Best Snorkel Gear Reviews 2016-2017

Snorkeling is one of the most popular underwater sports that even beginners could learn easily. However, it requires the best snorkel gear in order to make the activity more successful. Without it, you will not be able to enjoy the fullness of the activity.

Many manufacturers may claim that they offer the best one to wear, but you cannot ensure this unless you evaluate the products carefully. Assessment includes checking if the attributes of the gear both physically and performance-based are more valuable than that of other products available. As a smart consumer, you must know how to determine if a snorkel gear is worth the buy or price.

Once you are aware of the best features of the snorkel gear, it all comes down to matching your requirements. Your preferences will still matter most in selecting the top rated snorkeling gear.

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Best Snorkel Gear Review

U.S. Divers Adult Snorkel Gear


This is composed of a two-window mask. It also has three-way adjustable buckles for securing the mask. Furthermore, the kit features hydro-adhesion technology for its splash top.

Besides the snorkel and mask, U.S. Divers gear also includes the full foot fins. For easy drying and keeping of the kit, a carrier bag is also included. Its container is made with mesh panel for more manageable storage.

Each of its components has exceptional features. You could begin with the mask with its enlarged top and bottom views. It is also perfected with a face skirt made with softer material and fits all sizes.

For the fins, you will find the foot pocket comfortable and soft on the feet. Its strap for the heel could also be adjusted. Apart from extreme manueverability, the fins have long blades with two vents for proper air circulation.

U.S. Divers became one of the suppliers featured in snorkel sets reviews for it won big with its high quality, splash top snorkel. The component is made ideal for comfort, fitting, and unhindered breathing. Besides its wide tubing, the snorkel also has a one-way purge valve for quick removal of water.

U.S. Divers gear is useful for both beginners and professional divers. It eliminates almost every problem you will encounter while snorkeling, beginning from wearing the accessories.

The carrier bag will allow you to walk across islands with ease while carrying your gear. The quality of the accessories will even be preserved since it will be stored properly instead of stacking it with other diving tools.


  • Fits perfectly with extra comfort
  • Suitable for traveling light
  • Compact fins do not require inserts
  • Leak-proof snorkel
  • Easy to adjust mask


  • Strap does not stay tight

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ProDive Dry Top Snorkel Gear


This could be your best snorkel set that comes complete with watertight and anti-fog lens, tempered glass diving mask, and gear bag resistant to water. ProDive Dry Top kit is perfected by its 100 percent dry snorkel. It is a set of snorkeling accessories that will keep you protected while in a deep water diving.

The mask’s tempered glass is made of plastic that could withstand impact and high-density drops. Even the pressure will not cause its premature breakage.

Furthermore, ProDive Dry Top gear has buckles and straps for the mask. These components are made of high-quality plastic that is durable and incorporated with a lifetime guarantee. The securing parts will not snap when being fitted or adjusted.

The crystal-clear lens of the snorkels will keep fogging and leakage from taking place. You will not have to wipe your mask frequently.


  • Silicone-made mask
  • Anti-fog coating is added for the lens
  • Allows easy exhalation and inhalation
  • Quick release mask clip
  • Comes with waterproof gear bag


  • Reports of leakage

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Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Mask Snorkel Gear


There are different snorkel kits coming from Phantom Aquatics, and this is considered to be the speed set. The concentration of the gear’s high quality is on the fins. But overall, it is a basic set of fins, mask, and snorkels.

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport set is compact enough to help you travel light. It could be used by both recreational diver and beginner in the underwater activity. The kit is completed by a mesh bag that assists your gear in drying easily.

Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport promotes 200 percent faster swim with 50 percent less effort. Its fins are constructed with an open heel and adjustable strap. Moreover, its mask has a water tight sealing while ensuring comfort with its skirt made of silicone material.

The silicone-made mask has a low internal volume. To get rid of water accumulation inside the snorkel, it is designed with a semi-dry top.


  • Comes with a purge valve
  • Auto-sealing snorkel top
  • Fins fit securely and snugly
  • Has mesh bag for quick and light packing
  • Various color choices


  • Has no anti-fogging feature

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SealBuddy Premium Panoramic Snorkel Gear


The set comes with a high-quality snorkel mask with four windows. It features a panoramic diving design with a concaved nose piece for optimizing pressure on ears. Furthermore, SealBuddy Premium gear is completed with buckles, silicone-made mask skirt, and crystal clear lenses.

This snorkeling gear is suitable for beginners and mid-level divers. The mask included in the kit is made of tempered glass for impact resistance. You could even insert vision treatment glasses if you have eyesight issues.

The snorkel included in SealBuddy Premium kit has a distinctive dry top ball structure. This is meant to prevent water entry while diving. Alternatively, for quick air release, the snorkel also has a one-way purge valve.

Ultimate satisfaction is anticipated with the use of the snorkel since it is also manufactured out of bendable polyurethane material. Match this with the open heel fins with the comfort fit. Getting maximum speed will be easier while using the fins since these are designed with two slick blades.


  • Allows inserting external lens
  • Adjustable fins are compact but tough
  • Easy to wear and remove buckles
  • Suitable for a quick swim
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Has no anti-fogging feature

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Cressi Palau SAF Snorkel Gear


The snorkeling set is composed of Onda Mask, Short Fin, and Supernova Dry Snorkel. It is ideal for recreational divers. Its main feature is its open heel fins with short blades for flexibility and extreme convenience.

The Short Fin of Cressi Palau SAF gear is also made for bare feet use, ensuring comfort and lack of strain. It could accommodate a wide array of sizes. This allows sharing of the equipment to your friends and relatives.

It was clarified by Cressi that despite the compact structure of short blades, these require extra effort in kicking. Otherwise, you will not be able to move forward quickly.

The snorkel and mask of Cressi Palau SAF kit are both made out of silicone material that is transparent and 100 percent hypoallergenic. The former has a Splash-Proof Dry Guard purge valve, sealing all the water when the tube is submerged into the water. This keeps you from the work of clearing the snorkel when you return to the sea’s surface.


  • Comfortable to use mouthpiece
  • Mask has clear edges for better viewing
  • Lightweight and easy to pack fins
  • Flexible tube
  • Has anti-fogging material


  • Black clip of mask may distract

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Types of Snorkels, Snorkeling Mask, and Snorkeling Fins

The best snorkeling gear must be composed of the right components for a fulfilling and safe underwater experience. The basic accessories needed for snorkeling are snorkels, snorkeling mask, and snorkeling fins. Each of the tools has its types, beginning with the snorkels, which are the following:

  • Classic Snorkel – This is also known as the J-Style snorkel. It comes with a mouthpiece and simple plastic tube. Generally, the tube is bent, but could also be shaped for a perfect fit.

This is the cheapest type available on the market. Despite its considerably less expensive value, the tube is rigid and uncomfortable to use at times. Moreover, when gets immersed completely, you need to exhale greatly to remove the accumulated water.

  • Semi-Dry Snorkel  Compared to the classic one, this does not have an open top. It keeps water from entering the tube with its splash covering. Nonetheless, it is still a failure in keeping water from entering when the tube is completely submerged in water.

Many consider semi-dry snorkel easier to use. However, its drawbacks keep others from buying it, such as increased drag and buoyancy.

  • Flexible Snorkel – From the name itself, it comes with a flexible portion. It still has a part that is rigid. The objective of the snorkel type is to add flexibility, allowing the diver to wear it more conveniently on their faces. Additionally, it comes with a purge valve that makes clearing the snorkels easier.

It also has its different types depending on the made. The following are its top categories:

  • Clear or Black Silicone – You could find snorkeling masks either in black or clear mask skirts. Many prefer the former for photography and avoiding reduction of peripheral vision. Alternatively, others settle with a clear mask for 100 percent visibility while in the water.
  • Plastic or Glass Lenses – There are masks made of plastic, but it could degrade in quality over time. Glass is considered a better material since it has a higher resistance against impact. The type of lenses matters a lot since it determines the ventilation, peripheral view, and unhindered vision inside it.
  • Lens Shapes – Snorkeling masks could also be categorized depending on the shape of the lens. The classic type keeps your nose inside and has a single but large lens. Its drawback is poor sealing.

Different from the classic lens is the one lens mask. This provides a separate pocket for the nose. It keeps view unobstructed but may press too hard on the bridge of your nose.

Split mask is another mask lens type. The kind of which often allows less air into it. Nonetheless, this allows more room for your nose.

You also have the three or four lens mask. The extra lenses are for side view. It eliminates the claustrophic feel since you will be seeing motions underwater not only in a single direction.

Lastly, you have the frameless mask. This one has low volume and very lightweight. Aesthetically, it does not have a plastic frame.

Apart from snorkels and snorkeling mask, there are also types under snorkeling fins you need to choose to complete your best snorkeling gear.

  • Closed Fins – These are more efficient and cheaper compared to other snorkeling foot gears available. It has a lesser weight, reducing the effort you need to exert while on a drive. Many consider the type of fins ideal for vacations since it could be packed with a suitcase without adding much weight.
  • Open Fins –  These are heavier, thicker in profile, and stiffer. This is the type of fins that is best used for cold water drives. It adds insulation and makes it possible for you to walk on difficult terrain.

It may be bulkier, but its added weight keeps your drag sufficient through the water. It prevents various problems you may encounter.

  • Split Fins – These are that are best for longer dives. It makes you swim faster without extra strain on your body. Leg stroke using the type of fins is also quicker, smoother, and easier. It makes you move forward seamlessly since it generates less resistance.
  • Paddle Fins You should use these if you need more control, speed, and movement. This is best worn if you will dive in waters where reefs are mostly found. It makes shorter swims and leg strokes easier to carry out.

What to Look for When Buying

You have to complete your best snorkeling equipment by setting standards in selecting one. You must look for gears with the right features for a successful dive. To help you with the careful evaluation of snorkeling kits you will encounter, here are attributes to look for:

  • Comfortable Fit – You must find a snorkeling gear that will not be too tight or provide a claustrophic feel on your face. It must also prevent the feeling of your mouth being pulled excessively. The mouthpiece is the focal point of this standard.

You would find most comfortable mouthpieces made out of silicone. Besides the fit, you must also find it easier to grip on the bite piece. You should not feel having the need for excess force in doing so.

  • Sealing – The mask should also have the proper fit on your face. There must be a watertight seal on your skin. This keeps water from leaking while you are on a dive.

There are several problems to encounter if the skirt does not seal the mask properly. These issues include fatigue, leaking, and fogging. A well-fitting mask will not require too many adjustments before fitting on your face.

  • Purge Valve – This is a feature added to make removal of water from the snorkel easier. For instance, you simply have to tilt your head back and blow to get rid of all the contents of the tube.
  • Right Fin Size – Far from your expectation, you should not look for those that will fit your feet based on your exact shoe size. You must fins that will fit snugly without excessive tightening. Alternatively, do not select a fin that will be removed when you jump into the water.
  • Less Bulk – Some snorkels feature too many accessories, adding extra bulk. Whistles or bells may not be that useful since these could only catch on something that could increase drag while under the water.

Using/ Safety Tips

Once you have bought your top rated snorkeling gear, you also have to consider learning how to use the set properly and safely. This will help you get the most out of the purpose and usefulness of the accessories it has. Apart from the specifics of wearing the gear, you must also know other tips to make snorkeling the best underwater experience you had.

  • Tie Your Hair – If you have long hair, you must tie it first for the activity. If you let it loose, your may rip the goggles out.
  • Apply Fogging Gels – Your snorkeling mask may have claimed to prevent fogging, but it is advisable to be prepared for worst case scenarios. You may use special gels on the interior of the goggles. There are others who literally use saliva and dog drool to de-fog their lenses.
  • Sanitize the Hose and Mouth Piece – Make sure that you fill the components with water and blow it several times. Before wearing, check if there is a residue of water in the hose, and make sure there is none.
  • Check Breathability – After wearing the snorkeling gear, check if you could inhale or exhale properly. Generally, you can breathe conveniently using large-diameter tubes.
  • Protect Your Skin – Alongside preparing for the underwater activity by wearing the gear, you must not forget to protect your skin from the sun. This is highly necessary if you will dive during peak hours, specifically from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

It is best to use long- sleeves or specialized snorkeling apparel. There are clothes meant to protect from jellyfish sting and extremely cold temperature.

  • Respect the Underwater Species – You are preparing for the activity not to destroy underwater ecosystems, but to appreciate it by simply looking. Make sure to follow instructions provided by the diving park.


The featured products above are all worth trying. Nonetheless, for best performance, U.S. Divers Adult Snorkel Gear is a sure choice. One of the top reasons why it is a great buy is the comfort that could be found in each of its components. Primarily, it has a full foot pocket design for the fins to eliminate strain when kicking.

The mask is even made out of silicone for water-tight fitting without the pain. Meanwhile, its snorkel has a drying technology that can keep most of the water from the tube.

Moreover, the product does not only win in performance, but also in price. It has a very good value with high customer satisfaction rates.

Otherwise, you may still consider the rest of the products or other sets in mind. Simply follow the guidelines provided to find a suitable product that meets your expectations and requirements.