Best Reloading Press Reviews 2020

As consumerism is constantly on the rise, we have seen a noticeable trend for gun aficionados and hunters alike in recent times, who choose to own the best reloading press for this particular hobby. They want to reload their ammunition by themselves.

Historically, reloading has been an essential process for shooters. In today’s times, people find a reloading press a useful tool. Apart from cutting some costs, it is also a means to customize the performance of your ammunition and create a shot based on your preference.

Reloading is essential for gun collectors who want to shoot using their classic firearms, but which ammunition is already not available.

Best Reloading Press Review

Lee Precision Reloading 308 WIN Ultimate Rifle Die Set


The 308 Win Ultimate Rifle Die set by Lee Precision Reloading is versatility at its highest. This 4-die set comes with a full-length die designed for resizing to make brass into new factory sizes.

The decapper that is held by a collet helps prevent over-stressing the brass case. It just slides up without causing damage to the brass.

Another die included in this 308 Wincher set is the Collet Neck sizing die. It is mainly used on a fire made brass to give the best possible precision. It does not need case lubes, and cases can last for a long time.

There is an Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet die, which is the perfect seating adjustment for bullets. It ensures an accurate seating depth all the time. The Factory Crimp die comes with a good crimp on your ammunition with or without a crimping groove impressed into it.

Its crimp helps with accuracy and precision using a uniform higher start pressure and provides the cartridge with a factory-like result.

The Lee Precision Reloading 308 set comes with a powder measure and shell holder. Its load data has all standard brands of powder placed in a readable format. The product instruction is downloadable.

This tool is ideal for reloading metal fired from other rifles. With the Lee 308 Ultimate Rifle Die set, you can use bolt the action reload and the semi-auto load. For example, you can load using your AR-10 rifle without any problem.


  • High quality die set
  • Works well
  • Easy-to-read instructions
  • Does not overwork the brass
  • Great value for money


  • Dies may be disarranged when delivered
Lee Precision Reloading LP90695 308 WIN Ultimate Rifle Die...
567 Reviews
Lee Precision Reloading LP90695 308 WIN Ultimate Rifle Die...
  • For Reloading 308 Wincher Rounds
  • Set Is Complete, With Shell Holder, Powder Measure And...
  • Full Length-Resizing Die Returns Brass To Factory...

Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press


If you want to stay loaded, the Lock-N-Load auto-progressive is the best reloading press to have. Hornady designed this high quality, auto-indexing, reloading press to enable you to change the dies of your pistols and rifles.

The easy tool change technology also features powder dies, crimp dies, bullet seaters and check dies. All this without the need to change the entire die head.

The Lock N Load AP has an EZject system, which efficiently ejects every cartridge without having to adjust. The system loads as many as 500 rounds every hour.

Thanks to the five-station quick changeover system, it makes it one of the fastest progressive press on the market. The bushing system allows you to change from 223 to 45 in under five minutes, making it much more rapidly compared to other reloading presses.

The Lock N Load by Hornady also features a quick-change metering inserts, so you can switch from powder to powder with just a simple press of a button. You can put one on every die set to experience the best quick changeover.

The universal case retainer spring of the Hornady reloader enables you to quickly take out and change a canister at any moment during the loading process. This makes it portable and accessible making it the best reloading press in terms of efficiency.

Its automatic indexing system helps this Auto-Progressive Reloading Press to work smoothly. Every single station shifts a half stage on the upstroke and another half down stroke.

This system is what makes it different from other reloaders that index only down stroke. Additional features are the priming system, a powder drop, and a big capacity hopper.


  • A great investment
  • Works great
  • Easy to use
  • Quick-change metering inserts


  • This tool has much torque, so it is easy to break something when things bind up.
  • More time will be needed to set up a load with the standard inserts.
Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Loader – Ammunition Reloading...
618 Reviews
Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Loader – Ammunition Reloading...
  • Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive Reloading Press – Reload up...
  • Fast Reloading – Lock-N-Load technology allows you to stop...
  • Quick and Reliable – The Lock-N-Load powder measure uses...

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit


RCBS has made the Rock Chucker Supreme reloading press kit longer to enable easy loading of those longer cartridges. This Rock Chucker Supreme is perfect for both newbies and professionals owing to its ambidextrous handle, durability, versatility, and easy operation. Note that an accessory base plate does not come with the kit.

Rock Chucker comes with a new M500 mechanical scale, giving you either a right or left-handed functioning. With this reloading press, you get big-time features at a reasonable price.

It has an M500 mechanical scale that comes with an efficient two-poise design, allowing you to weigh as many as 505 grains with +/-0.1- grain precision. It also boasts a magnetic damping system designed for quick reading and zero maintenance.

The Rock Chucker Supreme includes a hand priming tool that seats the primers fast. You have a safety mechanism that separates the seating operation in the primer supply to minimize the danger of tray detonation.

It fits your hand perfectly which is ideal for small primer seating and primer tray installation without having to connect to the primers. It is made of sturdy cast metal and comes with small and big primer plugs.

The Rock Chucker reloading kit has a uniflow powder measure that continuously throws the right changes with every reload. Powder flows evenly from measuring cylinder directly into the case and thus removing the potential risks of overloads due to the blockage when the charges become dumped. It cuts the cylindrical powders smoothly to get the precise charge.


  • Worth the investment
  • Reasonable price
  • The scale is accurate
  • The press is durable
  • Works well
  • Great kit
  • Great beginner set


  • The large measuring cylinder of the powder measure is not suitable for throwing smaller pistol powder charges.
  • The scale may not work for everybody.
RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit
441 Reviews
RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit
  • Includes nosler 7 reloading manual

Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag Turret Press


The T-Mag Turret Press is one of the new high-speed presses in America. Lyman has especially re-engineered and improved this T-Mag Turret press to give unparalleled precision and versatility.

It features a new Hi-Tech iron frame that has a cutting-edge powder coating of silver hammer tone to ensure performance. The upgraded retention system of the T-Mag Turret enables easy indexing and maintaining a reliable turret support at the same time.

The Lyman T-Mag helps make indexing incredibly easy. This press’s six station turret heads enable you to add as many as six different dies at once. Just like other high-priced reloading presses, the Lyman turret head also detaches to change the calibers while maintaining the right set-up. The Lyman reloading press is compatible with all calibers such as 308, 30-6, and Large Rifle. It also works well for full-length cases.

The T-Mag turret also acts as a wrench for removing turrets. With this, you do not need to use any tools. You can have extra turret heads and set up all your preferred calibers to reload. It comes with a flat machine base that you can easily attach to a metal or wood bench.

The compound leverage of the T-Mag press guarantees a reliable and smooth performance. The handle acts as a support for both right and left-hand usage.

It utilizes the regular 7/8″ x 14 dies and can be useful for reloading pistol or rifle cases. The box includes a turret handle, a primer catcher, and a universal priming arm.

The T-Mag Turret Press is one of the best reloading press for its convenience as it can handle a variety of calibers. Flexible regarding its functions, it promotes work efficiency and quality production.


  • It is handy
  • Smooth and reliable press
  • Built to be tough
  • Works consistently


  • Some moving parts tend to be a loose fit
  • While it is good for reloading pistol, it is not the same for a rifle.
Lyman 7040781 Reloading Press T-Mag Turret Press
73 Reviews

Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Machine 4 Stage Manual

This reloader is a reloading press that has a high-quality dies and conversion kit. The device is well equipped to load the 223. Do not forget to open the unit box to put the conversion kit and dies inside. Remove the factory staples to insert them. The fed cases and bullets can load 400 to 600 rounds on an hourly basis.

The entire box consists of 4 stage reloading systems, die set and conversion kit for 223. The Dillon Precision RL550B can load up to 120 different calibers in either pistol or rifle cartridges.

The four stages progressive loaders are for resizing, prime, for powder drop/flare, for crimp, and for seating. The RL550B reloading machine makes use of the standard 7/8 by 14 thread for every inch die.

Your purchase of a Dillon RL550B Reloading Machine comes with:

  • A 223 Die set
  • A 223 Conversion kit
  • A loaded cartridge catch bin
  • Powder die
  • One large and one small pick-up tube
  • Tool head
  • RL550B progressive reloading machine
  • One Allen wrench set
  • A prime system with small and big priming parts
  • Instruction manual

The RL550B reloading machine is easy to maintain and user-friendly. It is possible to make 300 rounds in an hour or so, at a comfortable speed at that. It guarantees to last a lifetime. Now, you can change calibers within just 5 minutes.

If you are on the lookout for your first reloading machine, the Dillon RL550B is perfect for you. This is the best reloader learn to set at your pace.


  • Ideal for the pistol and rifle calibers
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate powder measure
  • Quick and easy conversion
  • Excellent quality


  • Setup can be complicated

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Best Reloading Press Buying Guide

man reloading pistol

Types of Reloading Press

1) Single Stage Presses – These single presses need the smallest amount of money and provide a single die station. You need to perform the reloading of each stage in a separate manner. It means that you will size, prime, crimp and seat all cases one at a time.

The single stage is ideal for first-timers considering that it is the most affordable, as well as the easiest to install. This type of press is basically for you if you are just learning the fundamentals of reloading.

Single presses are the slowest press to work with, and creates a lesser amount of the number of finished rounds. However, this device is highly recommended for making small batches. No need to worry as they are extremely sturdy.

2) Turret Presses – These types of presses perform in the same way as the single stage presses. However, the Turret has spindles, which facilitate loading many shells in the reloading press. It speeds up the entire pressing process.

This press also makes it possible for loading several dies. You can change the shell calibers easily and quickly. A standard turret press can reload up to 200 rounds of ammunition on an hourly basis.

This press is the kind that has a wheel that ranges from 3 to 5 stations of dies based on the model and make. With this, you can size, expand, turn the next station, seat, and crimp the case.

One significant benefit to using the turret presses is that you do not have to adjust the dies again and again. You can use this press for a particular caliber and another press for numerous calibers. You only need to change the turrets which will result in simple and smooth transitions of calibers.

Pulling a bullet from a magazine

3) Progressive Presses – These presses are considered the most efficient of all presses, although they require the highest amount of money. You can see results with a single pull of the press lever. A progressive press takes more time to put together compared to any other types of presses.

These presses are considered to be the most efficient of all presses, although they require the highest amount of money as an investment. Regardless, you will surely be satisfied with its performance as you can see results with a single pull of the press lever.

A progressive press takes more time to put together compared to any other types of presses. Once you have finished the set-up, it guarantees quality and reliable reloads for many years in the future.

While we have established that the progressive presses are the costliest, they produce the highest possible output. These presses need more time and preparation for its installation.

It can make over 500 rounds every hour. It is no surprise as these presses have several powder measures and die stations.

With a progressive press, you can size, seat and crimp the case allow all at the same time. Theses presses have 3 to 5 die stations, which depend on the model and make.

Every time you pull the lever down, a single case feeds into the shell plate, one is seated, a case is sized, one gets expanded, one is crimped, and another gets charged with powder.

Reasons to Buy a Reloading Press

bullet with gun powder

1) A reloading press is beneficial because it gives you the means to access a significant amount of ammunition. When a shooter or hunter adjusts the sight of their gun, it is determined in a cartridge with its unique attributes. Every round of ammunition has a particular head type, weight, and powder measurement.

If you have a reloading press, you can make as many rounds as you possibly can, all with the same attributes. If you do not have a press, you would have to rely on the local shops to supply you with the same cartridge every time you need them.

2) One good reason for investing in your reloading press is to address the high price of ammunition. When purchasing an ammunition at the store, you usually pay a high amount for them.

You have probably experienced buying a box of bullets that is outrageous. By the purchase of a reloading press and doing the work by yourself, you can save a lot of money.

3) There are private and government agencies out there that are dedicated to limiting or even terminating gun ownership. Also, such groups usually focus on the ammo production in their attempt to control the gun.


Shooting is a sport that has existed for quite a long time. It has managed to gather avid followers every year. With the changing times, this old sport has cost much more than before.

The supply of bullets can quickly run dry, and alongside, drive costs tremendously high. But, if you have a reloading press, you can address the problem regarding the ammunition supply, and produce the ammunition you need for your personal use.

One factor of expense is not in the acquisition or in the gun repair for that matter, but rather the ammunition purchase. If you want to continue with your gun collecting but want to save money, now it the right time to get yourself the best reloading press.

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