Best Satellite Radio Reviews 2020

Cars with satellite radio have become the best remedy to poor local radio signals, providing users with a convenient access to several stations with virtually all genres of music, entertainment, and information imaginable. These devices had ended up the limitations to the often-inadequate choices that are available in local areas. Hence, this has become the whole new world of having the best satellite radio.

Today, there are wide selections of these devices on the market, ranging from portable receivers to car kits, home kits, and everything in between. Fortunately, users can now find this necessity in online stores, satellite radio companies, and manufacturer’s websites as well.

With that said, this article will talk about the top-rated satellite radio for car reviews, giving you no less than the most dependable products on the market. Alongside the product reviews, is a comprehensive guideline that will further help you in narrowing down the choices, ensuring that you will only get a reliable radio to suit your needs and budget.

Best Satellite Radio Reviews 2016

SiriusXM SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus

41RYSlY9IRLSiriusXM introduces the SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus Satellite Radio with vehicle kit. This device comes in black color, and could be the best choice for your needs. Garnering an average customer rating of 4.2-Stars, the Onyx Plus allows you to play the best XM stations via your current vehicle stereo. It features a very easy and fast DIY installation, making it a perfect choice for first-time users.

It is worthy to take note that SiriusXM has combined the most advanced technology, plus other exciting features in creating this device, providing you with an unmatched listening experience both in and out of your car. With the Onyx Plus model, you can get more than 20 Xtra Channels of additional sports, music, and entertainment.

In fact, this device offers the SiriusXM Latino, which is a new set of channels with the Spanish language. The screen delivers a full color album display, while allowing you to listen at the same time. The TuneStart setting allows you to begin songs from the start, creating your music channel by combining the TuneMix features with your favorite channels.

And in case you miss something, this Sirius XM receiver lets you pause, rewind, or replay your favorite channel up to 30 minutes. For the sports fans, on the other hand, they can never miss any game no more due to the score and game alerts, plus sports ticker features.

Another great thing with the Onyx Plus radio is the One-Touch Jump setting, which lets you jump to weather and traffic forecast, and take note, for the city of your choice – and then lets you go back to the previous channel. Certainly, this could be the best Sirius XM radio for all radio enthusiasts.

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SiriusXM XEZ1V1 Onyx

41IgZoMZroLMeanwhile, the SiriusXM XEZ1V1 Onyx receives a 4.1-Star as an average customer rating. Also comes in black color and with vehicle kit, this satellite radio for the car allows easy installation, allowing a quick use to enjoy the best part – listening. The blue display is very easy to read, letting you view the song title, artist name, channel information, and program title simultaneously.

While this device comes with a vehicle kit, the optional accessory kits will also let you enjoy the entire entertainment at the office, at home, and even outdoors through a single subscription. Additionally, the setting allows you to browse other channels, while listening to a current channel at the same time. You can also store up to ten of your most wanted channels in one-touch access.

Among the Sirius XM receivers, the XEZ1V1 Onyx provides some safety measures from mature content by locking and unlocking channels easily. It also lets you store FM presets in order to maximize the PowerConnect performance. Similar to the previous model, this one too, has the One-Touch Jump setting that allows you to jump to weather and traffic channel for a corresponding choice of location.

The PowerConnect Kit lets you enjoy this radio not only in your vehicle, but anywhere else. The subscription, however, is sold separately, but will renew and bill automatically at then-current charges until a cancellation of the subscription is made. All in all, the XEZ1V1 Onyx is the perfect device to enjoy the best Sirius radio stations and beyond.

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SiriusXM SXV300v1

In addition to the shortlist is the SiriusXM SXV300v1 with a 4.4-Star rating. This could be the best alternative for those switching to satellite radios, giving you more than enough reasons to maximize your listening experience.

This vehicle tuner is simple to use, giving car stereos that are SiriusXM-ready with crystal-clear reception. Get ready to browse and listen in no time as this device is easy to set up, not letting you miss a single beat. This car satellite radio also comes with an installation guide and a magnetic antenna mount.

Unlike other satellite radios, the SiriusXM SXV300v1 is compatible with different car stereo brands such as Clarion, Alpine, Advent, Fusion, Garmin, Kenwood, Pioneer, Polk, Panasonic, and more. The SiriusXM Xtra Channels are also featured in this radio for additional music, entertainment, and sports. The SXV300 tuner lets you plug it directly into compatible stereos without special translators or adapters.

Besides the easy installation, the compact size of this Sirius XM receiver offers a complete integrated look behind the dashboard. It can also support other advanced features like the Smart Favorites, TuneStart, TuneScan, Album art, and Replay. It lets you perform iTunes song tagging, while providing artist, song, and game alerts at the same time.

The Traffic and Weather Now feature lets you access the latest news and reports whenever you need them, while the SportsFlash setting notifies you of the most significant happenings in sports as well as your favorite teams. Additionally, the TuneMix feature lets you customize channels from two to 18 music channels, while allowing you to skip songs when necessary.

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Uniden Atlantis 150

41tXrt3rOMLOn the other hand, the Uniden Atlantis 150 receives a 4.1-Star rating. This satelite radio for car is handheld with a submersible design. It claims to be a 2-way VHF marine device, featuring NOAA Weather Alert. Its 12-hour battery life has captivated a lot of customers, while providing a large and easy-to-read display, plus a strong injection-molded rubber cabinet.

Unlike other satellite radios, the Uniden Atlantis 150 boasts a submersible design, making it a perfect choice for marine and other water-related applications. It has a lightweight design that allows for optimum portability. This radio can deliver international, Canada, United States, and marine channels like no other.

As advertised, the Uniden Atlantis 150 is waterproof with a submersible capacity of up to 5 feet. The floatable design, on the other hand, allows you to retrieve it when it falls into the waters without having to dive to the bottom, although attaching a 2-inch section of float or pool noodle to the wrist strap is necessary to achieve such ability.

It is one of the best satellite devices, considering the 1-watt or 5-watt switchable transmitting power. Moreover, the Quad watch setting makes it more special, allowing you to monitor four frequencies at once. There is Channel 16, which mandatory, the VHF channel, while Channel 9 is another non-commercial channel that is frequently used, and finally a weather alert channel for the latest weather advisories. All these features of the Uniden Atlantis 150 will leave you piloting your boat safely, hence, making it the most portable satellite radio to date.

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SiriusXM SSV7V1 Stratus

41EjwYrb0SLFinally, the SiriusXM Stratus 7 receives a 4.1-Star rating. The Stratus 7 radio claims to bring the new world of satellite radio into your everyday ride and anywhere else. While it has a very simple look, this device is pure genius, providing a push-button navigation that makes channel-surfing easy and intuitive.

Siriusxm stratus 7 can store in its memory up to 10 channels of your choice with only a single-touch access. It also features a safety, parental control that lets you lock and unlock certain channels with mature content. Similar to the other SiriusXM models, this one, too, boasts the One-Touch Jump setting, allowing you to divert the channel to the weather and traffic updates of a particular city, and then letting you go back to the previous one.

The Optimize PowerConnect features simply equates to ultimate performance with convenient FM tuning. You can listen to the best XM radio stations not only in your car, but also in your office, at home, and even outdoors with the optional accessory kits available in one subscription.

The amazing display lets you view the program title, song title, artist name, and channel info all at the same time. The vehicle kit box of the Sirius Stratus 7 includes the Dock-and-Play device, the PowerConnect car dock, power adapter, a magnetic mount antenna as well as a vent mount and some extended vent clamps. In addition, the kit offers a dash mount, and aux-in cable, some alcohol preparation pads, and a quick start guide.

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Satellite Radio Buying Guide

Learning about the best portable radio reviews is a powerful tool, but for discerning consumers, there is a lot more to know. On that note, this section of the article provides you with added information, surrounding this device. With this added knowledge, you will surely make an informed buying decision eventually.

Available Options

While satellite radios have a common functionality, the real choice boils down to the specific location where the user will be using this equipment, regardless the portability of such device. Luckily, there are several options on the market, allowing buyers to choose between these selections to suit their needs.

  • Handheld Receivers – This option of satelite radios is best for those who want ultimate portability. The majority of these types of receivers, feature a display screen that significantly helps users in browsing or searching for the artist names, tunes, and also song titles. Keep in mind that ordinary FM radios do not have such feature. Many of these handheld satellite radios allows users to pause, fast-forward, and rewind live radio, letting them skip parts of or re-listen to programs or songs. In fact, some models of handheld receivers function as MP3 players for pre-selected tune features. However, keep in mind that handheld radios usually cost more than the land-based counterparts. It is mainly because of the more complex antenna requirements in receiving satellite broadcasts.
  • Plug-And-Play Receivers – Meanwhile, the Plug-and-play variants like those from Sirius, including the Starmate 6 and Sportster models, allow users to maximize it with one equipment at a time, whether in the car, at home, in the office, or outdoors. These receivers usually come with a home kit or a vehicle kit, letting the user to hook up the receiver to an existing home or car stereo. These variants can fit in custom boom boxes for the best listening experience during beach parties and other special events.
  • In-Dash Receivers – On the other hand, in-dash satellite radios remain in the vehicle permanently, unlike the handheld and plug-and-play variants. This type of receiver is ideal for drivers and car owners who are commuting to work on a daily basis. It is likewise perfect for couples and families during long-distance trips.

Using Satellite Receivers at Home

Certainly, the old age of radios has evolved into something more entertaining. Today, families can opt for the different satellite receivers in order to maximize their listening experience, whether for music, weather and traffic updates, or any other channel.

The plug-and-play receivers are widely used in homes, considering the portability of such device. These variants are also preferred by people who need the equipment in-and-out of their vehicles, in their home, or elsewhere.

However, keep in mind that a plug and play satellite radio is not FCC-regulated. This simply means that parents and guardians should never let their children make use of this device without proper supervision. While the stations have clean labels or information, it is always best to supervise younger children as they can easily access such stations with explicit language, for instance. Hence, choosing a device with an ability to block such stations would be the best choice.

Satellite Radio Accessories

When it comes to satellite radio accessories, there are also a lot of options to choose from. These accessories allow the user to maximize the listening experience, but choosing the best deal of add-ons is also a crucial part of the selection process.

  • Vehicle or Car Kit – A vehicle or car kit may be an add-on for some brands, while there are models with included vehicle kits in their overall packages, such as the reviewed products in this article. Vehicle kits simply provide the user with easy installation of the system. Such kits usually include antennas, mounting brackets, cables, docking stations, and so on. Whether for car or home use, a vehicle kit is helpful throughout the process. But, users can also opt for a professional installation, considering the more complex wiring systems of some vehicles. The SiriusXM Stratus 7 is a very good example of a model with a complete vehicle kit.
  • Antenna – This accessory of the satellite radio plays a crucial role as it is responsible for the device’s crisp and clear sound. The antenna is usually included with home kits and boom boxes. Most in-dash receivers, external tuners, and home component tuners typically require a separate purchase of the antenna.
  • Radio Mounts – The best satellite radio receiver should include a car-specific mount in keeping the equipment steady and secure, especially when the car is in motion. This accessory is worth-considering if you are buying a plug-and-play satellite radio.
  • Other Accessories – Other accessories also include varieties of headphones for a private listening experience, while remote controls are likewise offered as aftermarket add-ons. Depending on your personal choice and preference, satellite radio accessories can keep your listening experience convenient at all times.

All About Satellite Radios

Having the best satellite radio for car or home use can give users dozens of listening options, ranging from different genres of music to news, sports, talk shows, weather and traffic updates, and many other entertainment. These devices offer hundreds of channels, while most stations provider commercial-free music. Take note that the best benefits of having such equipment are attributed to high-quality sound, static-free listening experience, and flawless digital signal coverage, unlike conventional radios and FM stations.


Having the impressive features and benefits of satellite receivers enumerated, keep in mind that all this is obtainable through a satellite radio service subscription. It is also worth to take note that the device should be compatible to the selected satellite radio service provider.

All in all, these devices are becoming popular throughout the years, considering the benefits they provide to car owners, motorists, and drivers alike, including the homeowners who want to maximize such advantages. The hundreds of satellite radio stations mean more information, music, and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

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