Best Small Dehumidifier Reviews 2020

Small dehumidifiers are highly capable of taking the damp feeling out of any small room such as the laundry room, basement, a bedroom, and other living spaces. Such equipment is likewise efficient in preventing other sticky situations as humidity levels that are above 50% are sufficient for mildew and dust mites to breed, including molds and other unwanted microorganisms.

In order to prevent allergies and further health problems, a small room dehumidifier is used. It is also effective in removing moisture. Today, there are certain dehumidifier models on the market that do not only work effectively but also quietly. In fact, there are those highly recommended products that feature re-start settings that are helpful in times of power outages and frost control when the temperature drops.

So, without so much ado, this article presents all the most reliable best small dehumidifier products, which are highly recommended by actual users and have been rated accordingly.

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Best Small Dehumidifier Reviews 2016

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Petite Dehumidifier


With a 4.0-Star average rating is the Eva-dry Edv-1100 Petite Dehumidifier. This electric, small dehumidifier makes use of Peltier technology, which is a non-compressor design, making the equipment lighter and quieter than other models. Hence, it is ideal for small-sized to medium-sized rooms, bathrooms, and other spaces where humidity and dampness are usual issues.

The size of the Eva-dry Edv-1100 is perfect to fit on a workbench or a desktop. This unit is very effective in extracting moisture from the air, while storing the moisture in a spill-proof tank. It is easy to plug in and dries the air quietly as you sleep through the night.

Moreover, this compact dehumidifier has an auto shut-off feature, shutting down the machine once the water tank is full. Meanwhile, a ‘full’ indicator light appears, alerting you that the water reservoir needs to be unfilled.

This could be the best mini dehumidifier that has a maximum of 16-ounce capacity, dehumidifying up to a 1,100 cubic feet of space. Its stylish design is also great for use in boats and RVs, virtually almost in all spaces where dampness is an issue. This 23-watt machine also makes use of Whisper Technology, allowing for a whisper-quiet operation and making it perfect to use throughout the night.

Additionally, this offers a low-energy consumption design, so there are no worries about a rapid increase in electric bills as you use them even on a daily basis. Aside from dehumidifying, the Eva-dry Edv-1100 is likewise effective in eliminating unfavorable odors and fungus at the same time. Indeed, it is a fast and silent way of eradicating musty odors, mold, mildew, and more!

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Remington 500 Mini-Dehumidifier


Next up is the Remington 500 Mini-Dehumidifier with a 3.7-Star rating from its customers on Amazon. This mini dehumidifier has a very compact design, making it ideal not only for bedrooms and bathrooms, but also for cabinets, closets, gun safes, and more.

This compact machine is highly capable of attracting and holding moisture, thanks to its water crystal technology! Hence, it can hold moisture up to 500 cubic feet of space or enclosure. The best thing about its design is that the Remington 500 is non-toxic, making it safe for children and even pets.

The manufacturer guarantees that this unit can effectively work up to a ten-year life span, provided you give proper care and maintenance, each and every use. This closet dehumidifier does not require electricity or batteries while functioning very efficiently. Thus, you do not need to spend more on battery replacements or electric bills in the future.

The Remington 500 Mini-Dehumidifier is undoubtedly creating a lot of positive reviews from different customers. Many actual owners of this say that they maximize the efficiency of this dehumidifier in their walk-in closets and their bathrooms. Most users of this machine also live near the coast area, saying that this dehumidifier for bedroom works in almost all living areas of the house.

This reusable unit, however, requires a battery for its crystal refreshing function, although this setting depends on the user. Besides its small footprint, the Remington 500 should be plugged into an outlet between five and eight hours, allowing for the crystals to refresh for another use. Before it dehumidifies moisture, the unsaturated silica crystals appear to be blue, but gradually turn into pink once saturated. Its overall efficiency certainly competes with other models within its price range.

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Gurin DHMD-210 Compact Dehumidifier


Among the small room dehumidifiers also include the Gurin DHMD-210, which is a compact, electric module that garners an average rating of 3.6-Stars. Similar to the first product, this one too makes use of Peltier Technology, which makes the machine lightweight and quiet during operation.

The Gurin DHMD-210 small space dehumidifier also features an auto shut-off setting, which means that the unit shuts down once the water tank is full; hence, an indicator light alerts you to empty the reservoir. Additionally, this small machine carries the UL and CE markings, ensuring every customer that this product meets the safety standards set by such organizations.

This dehumidifier is among the most compact, most quiet, and most effective systems for solving humidity as it effectively extracts moisture from the air while storing the moisture in its spill-proof reservoir. This whisper-quiet machine is also easy to set up with simple use.

This unit is great for closets, bathrooms, small rooms, laundry rooms, under cabinets, and more. In fact, it is widely used in boat cabins too, including compact storage spaces, RVs, and so on. The Gurin DHMD-210 is energy-efficient as it makes use of no compressor through its Thermo-electric Peltier design, a technology that is exclusively used in such machines nowadays.

This small dehumidifier kit comes with a 4-foot power cord, allowing you to plug it in an outlet that results in an ample reach such as under a cabinet. The package also includes a 9-v DC 2.5-amperage power adapter. Indeed, the Gurin DHMD-210 Compact Dehumidifier is a reliable and energy-efficient system of dehumidifying moisture.

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Sunpentown SD-350TI Mini Dehumidifier


Meanwhile, the Sunpentown SD-350TI Mini Dehumidifier receives a 3.2-Star rating from its customers on Amazon. This mini dehumidifier for bathroom is also perfect for other small rooms, laundry rooms, wardrobes, closets, nurseries, and other living spaces. Featuring a UV light and TiO2 technology, this machine automatically shuts off once the water tank is full, alerting the user through an indicator light.

Its TiO2 mesh tends to eliminate bacteria and germs, while removing the excessive moisture from the air. This 60-watt unit has a thermo-electric design, ensuring you a whisper-quiet operation, similar to the previous products. It has a 2-liter capacity with a transparent water tank that features an automatic shutdown so as to prevent overflow.

Measuring at 5 inches by 8 inches by 13 inches, this moisture-sucking machine has also created a lot of positive mini dehumidifier reviews from actual users. Most customer feedbacks indicate that the Sunpentown SD-350TI can work non-stop over a year, killing floating bacteria very effectively.

With its elegant design, it has captivated several consumers nationwide, buying this unit for replacement for their old, worn out dehumidifiers. Indeed, it has not disappointed a single buyer since its introduction on the market.

Today, the Sunpentown SD-350TI Mini Dehumidifier is a highly recommended product. Its acceptable features and design can certainly clear the unwanted wet smells and dampness from the air, including the mold and mildew without leak issues. Hence, it could be the best small room dehumidifier that lives up to its promises and claims.

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Ivation IVADM15 Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

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Finally, the 3.9-Star-rated Ivation IVADM15 Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier is also a mini, yet powerful dehumidifier on the market today. It features an advanced Peltier technology in contrast to compressor-based machines. Hence, it allows for a whisper-quiet operation, while the manufacturer was able to squeeze this effective dehumidifying system into a very small package.

Unlike other mini dehumidifiers out there, this specific model does not require moving parts just to function, resulting in a very lightweight unit and boasting a longer lifespan as well. Also, it is easy to use by checking the removable water collection tank, making sure that it is clicked in a secured manner. And then, simply stick the unit in an area where a bit of dry spell is needed.

Like most of the featured products in this review, the Ivation IVADM15 also features an auto shut off. In fact, all dehumidifiers provided by the manufacturer now offer this feature, which is indicated through a flashing light. Once the machine reaches its maximum capacity, a LED indicator lights up to remind the user of emptying out the tank.

Included in the package is a 9-volt DC power adapter with a maximum power consumption of 22.5; thereby, making this machine a reliable and effective dehumidifier. Measuring at 5.7 inches x 5.3 inches x 8.7 inches in dimensions, this small portable dehumidifier offers the most comfortable size for use in any spaces, including the closets, wardrobes, cabinets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, attics, basements, and more.

The Ivation IVADM15 works effectively up to 1,100 cubic feet of space. In addition, this machine is highly capable of holding up to a 16-ounce capacity, which is approximately equivalent to a 2-day dehumidifying action. All in all, this unit requires no moving parts with removable water tank, washable air filter, and certainly a whisper-quiet operation.

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Small Dehumidifier Buying Guideline

Shopping for the best small dehumidifiers is as easy as frying eggs. It only requires you to learn about the basics of this powerful machine. So, this section of the article talks about the essential things that you, a potential buyer should consider, before placing your order online.


Its location is the top factor to consider since too much noise is a major concern when it comes to living spaces. Luckily, most of the units offered on the market today boast a whisper-quiet operation. So, there is really no need to worry about such issue as the featured in this review are just perfect anywhere in the house or in the office.

Energy Standards

Another thing to take note of is the energy standard that comes hand in hand with such machines. Keep in mind that there are new federal energy requirements and standards, ensuring that what you are getting should have the best energy-efficient seal. This added feature will help you save in operating costs over time.


The portability of dehumidifiers is also a major concern among probable buyers. However, choosing a portable unit could mean small capacity dehumidifier; whereas, having a portable unit allows for a flexible dehumidifying machine that you can setup almost everywhere, ranging from the closet to the attic, basement, under the cabinet, a gun safe, a nursery, bathroom, and other small living spaces.

Added Features

In spite the miniature designs, compact dehumidifiers are preferred by many people because of many other impressive features and benefits. Among the bonuses could be a built-in pump, which pumps the water vertically and automatically towards a basin for a non-stop use. The manufacturer also adds a direct drain, a filter indicator, an automatic humidistat sensor, or a low-temperature function that allows the machine to work in as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature.

Nowadays, some manufacturers also integrate an auto-defrost design, keeping the machine from freezing during cold environments. There are models with auto-reset features, simply restarting the machine into its previous function during a power outage, for instance.

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In a nutshell, getting the best compact dehumidifier is possible by considering the featured products in this article. It is equally important to take note of the buying guideline, equipping yourself with more information about such product, while sorting out the necessary features that you might want from this machine or otherwise.

Compact dehumidifier reviews also come in handy as you choose for the most reliable and portable units on the market, providing you with testimonials from first-hand users. Overall, the main goal here is to get a compact mini dehumidifier that is not only affordable but also an effective system in improving the quality of air and reducing humidity at the same time.

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