Best RV Surge Protector 2019

Do I need a surge protector for my RV? Any RVer who had experienced power surges would reply with a resounding “YES” because they’re now spending much on repairs. Things could have been different with the best RV surge protector that protects electrical appliances and your RV against power sags and surges by either shorting unwanted power voltage to the ground or blocking it.

Without it, you might have to pay for serious damage of the RV because you cannot always expect sources to deliver good power – such as the right frequency, no faulty grounds or no disconnected legs.

Best Surge Protector Review

Progressive Industries SSP30X Surge Protector

413tIKIql7LThis is a 30AMP portable surge protector has a built-in polarity tester to note the condition of the device. Its polarity testers, which are a dual line for the 50A, can check the status of a power source before plugging into it.

The Progressive Industries SSP30X is the 30-amp version of the SSP50X.  It provides surge guard for an electrical rating of 120 volts, 3600 watts and 825 joules. The device can check reverse, open neutral and open ground polarity.

You can quickly see if there is something wrong upon plugging it in.  You will also get an indicator light signaling and going off if there is a wrong wiring from the pedestal and warning for surge failures to protect your vehicle.

The surge protector offers 430 joules of energy and three modes of use.  It is more lightweight at 1.8 lbs. versus other models are. Plus, it provides up to 30,000 AMPS of power.

Heat won’t also melt the insides of the unit for its 120V protection rating. And regarding electricity spikes, the protector has an impressive response time.

It is also thermally protected and has a strong pull handle for easy plugging into shore power immediately.

The Progressive Industries Surge Protector also has a three-color LED light indicator to notify any problems.  Additionally, this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

It also requires no installation and is compact and portable.  Aside from portability with no installation needed, you can use it for all types of RVs.

However, this weather-resistant device for surge protection for RV has large dimensions that might cause fitting issues in some RV parks. In general, the surge protector is a great value for its price and features.

Progressive Industries 30 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge...
4,977 Reviews
Progressive Industries 30 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge...
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 825J / 22,500A. Ratings: 30A /...
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection. Miss...
  • Designed for Outdoor Use, Weather Resistant, Thermally...

Technology Research 44270 Surge Guard

51Zvc3MLOlLThis best surge protector for RV is a 50AMP device at an affordable price. It is manufactured by Technology Research, which focuses on power management systems and distributions.

The device does not protect the recreational vehicle from under voltage, but it keeps it safe from power surges.  It is 4200-joule rated for surge suppression and supplies maximum current of up to 6500 amperes.

And no matter where you deploy it, the device is weather resistant to stay working even in windy and wet conditions.

The surge guard also comes with a lock hasp, keeping it safe with your rig all the time.

The Technology Research 44270 has display indicators that signal when something’s wrong and that switch on to indicate power status. They notify in nanoseconds if there is faulty park power.

The device also works by verifying signal power and can check for open neutral, open ground and right polarity.

For convenience, Technology Research designed it with easy T-pull handles for quick operation. The power surge guard can be installed quickly by plugging it directly between the line cord and power pedestal.

The best 50 amp RV surge protector is ideal for pop-ups and travel trailers. It also has a circuit analysis feature for verifying pedestal power. Additionally, the device can offer twice more protection versus older versions could.

In fact, it shuts power off automatically when it detects low voltage, which would otherwise harm your RV and appliances inside it. This model can also accommodate up to 120 volts and it has a built-in intelligence feature, which shuts off power under a low voltage.

Overall, the Technology Research Surge Guard is a promising product you’d find in most RV surge protector 50 amp reviews.

Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 50...
2,883 Reviews
Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector - 50...
  • Identifies faulty park power plus offers 4200 Joules of...
  • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power
  • Indicators illuminate to show power status

TRC 44260 Circuit Analyzer

31M7Z6Iy1XLThis 30 amp portable RV surge protector is a circuit analyzer that lets you installs in seconds without using hardware and tools.  The TRC 44260 includes adapter plugs that can be placed directly between the line cord and the power pedestal.

The device has a graphic verification for displaying electrical power prior to hooking up your vehicle.  It can also identify any faulty park power aside from offering surge suppression.

The TRC Circuit Analyzer can also analyze circuits in verifying pedestal power. For safety, the device also has illuminated power status indicators, which let you know if something is wrong. You can use it in any weather and check for polarity – open neutral, open ground and correctness. It can provide up to 2100 joules of surge suppression.

If you were in a park and something went wrong, the device will keep giving you alerts to make your RV and appliances safe from power surges. So, if there is an electrical supply problem, you can rely on the device that alerts you in nanoseconds.

However, you may want to keep it from rain even if it is an outdoor device. A few users report that they had a hard time in claiming the warranty from the maker when their surge protector was rained on.

Nevertheless, getting the 30-amp surge suppressor for your RV is a smart choice. It can identify faulty park power and alert you immediately with indicators when something is off, saving you time and increasing your protection during emergencies. Protect your most precious RV investment. Buy the best RV surge protector today.

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Camco 55312 Circuit Analyzer

31Y2BNT0ThtLThis is a 125-V 30AMP circuit analyzer that protects your appliances from incorrect wired electrical boxes. The dog bone shaped analyzer has diagnostic lights, which notify you immediately of fault prior to connecting the power cord to an electrical box.

The Camco 55312 can offer protection for up to 2100 joules and has a power grip handle, which can make plugging/unplugging easier and faster.

The RV surge protector 30 amp is also weather resistant, so you can use it in rainy and windy conditions.   That said dealing with a bad weather in the outdoors wouldn’t become an issue at all.

Proper wiring can be ensured with easy to read and understand lighted readout.  The LED light combinations alarm you about a faulty connection though they may be hard to notice at daytime, according to some users.

Many RVers trust CAMCO for supplies, although it isn’t specializing in electrical protection products. Even so, their surge suppression devices are chosen for decent protection features against basic electrical sags and surges.

The Camco Circuit Analyzer is lightweight and compact at 4lbs, but it is heavier than other models are. Still, the device is portable to take anywhere and install anytime.  However, it is hard to plugin and prevents only one surge.

The product is made in the USA, comes with indicators to show if something is wrong and is affordable for its features. Overall, the Camco 55312 can protect your RV from different types of power surges, thus, saving your vehicle from potential damages.

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Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C Surge Protector

41vUUP5yq5LWhen looking for RV surge protectors, look for a proven and trusted manufacturer like Progressive Industries.  RVers go for their products for efficiency and safety. The company has been around for more than a decade with a record of accomplishment in the EMS and surge protection industry.

The Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C is a portable and lightweight device that you can use out of the box to check for faulty park electrical power before plugging in your RV into it.  Doing so, you can prevent damage to your RV and electrical appliances such as air conditioning, TV and so on.

It is one of the best surge protectors that offer both under and over voltage protection, keeping your RV and your electrical appliances, such as air con, if it’s not getting enough voltage to run properly. Thus, the EMS-PT30C can also save you from hefty repair spending.

For easy reading, it has amperage meter display that notifies you what amperage is being supplied into your rig. Additionally, the device has an easy to read LED display indicators as well as A/C frequency protection.

If you’d do an RV surge protector comparison, you’d notice that this one offers one of the highest surge protections among portable types. It can provide up to 3800 joules of energy.

You can also use it easily with its locking bracket included, meaning you can lock it down for security fast. Just plug it into the shore power before plugging your RV cord into it and you’re done.

The Progressive Industries Surge Protector can check open neutral, open ground and reverse polarity and comes with an accidental 240V protection. Finally, it is made with microprocessors for smart protection from over and under voltage power.

569 Reviews
  • Over/Under voltage protection
  • Open ground, open neutral and reverse polarity detection and...
  • Accidental 240 protection

Surge Protector RV Buying Guide

Best RV Surge Protector 2017 - 2018

Types of Surge Protectors

The following are the two most common types of surge suppressors, the hardwired and the portable.  They have big differences, so it is important that you select based on the following information and your needs.

Portable Surge Guards

These units do not require installation. They are plug and play surge suppressors that you can connect directly into the pedestal. Just like their hardwired counterparts, portable units ensure that there is no faulty power from the park line to prevent damage to your vehicle and equipment inside it.

They also warn you of potential dangers including incorrect voltage supply or amperage. Many of them are also weather resistant, so they can be used even when it is rainy or windy.

One of the most loved features about these portable devices is they’re convenient to use anytime. You can connect them to the outlet of the pedestal fast without wiring work.

They are built with durable features, including T bar handle or dog bone styles. These portable units also have LED light indicators that warn you in nanoseconds in case there is danger due to spike fluctuations, including when there is high or low energy voltage from faulty electrical wirings.

Hardwired or Permanent Surge Protector for RV Campers

They are permanent surge guards that you need to install inside the RV or in the compartment where the power is coming from.

Hardwired units keep your RV protected all the time because they are always plugged in. Forgetful people should get this one to prevent the risk of forgetting if they have plugged it in their RV.

The protector is always attached to the components of your vehicle, so you don’t also have to worry it being stolen as well.

Which to Buy: Portable vs Hardwired

Best RV Surge Protector 2017 - 2018

Portable units should be physically hooked up to the park’s pedestal before you plug it into your RV. You do not have to do wiring work to hook it up, though.

These devices are also easy to replace than hardwired models are. If one sacrificed itself, you can buy a new portable unit, do the same procedure and you’re good to run again.

On the downside, portable units can be stolen (but you can buy locks to prevent it). Another is you might forget plugging it in or you might leave it behind.

Additionally, portable units tend to drag on the ground such as if you’re plugging it into a short power park pedestal, or if you’re hooking up to a 30-ampere and need a 30-50 amp adapter cable. Finally, some models are rather bulky, so you would need to put it on a bucket to raise it during the rain.

Hardwired models are permanent or fixed inside your RV. Many are hardwired or mounted inside the vehicle or next to the power reel.

For the advantage, hardwired models are less likely to be stolen, as one is fixed inside the vehicle and hidden in view.  Thus, you don’t need to buy a lock to secure it in place and make sure it is still there when you’re about to leave.

With one, you don’t also have to worry about hooking anything up. Users also reported convenience of not having to worry if they forget plugging it in or leaving it behind.

A hardwired best rated surge protector also prevents issues of dragging on the floor even with short power pedestals or contacting with water or rain.

One is also smaller than portable models, so you should go for it if you’re trying to save space. On the not so good side, you need to do some wiring work to mount it.In the event it fried itself for a sacrifice, you need to do another wiring and spend extra work to replace it before you could go running again.

What to Look for When Buying Surge Protectors

Best RV Surge Protector 2017 - 2018

1) Amperage Rating: Buy a 30-amp unit for a 30-amp rig or a 50-amp one for a 50-amp rig. In short, match the amperage rating with the amp requirement of your RV. Doing so will lessen overheating, fire and other electrical concerns.

2) Joules rating: Protection rating is measured in joules. The device will dissipate heat if there is too much energy because of energy spikes. Find one that can protect your RV from potential overheating by looking for one with the proper joules rating.

3) Weight: Another factor when choosing a surge suppressor, weight is important if you constantly travel and you’re buying a portable unit. The same goes for hardwired models. One must not add much weight to what your RV should carry.

4) LED display indicator lights: Some models are hard to read at daytime. Find one with a bright LED readout to avoid any difficulty. Remember the indicator lights act as cautions, so they should be clearly visible even at daytime or when raining.

5) Less noisy operation: Some units make much noise when running, causing distraction and annoyance when your vehicle is parked in a quiet place. Look for one that makes less noise than others do.

6) Protection features: If you need intelligent features, opt for one that also protects your RV from other types of power problems aside from surges.  For one, having an accidental 240-voltage protection is useful especially if you plugged the cord into a pedestal that is incorrectly wired to 240 volts.


Portable surge protectors are your fist line of defense against bad power supply. Portable or hardwired, these devices protect your RV from power sags and surges that would otherwise harm your investment.

These surge suppressors are also sacrificial, cutting off the power if it’s damaging for your RV. In worst cases, such as a big power surge, one will fry itself and cut off power totally.

In today’s RV surge protector reviews, the clear winner is the Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C Surge Protector.

It offers protection both for under and over voltage, has one of the highest rated at 3800 joules and checks polarity. Most importantly, it has smart features, including an accidental 240V protection.

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