Best Portable Solar Panel Reviews 2016 – 2017

Almost everyone carries their electronic devices when going outdoors such as during camping, trekking, hiking or any other outdoor activities. The need for a portable solar panel is important in keeping electronic devices powered up so you can take pictures or for communication.

These portable solar panels normally come in as a kit so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Be it indoors or outdoors, with solar power banks, you are secured that you have a backup. This makes it the more important especially during emergencies or during blackouts.

Keeping one with you extends the functionality and duration of your electronic devices.

Best Portable Solar Panel Review

Solar Power Bank Charger 10000mAh for Emergency Outdoor Camping


This power bank contains a lot of features, such as an external battery backup pack and a dual USB charger that has 2 LEDs. Solar Power Bank Charger is best for travel lovers who always need power for their smartphone. Designed simple yet attractive, this power charger is easy to use and is not heavy.

You need not worry using this when it’s raining because this charger is water resistant. Additionally, this has a shock resistant feature so that even when you’re in a vehicle, you can be assured that your device is charging fine. Aside from that, it is also dust proof.

This has 2 USB on the side with covers. For it to be compatible with most devices, the outputs are universal 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A. It also has a 2.1A port for tablets/iPad and 1A ports for Bluetooth/phone or any other 5V USB supported gadgets. Automatic Smart Identification is another feature of this solar charger, further making it really convenient and practical.

Talking about the design, it is superior and portable. Solar Power Bank Charger is created using a reliable and durable material called ABS+PC+Silicone. This power bank has a hanger so you can easily let it hang on your backpack. It also has a compass so you won’t get lost.

Since this is a solar power bank, it can be charged with solar power should you prefer not to charge it through the power outlet. However, it is not advisable to use the sun as the main source of power because power input is dependent upon the intensity of the sunlight which will make take some time for the gadget to charge. The solar power is mainly used to replenish some lost power.

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Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank


A product from Dizaul, the Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank is designed uniquely for your portable devices such as your phones, GPS and GoPro camera. It is made using eco-friendly silicone rubber with the combination of ABS+PC material in addition to its rubber paint surface process finishing.

The power bank features an anti-skid protecting effect because of its football grain design. This is also water resistant to make sure it fully works well even during the rain. And, shock proof, ensuring functionality even if it’s dropped or crashed.

Dizaul 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank comes with a free hook so you can hang it easily in your backpack when you travel. This is very useful especially if you are into hiking or camping.

Rubber caps are present to protect the USB ports of this power bank. It prevents water from making contact to the ports and it ensures safety when charging your device.

Because it is solar, please take note that the solar charger may be slow when charging because of the solar panel’s limited surface area. Another factor is also the strength of the sunlight; however, it is enough to store power. According to solar charger reviews, it is best to charge it fully on your first use.

When charging, you will see a green light. This one green light shows that it is slowly charging which goes off when the unit is placed in dark places. You will know if it’s fully charged when all the lights turn solid blue. It approximately takes 6-7 hours to charge which, in turn, takes 2 hours when charging a mobile device.

Anker 21W 2-Port USB Universal PowerPort Solar Charger

Anker 21W 2-port USB solar charger is known to be very handy when it comes to charging. It has 3 panels to absorb power from the sun, providing 2.4 amps using any of the USB ports or 3.0 amps when using both. This simply means that if your device takes so much power, you’ll be able to charge it fast by using only one of the ports.

A unique feature of Anker is its fast charging technology. Exclusive only to Anker is the Power IQ, which modifies the original charging process – developing a charging speed which is very fast. The charging of Anker solar charger will only take 4 hours of full sunlight, roughly about the same time from wall chargers.

The design is very compact (11.1 x 6.3in when folded and 26.4 x 11.1in when opened). It has rugged stainless-steel finish containing eye-holes on each corner. These holes make it easy for the device to attach to backpacks or tents. Talking about the weight is not a problem either because it only weighs 14.7 oz in addition to it being thin (1.1in when folded and 0.2in when opened). This can easily fit in your backpack.

This is a very durable solar charger made with industrial-strength PET plastic. Sewn to a high-water polyester canvas, this makes it capable of facing the challenges of your adventures when outdoor or indoor.

The Anker is very safe as well because it has a technology which prevents short circuit from happening. It also includes a surge protection technology. This is the best solar charger for backpacking.

Solar Panel, Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger...
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Solar Panel, Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger...
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Portable [Upgrade Version] 12000mAh Power Bank for Outdoors


The portable solar charger (upgrade Version) 12000mAh power bank is powerful and has a very high capacity. The solar charger is proven to function during rain and dust conditions. This makes a perfect choice for your outdoor and camping activities.

The battery of the portable solar charger (upgrade version) can also be charged using a wall charger. The battery life is amazing and guarantees not less than 500 charging cycles. Since this is a solar charger, the battery can also be charged using the solar panel provided. This solar charger can charge 2 devices simultaneously. The 4 battery light shows the status if the battery when charging.

Like other solar chargers, charging it using the solar could take time because of the efficiency of sunlight converted to electricity. The solar panel is best used to maintain a fully charged battery.

The USB port of this charger is compatible with all mobile devices. It has 5v/1A-2A input for tablets/IPADS and Smartphone.

The design is superior with portability. Portable [Upgrade Version] Power Bank comes with a hanging rope so you can easily hang it to your bag when outdoors. This device is perfect for climbing, hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity

Another unique feature of this solar charger is its Dual LED flashlight. The light is bright which absolutely works in dark areas, especially during emergency situations like blackouts.

Concerning safety, this solar charger is proven to be safe to use based on solar phone charger reviews.

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Foreverrise Solar Charger 15000mAh power bank


Another amazing solar charger in the market is the Foreverrise Solar Charger 15000mAh power bank with dual USB battery charger which is compatible with tablets and cellphones. The Foreverrise solar charger is best for outdoor environments. It is portable and very safe. It also works well with almost all USB gadgets.

The capacity is very high, a smashing 15000mAh. Its capacity is so high that it can simultaneously recharge six iPhone 6, three Samsung S6, or one iPad Air which takes a lot of power. There is nothing to worry as well when charging outdoor because of its solar power ability.

The battery on this solar charger is of high quality. It uses a Polymer battery which is considered to be a very safe battery around the world. Similarly, with advanced technology, the product as a whole is of high value because of its material finishing which makes it capable of drop and water resistance.

Power status is displayed using four LED flashlights. It has a UV lamp and a LED flashlight located on the back; with its four different light modes, it could be very handy especially at night.

This solar charger weighs 8.8oz only with the size of a small candy bar. This makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere. The dual chargers and dual USB are very useful as well. You shouldn’t worry about safety concerns because this device is of highly reliable. This is created with a safety protection design that will shut the device off the moment a problem is detected

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Portable Solar Panel Buying Guide

The best portable solar panels let you go to remote and unpowered places without sacrificing your electronic devices. The solar panel is silent, clean, energy-efficient and cost-efficient, which makes it ideal when going outdoors.

Learn more about the portable solar panel so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Portable Solar Panel

  • Monocrystalline – The solar cells, which are made of monocrystalline silicon can be easily recognized by its uniform look and color indicating the silicon’s high purity. This type of solar panel has the highest efficiency rate – reaching figures of 15-20%. It generates the highest power output, making it space-efficient.
  • Polycrystalline – The polycrystalline portable solar panel costs less and is simpler. It has less amount of silicon wasted and lower tolerance to heat compared to the monocrystalline. Its efficiency is only 13-16%.
  • Thin Film – The thin film is more sensitive compared to other types of solar panel and it offers better charging when you are at a higher altitude.

Portable Solar Panels for Different Users

  • Camper – Campers can take advantage of solar generators, solar backpacking solar charger, camping solar charger, and solar panels that are device specific such as lanterns. The solar panel can power up all the necessary equipment that a camper needs which includes the battery for ATV or RV. You no longer need to rely on gas or the traditional batteries since you can already turn to a more cost-efficient option.

portable solar power camping

  • Student – Students can make use of portable charges for their smartphones and other powered gadgets. This will allow them to keep their device charged even if there’s no electrical outlet in the campus or nearby. The best portable solar charger is a great alternative to power cords, and students can use it even if they are in their dorm room or on a bike.
  • User of a Medical Device – There are solar kits, solar chargers and solar suitcases that are available for medical equipment like oxygen tanks, infusion caps and CPAP devices. The solar panel is extremely helpful, especially for health care devices during power outages or natural disasters.
  • Traveler – Whether you are traveling locally or overseas, a solar backpack and a small charger are important to keep your electronic devices working when a power outlet is not available. If you have the best backpacking solar charger, you no longer have to worry when going to places where energy sources are limited or when you are at ports, airports or public vehicles.

portable solar power traveler

  • On-the-go Professional – Mobile professionals will always have their GPS systems, tablets and phones ready with the use of solar, flip, and car chargers. Modern professionals need an alternative and reliable source of power when they are doing a presentation or when traveling to avoid any interruption when doing a business.
  • Construction Contractor – Contractors who are off-grid can use solar generators and light towers to generate power on the job site. Solar power in the construction site reduces noise and reliance on high-priced gas and diesel fueled generators. Its portability makes it a must-have for construction projects that are far from the electrical grid.

Things to Look for When Getting a Portable Solar Panel

1) Power Output – Solar panels have different power yields – some have USB outputs that have the same speed for charging and others have varying speeds. It gives you the capability to charge two devices at the same time. Make sure to pick a portable solar panel that can handle charging multiple devices all at once.

2 Watts – minimum power needed for cellphones and iPods.

10 Watts – minimum recommended power for DSLR camera and laptops

30+ Watts – recommended range if you are using a significant camera, notebook and video equipment.

2) Versatility – Make sure that the solar panel can charge devices simultaneously. If you just want to have a simple and portable solar charger, then you only need to consider the design and its weight; you have to make sure it’s easy to carry.

Tip: Calculate the number of devices you need to bring and the overall wattage needed to charge the devices.

3) Size – The size of the solar panel you need to bring depends on the items that you need to carry. To ensure that your batteries are fully charged, it is best to pick a portable solar panel that can exceed your daily power usage.

portable solar power small

4) Components – Each part of the solar panel is vital to the overall quality of the product so make sure that it has a solid cabling, hinges, frame, etc. so it can perform efficiently. A sturdy solar panel is made up of aluminum legs and frame that can withstand all the packing and setting up. Aluminum rust-proof components and solar hail proof cells are other indicators of a good portable solar panel.

5) Batteries – Some solar panels come with an external or internal battery, and some can be purchased separately.

The capacity of the USB battery must have a minimum of 1-2 times the power output per day by the solar panel that charges it.

For 12V universal battery pack, the solar panel must have a minimum of 1-2 times the output per day by the solar panel that charges it.

6) Accessories – It should have straps, loops, grommets, and handles for easy attachment to backpack.

7) Warranty – Invest in a solar panel that provides a good warranty to give you the assurance that it is built to high standards; in addition, you can have it repaired when necessary. Most solar panel manufacturers have warranties for cover repair, replacement, and performance.


At the present, when we are now surrounded by many sophisticated technologies, it is really important to have a backup charger for our daily needs. It becomes a need now because technology is now part of our lives. Technology needs power, especially our Smartphone; the best way for this to be consistently on the go is to have a backup charger.

The best solar charger out there is the Anker 21W 2-Port USB Universal PowerPort Solar Charger. It is unique and safe. It can easily fit in one’s bag and very portable. Since it is a charger, it boasts of 3 solar panels. Compared to other chargers, the time this device charges and recharges another device is second to none.

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