Best Scuba Fins Reviews 2016 – 2017

Scuba fins, or swim fins, are a pair of swimming accessories that are worn on your feet. They look like a fin; hence, the name, and are made of rubber, plastic, or both. Their purpose is to help you move through the water with ease.

There are many swim fins brands to choose from. But with these options, it’s quite difficult to select the best scuba fins.

Don’t worry because this scuba fins review will give you the five of the best gear in the market today. We will also give you some tips to follow in choosing the right fins for you.

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Best Scuba Fins Review

Cressi Palau Open Heel Long Fins


Cressi is a well-known brand when it comes to diving equipment. They are the first to offer a swimming mask with a nose pocket and open heel swim fins. Among all those products, their best-selling item is the Palau Open Heel Long Fins.

Palau is created for two reasons. First, they want to design a pair of fins that can adjust to four sizes. In that way, every member of the family can wear it.

Second, they intend to make sure that the wearer feels comfortable, even if there’s a strap. Thus, they made the heel section opened.

Open-heel fins do not only give comfort to the wearer. These are also adaptable to any foot size.

Therefore, you don’t need to buy several fins for your family. Moreover, you can use it for years, even if your feet get bigger.

However, this isn’t the only feature that it has to offer. The blade is made of light, responsive materials to ensure that the wearer can kick effortlessly. Nonetheless, it gives power to your feet so you can swim with ease.

It also has quick-release buckles. It uses an adjustable binding system so you can change the size of the diving fins. It also has a soft functional foot pocket to give comfort to your feet.

Users give it an 8 out of 10 rating because of the comfort that it gives to their feet. Furthermore, this swimming accessory is easy to bring. Thus, users dubbed it as the best travel fins.

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US Divers Proflex II Diving Fins


Another swimming apparel that you can buy in the market is the US Divers Proflex II Fins. Like the Palau Fins, it also lets you enjoy different activities in the water. You can wear it while snorkeling, surfing, diving, or simply having fun in the swimming pool.

The Proflex II Fins have two blade channels. Its purpose is to increase water flow and improve the thrust and snap of the swimmer.

It also has TPR flex sections, which cup the seawater well. Hence, it allows you to go deeper into the ocean with ease. Moreover, you will have full control of your movement, even if you get deeper.

US Divers encourage their buyers to wear it with dive boots. However, some users said that it is not necessary. It would be difficult to wear with boots as it already fits perfectly.

This product come in three sizes. The smallest is the medium size, which measures 6 to 9 inches.

Meanwhile, the large size has a dimension of 9 to 11 inches. As for the extra-large fins, they measure between 11 to 13 inches.

Compared to the Palau Fins, the Proflex II is a bit longer as it measures 24 inches. Thus, it would be difficult to put it in the bag. Therefore, if you’re planning to go out of the country, this may not be the best option.

Nonetheless, the US Divers Proflex II Fins are backed by a 2-year warranty period. So, if there’s something wrong with the product you’ve purchased, the manufacturer will replace it for free!

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Oceanic V-Flex Snorkeling Fins


The Oceanic V-Flex is considered as one of the best snorkeling fins in the market. It’s stylish, yet functional. It features an eye-catching design that will make somebody’s head turn once he sees it.

Despite beingtrendy , it still provides comfort to the wearer. It uses high-quality materials, which make the fins comfortable and long-lasting.

The V-Flex fins also have open heels. These make the swimmer feel comfortable as he wears them. Furthermore, you don’t need to buy another pair even if your feet grow as you can adjust its size.

As for your movement, you can kick while wearing these without a problem. The fins are so light that you can swirl around under the sea.

However, it’s not as powerful as the previous brands. The water can carry you if there’s a strong current. Therefore, you need to ask a professional diver if there’s a strong surge.

The Oceanic V-Flex is one of the versatile snorkeling fins that you can get. You can wear it with or without diving boots. You simply need to get a bigger size if you want to use it with boots.

But if you prefer wearing it without them, you must get a pair that fits your size.

The V-Flex fins come in different measurements. The dimension depends on your gender. So, make sure you know the sizes for men and women.

Like the Cressi Palau Fins, the Oceanic Fins are also ideal for travel. It’s only 17 inches long, making it easier to fit in your bag.

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ScubaPro Jet Sports Scuba Dive Fin


The ScubaPro Jet Sports Fin is the best dive fins for most sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is the only brand on this list that can be worn by both men and women. Thus, you don’t need to look for a gender-appropriate gear when you buy this item.

The ScubaPro fin is a full-foot dive fin. However, it has an open heel that adapts to different sizes. It also has a strap attached to it so you can adjust its size.

ScubaPro is also long. It measures 20x8x8 inches. So, if you’re planning to bring it on your vacation, you might need to get a bigger bag to pack these in.

Despite the size, you can still wear them without a hassle as it is lightweight. Thus, you can swim with the fishes and turn around in the ocean.

As for its blade, it is made from durable materials. The company made it big, so that you will have full control with your movements in the water. Furthermore, it decreases vents and resistance as you swim in the sea.

Apart from that, this product has a cushy foot pocket, making it easier to wear. Thus, you can go out of the water without the heavy feeling.

However, you can’t have these fins on alone. You need to use diving boots so you can wear it with comfort.

The ScubaPro Dive Fin comes in a variety of colors and sizes. In that way, buyers can choose a style and dimension that fit them.

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IST Deep Sea Scuba Diving Military Fins


Last is the IST Deep Sea Scuba Diving Military Fins. It is the only product on this list that is specifically made for military men. Because these fins are dedicated to this work, the manufacturer has made it durable.

Though it’s intended for military people, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Even if you are not a soldier, you can wear this pair of fins.

The IST Deep Sea Military Fins are made of rubber. Furthermore, it has vents, which optimize water flow.

As for the blade, it uses a special design curve to produce thrust and to improve flexibility. Therefore, it will be easier to move under the water if you wear it while swimming.

Aside from that, it also has an open heel and an adjustable strap. Its purpose is to give you comfort while wearing the fins. The strap lets you change the size so it won’t slip as you stroke your feet.

The IST Military Fins come in four different sizes and these are the medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large, and triple extra-large. Nonetheless, its overall length is 20 inches and its width is 7 inches. Despite its dimension, you can still bring this pair of fins wherever you go.

Many people describe it as the best scuba diving fins. It’s not only because of its durability but also because of its performance. Thus, many people recommend buying this scuba gear.

Though it’s the best, you still need to wear diving boots. This footwear gives you full control of your movements and added protection.

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Scuba Fin Buying Guide

When buying swim fins, always remember that they are relevant to oxygen and energy you consumed. This is crucial, especially for amateur divers who need to save more air than the professionals.

There are several fins that you can buy in the market. They all claim that they offer the best fins.

Though it could be true, you should not fall for their ads. There are a few things to consider when getting the right perfect pair of fins. You must deliberate yourself to know what brand suits you.

Some of the things that you must ponder are:

  • Level of expertise
  • Kick strokes that you use
  • Diving style
  • Leg power

Scuba flippers should neither be too long nor too short. Your choice should be based on your leg strength. If you have powerful limbs, you may opt for harder and longer fins. However, it’s best to choose fins that are strong but elastic in the middle to give you more power.

Many top-of-the-line brands include durable materials, such as polymers, carbon fiber, and graphite in the foot pocket and the blade. In that way, your legs can transfer enough energy to the flippers.

To test the rigidity of the blade, turn the flipper upside down so it can show the pocket. Put it on your shoulder and rub the tip with your finger, and then bend it 90 degrees.

A good one must have a difficult time in maintaining that position. If you can bend it with ease, your fins won’t give you enough power.

However, this test is not applicable for split blades. But if you want to know its strength, you need to check if the sides are stiff. Moreover, make sure that it’s made of two materials; one for flexibility and another one for easy movement.

Full Foot or Open Heel? Which Is Better?

There are two types of foot pockets and these are the full foot and the open heel fins. Both have different styles of blades.

Full foot flippers are a cheaper option, easy to wear, and smaller. But if you chose the wrong size, it would cause friction issues and blisters. Hence, you must make sure that it fits perfectly.

Don’t be tempted to buy this item because it’s cheaper than other brands or you’ll wear it with diving socks. Choose a pair of fins that is comfortable to wear. You may tip your toes to test its comfort.

Full-foot fins may seem to be a perfect option for diving or snorkeling. However, it still has some flaws.

One of which is the thermal protection. If the water is cold, it won’t give much heat for your feet.

Another issue is susceptibility. If you wear it on the shores, your feet will be exposed to rocks. You might hurt yourself if you put it on without boots.

Thus, some people go for open heel fins. This type is more comfortable, versatile and adjustable. It also uses ergonomic foot pockets, which make the flipper bulkier.

Open-heel fins must be worn with boots to provide heat. In that way, you can still swim comfortably, even if the water is cold.

Versatility is one of the key features of these flippers. You can wear them with trainers or suit boots, which eliminate buying multiple fins. It is also a perfect pair of fins for the family as it can adapt to four consecutive measurements.

Furthermore, it provides maximum stability and optimum propulsion. Hence, you can control your movement in the water without a problem.

As for the fit, you need to feel as if they’re holding the boots and your feet in the pocket. Your foot should be steady and should not come out of the pocket. In that way, you won’t lose your flippers as you thrust and kick your legs.

Despite the style, manufacturers have made it easier for buyers to choose a pair of fins that fits them. They use shoe size measurements so you can get the perfect pair of flippers.

Split Fin or Paddle Blade?

Ask this question to professional divers, and it will start a lively debate! While the paddle blade is the older form, the split fit system is a relatively new type.

The primary purpose of the split blades is to provide whirlpool in the sea as you swim. But it can also be opened and let the water pass through. Therefore, you don’t need to kick too much just to give power to the flippers.

Overall, split fins are perfect for those who are prone to cramping as it is much easier to use. With just a few movements, you can move your legs with ease and go wherever you want to go. Furthermore, it can help you save 40% oxygen compared to paddle blades.

Splits are also the best snorkel fins as it lets you save energy. Hence, you can stay longer under the sea and enjoy the view.

Amateur divers can also use this pair of flippers. It will lead you somewhere, even if your strokes are not that good.

However, they are not as powerful as the paddle blades. Yes, you can use it if the water is calm. But if there’s a strong current, you will lose your control over your movement. Thus, some people choose the paddle blade fins.

Choosing a pair of flippers can be a daunting experience. But if you get the right fins, all the effort you’ve spent on researching will be much worth it.

When getting the right fins, you must consider your limbs. If you are susceptible to cramping, you may opt for the split blades.

But if you want to become a professional diver and do technical strokes, then you should choose the paddle blade.

Regardless of your choice, both blades will give you the same amount of enjoyment as you splash in the water. You only need to get a pair of swim fins that fits you perfectly.


Swim fins are a must-have accessory when swimming as it gives control of your movement. However, getting a pair of swim flippers without doing research would lead to wasting your money. Thus, you must consider your ability as a swimmer and your foot size to ensure you get the right fins.

But if we were to choose, the best pick would be the Proflex II Diving Fins. It is the most versatile among five brands as you can wear them in different water adventures. Furthermore, it is the only product that is backed by a warranty.