Best Road Bike Saddle Reviews

If you’re planning to become a professional cycler, learning all about cycling saddles is necessary information, because not getting a proper bike saddle can be a major cause of all sorts of issues in your bike riding — from basic bum soreness to chafing and even infections. It’s a common misconception to think that if you buy an expensive, high-quality bike, you get a decent seat.

Getting the best bicycle seat is a fussy affair. You should make time and invest in the perfect merchandise only, and before you get there, you must know all the basic elements to consider. That’s why in this article I will try and explain everything there is to know about getting the best bike saddle, as well as a buying guide to help you narrow down your top choices, so that you may continue on your cycling adventure.

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Best Road Bike Saddle Reviews

Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle


If you always feel dissatisfied with your riding because of numbness and other sorts of bodily discomfort—especially in the perineum area, then discard your old seat and buy the Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomical Relief Bicycle Saddle. You no longer have to be afraid of riding for long periods of time with this comfortable road bike seat. It offers a sit-bone GEL pad that relieves pressure from the soft tissue around the most vulnerable area, a full-length center recess with a hole that offers anatomic relief and ventilation, and a SuperSoft padding with a flex base that will give you maximum comfort and support.

Amazon users love Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomical Relief Bicycle Saddle. It got an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, mainly because they are one of the best road bike saddles for long rides, and their durability is an added plus. Some even tried to use this without wearing a cycling short, and it’s still pain-free.  It’s not that expensive, and you get what you pay for. So I highly suggest that you put this in your checklist, it’s worth checking them out.

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Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle


Your worries about seat discomfort will fade if you try and purchase this product. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle got an average of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, so they’re the real deal. They strongly advertised the cruiser type of their bicycle saddles, and when you try them on you’d affirm all the things they said. It’s super comfy because of the dual-density gel foam that makes your bum feel soft and partial to sitting in an actual cushion, and it is designed for newbies and professional cyclers alike.

Plan to ride on a rocky path, a forest trail or up a mountain? Don’t worry because this cycle saddle comes with a chrome coil spring suspension that helps smooth out bumps. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle seat has no pressure points unlike poorly-made seats, so your backside will like all the smooth rides.

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OUTERDO Bike Saddle


If you want to get the most comfortable road bike saddle without spending over 20 dollars, then this is the right product for you. It is designed for easy installation, so it fits whatever kind of bike you have. OUTERDO Bike Saddle addressed this problem because it’s quite common to find an excellent cycling saddle but only fits in a few types of road. With this product, you never have to worry about that.

This saddle has excellent shockproof quality and maximum firmness. It is also lightweight so you can ride on this all day and never have to worry about soreness. Its padding is usable, and the balance between softness and firmness is just right, so it doesn’t feel like you’re perching on a stone. It’s also easy to wash, highly durable and practical to use.

OUTERDO Bike Saddle got an average of 4.4/5 stars on Amazon. You’ll experience more cushion in this seat, so it’s also okay to wear less padding in your cycling shorts for your rides. It’s affordable, and it comes in several different colors for you to choose from, so it can match your bike. All in all, one of the best choice in riding essentials.

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Bell Memory Foam Saddle


Are you in need of a bike seat that’s wide enough for plus-size people? Having trouble finding the bike seat that fits your backside just right? Well, then your search is over with Bell Memory Foam Saddle.

Bell Memory Foam Saddle’s mid-size comfort shape is perfect for those who crave real comfort while riding out their bikes. It has a real, thick memory foam outer layer that forms well to the rider, which dampens shock during bumpy roads. It also has a vented ergonomic channel that cools and relieves pressure in the most vulnerable area, as well as a soft elastomer suspension.

This baby got a whopping average of 4.5./5 stars on Amazon. The size is not necessarily ‘large,’ but it’s the perfect shape, and those who weigh over 200 lbs. find this product very ideal. The style is more for commute use rather than racing, but even with street clothes, you won’t lament using this product. For a fair price you can enjoy all the goodies in store for Bell Memory Foam Saddle, so I highly suggest you go check this out.

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Zacro Gel Bike Seat


Buy this brand if you want the most comfortable road bike seat that gives no stress and is totally hassle-free. Zacro Gel Bike Seat caters to those who want to have fun biking but is limited due to the pain they feel when riding. That’s why they made this saddle with the best gel material ever, so you can enjoy your biking leisure time without feeling pain. Now, you can explore more places and go on longer rides without having to squirm and adjust, and with its easy to mount, low-cost solution feature, it will make your saddle feel so much better.

Amazon users rated Zacro Gel Bike Seat with an average of 4.8/5 stars. You can only count the negative reviews on this product because of its thick padding, non-slip texture and a handy toggle to tighten its seat cover. Plus, it comes with a free bike seat cover with every purchase that is dust-free and waterproof! How cool is that? Do you want a real quality cycle saddle? Get this one now.

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Best Cycling Saddles Buying Guide

Other than checking out road bike saddle reviews, there are also several factors to count on when choosing the most comfortable road bike seat. There are different types, so you must know which you think fits your needs perfectly. And since comfort is a typical issue, particularly among new cyclists, reading this buying guide will give you the fundamentals on how to make the best saddle purchase.

Seat Types

  • Racing – This type of saddle is mostly for training and riding for fitness. The ideal user for this saddle type must always wear proper cycling clothing before logging long miles on their bikes, and if they sometimes ride aggressively on rough terrains. The features of this saddle type include minimal padding, a narrow shape, and a pretty stiff top.
  • Mountain Bike – This saddle type has a genuinely thin shape with medium cushioning to mellow blows. It is also light with molded back segment to ease moving rearward. It is designed for aggressive road-riding. The ideal users for a mountain bike saddle type are those who ride a lot on dirt roads where their body and bicycle get hammered. They also tend to move a lot on the bike for technical purposes like sliding way off the back of the seat to securely drive a precarious incline or roosting on the seat nose to hold the front wheel down on the steeps.
  • Gel – This is perfect for users who find that most ordinary cushioned seats chafe their crotch and often experience the ill effects of occasional deadness on longer rides. Its cushion is obviously made from gel, a shock-absorbing material that forms to your body shape for a more custom fit. Although it adds more weight, there is a variety of light and heavier gel seats. All throughout, they are slightly wider than most but have a more flexible top.
  • Wide/Cushion – This is for those who don’t like wearing proper cycling attire and prefer riding in an upright position on their bikes where the handlebars are as high as or higher than the seat, which puts a ton of weight on the saddle. Perfect for those who don’t pedal fast or ride forcefully. This is the heaviest of all seat sorts. Like gel, it is also wide but more particular on the back. It has a ton of cushioning and some of the time springs are incorporated in the underside of the saddle.
  • All-leather – Traditional cyclers often use this type of saddle. This makes the bike look classy and natural. They mostly appreciate long rides under a reasonable pace, so they need a seat that will soften up to fit their body over the miles. Users who prefer this type of cycling saddle are not picky and don’t mind taking extra steps to keep the quality of their items but like them to be useful for a long time. This bike seat is classic and lovely to look at. It can ingest body warmth to keep you cooler, is medium-weight and softens up to your body after some time. It requires a break-in period before they feel comfortable to ride on.
  • Alternative – This is for people who had prostate surgery or have wounds to the crotch area that make it extremely excruciating to sit on customary bike seats no matter what kind. Users like these ride in an upright position with handlebars higher than the seat and don’t pedal fast or ride forcefully. This is to help them ride again for fun or as a form of workout and are not afraid to try new seats that won’t damage them further. The design of this cycle saddle are often unique to the needs of the user and are often flexible and adjustable. Because of the special designs, they are a bit more expensive than regular bike seats. They are also heavier and don’t append effortlessly to the bike.

Major Considerations

Although purchasing the perfect cycling saddle can certainly alleviate one of the most common problems in cycling (saddle sores), they are still not a hundred percent guarantee. So in here, I’m going to list down some tips for you to combat and lessen the pain of saddle sores during your typical cycling rides.

Tips on How to Decrease Saddle Pain Problems

  • Ride more – It’s essential that your body must adjust to the physical activity of riding a bike. Your body tends to get sore since you haven’t ridden enough for you to get used to the seat. Take a stab at getting out a few times each week for some time and check whether the soreness dies down. If not, consider an alternate seat.
  • Change your shorts – It’s great that you use cycling shorts when riding. But make sure to always wash them after every use because of the probability of bacteria build-up. This can cause you serious saddle sores. Buy a few pairs so that you can always have something clean to use when riding every day.
  • Lube your crotch – Yes! It’s not a popular opinion, but it is extremely helpful that you apply a lubricant in your crotch area before going on a long bicycle ride. There are products such as Chamois Butter that can be applied in the padding of your shorts to reduce friction. At the same time it also prevents chafing and keeps that area cool.
  • Upgrade to a suspension seat post – Try to consider buying a seat post with some bounce in it if you tend to get beaten on rides. Suspension seatposts give more inches on travel and are great alternatives for softening the ride and protecting your back.
  • Try a future bike – When you can’t deal with regular bikes and seats, try using a recumbent. These space-age cycles put you in a reclining position in a lawn-chair-like-seat that backs your whole body.
  • Check your bike fit – Before you purchase a bike, of course, you must check all the features if it fits correctly. A too-high or too-low seat can be uneasy to use and can cause discomfort and pain. That also goes when a saddle is tipped up or down, or if it is unbalanced to the other side.

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You simply cannot make do with an off-the-rack bicycle seat. If you want to protect yourself from saddle sores and other body discomfort then you should make sure to purchase a proper cycling saddle. As I’ve said in this article, there are plenty of factors to consider, but the first two questions you need to ask yourself is if what kind of riding would you mostly do and what body type do you have. With this you can narrow down the choices, check out the corresponding bike saddle reviews, and try out the brands that have the adjustment and qualities you need.

Your cycling saddle is no doubt the most important part on your bike. Like that other important key to cycling comfort, your cycling shorts, if it’s doing a great job then you wouldn’t feel it, but in the event that it isn’t then you’re bound in for some serious pain. It’s your first contact point with your bike, and for some of you even the subtlest varieties between two similar saddle designs can lead one of them as an instrument of torture rather than being a comfortable perch.

Although it appears that there’s a specific kind of saddle for every body type, it just makes everything a lot more confusing because of the bewildering choices you have to make. Remember that your choice will discern the level of comfort you will have when you’re out riding so I suggest you make time and effort in choosing the proper one.

Just follow these tips and you’re on your way to owning the most comfortable road bike seat for your cycling adventure.

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