Best Rear View Mirror Reviews 2020

When you merely look at a vehicle you will see various parts which may seem useless but when you look closely you will realize that each of its parts has a function just like with rear view mirrors. It is an extremely useful device you can find on an automobile and it helps support safety.

The primary function of this mirror is to give you a clear image of the other cars as well as the round at the back. With the help of the rear view mirror, you are ensuring your safety as well as those people around you. Since this is an important part of your vehicle, you should ensure that you get the best rear view mirror for your utmost safety and convenience.

Best Rear View Mirror Review

CIPA 31000 Rear View Mirror


CIPA is known to be one of the best in auto mirrors manufacturing and their main goal is to provide high-quality rear view vision options hence they created products which do not only provide increased safety but also one that can be installed quickly.

The CIPA 31000 is an 8” long rearview mirror that comes with a day and night switch. You can connect this mirror to the windshield using the swivel mount, a kind of support that lets you tilt and move the mirror.

With the use of the swivel mount, you can easily make an adjustment to the mirror in order to lessen the brightness of the headlights especially when it’s directly shining at an eye level.

This rear view mirror allows you to manually adjust the tab if you want to change between day or night position since the front and back end internal faces of the mirror glass is not parallel with each other.

Since the CIPA 31000 is intended to fit on most wedge style EOM enclosure, you won’t have a hard time in installing this device. You just need to undo the screw, and then carefully slide the mirror over your windshield support before you tighten the screws. Ones the screw is secured in place, you can now make the necessary adjustment.

Other features of this product include an anti-glare mode to avoid blindness when driving at night and optional map lights which allow your passengers to read without disturbing your visibility. Hence, there is increased safety as well as comfort in intensifying your field of vision without spending too much on the product.

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Fit System RM011 Rear View Mirror


The Fit System RM011 is one of the wide angle rear view mirrors manufactured by K-Source, one of the leading producers of this product for more than 50 years. This device has an 18” clip-on wide angle with about 17 ¾” of the viewing area.

With the Fit System you will have a no blind spot rear view mirror because it provides good visibility and it enables you to modify any lighting disturbances.

This simple device accomplishes very important features which are to provide a clear field of vision and the ability to be adjusted in relation to the lighting. But despite these, its cost is still at a reasonable rate.

One of the main advantages of the product is its convenient installation. You don’t need any tools because all you have to do is to mount it. Just simply fasten the device on top of the current structure and ensure that it’s secured in place then it’s good to go.

The glass of this rear view mirror is chrome plated which makes it shatter proof while at the same time reducing glares.

One disadvantage of this no blind spot rear view mirror is that it does not have an option that would allow you to change from day mode to night mode and vice versa. To alleviate this problem, the manufacturers designed the device with a certain curve so that only a fraction of the light can reach your eyes.

Compared with the others, the Fit System gives you a comprehensive and a more refined difference in relation to the focal point.

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Ampper Am-BSM01 Blind Spot Rear View Mirror


Ampper Am-BSM01 is another no blind spot rear view mirror that comes in a two pack packaged that is capable of 360° rotation plus 30° sway adjustment which means that it will enable you to see what’s entirely at the back of your car.

Just like any other convex spot mirrors, this one is fitted with a small revolving base to allow easy installation. To mount it, all you need to do is find the ideal spot so you get the optimum angle that you need. You may need to do fry-fitting before doing the final mount.

The Ampper Am-BSM01 is one of the best rear view mirrors that has a 2 inches HD glass and an ultra slim design. Within the package, you will find a 3M bonding agent which is necessary for installation when a using pressure-sensitive tape.

With the use of this one, you have the liberty to put it inside the or outside of the car because it’s not only resistant to rust and haze but it’s also IP65 waterproof. An IP65 waterproof rating means that it is protected against water jets.

This has a flexible curving form that allows you to estimate the succeeding environment when you are passing or as you are shifting lanes.

The best thing about the product it that you can easily install and test it within seconds and it fits perfectly in almost all vehicles like RV’s, SUVs, cars, trucks and even vans, however, it is not ideal for motorcycle use.

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Fouring DA674 Super Wide Angle Rear View Mirror


Fouring, the manufacturer of DA674 Super Wide rear view mirror, is one of the leading auto accessory manufacturers located in Seoul Korea. They have been in the business since 1978 and they are known for their simple yet functional products such as the BL Super Wide Mirror.

There are numerous products offering the same feature like this no blind spot rear view mirror but not all of them deliver like how the BL Super Wide does because it has a 30mm wide curved mirror with an overall measurement of 14.5”x3”.

This car accessory is much larger compared to other similar items, hence, you can clearly see the difference when it comes to its ability to provide wide visibility at the back. With this, you can see the whole row of seats at the back, the rear view window as well as the two rear passenger’s window so you won’t miss anything behind you.

Because this rear view mirror has the ability to see the back seats, it is very popular among parents who have babies and toddlers. It allows them to check their kids while driving.

For its installation, you just need to clip on top of your stock mirror and ensure it is secured.

The minor problem with DA674 Super Wide is that the image you sometimes see is a bit distorted because of the convex mirror and some objects may appear farther than it really is. But, overall users are satisfied especially after several days of usage, when they are already used to it.

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Broadway BW846 Rear View Mirror


The Broadway BW846, formerly known as the BW-806 mirror, belongs to a modernized line of rear view mirrors manufactured by Napolex Inc. It is a type A, flat mirror which means that it features the remarkable qualities of the original ones by Broadway.

Since it is a flat mirror, images that you see is not distorted thus it is easier to make a judgment when it comes to passing or overtaking moves. Another advantage with flat mirrors such as this device is that you can accurately view any obstructions especially when you are parking.

With this you will experience greater reflectivity because of its cutting-edge aluminum coating. In comparison to another standard type, it gives twice as much brightness hence it is ideal for car windows with dark tints.

To provide a much-needed protection, this product uses HOYA glass hence it can lessen the harmful ultra-violet rays that may come in contact with your eyes. On top of this, it also decreases the normal sunlight as well as the glare from approaching vehicles from your back.

Another feature that makes this equipment stand-out from all the other products are its scatter proof feature. It undergoes special process so that in the case of an accident, the smashed mirror will not scatter and cause further injuries.

When it comes to installation, the BW846 is very easy to mount since it offers a one touch add on and it has an ultra-thin construction so it can fit in any type of automobile.

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Rear View Mirror Buying Guide

In order to get the best rear view mirror for your car, you need to know the different types, features and specifications that are offered today by various manufacturers.

Types of Rear View Mirrors

1) Overhead – This type of mirror is usually mounted on the top part of the windshield and it allows you to have a comprehensive view of your rear. You’ll see this one in almost all vehicles because this is a requirement in almost all regions.

With this kind you can have an accurate view of objects at the back but with lesser accuracy in areas at 90 to 30 degrees opposite you because of the blind spot. To lessen this problem with blind spots, choose wider overhead rear view mirror.

2) Side Mirror – As for side mirrors, you can commonly see this outside of the automobiles. This is a required device especially at the driver’s side. This sort allows you to see objects which are behind or next to your car but just like with overhead mirrors; this also has a blind spot at 30 degrees.

3) Arched – Arched or convex mirrors are dome shaped so your field of vision is enhanced particularly in areas that overhead and side mirror can’t see. This device is small and often comes with an adhesive on its back so you can easily mount it on top of an existing one.

The disadvantage with these is that images you see are distorted due to the dome shaped glass used.

Different Variables of Rear View Mirrors

1) Anti-glare – The common problem that most driver experience before the modern rear view mirrors was created is the glare coming from the sun’s reflection or other vehicles head lights. To solve this problem, manufacturers designed this one wherein the exterior glass is not parallel to the mirror located at the posterior part.

The mirror reflects a reduced amount of incoming light because of its wedge-like form.

2) Automatic Dimming – Some advanced rear view mirrors today have automatic dimming capabilities on top of its anti-glare properties. It contains a sensor which detects low ambient light coming from the vehicles at the back. As this happen the mirror spontaneously darken depending on how the bright the light is.

3) Blind spot – Although vehicle mirrors are designed to let you view the back of your car, there are instances when it has a blind spot. To counter this issue there smaller mirrors can be mounted on top of the old ones so reduce the blind spot.

A no blind spot rear view mirror is specifically positioned to eliminate the typical angle of areas you can’t see which is at 135 and 225 degrees. These kinds of mirrors can be mounted using an adhesive.

4) Installation needed – When you buy a replacement rear view mirror it is essential that you pick one which has the same mounting system as the old one.

You can mount these either to the interior roof, dashboard or even on the windshield.

5) Shape and size – Rear view mirrors come in 3 standard sizes: 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. There are much bigger sizes like 17 and even 35-inch mirrors. The 17-inch type reduces blind spots but it has to be used together with side mirrors. If you feel that the 17-inch does not provide much coverage, you can go for the 35-inch kind.

The 35-inch mirror is divided into five different parts measuring about 7-inch each section and each of these can be adjusted individually according to your preference.

For the shape, it does not really affect the efficacy of the device but it can add aesthetic appeal.

Steps on How to Set-Up Rear View Mirrors

Although blind spots are very common, you can reduce or eliminate this if you know how to properly adjust your rear view mirrors. There are 2 basic steps on how you can efficiently adjust your rear view mirror.

1) Adjust your side mirror – Start by leaning your head towards the left side of your car then adjust the mirror. Make sure that you can see the rear end of your car and that it occupies about less than a third of the mirror.

Next, adjust the right side mirror by leaning towards the center of the car. Adjust it the same way wherein you can see the rear part of the vehicle and that it takes up a little less than a third of its view.

Finally, while on the driver’s side modify the center rear view mirror. Make sure that you see the back part of your vehicle. This mirror should cover the area which the two side mirrors can’t see.

2) Verify if the blind spot is reduced or completely eliminated – While assuming a normal seating position, check the angles of the mirror and ensure that you have a much wider view. Make necessary adjustment if needed by pointing the device further outward.

Then, check the additional view provided by the side mirrors. The mirrors should show more of the lanes at the side of your car so you can see the position of the approaching vehicle.

Another way to check for the elimination of blind spot is by gauging the transition of cars passing from the rear mirror towards the side mirror. Passing vehicles should have a smooth transition from the rear to the side mirrors without any pauses.

If you see that there is a gap as the vehicle is leaving from the center mirror and appearing on the side mirror, this indicates that there is still a blind spot. If you are experiencing this, you need to make adjustments until you get the desired result.


Whether you are purchasing a rear view mirror as a replacement or as an upgrade, it is important that you carefully consider all your options. Other than checking the brand and the price, you should also pay attention to the different variables and features offered.

An inept rear view mirror can put you and your family in danger that is why you should pick the best rear view mirror that suits your needs and the needs of your family. An efficient rear view mirror will increase your confidence as you drive because you are certain that you have all angles covered hence the possibility of errors and miscalculations is reduced.

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