Best Rotary Laser Level Reviews 2020

Rotary laser levels are essential tools in the commercial construction industry with its functionality in marking construction levels as well as aligning mounted elements with the same height. The rotary laser level indicates various points in the construction field at horizontal and vertical levels, and even at any angle.

A 360-degree arc of laser light is projected onto floors, walls, and other surfaces to perform its function. It creates a reference line simultaneously within a space by projecting a continuous line of light on the ceiling, floor, walls, or other structures.

While the rotating laser level is also suitable for general purpose or home use, the price and size of this tool hinder DIYers from purchasing this for their home. Thus, it is best to stick with the standard single reference laser level as its cost and size is more appropriate for a home setting.

Still, many homeowners choose to invest in this tool because of its high utility in landscaping, storage unit installation, and accomplishment of other projects at home. Here are the reviews of the best rotary laser levels.

Best Rotary Laser Level Reviews

Here is a selection of the top rotary laser levels in the market. The reviews are based on the functionality and features of the rotary laser levels. Reviews from actual users are also included to confirm that utility of the tool in real settings.

Johnson Level Tool 99-006K Rotary Laser System

The Johnson Level Tool 99-006K is one of the top choices among customers. It is suitable for general purpose and commercial utility. Below are the features of this tool that make it a favorite among the rotary level lasers out there:

  • It is self-leveling in the horizontal plane.
  • It is manual-leveling in the vertical plane (has 90-degree split beam).
  • It has a locking mechanism, which is important for the protection of inner pendulum when being transported.
  • It has visual and audible alarms to indicate that you are beyond leveling range.
  • Its laser rotates at variable speeds: 200, 400, and 600 RPM, which allows you to achieve a variety of visibility and distance travels.

The Johnson Rotary Laser Level is suitable for indoor and outdoor use by tradesmen and homeowners alike. It’s easy to use as it levels itself once you have set it up.

The slow RPM makes the level suitable for indoor use with its improved visibility. On the other hand, the high RPM makes it suitable for outdoor use with the help a beam detector. Its variable speed makes it a versatile unit for different leveling requirements.

One reviewer expressed that its price was reasonable for a complete kit. Its calibration descriptions were easy to comprehend, the tripod was sturdy and durable, and the carrying case is well padded for transportation.

The Johnson 99-006K is a sound investment for DIYers and professionals alike as it can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Its quality construction guarantees the longevity of the unit.

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Dewalt DW074KDT Rotary Laser Kit


The Dewalt DW074KDT Rotary Laser Kit is perfect for the average user with its self-leveling rotary laser when in a horizontal plane and easy leveling buttons to manually set the laser level in a vertical plane. This unit has the following features which catch the eye of many customers:

  • Easy setup for self-leveling in horizontal mode
  • Better transitioning from horizontal to vertical plane through the standby mode that enables user to pause the laser
  • Durable with waterproof level head that comes with a cage for interior and exterior protection
  • Accurate digital laser level receiver that can travel up to 600-feet

The DEWALT DW074KDT has received 23+ reviews. One customer highlighted its capability to level in a landscaping job. Another customer stated that every piece of the kit works well with each other, further exclaiming that it is the best rotary laser for the money.

 When you compare it with other rotary laser levels, the DW074KDT is priced somewhere in between. It is not extremely expensive (almost $500), but it is not that cheap either. Still, it is a worthy investment with its functionality indoors and outdoors as well as its protective layers that guarantee durability and longevity. Average users will benefit from using this tool.

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Bosch GRL300HVCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser


The Bosch GRL300HVCK is a popular choice for leveling equipment even though it is priced higher than other leveling tools.

It has the following features that make it an attractive choice for customers:

  • Maximum visibility in low light settings with adjustable scan angles
  • Speed selection mode for adjustable light visibility and distance travel
  • Electric self-leveling on both X and Y axis (horizontal and vertical planes), no need for manual alignment of sensors to create a line
  • Comes with a battery backup of 2D batteries, which can provide an estimated 50 hours more of power. This lessens work disruption.
  • Remote controlling is an option to align the laser beam if you want to be improved plane leveling. This makes the job easy for a single person to accomplish.
  • Reliable built with its level head protective cage without making access to the laser beam difficult.

The Bosch GRL300HVCK Rotary Laser is ideal for a variety of uses: surveying, construction work, and also home uses (such as landscaping or installing storage units). The usage of this tool is very easy, making the Bosch rotary laser suitable for any user. Moreover, its technology and ease of access is an excellent complement to its price, even if it is higher than other rotary laser levels in the market.

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CST/Berger RL25HVCK Rotary Laser Complete Kit

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The CST/Berger RL25HVCK Rotary Laser is another top quality rotary laser level. It has great professional functionality for indoor and outdoor uses.

This rotary laser level has the following features:

  • Self-leveling for both horizontal and vertical modes, which provides precision to the layout for 90-degree corners as well as plumb point
  • Maximum weather protection with top housing enclosed in glass
  • Beam visibility selections
  • Variable speed at 0150, 300, 600 RPM for maximum light visibility and also variable scan angles at 10, 25, and 50 degrees
  • Runtime of up to 85 hours with the three D-cell alkaline batteries for minimal work disruption
  • Battery level alert indicates when charge is already low

So what do the customers have to say about the Berger RL25HVCK? One buyer who is a homeowner and DIYer has commented that the price is high, but it is worth for the quality of the laser level. It was able to withstand the rain on the duration of the buyer’s project, and he was able to do it on his own with the multiple point features and precision of the tool.

Indeed, if you will invest in a tool such as the CST/Berger RL25HVCK, you will reap the benefits. Its professional performance is perfect for construction and alignment tasks including grading, elevation transfer, electrical installation, site prep, and many other interiors and exterior applications.

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Bosch GLL 3-50 Three-Line Laser


The Bosch GLL 3-50 Three-Line Laser with Layout Beam and L-Boxx is one of the affordable yet quality laser levels in the market. This can be used for laying out, checking entry, and installing. It has the Smart Pendulum System self-levels which indicates when you are beyond level. It can be used up to 100 feet but extended up to 165 feet.

It has the following features that make it worth its price:

  • One horizontal, two vertical lines and plumb down point, which is functional for leveling, aligning, plumb, and square applications
  • 360-degree rotational mounting base with manual fine adjustment for a one-time setup as well as for viewing the laser point on the floor
  • Has a pulse laser receiver mode is for bright light conditions; can be used with LR2 laser receiver at up to 165 feet also
  • Features the Smart Pendulum System, which self-levels and makes an indication when you are out of level, it can be locked by switching it off

The Bosch GLL 3-50 Three-Line Laser with Layout Beam and L-Boxx has received several 5-star ratings. Once customer stated that it stayed true to the accuracy claims of the manufacturer. He was able to verify it through an accuracy test.

The Bosch GLL 3-50 is a good investment of your money. It also does not take up too much space, which makes it easy to use, transport, and store. It is a versatile tool that can be utilized across different planes with its multi-cross lasers.

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Rotary Laser Level Buying Guide

The main reason that you should buy a rotary level is its commercial and personal functionality. It has a broad range of applications, which is enumerated below.

Indoor Applications of Laser Levels

  • Chair rail installation
  • Floor Leveling
  • Easy drop ceiling installation
  • Wall alignment and plumbing
  • Home wainscoting
  • Checking of door and window heights
  • Shelf, cabinet, and storage unit alignment and trimming
  • Cabinets, chair rails, and other unit installations

Outdoor Applications of Laser Levels

  • Primary surveys
  • Site layout
  • Post, beam, fence, and porch leveling and checking
  • Masonry alignment
  • Land elevation inspection
  • Contour farming or drainage
  • Grade setting for proper drainage and irrigation
  • Grade establishment

How to Search for the Perfect Rotary Laser Level?

Now that you have knowledge on the top of the line levels, the next step is to shop for your own. How do you select the best rotary laser level? Below are the factors you should consider:

  • Indoor Use: Multiple line lasers are ideal for aligning structures and storage units in an enclosed space.
  • Outdoor Use: A rotary laser level must have a secure tripod to accommodate uneven terrains and surface as well as long distances. Colored Goggles are essential to view the beam projected by the level more easily.
  • Take into account the size of the space (for indoors) and the distance that the beam will travel (for outdoors). Bright and visible beams are attained with low RPM (rotations per minute) laser levels but cannot accommodate long distances. Faint beams are provided by high RPM laser levels, which are suitable for long distances.
  • Consider the stability of the working space. Indoor projects will work fine with the manual laser level. Self-leveling laser levels are best for outdoor use on uneven surfaces.
  • A level surface is best for rotary laser level. Available surfaces may be used such as buckets, but a tripod is advisable.

Steps in Choosing the Right Rotary Laser Level

Assess Your Needs

Do you need it for professional use or general utility? Note that rotary levels can cost quite some amount of money, which is why sometimes, it is not best for DIYers. But if you evaluate your needs and decide that this tool will have high utility for your home projects, then you may proceed with the purchase. You also have to consider if you will need the level for indoor or outdoor use as well as how much space you will be working on. Your needs will dictate the type of level suitable as an investment.

Decide On The Features

Rotary levels can cost from $15 to $1600. The pricier it gets, the more features it has. Decide on what features are necessary for the level. Your job and setting will need different features. Indoor and outdoor environments call for different sets of qualities as well. Here are the essential features of rotary levels:

  • Minimum range of 20 feet for reliable accuracy – The farther the distance you will be using the level on, the greater range and accuracy you need.
  • Self-leveling mechanism – If you want no hassle in leveling properly, it must have this feature. Some levels only self-level in a horizontal mode then requires manual leveling in a vertical plane. Some levels, the pricier ones, have self-leveling features for both the horizontal and vertical modes.
  • Automatic Out of Level Indicator – This may come as a blinking light. It is a useful feature to indicate the need for level adjustments.
  • Backup Power – Not all laser levels have a backup battery. If you will be working long hours, a backup battery is essential to lessen disturbance in the task.
  • Protective cages and padding – The level head must have protective cages if you will be using it outdoors under different weather conditions. The padding on the transport case is necessary to ensure the safety of the tool despite bumps when being transported and carried.

Choose the Right Speed Options

Rotary laser levels have variable speed modes, which differ in the minimum and maximum speed. Determine the light conditions and the size of the setting of your leveling task. Knowing this will allow you to decide on the slowest and highest speed options you need for accurate leveling. The faster the RPM or speed, the better range you have. The slower the speed, the better visibility you can work with.

You also have the choice of fixed rotation speed. This is commonly used in construction application where only one speed is needed in broad daylight, and that is fast. Since it has a high speed, the laser beam will be less visible, which means that a laser detector receiver is needed to locate the line. A minimum of RPM is required for fixed rotation speed levels.

Consider Your Budget

As mentioned earlier, rotary levels can range from $15 to $1600. Commonly, these tools are priced around $400. You have to compare your needs with the budget that you can handle. Short-term savings for a cheaper model for the level is not always the best option.

You are yet to find out that it is not stable and that it does not provide enough protection when you use it outdoors. You have to determine how much you can afford to allocate for the purchase of the level for the best quality possible.


Rotary laser levels have a broad application from construction to landscaping to home projects. Its importance extends to the leveling and aligning of commercial and residential structures whether within the interior or on the exterior of property. Their function is essential in ensuring the quality of installation and trimming while contributing to the longevity of structures and units because they have been properly leveled and aligned.

With the broad range of applications of laser levels, it has become a necessary investment for tradesmen, service providers, DIYers, and of course, homemakers. The vast selection of models in the market will entail a lot of evaluation for the buyer. And with the right choice, a consumer will benefit from the versatility, durability, and accuracy of the tool.

Do check out other best laser level too!

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