Best Pruning Shears Reviews 2020

Gardening is not an easy task. We want our plants to have clean and straight cuts that do not hurt our hands. This is the reason why gardeners need pruning shears that are reliable in cutting the stem or branch evenly without harming their hands.

Even if you are a pro at gardening, choosing the best garden pruners is a challenging mission. It is a trial and error process where you need to experience using several pairs of good pruning shears to find out which ones you need to help you in your garden. This article will talk about our reviews of the top pruning shears and other helpful tips about them.

Best Pruning Shears Reviews

ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle Hand Pruner (8-inch)


A very handy feature of the ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle garden hand pruner is that it has a rotating handle. This lessens the pressure in your wrists and hand and the grip is very comfortable to handle. It has a very distinctive latch lock mechanism that allows you to use it using only one hand. The latch lock mechanism works by just squeezing the open handles.

This professional hand pruner comes in two sizes, the 8-inch that is perfect for most users and the 9-inch one for those with bigger hands. Most people would agree that it is a balanced tool with high quality materials and performance. Speaking of materials, the sharp blade is chrome-plated using excellent steel that prevents sap and rust. The spring has a wire coil that boosts durability and is anchored to prevent it from popping out.

Two great features of the ARS HP-VS8R rotating handle hand pruner is that you can replace the blades or resharpen it. It has bypass blades that serve as balance for spotless cuts. The second cool feature is that it lessens the possibility of acquiring the carpal tunnel syndrome or stress because of its ergonomic design and function. It is also made of non-slip materials, so it reduces accidents. It truly is a pair of quality pruning shears.

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ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner

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The ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner is for the hardcore gardener and is considered a professional hand pruner. Just like the ARS HP-VS8R, it has sharp and superior high-quality blades that can be replaced and resharpened. Its blade design is offset for you to have a natural hand force. Additionally, the blades are plated in hard chrome to help prevent rust or sap.

They also have a locking latch mechanism when you squeeze the handles. The pruners have a non-slip coating made from top quality, thick cast aluminum. It also has two sizes which you can choose, depending on your hand size. As mentioned earlier, this tool is very handy and is recommended for heavy-duty users.

The two ARV HP-V series, (ARS HP-VS8R) and (ARS HP-VS8Z), has similar features that are very popular with most individuals. ARS hand pruners in these review highlights the following features:

  •  The “Squeeze-Open and Lock System” where you can use it single handedly is a unique concept. You can squeeze your thumb on the upper handle to unlock the pruning shears. To lock it, all you need to do is move your thumb. It is very convenient.
  • It has accessible spare parts if you need it. You can purchase spare parts in many distributors and companies everywhere.
  • It has a marquenched, high carbon steel. Basically, the higher the carbon content, the harder the steel. Marquenching is important because it keeps the pruning shears sharp longer. High carbon can make steel weak and brittle so to counteract that, marquenching is needed. It can increase the impact resistance, making the gardening clippers very sharp and durable.
  • It has a cushioning spring. This spring is located between the handles that helps your grip without getting the handles smashed together (or you think it might be). When you use it, it gently squeezes the tool and the handles slowly move. It is not noisy when you use it and you can be confident that the spring will not accidentally pop out.
  • Its blade is hard chrome plated. Plating it with hard chrome helps reduce the buildup of sap and resin and prevents rust. Hard chrome plating is done using an electroplating process. This process deposits chromium from a solution called chromic acid.
  • It is easy and quick to dismantle. It is very easy to disassemble it, with the use of a simple screwdriver.

All of these features are great points to take note of when you are trying to consider buying one of these. These are all essential when you’re choosing what pruning shears to get. Without a doubt, these two can be considered as the top picks for the best pruners ever.

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Corona BP 3180 Classic Cut Forged Bypass Pruner, 1″ Cut


The Corona BP 3180 Classic Cut Forged Bypass Pruner has a 1-inch diameter capacity for cutting. It has a self-aligning pivot lock that is adjustable. True to its brand, this Corona pruner has quality designs and top performance tools recommended for most agricultural professionals, contractors, and dedicated gardeners. They are very comfortable to grip and make your work in the garden effective yet easy.

These Corona garden scissors have a Radial Arc blade that can be resharpened and replaced. It is made of forged and fully treated Coronium steel alloy. Its blade type is the bypass blade. If you are unsure of what type of blade you want, you can continue reading as we are going to tackle the different kinds of blades in pruning shears.

Going back, the Corona 3180 blades are made from forged steel alloy that is heat-treated. It also has a unique hook and blade design that is great for cutting in clean and accurate cuts. The hook includes a sap groove that removes any dirt and its notch is very tough that can cut wires. It is very powerful because it can even cut branches that are one inch thick. Its slim profile can be very flexible as it can reach hard to reach places.

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Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner


Felco shears are well known for their quality. Blades are made up of first-rate hardened steel. There are two blades, each with a purpose. The first blade has a jagged edge that is for the cutting part while the second one is called the anvil blade which is not very sharp. Their anvil blade includes a sap groove.

It has a sturdy forged aluminum handle that is very comfortable to use with your hands. It protects your hands and wrists as it has a non-slip coat. It has a rubber cushion that functions as a shock absorber. To protect the non-corroding spring from liquids or moisture, a metal sheath is encased. Additionally, you can adjust it without any difficulty. When you buy Felco pruners, you can be assured that you are getting the best in quality.

You will have no problem in cutting, as it can make sure you have the exact adjustments using the bolt and nut. The Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner is best used for trimming woody perennials and cutting rose bushes. It is very durable and lightweight, providing ergonomic comfort. It is highly recommended for those who work in the garden nursery, a landscape professional or the avid gardener.

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EZ-Kut Products Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner


The EZ Kut Products Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner is best for all-around use- whether it’s for landscaping projects or just in the garden at home. It consistently provides top quality materials and is very durable. This pruning cutter has a distinctive front-end design to control power, a user-friendly handle with a great hold and a wrap-around feature to protect your knuckles.

EZ Kut pruners are mostly made from all metal materials. The blade is created from SK-5 carbon-hardened steel that can cut even the hardest wood with no trouble. It has a unique blade contour with circle-cutting features. Just like the others, you can replace the blade. In addition, it has a ratcheting action with three stages that is suitable for heavy-duty use.

Of course, there’s still a huge selection of pruning tools that you can choose from, depending on the price, type and style. It can be a bit confusing to choose which one is right for you, so this garden hand shears review is a great basis for those looking for quality pruning shears. Read on to learn more about the types of pruners and things to consider when buying one.

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The Best Pruning Shears Buying Guide

Types of Pruners:

  • Bypass Pruner – The bypass pruner is ideal for cutting hard wood. They give clean cuts by using the two curved blades. The blades can bypass each other, like scissors. The first blade is sharpened while the other is thicker and unsharpened. If you want to have faster cuts, get a shorter blade but if you want to have something that has more reach, get the one that has longer blades. Also, if you want to have more leverage, get a longer handle.
  • Anvil Pruner – Anvil hand pruners work like a knife. It’s designed to cut dead, brittle, hard or old wood. It has a single clean cut blade that has a slicing action. The anvil type pruner can support branches underneath a tree to lessen the risk of splintering. It crushes the lower part of the branch so it’s recommended to use it on dead wood.
  • Double Cut Pruner – This is also called the ratchet pruning shears. The double cut pruner has two very sharp cutting blades. They don’t really touch each other- rather the blades are layered together. They are considered anvil pruners but have a cutting action method done in stages. It provides leverage for weak or small hands. It helps protect your wrist and hands from strain, fatigue and even reduces the risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Types of Handles

Most of the time, you consider the size of the handle and whether it can be used by left-handed or right-handed users. Size is important to help you control your grip. Ratchet pruner handles are very powerful but you need to have more squeezes than the regular ones to cut. If you’re doing tough gardening tasks or if you want to lessen your blisters while gardening, get the ones that have ergonomic and rotating handles. You might also want to consider getting a latch located at the right place so that you can open the latch using one hand.

Things to Consider When Buying Pruning Shears

  • Type of pruning shears. We already know the three types of pruning shears: the anvil pruner, the bypass pruner, and the double cut pruner. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to use bypass pruning shears for convenience and ease of use. Additionally, they often provide the cleanest cuts.
  • Steel blade quality. Most pruning shears blades are made of steel. They can be coated with a non-stick material to prevent sap, debris, and other syrupy substances from sticking to them. Make sure that the blades are of top quality, and made of carbon steel or hardened steel because they are long-lasting.

The blade doesn’t need sharpening and this lessens the likelihood of nicking. Poor quality blades do not hold pointed edges that damage plants and trees, making the task difficult. The closer blades open and close together, the better the blade quality. This allows you to adjust the tightness and fastens the blades together.

  • Weight and size. The heavier a pruning shear is, the more likely you can get fatigue. With regards to size, it must fit with your hand and its diameter should make you cut comfortably.
  • User-friendly design. User-friendly or ergonomic design helps prevent any wrist and hand strain. You don’t need much effort to use it and this makes the user experience more pleasant. More often than not, it has a curved shape, has soft grip handles and angled blades.
  • Locking mechanism. A locking mechanism is very important to prevent any accidental damages to you or anyone around. It locks the shears in a closed position, making it safer and protects the pruning shears blades when you’re not using it.
  • Some pruning shears have mechanisms that are more convenient to use because you just need to squeeze it to open it. This feature is very useful to make sure the tool doesn’t lock up when you’re already using it.
  • Sturdy spring. Most pruning shears have a spring located in the middle of the two handles. This can lessen the workload and decrease the fatigue in your hands. There are two popular kinds of spring: the wire springs and the coiled metal springs. If they do not have a spring, they act more like scissors and manually depend on your hands to cut.
  • Availability of spare parts. Even though most gardening pruning shears are long-lasting, there are times when it gets worn out, damaged or broken. It’s really a hassle to order a replacement part then find out that it takes weeks or even months to get one or it’s not available immediately with the distributor or manufacturer. A quick tip is to get slightly more expensive pruning shears because the quality is better that they are less likely to break or need to be replaced.
  • Easy and fast to disassemble. Even the best gardening pruning shears need to be cleaned occasionally or it needs to be resharpened. It’s convenient if it is easy to dismantle, especially if you’re in a hurry or if you need to sharpen the whole blade. If you are only able to sharpen a portion of the blade, you may need to sharpen it repeatedly and the outcome would be warped blades.

What kind of garden pruners do you need?

The first thing you need to do when you’re shopping for garden prune shears is to make a list of what you’re going to use it for. Do you need to get one for cutting dead wood? Are you going to do just light or heavy gardening work? Are you cutting trees, shrubs or flowers? The type of work you’re going to do will be a huge factor in choosing getting the kind of pruning shears you need for work.

Once you have decided what kind you want, whether it’s a bypass, ratchet or anvil pruner, select one that’s best for your budget. Depending on the manufacturer, each gardening pruning shears type will have a variety of prices. Typically, the higher the price, the more excellent the quality is.

A lot of people choose shears that have colorful designs so that it’s easy to spot if it gets mixed up with the foliage or branches. Always take care of it and wipe it completely after every use. This will prevent any rust that jams your shears. Whether you’re tending a rose garden or doing garden landscaping, make sure you select the best pruning shears for you and you’ll definitely get excellent results and save money. Also if you want to see more click here.

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