Best Sandblaster Reviews 2020

Removing paint, rust, or any surface debris can be very challenging when done manually. It takes too much time and effort. In order to get the job done quicker and easier, the use of a good sandblaster is the best option.

Basically, a sand blaster is a device used in getting rid of surface imperfections, thus preparing the object for certain procedures, like powder coating.  Additionally, this tool can be utilized for aesthetic reasons, such as sandblasting various designs on glass. The process of sandblasting is done with a sandblaster gun.  This is powered by air pressure that discharges the refined particles with high velocity, thus, releasing a strong impact that scrapes the surface of the material that you want to clean.

This article is here to assist you in picking a sandblaster that will suit your cleaning and restoration needs. Here are some sandblaster reviews that will discuss five different sandblaster brands and the specific features they have to offer. Also, included in this article is a guide on how to use a sandblaster.

Best Sandblaster Reviews

Unitec (UNI007B) Speed Blaster Sandblast Gun


First on the sandblaster list is the Unitec (UNI007B) Speed Blaster Sandblast Gun. This device has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from customer reviews. According to its users, this sandblaster gun is the perfect tool to use for small projects whether at home or at work.

This product is gravity feed sandblaster. As its name implies, this means that it makes use of gravity to function. Another thing about this sandblaster is that it has a ceramic nozzle that can be adjusted. The nozzle is where the sand flows.

For the body, the container capacity is up to 26 oz while its empty weight is at 14 oz. Furthermore, the material used for this gun is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is a type of durable plastic.

It has one handle and a vented tank for the sandblasting process.  Also, it is equipped with a mixing chamber made of hardened steel that can be replaced when worn out. The unit is available in various neon colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, and hot pink.

The specifications of the UNI007B sandblasting tool include an operating pressure of 60 to 125 pounds per square inch (PSI), a working pressure of 100 to 125 PSI, and an air consumption rate of 12 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 125 PSI. Meanwhile, the maximum particle size that this gun can handle is at 14 grit. An air compressor that runs with a minimum of 3 horsepower(HP) is needed for this model to run.The fitting size of this product is¼ national pipe thread (NPT) in measurement. Read our UNI007B review here!

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Campbell Hausfeld AT1226 Sandblasting Kit


Next on the sand blaster reviews list is the Campbell Hausfeld AT1226 Sandblasting Kit. With an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, this siphon sandblasteris a very handy tool for small projects. However, users recommend the usage of a heavy-duty power compressor since this sandblaster utilizes a great amount of air pressure to function smoothly.

This kit claims to quickly remove unwanted debris such as scale, paint, and rust. Its design as a siphon feed blaster can deal with various abrasives such as steel grit, walnut shells, glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and others.

It also claims to leave a satin finish after scraping the surface of an object, which allows other operations to be accomplished. These include painting jobs or application of final coatings. Additionally, this sandblaster can be used with walnut shells.

Other than eradicating surface debris, this sandblaster kit can also be used as an etching tool for designing any surface such as woodcrafts, glass tiles, and even furniture.

There are several items included in this kit. It is comprised of a sandblast gun, a ceramic nozzle, a hose that is ten feet in length, a pick-up tube made of steel, and an Allen wrench. The 10-foot hose draws its abrasives from a bucket or bag. Meanwhile, the air consumption of this product is at an average of 11.5 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM).

All in all, the Campbell Hausfeld AT1226 Sandblasting Kit is a dependable siphon feed sandblaster for your abrasive cleanup needs. It is backed with a 1-year warranty. Read our Campbell Hausfeld AT1226 Review.

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Performance Tool M570C Heavy Duty Sandblaster Kit with Ceramic Tips


The Performance Tool M570C Heavy Duty Sandblaster Kit with Ceramic Tips is included in this review for the best sandblaster in the market. This model has garnered a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating by its customers. According to user reviews, this item is a reliable small sandblaster that is best used for small projects at home or in the backyard.

Ideally, this is the best equipment to be used when preparing a certain surface, whether it is irregular or not, for difficult preparation and restoration procedures such as sanding. It is an effective tool that can be used to get rid of rust, tar, corrosion, graffiti, old paint, and other surface debris.

The design of this product is created for an efficient and rapid sandblasting experience, which makes use of air or liquid cleaning for any surface or part that you need to polish. Its blast nozzles are made from ceramic material. This component offers a longer life span as compared to the usual steel nozzles.

In terms of specifications, the M570C hand held sandblaster makes use of air pressure that measures around 90 PSI. Meanwhile, the air consumption for this device is at 8 CFM.

This kit comes with a variety of items in it. These include a trigger gun, a rubber hose that is 10 feet in length, a wrench that is hex key in design, a pick-up tool, air jets, and 4 durable nozzle tips. Additionally, the set includes extra accessories that comprise of 3 nozzle tips and an orifice. Read our detailed Performance Tool M570C Review.

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Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 30-Pound Capacity Sandblaster

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Another item from the Campbell Hausfeld company that has made it on this list is the Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 30-Pound Capacity Sandblaster. It has a 3.7 average star rating given by customers. Reviews claim that this model is the best sandblaster for the money in accomplishing small projects because it delivers professional output and can be bought for a reasonable value. Also, it is simple to use and is very handy because of its portability.

This Campbell Hausfeld sandblaster is designed as a portable and lightweight device, weighing merely at 5.3 pounds. In addition, this model has a shoulder strap feature, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

The AT1251 sandblaster can accomplish a variety of tasks, which include stripping paint from your house walls and furniture, polishing the surface of your car in preparation for an upgrade on its exterior, etching designs on wood and glass, scraping off rust from metals, and much more. It is the ideal device for hobbyists and people who are engaged in projects such as home improvement.

For the specifications area, this portable sandblaster functions with air pressure that measures from 90 PSI to a maximum of 125 PSI. Meanwhile, it requires around 9.0 SCFM of air consumption when used.

Additionally, it has a capacity of 2 ½ gallons that can handle sand, liquids, and other blasting materials. For each unit, the package comes with a complete set that includes a gun and its accessories, such as a ceramic nozzle. Upon purchase, a 1-year warranty is provided. Read our detailed AT1251 Review here.

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25 Gallon Portable Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet w/ Silicone Sealed Inside


Lastly is the 25 Gallon Portable Bench Top Sandblast Cabinet w/ Silicone Sealed Inside. Garnering an average score of 3.6 out of 5 stars, this is the best sandblasting cabinet available in the market. It is the only sandblasting cabinet that is reviewed in this article.

This is a benchtop sandblast cabinet that is perfect for projects in your garage, business, or even at home. You can utilize this in your shop or at home to scrape off any paint or rust from your vehicle or any material that needs polishing work. This tool is also great for etching designs on glass surfaces.

With regards to the cabinet’s design, it has a silicone seal around the viewing glass, which makes the device airtight. It is equipped with a 16-inch fluorescent lighting together with a switch. This enables you to clearly view the blasting process. It also has plastic films that are removable. These films protect the cabinet’s glass from getting etched on. In addition, it has a detachable air filter.

Furthermore, the cabinet has a built-in opening with large, non-slip rubberized gloves. This is intended for holding any material with ease while sandblasting. The cabinet includes a spray gun and a total of 4 nozzles that are ceramic.

Using this benchtop sandblast cabinet will not be a hassle since most of its parts are already assembled. In order to operate this machine, simply connect this device to an air compressor that produces 4 to 12 CFM and add the blasting media of your choice to start sandblasting. Read our detailed review here!

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Using a Sandblaster

It is of utmost importance to learn how to use sandblasting equipment properly. This will not only save you time and energy but will also protect you from any injury or accident that may occur. The following are some steps to follow when working with sandblasters.

First, ensure that the area where you are working at is well ventilated. If possible, it is recommended to work outdoors. Next, you need to empty the working area of any object that the stray sand may possibly hit. If clearing the workspace is not enough to prevent sand from hitting other objects, the other option is to shield any vulnerable surface by using durable plastic tarp. If you are using a sandblasting bench top cabinet, make sure that the glass that covers the cabinet is sealed properly to avoid leakage.

Another tip is to always wear protective eye gear such as safety goggles. This will shield your eyes from flying sand debris. When working indoors, it is advised to wear a respirator, which will prevent you from inhaling the sand. Failure to do so may cause serious repercussions such as the contraction of lung problems. To ensure the best protection, it is best to wear a painter’s suit, which is hooded and fully covers the entire body.

Moreover, you must always check your sandblaster’s valves and guarantee that they are shut off. Then, get the standard granule, like silica sand, for your tank and load it in. The silica sand is the general media used for multipurpose operations. You may also use other fine grit particles, depending on what your sandblaster model can support.

Now you can turn on the compressor by means of following the instructions given by the manufacturers of your sandblasting device. Before starting, first, you must set the sandblaster’s pressure on low level. This will avoid you from getting the targeted surface disfigured. For sandblaster guns, you must hold the device at least eight inches away from you and then pull its trigger.

Remember to blast from the top to the bottom of the surface to ensure that you can thoroughly clean the entire material. Make use of precise, sweeping motions while polishing. When grazing off paint and similar finishes from a surface, the best way is to use the blaster gun in short bursts. You can now switch the blaster to a higher pressure and continue blasting until you have achieved the best outcome.


Sandblasting is the most efficient way of removing any debris from the surface of any object. A sandblaster is a device that is used to polish and clean surfaces in a quick and effective manner. Not only is it for removing stubborn debris but can also be used to create and etch crafting designs on surfaces such as glass or wood.

So the next time that you need something to help you in surface debris removal or even make creative design, remember to buy a sandblaster and get your work done with ease. Also, always keep in mind the steps on proper usage of a sandblaster to have a safe sandblasting experience.

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