Best Seat Cover Reviews

A car is a big investment. Not only it is very expensive to get one, you have to consider getting some extras not just for the interior but for the exterior of the car as well. Getting awesome car seat covers is one of these extras that you can benefit a lot because it can keep your car’s inside in a good condition that lasts for a long period of time.

Choosing good car seat covers can help you protect your car seats from the everyday wear and tear use. It shields your upholstery from various elements and hazards or it can cover any existing damage of your car seat instead of reupholstering it (if you do not have the money to do it yet). It is also very stylish, matching your exterior and interior tastes to suit your lifestyle.

Are you having trouble in picking up the best seat covers? This article will tackle what’s the five top rated car seat covers for 2016. Not only that, we will also talk about the types of car seats available and what to look for in purchasing one.

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Best Seat Cover Reviews

Braxton Universal Bucket Seat Cover


The Braxton Universal Bucket Seat Cover is designed with two-tone classic neutral colors with three colors to choose from, tan, gray and black. It is very easy on the eyes and it is usually sold in pairs.

Its modern low-back design matches the high quality polyblend fabric and is definitely comfortable. The design mostly fits any kind of bucket seat and you can adjust its headrests. It a great choice for car seat covers automotive models of any kind.

Installation is very quick and you don’t need tools to do it. When you install them, it’s wrinkle free and is considered very snug fitted car seat covers because of the Superfit flap.

This Superfit flap is a quality feature only Braxton has. They pride that their Superfit flap is made from durable and strong fabrics and is designed with the Smart Seam Technology that can be felt on the two sides of the seat cover. It also has an air-bag deployment feature on both sides of the cover to make sure you’re safe on your journey.

It also has a lightweight, foam-lined and knitted fabric to get you comfortable for every ride you make. It’s best in shielding it from stains, pet hair, spills, dirt, fading and wear and tear of your upholstery. To clean it, all you have to do is spot clean it or remove it to wash by hand.

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Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 Baja Blanket Seat Cover

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The Bell Automotive 22-1-56258-8 is the best car set in most people that want to have a southwest-inspired classic pattern with a comfortable feel in texture.

Baja means outgoing or adventurous and having this car seat cover will highlight your Baja personality. You’ll be showcasing colors that are traditional yet has a cool style.

It’s ideal for those who want to have a unique car seat design or want something edgy. It’s a universal bucket seat that can fit snugly on any type of vehicle. It can fit those car seats that have adjustable or built-in headrests.

It can protect your car from wear and tear plus grime and dirt. The plush exterior cover can be washed fully. It literally takes just a few minutes to install it. These cheap universal car seat covers is good for your money. This is manufactured by the popular brand Bell Automotive, so it’s no surprise that you’ll enjoy your car ride with it.

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Aries Automotive 3142-18 Brown Universal Bucket Seat Cover

Looking at the Aries manufacturer website, their motto is: install, protect, remove and repeat. Aries Automotive 3142-18 Brown Universal Bucket Seat Cover is easy and quick to install. If it becomes dirty, all you need to do is quickly remove it. It can be machine washable, so it can be easily cleaned and can be folded so it is fast to store in a safe place.

Most cars can use these universal car seat covers on most vans, trucks and SUVs. It has thermoplastic rubber with underside grips so the cover won’t move unnecessarily. Its rubberized backing is an effective way of preventing the upholstery to catch any grime or dirt. It won’t damage or scratch the upholstery and it’s even great for huge trucks. It also has open sides that won’t obstruct the air bags or prevent using seat belts. It’s perfect for parents, outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners.

Other features of this durable car seat cover are that it has a universal design and can be used as needed. It is dual-layer and has an anti-skid protection feature. It is a snug fit and it mostly covers the whole seat area. It is the right size and weight to protect the car without looking awkward. Not only that, it has a side airbag deployment and is 100% waterproof. The Aries Automotive 3142-18 Universal Bucket Seat Cover has four colors to choose from, black, gray, camo or brown.

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BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

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The BarksBar pet front seat cover for cars is perfect for pet owners, especially those with dogs. It is the best dog car seat cover for leather seats and an absolute must if your pet is very messy.

It’s the most convenient way to look after your front car seat from any pet messes such as fur, dirt, scratches and spills. It doesn’t create damage to it and offers maximum protection. It’s very fast to clean and install, and can fit most standard vehicles, SUVs and even trucks. However, it does not cover everything on your seat so be aware when you let your dog climb in the seat.

It is made up of high-quality Color Fast materials that don’t make colors bleed. It also has extra stitching to make it a longer-lasting seat cover. It also is tripled layered waterproof and can endure very hot or cold temperatures, making it very comfortable.

A seat anchor is added to make sure it grips seat into place. It has a built-in non-slip backing made of rubber that prevents anyone from falling. BarksBar pet front seat cover also has an adjustable and reinforced strap for the headrest to make installation fast. You can clean it using the washing machine under delicate or gentle spin cycle and then air dry. You can also use the vacuum cleaner and just wipe it off.

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Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover for Athletes Yoga Spin Running Beach Pilates Extreme Mudder

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What a name. But just like what the name says, this type of car seat will make you happy. It is best suited for athletes. One unique thing about Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover is that it can be rolled up, place the attached straps and store it on your cabinet or a safe place.

It’s very easy to install by just attaching the clips into place and is perfect for most car makes and models. This feature is the reason why it’s perfect for those individuals that love to go to the gym, the beach, do yoga or cycling. This car cover is really designed for athletes.

This quality seat covers can be machine washable. Once you wash it, it may feel softer to use. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about sweat sticking to your car seat or making the car smell.

Happeseat Machine Washable Car Seat Cover has two materials. On one side it’s material is similar to chamois while the other side is just like a non-slip rug pad material. Just make sure to install it on the correct side and you’re all set for the perfect workout.

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Best Seat Cover Buying Guide

Why do we Need to Get a Car Seat Cover?

Using a car everyday means that both the interior and exterior parts of it get dirty at all times. If you want to maintain the feel and design of the interior of your car, get a car seat cover. There are many car seat cover designs to choose from, depending on its style and function. Overall, it helps keep your cars looking and feeling cleaner.

Types of Car Seat Cover Fit

We have three car seat covers that can fit your car seat. The standard is the universal seat cover. They are already pre-designed with the car category (e.g. SUV or sedan type) and can be used for most vehicles with certain specifications. They are cheap car seat covers that can handle the basic protection of your car seats.

The second type is a semi-custom seat cover. If you have extra money but does not have enough to get the custom seat cover, use the semi-custom seat cover fit.You can only customize as much but you’ll get the same protection and look for your car seats.

The most expensive type is the custom seat cover fit because it is perfectly fitted to seem like it has a picture perfect look. These custom car seat covers have the same exact size of your car seats and look seamless.

Types of Car Seat Covers Material

There are several different materials in a car seat cover. The kind of material used will help you prevent the kind of damage or stains. Some of the most common materials are as follows:


The cloth car seat covers are available almost everywhere and is not that expensive. You often need to wash this type of material a lot. Some even has a feature to design your own car seat covers, which is a big plus if you want it personalized.


Leather is classy in design and a timeless masterpiece. The good thing about having a leather car seat coveris that it cannot absorb any liquids but repels it. The liquid will just stay on top of the surface of the leather, giving you convenience in cleaning. The downside about it is that when you were not able to clean it up fast, it tends to get sticky. It can also absorb the cold and heat so you may be exposed to excessive temperatures and can quickly wear out the material.


Suede is a great alternative for leather if you are not able to afford it. The difference of it versus leather though is that it is tougher and harder. It is also vulnerable to wear and is not resistant to UV rays or water. A good tip if you’re looking for a cover for car seats made of suede is find one that has been treated using water-resistant materials.

Saddle Blanket

The saddle blanket is highly recommended for those who want a Westernized look for their car seat interior. They usually are used in heavy-duty situations because it’s effortless to clean.


Neoprene is also called polychloroprene. It is under the family of synthetic rubbers using the polymerization method of chloroprene. It’s very flexible even under extreme temperature conditions. Because of this, it is the ideal car seat cover candidate for those who participate in adventurous sports such as off-road or those adventurers that tend to get messy in their travels. It provides total defense against water damage because of its waterproofing abilities.

Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic nylon was created by DuPont Corporation used as a fabric in flak jackets used by World War II aviators. It can definitely be used in utmost occurrences and shield your car seats against water damage and UV rays. It’s a stiff and thick nylon so it’s not very comfortable to sit down. On a side note, it is considered as one of the most durable seat covers in the market today.


Tweed is a rough but woolen fabric that is flexible and open. It is similar to a homespun cloth and is twill; herringbone or plain weave is added. You can choose from many colors and you usually see rainbow car seat covers made out of tweed. They are durable, easy to clean and comfortable, making it great for long distance travel.


Velour is made from polyester or cotton and is a plush and knitted fabric comparable to velvet. It is very soft and boosts comfort. It’s it simple to wash but it is not water resistant.


Sheepskin is made from the hide of a sheep. It can also be called a lambskin. Most people consider sheepskin as the most comfortable type of cover for your car because it can insulate the seats very well. When it’s summer, it can keep you cool and when it’s cold, it can keep you warm. They are very expensive and can be hard to clean. You need to delicately wash it or else it can be ripped or torn easily.

Choosing the Car Seat That’s Best For You

The best seat cover that’s listed here may not apply to you because it will still depend on the style you want and the use you need. There are car seats that are specially made for sports enthusiasts, for those with small children or pets. The good thing about choosing a car seat is that you can choose from a variety of different colors, designs, patterns and sizes. It can fit to different models of cars or you can get one that is customized. If you’re getting a car seat, just make sure that it can ultimately do what it’s needed, to protect any inside damage in your car and make you and your passengers sit comfortably in every ride you have.


Getting a seat cover set for your car is a smart investment. It protects your car from outside factors such as liquid spills and sunlight, and the regular wear and tear from riding. It can also boost the appearance and style of the car seat. When getting a car seat cover, find out what is the best one that is suited for the environment. For example, getting a velour car seat cover is not recommended for those with pets or kids.

Get the best seat cover material that can fit into your car seat. You can also consider how long or how easy it is to install them. Also, check for warranty by asking the seller. If you’re unsure of the product, you can also read reviews from other customers who’ve used it. Getting a car seat cover can protect the car seat and you can maintain them by making sure to take care of your car seats by regularly cleaning them.

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