Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews 2020

The brightest rechargeable flashlight is just out there, waiting to be unraveled!

This type of equipment is a very good source of light and a relevant emergency kit as well. It is important for every homeowner, DIYer, camper, hiker, tool guys, and virtually for everyone.

The best rechargeable flashlight should be a very reliable lighting source, especially when the power supply is out. Thus, a rechargeable flashlight is no doubt the top choice as it usually features long burning time and high brightness at the same time.

As an emergency kit, a flashlight can save many lives during emergency cases, allowing everyone to be prepared. This tool is available in a low light mode with batteries that can last up to hours, say at least for 72 hours. So, below are the top six rechargeable flashlight reviews that will come in handy to suit your needs.

Best Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews

Olight S10R II Baton


Among the best rechargeable flashlights is the Olight S10R II Baton, featuring the second-generation design of the Olight S10R. This equipment also boasts the most up-to-date Cree XP-L LED, allowing you to optimize the 500 lumens output. The design is made of blue and stainless steel bezel combined with a blue switch ring derived from PVD technology like no other.

It is the best rechargeable flashlight performance wise, as it features an amazing mechanical design, including a micro-USB and a rechargeable battery. The set also includes a desktop charging dock, allowing a convenient and portable operation and transport.

Furthermore, this micro USB rechargeable flashlight offers a flat side button, preventing the light from turning on, while the flashlight is in your pocket. Unlike other standard flashlights, the Olight S10R II Baton has a low battery indicator function, while its 650mAh RCR123A battery can run for up to seven days on a single charge.

What’s more, its intelligent charging cable is also useful for many other electronic devices, making it flexible and useful for other purposes. Its flat tail cap, on the other hand, offers a strong magnet, which can be attached to metal surfaces that allow you to operate it hands-free. This tactical flashlight also features a hardened, temper glass and anti-reflective film coating.

For many owners, the best things about this tool are its removable U-arm pocket clip, two-way installation, anti-scrape, and anti-corrosion design as indicated through several customer reviews on Amazon.

The kit includes:

  • USB charging base
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Backup battery of EdisonBright CR123A

Read our detailed Olight S10R II Baton Review!

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Streamlight 74751


Meanwhile, the Streamlight 74751 is another tactical flashlight to watch out for. This tool comes in very handy if you need the maximum illumination possible. It has a wide beam, which is ideal for search through large areas while its Strion LED HL rechargeable technology offers up to 500 lumens and a beam distance of up to 200 meters.

When it comes to its overall design, this flashlight is an epitome of a very powerful and ultra-compact design. Unlike other models, this one features three microprocessor-controlled variable intensity settings, a strobe mode, and the newest with regards to high power LED technology.

It offers a combination of high power C4 LED and rechargeable batteries, resulting in the lowest operating costs ever created in flashlights. Aside from its extreme brightness, this rechargeable tactical flashlight has an anti-roll head, keeping the Strion LED in place. Amazingly, it also boasts a knurled body for the most convenient grip and an overall construction made from durable anodized aluminum.

All the more, the Streamlight 74751 has been tested for a two-meter impact resistance capability, making it the most durable of its kind, so far. Besides its Borofloat high-temp glass lens, its deep-dish parabolic reflector can produce a concentrated beam through an optimal peripheral illumination. This excellent rechargeable flashlight also features a water-resistant design.

When it comes to its light output, this flashlight can run for an hour in high mode for an ultra-bright beam, 2 hours in medium mode for a bright light, 3 and a half hours in low mode for non-glare light, and 2 and a half hours in strobe mode. Read our Streamlight 74751 Review here.

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Streamlight 75458 Stinger


Similar to its brother, the Streamlight 75458 Stinger is perfect for illuminating large areas due to its wide beam. This model, however, can provide 640 lumens with a beam distance of 297 meters. It is the brightest rechargeable LED flashlight, considering its performance and its overall design as it boasts a 6000-series machine aircraft aluminum construction with an anti-roll rubber ring and a non-slip rubberized comfort grip.

Moreover, this tool features an unbreakable polycarbonate lens combined with a scratch-resistant coating. It is shock-proof too with its C4 LED technology that offers a 50,000-hour lifetime. It also features a deep-dish parabolic reflector for the maximum peripheral illumination, but the optimized electronics design will give you regulated intensity during battery charge.

Considered as the best rechargeable led flashlight by many actual users, the Streamlight 75458 Stinger is likewise compatible with NiCd battery, besides its NiMH battery that can be charged for up to 1,000 times. It is water-resistant and has been tested for a one-meter impact resistance capacity.

Furthermore, this rechargeable led flashlight features a dual switch technology, allowing you to access three modes and strobe through the head-mounted switch or the tail cap. Its high-lighting mode offers ultra-bright beam, while the medium mode equates to bright light, the low mode for non-glare light, and strobe for virtually signaling your location.

All in all, the Streamlight 75458 Stinger is an HL Series from Streamlight – among its rechargeable, high lumen flashlight systems to date. The kit includes a charger or holder, 120V AC/12V DC, and 1 PiggyBack (NiMH). Check out our Streamlight 75458 Stinger Review.

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NiteCore MH1A Rechargeable LED Flashlight


Another option to keep in mind is the NiteCore MH1A Rechargeable LED flashlight.

It is a Multitask Hybrid Series from Nitecore, featuring a dual-power operation via a single AA battery or the USB rechargeable Li-ion battery, which is included in the kit. This USB rechargeable flashlight can produce 550 lumens when in turbo mode, making it not only the brightest but also the most compact in its class.

For an extended battery life, you can choose between three lower brightness levels, unlike other flashlights on the market. Hence, the battery life can last up to 23 hours when you opt for these levels. Moreover, this rechargeable torch light boasts no less than the first-rate CREE XM-L U2 LED for optimum brightness.

Unlike the standard torches, this one features a clickable tail switch for a consistent on in turbo mode or a momentary on plus a user-selected mode and activating it through a simple twisting of the head. The NiteCore MH1A boasts an intelligent memory function that can store the most recent brightness level you’ve used in the user-selected mode.

This NL147 lithium-ion battery-powered equipment also includes a USB charge cord, allowing you to charge the battery when necessary with a 2-hour full charging time. This rechargeable LED tactical flashlight has a reverse polarity protection feature that significantly prevents damage due to incorrect battery insertion.

Its stainless steel retaining ring can protect the core components while its overall construction is made from aerospace-grade aluminum materials, along with hard-anodized finish. This heavy duty flashlight has a super-clear mineral glass lens and an anti-reflective coating, plus a removable pocket clip for maximum versatility. Check out our detailed NiteCore MH1A review.

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Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X


For many actual users, the Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X is the best rechargeable tactical flashlight as it is the very first reconfigurable and micro-USB rechargeable flashlight within the Maelstrom collection. This equipment allows you to switch between five user interfaces, based on your needs – from 1 max output mode to all 8 distinct modes that can be accessed easily.

In addition, this torch is among the most compact Li-ion 18650 flashlights to date, measuring at 5.5 inches, while weighing at 5 ounces with its battery. It has an overall rugged design but is undoubtedly versatile due to its Cree XM-L2 powerhouse that offers an incredible range of lumens and can run up to 35 days in a continuous manner and maximum mode.

However, this USB rechargeable flashlight only accepts lithium-ion 18650 batteries as using other battery types will damage the equipment. Nonetheless, it can produce up to 800 lumens within a short duration and via its Burst mode. It offers three lower output lighting levels and four flashing or special strobe modes.

This USB rechargeable LED flashlight is highly user-programmable while it comes with tons of MMR-X accessories. Among the useful accessories of this torch include a nylon holster, the lanyard, a spare switch boot, a micro-USB cable, AC wall charger, and the battery.

For further customization, FOURSEVENS has included a plain black aluminum bezel ring and a full reverse click style switch, plus a low-profile switch boot. With minimal markings and clean design, this is the best USB rechargeable flashlight. Check out our review of the Foursevens Maelstrom Regen Review.

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Nitecore MH25

If you’re still wondering about what is the best rechargeable flashlight on the market, perhaps you might want to consider the Nitecore MH25.

This torch is powered by CREE XM-L2 U2 and an 18650 Lithium ion battery that can produce a maximum output of 960 lumens. According to, a professional flashlight expert, the MH25’s outputs have corresponding runtimes, thus, provided below.

                OUTPUT                  RUNTIME
Turbo: 960 lumens1 hour 45 minutes
High: 350 lumens3 hours 15 minutes
Medium: 143 lumens8 hours 30 minutes
Low: 44 lumens28 hours
*Special Mode: Strobe/SOS

Furthermore, this small rechargeable flashlight measures at 6.30 inches in length, 1.57 inches in diameter (head), and weighing at 145 grams without its battery. It has a beam distance of 340 yards and 24,000 cd as its peak beam intensity. It is IPX8 waterproof with a 1.5-meter tested impact resistance.

Aside from its aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction, this torch offers a high-efficiency regulation circuit along with an intelligent charging circuit, plus a voltage detection capability that charges not only safely, but also rapidly. It has an impact, dust, and water-resistant integrated micro-USB charging port, surely a state-of-the-art design.

When it comes to versatility, the Nitecore MH25 offers multiple output modes, which can be accessed through a rapid rotary switch. For customized brightness levels, it also features a user-defined mode, including the strobe and SOS settings.

It is surely one of the best rechargeable LED flashlights today due to its ultra-precise reflector, reverse polarity protection feature, user-friendly interface, versatility, and high-grade construction packed in one. Check out the detailed NiteCore MH25 Review.

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Bottom Line

To date, manufacturers are continually improving the designs and technologies of their USB rechargeable flashlights as more and more models are coming out to meet the expectations of consumers. But, the improved power sources are probably the most sought-after by customers, choosing such equipment with the longest battery life and runtime, while maximizing the brightness simultaneously.

As a potential buyer, you should also take note of other features and improvements like torches with tougher polymers, including smarter technologies that can offer auto shut off mechanisms to conserve energy. The shape and color might affect your decision too, considering the large selections out there.

Finally, it is best to identify your needs or requirement so as to eliminate any frustration in the future. Reading about rechargeable LED flashlight reviews and customer ratings are equally helpful throughout your search for the best product possible while taking note of the flashlights mentioned above as these are the top and most reliable models today.

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