withstand your travel activities. Always take the time to read the information regarding the materials used in video production. Constantly remember that you are just wasting your money to purchase a device made from low-quality materials.

Admit it, DVD players made from high-quality raw materials are more likely to be durable and reliable. The longevity of the device depends on the material itself. As a customer, it is recommended to choose high-quality players. Even if the price tag would get a little higher, at least you will get the value of your money.

  • Design – If your portable DVD player will be used for car trips, then a tablet model is advised, considering that you can install it on the back of car seats. But for usage, while being seated, table-top fold-up models will very much suffice as it sits conveniently on desks and offers the stability of the device when watching movies and playing music.
  • Accompanying Accessories – This is very important as this will determine the device’s portability, versatility, and universal compatibility. If you will use it solo and avoid disturbance to others, look for those models with accompanying headphones. Suppose you will utilize it for car trips. Better avail those with car chargers as an accessory. Evaluate your needs and choose the best type with appropriate auxiliaries.
  • Universal Compatibility – Many video and audio file formats have been developed nowadays. It would be best to make certain that your chosen portable DVD player can cater to most of these to avoid the dissatisfaction and dismay on buying.

This is one factor that most customers look up to because they might experience problems in playing DVD’s if it’s not compatible with their current player. Possessing universal compatibility adds up to the competitive edge, especially when you are targeting middle-class society.

  • Audio-Video Quality – This review will help you determine the specifications and performances of the best portable DVD players. Evaluate each feature before buying the product. For recommendation, performance is a better buying factor than specifications. Always remember that you are buying for your own viewing pleasure.
  • Battery Life – This may be one of the most influential things to consider when buying the best portable DVD player which suits your needs. It will help you differentiate how portable the products would be.
  • Additional Features – These include the swivel design screen feature, USB port, and SD card reader as an example. Manufacturers sell their product by incorporating a feature which will help them gain a competitive advantage against other competitors. Be keen and look for these additional features for you to have your money’s worth.
  • Availability of Parts – This factor is significant, especially when your warranty has already lapsed. Make it certain that your portable DVD player has replaceable parts available in the market for contingency repair purposes. These types of electronic devices are prone to internal mishaps considering their nature of handling and usage.

If there will be a technical concern with your player, you need to search for a service center with the available parts for your unit. Other customers tend to have a problem with this because some of the models they have purchased are not readily available in the market.


Portable DVD players are an ideal way of adding enjoyment to your life. It is recommended to those who are fond of watching their favorite DVDs during travel. Also, this kind of product is suitable for those who are not having televisions at home.

The fast-emerging technology has offered different devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and computer tablets, these days. Therefore, owning this player will definitely give you a more enhanced viewing experience and longer battery life.

You can experience all those with portable DVD player reviews. The pros and cons of each brand and model were above stated for you to assess. Make certain that you read this to help you choose the best portable DVD player suiting your needs and preferences. Make sure that your money is worth the player you are purchasing.