Best Single Stage Snow Blowers for the Winter Season Reviews 2017 – 2018

Winter is coming! This is the time of the year when snow would cover the entire place white. This means that this is the perfect time to purchase your own snow blower. This is really very helpful when you want to make your snow clearing as easier and faster as possible. Maybe it is the right time to use single stage snow blowers. It would not only make your task a piece of cake, it could be fun as well.

These snow blowers are offered in the market in different kinds and configurations. If you are only going to use it for home purpose, then a single stage blower would be the perfect one to have. They are perfect for small time tasks. Compared to other built of snow blowers, they are small and portable. You can bring it anywhere you need to use it.

You should remember that single stage blowers are only meant to work on 8 to 10 inches of snow. They would not be effective if the snow is too thick already. If you would like to know the best single stage snow blowers, then this article is for you. There are a lot in the market, but nothing beats the best snow blowers. Check out these single stage snow blower reviews.

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Best Single Stage Snow Blowers for the Winter Season Reviews

GreenWorks Pro 80V


The GreenWorks Pro 80V has been phenomenal in the market. The consumers gave it 3.6 stars out of 5. The price is relatively mid-ranged for a machine like this. The snow blower ratings have proven its efficacy from the positive remarks of most users. This snow blower is battery operated. Probably, most people are unaware that battery operated snow blowers do exist. This battery operated snow plow is very convenient since you don’t need to worry about cords and extensions. You can go as far as you want.

The power of GreenWorks Pro 80V is indeed amazing. It can clear up to 10 inches of snow with efficacy. The battery can last up to 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the density of the snow. You won’t have a problem in charging it since the battery fills up within just half an hour of charging. Another great feature of this snow blower is the led headlights. This would allow you to work even at night time.

Other features include the brushless motor. This factor adds to its reliability and quality results. It also has a rotating chute meant for displacing snow. You can actually control this. The machine is also built with 6 wheels for easy movement along the snowy surface. You simply need to let it roll with less effort. The motor is also very quiet, so you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors. You can work on it without causing too much noise, so this snow blower is also usable at night time.

If you are looking for a snow blower that is battery operated, then this one is for you. It comes with a free charger and manual. Another thing that you should know about this product is its warranty period. GreenWorks offers up to 4 years warranty for their buyers. In case the snow blower broke down, the company is open for an after sales service.

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Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower


This could be the best snow blower for you if you hate coiling up cords all the time whenever you use it. This is another single stage snow blower that is powered by a battery. Snow blower ratings show positive feedback from the users. It gained 3.9 stars out of 5. Consumers of this product praise it for its efficacy.

This machine was released in the market in the year 2013. It was also hailed as the best single stage snow blower that is cordless. In some cases, people find it frustrating to deal with long cords. This is the reason why they opt to use this kind of snow blower. Aside from this, Snow Joe is very light and easy to carry. You can pack this in the compartment of your car for out of home use.

This is most applicable for driveways and corridors. You won’t have a problem moving it around because of its small size and weight. In terms of the battery life, you can use it continuously for about an hour. That would be enough to clear the snow from a small area. You can even choose from the 1 inch and 21 inches model.

Snow storms are usually very problematic for many people during the winter season. Snow Joe would make your job easier. You don’t need to exert much effort in tackling the ravenous snow. This product can withstand heavy snow compared to other light weight single stage snow blowers. The heavy-duty battery would make it possible for this snow blower to clear out the snow effortlessly.

If you would like a fun experience with snow throwing, then this might be the best snow blower for you. Grab yours now!

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Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower


This snow blower from Toro received 4.1 stars out of 5 from the consumers. The winter season would require the people to clear out their space from heavy snow. Of course, this would be hard to do with your bare hands. You perfectly need a good snow blower to help you in clearing your driveway. Toro 3381 would be your perfect companion for this.

Single stage snow blower reviews always include this snow blower on top of their lists due to its amazing performance. It runs with a powerful motor integrated with the Power Curve System. This snow blower is made with a cord since it is powered by electricity. You can see its edge among all the other snow blowers due to its capacity to produce efficient snow clearing.

Battery operated snow blowers are more prone to break down compared to electricity powered snow blowers. You don’t need to spend much for its maintenance since it is highly durable compared to other machines in its line. This Toro single stage snow blower can be used by the entire family due to its light weight built. This is indeed a lightweight snow blower. The ergonomics of the handle made it also possible to maneuver it without hurting your hands.

The chute of this snow blower is easy to rotate and adjust according to your preference. The zip deflector is also adjustable depending on the direction. You can even choose the intensity of snow throwing. There are strong, medium and low modes to choose from.

Just like other snow blowers, Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower is made with six wheels for easy movement along the snow surface. This feature makes it possible to hold it still while you are snow clearing. The handle is also very comfortable to use. You would surely find this snow blower easy to carry around. It is specially designed to give comfort to the user.

If you use it, you would notice how fast it could clear out the snow. It could even throw snow as far as 30 meters. It is such an amazement for a small snow blower like this. Another practical feature is that it could clear out a wider scope even in only one passing. You could save time and effort with this.

Small businesses would benefit a lot from this snow blower. The maintenance cost would be low and it could be used by almost everyone because the strength level could be adjusted. The superb combination of its built and power would surely make it as the best single stage snow blower.

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Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 208cc 4-cycle Electric Start Single-Stage Snow Thrower


This snow blower got 4 stars out of 5 from most of the consumers. This Troy Bilt Squall is a very powerful snow blower. Compared to other brands, this snow blower can cut deeper and wider. This is considered as the best single-stage gas snow blower. However, this is quite different from other gas snow blowers. This is designed with an electric button for ease of use. Other common gas snow blowers only have a one pull string for starting.

Another great feature is its capacity to work on larger areas. The chute is also highly adjustable in whatever direction you would want it to throw the snow. Troy Bilt Squall is designed to work on terrains while maintaining its efficacy in clearing out snow. The auger-assisted drive makes it possible to maintain stability on uneven floor areas. Aside from this, it can work on soft and watery snow as well.

Troy Bilt 2100 is powered by gas so you don’t need to worry about the cords. You can use it as far as you can as long as you have sufficient gas to fuel it. The handle of this snow blower can be folded when not in use. This feature allows you to store it without using much space.

This item is offered with a two-year warranty from the maker. They are indeed a quality maker. The great quality of their products contributes to their good reputation. They made sure that the Squall 2100 wold be a well-made snow blower.

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GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower


This kind of snow blower is perfect for a small area covered with thick snow. It received 3.9 stars out of 5. The good thing about this snow blower is its capacity to throw the snow up to 20 meters away. This is one of the best cheap snow blowers in the market compared to other expensive brands in its league.

In terms of the handle, you can easily adjust it based on your height. You can try to make it shorter or taller if you want. Aside from that, this snow blower is environmental friendly. It doesn’t emit harmful carbon. If you are an environmentally conscious citizen, this would be the perfect choice for you.

Unlike other cordless snow blowers, this one comes with an extensible cord that won’t tangle up easily. This could be considered as the best single stage snow thrower. Even though it is super lightweight, it is powerful enough to perform thorough clearing of snow. It is built with a sturdy body that is very durable.

Like other brands, you can enjoy a 4-year warranty given by the makers. This will definitely give you a piece of mind while using it. The maker’s after sales service serves as their promotional activity for endorsing their products. This thrower has also a rotating chute that can throw snow in any direction you want.

Imagine, you can use a machine without damaging your environment. It is really worth the value of your money. In order to try this amazing snow thrower, be sure to check in the nearest store in your town.

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Buying Guide for Snow Blowers

These machines are also known as snow throwers. They are primarily used for clearing out snow from different places, especially on roads and driveways. They are getting in demand again since winter is coming. There are a lot of single stage snow blowers in the market to choose from. However, try to know the factors first before deciding to buy the best single stage snow blowers.

Here is the guide to give you tips on the things you need to check before purchasing your own snow blower. Stick to these tips, and you would surely have the perfect snow blower for your needs.

Snow Blower Type

There are three types of snow blowers. There is the single stage snow blower, the two stage snow blower, and the three stage gas snow blower. You need to know which one would fit your needs. If you are only going to work on smaller spaces, the single stage blower should be your option. If you are going to clear out snow for a large area, then the two stage snow blower is the best to have.

Single stage blowers have different designs and configuration as well. You can choose from electric powered, gas powered and cordless single stage snow blowers.

Electric Powered Snow Blowers

These types of snow blowers have a push button to start it. It is so reliable and durable as well. You don’t need to spend much for this kind of snow blower since it is a low maintenance machine. The only thing that you need to consider is the extension cord. The cord attached to it can adapt to extreme weather condition such as winter. You can choose from brands that offer non-tangle cords to reduce the hassle of tripping over it.

Gas Powered Snow Blowers

They are certainly bigger than electric snow blowers. They are one of the top rated snow blowers in the market. You can enjoy moving around freely since there is no cord attached to it. You can go as far as you want to as long as you have enough gas to power it. They are commonly used for clearing out greater depth and width of snow compared with the electric ones.

Cordless Snow Blowers

These snow blowers are modernized in look and design. There are no cords attached to it, so you can freely move around the area while doing your clearing task. They are usually powered by rechargeable batteries. You can use them continuously for one hour or less.

Maintenance for Snow Blowers

  • Check if you already need to replace the oil of your snow blower. Remember that this varies from the type of snow blower that you have. Be sure to check the manual first before proceeding by yourself.
  • Always make sure that your filter is clean. Monthly check ups are recommended to check if they are clogged or not. If the fuel filter is already very dirty, you might as well replace it with a new one.
  • Remove the grease by using a degreaser. Snow blowers have a tendency to look greasy especially after use. In order to restore it to its normal look, use a degreaser to remove excess oil that spilled around. You can let it stay for a couple of minutes before removing the degreaser.
  • Check if the tires are worn out. Prolong use of your snow blower would wear out the wheels. As part of your maintenance cost, you need to replace the tire once every year or as necessary. Check the air pressure if it is proportionate.
  • Use a lubricating oil for the bearings. This will ensure that the snow blower would work smoothly. You need to apply oil to the wheel’s bearing and the auger bearing as well. If they are properly lubricated, it would move correctly without causing a mess.
  • Check if you already need to change the scraper blades of your snow blower.
  • Maintenance for the spark plug is very important. It must be changed frequently in order to ensure that your snow blower would still be in good working condition.


There you have it. These are the things you need to know about single stage snow blowers. Try checking our single stage snow blower reviews for guidance in selecting your own snow blower. Remember the tips given in this article and enjoy the advantages of these snow throwers.