Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews 2020

The best solar pool cover provides heating to the swimming pool as it reduces the need for a pool heater which consumes a great deal of electricity. It uses the heat from the sun to heat the pool by means of trapping its hotness in its material containing air bubbles. It helps lessen the usage of chlorine in the pool as well as maintain it.

Covering the pool can be tricky at first but with the right tools and equipment, one can get it right the first time. In addition, solar covers for pools can now can be done manually or automatically depending on the preference of the homeowner or commercial owner. There are many brands out there that offer Do-It-Yourself (DYI) kits and rollers solar pool covers. Let us explore these items.

Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews

Blue Wave 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket


The Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Blanket has a rating of 3.8 stars. This item is good for in-ground swimming pools, and provides pool protection and heating. This particular item has a regular pool dimension of 16 feet x 32 feet in a rectangular shape. The normal typical color of this solar pool cover is blue, matching and fitting the color of the pool.

The Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Blanket is well-recognized in the pool market and the favorite of many as the best solar cover for in-ground pools because it provides heating qualities due its material design. Usual pool owners utilize pool heaters to warm the pool throughout the day and night, while consuming tons of power in electricity throughout the interval use. Unlike the Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Blanket, heat is provided by means of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunrise to sunset, which is free and doesn’t consume electricity.

During the night, heat is captured and maintained by means of its unique design. The cover contains bubbles in its fabric as it functions like a microwave oven through convection heating. These bubbles contain air in it and captures the sun’s heat and then, stores it like a battery for later use.  So, when night time comes, the pool stays fresh, warm and comfortable for pool users and swimmers alike.

What makes this the best solar pool cover in the market is that is simple to use, reliable and durable, providing safety and peace of mind to pool owners.

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Sun2Solar 20’x40′ Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover – 12 Mil


This brand is quite popular and bolsters a higher average rating of 4.6 stars. It comes with the Supreme Blue Solar Cover with dimensions for a bigger pool size of 20’x 40’, ideal for rectangular-shaped pools. It can easily be trimmed to the right size with a scissor and cutter according to the size of your pool.

This utilizes the sun’s natural radiation, providing that essential heat to our swimming pools.  You can finally get rid of the cold, frigid water in your pool with the Sun2Solar blanket. It captures, transmits the sun’s free heat, lights and warms up the pools with its durable polymer plastic resin material, allowing heat and light to go through due to its high transparency capacity.

According to solar pool blanket reviews, it is the best solar pool cover because it contains thousands of small air bubbles that are shaped in such a way which is different than other regular solar pool covers. This one has a rounder shape furthering its ability to not just heat pool during the day and night. Due to its shapely design with lens-like features, it magnifies the heat of the sun and allows a steady rise of temperature from five to ten degrees, which sustains heat throughout a 48 hour period. Now that is a big saving in electrical bills!

Furthermore, its resin material is a durable protector from debris and falling chaffs of sort, and at the same time, maintaining chemical levels of chlorine in the pool.

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Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover, 18-Feet


Here’s another one in the list which consists of a 4.0 star rating. This is an easy favorite for homeowners with round-shaped indoor pools. Easy to set-up and there you go, it’s pool time everybody! Even children know Splash Pools and since they are more hyper-energetically inclined than adults, they need lots of space for playing thus, the recommended 18-feet round pool is needed with the best pool solar cover.

This is actually a unique above ground pool cover and not only does it provide heating, it also serves as protection and controls the levels of chemicals in the pool. First, it keeps the indoor pool clean and warm through a polymer plastic construction, with transparent material allowing light and heat to go through. It has air bubbles that capture heat which makes the pool water maintain a steady temperature of 15 degrees even on cloudy days and frigid nights.

Second, it covers the pool when not in use, preventing dirt and debris from entering the swimming pool and lessening the need to consistently chlorinate the pool. On top of these features, it can also reduce evaporation to surprising levels of up to 95% thus preventing the pool from losing a good amount of heat.

A lot of families that come to unwind after a long week’s hard work recommend Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover as the best solar cover to own. It is one of the most reliable product that warms and soothes their tired bodies with the freshness of the pool’s water.

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Harris 15 ft x 30 ft Rectangle Solar Cover – Clear – 16 Mil


This is a class contender with a high rating of 4.5 stars. Easily the most sought-after pool covers according to solar pool cover reviews, the Harris Solar Cover nails it.

The Harris 15 ft. x 30 ft. rectangle solar cover is perfect for pool owners who own the same dimensions. The cover is rectangular in shape and allow for easy trimming for configuration with the pool size.  It has a thickness of 16 Mil of polymer plastic that allows more sunlight and heat into the pool. With all that thickness, it allows the pool temperature to incrementally rise and maintain a steady temperature of about 15 degrees. Moreover, it has a ground-breaking GeoBubble Technology which keeps the temperature steady during cold nights. And with added protection to the pool, dirt entry is minimal therefore, reducing the need to clean the pool.

GeoBubble bubble shape is different from other solar blankets. Its shape is special backed up by scientific research where the air bubbles are designed in a way that the edge are more thicker by 50% and surfaces are more smoother and curvier. Because of its wider air movement, the sun’s heat in the air bubble stays longer with higher thermal expansion. In recent studies of this breakthrough, the solar pool cover lasted longer by 25%.  Now that’s performance for your pool!

Additionally, Harris Solar Cover 16 Mil is by far the best solar blanket with its scientific-backed guaranteed warranty of seven years, long enough before you even think of replacing it.

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Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools


The Intex Solar Cover has an average rating of 4.0 stars. The pool cover dimension is available in 15 feet diameter, more than ample to fit a cheerfully, large-sized family and friends.

Intex pool covers are a household name for both homeowners and commercial owners. It utilizes a unique material known as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Cool as it sounds, it is all the more cooler in looks and functions. It looks like spandex for pool covers and it functions amazingly in a way that it primarily provides unrivalled protection against unwanted and falling debris.  It has a very durable and noteworthy flexible, plastic material and on top of that, it also functions like a solar heater since PVC has high thermal resistance. It allows, captures, traps heat and warms the pool throughout the day making it the best solar pool cover you can ever acquire.

On top of that, it is easy to use and made up of lightweight material, and can be stored in a handy bag for storage and later use. Though most solar pool covers out there have thermal bubbles, this relies heavily on its material ability to resist heat, allowing it last longer than the other competing pool covers. It can even reduce evaporation by 95 percent, lessening the need to refill the pool with additional gallons of water. In addition, it retains heat reducing the need to continuously use pool heaters towards the rest of the day, thus, saving you costs on electricity.

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Solar Pool Cover Buying Guide

There are loads of information regarding solar covers for pools particularly in the internet. You may end up confused instead of being enlightened. In order to help you make an informed decision, you need to buy the best solar pool sheet that provides more bang for your buck. Think about value for money and what you’re getting in terms of size, features and longevity. Check out the buying guide below.

Types of Solar Pool Covers

  • Bubble Covers – Known as solar pool covers or solar blankets, it is much affordable for the buying market. The materials are usually made from vinyl, but there are other materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. The thicker ones provide more heating than the lighter and thinner ones. The air bubbles provide the necessary heat to warm the pools by capturing heat from the sun and it also provides protection against dirt falling to the pool, thus fewer vacuum cleanups and chlorine pool refills.

 As a result, the chlorine is well-kept from dispersion, insulating properties of the solar blanket keeps the pool from evaporating and trapping heat even for later night use. It has a maximum warranty of up to seven years.

  • Solar Ring Pool Covers – These solar covers are shaped like a sphere, designed in a way that maximizes and multiplies the solar heating abilities of the tried and tested solar pool covers or bubble covers, without having the need to cover the entire pool. They act like lake lotuses, one that you see in a pond.

When cleaning is needed, usually, the bubble covers have to be taken out completely while the ring covers can be taken out individually. Safety also promoted with this type of cover. For instance, when a person or pet falls to the pool, it won’t get trapped compared to other bubble covers. On top of that, it has similar warranties to bubble covers but it gets to be replaced more frequently unlike bubble sheets which require total replacement.

  • Tinted or Clear Solar Pool Cover – When it comes to colors and design, one may opt with solar rings covers as they offer a wider array of choices. On the other hand, the bubble covers are normally transparent, but there are other colors that home pool owners are taking notice of such as blue and silver.

 Transparent or clear ones allow for light and heat to directly warm the pool and blue ones are more spectrum-based allowing certain amount of light and heat through. The rest is stored in the color.

According to manufacturers, the color distributes the heat effectively and efficiently since blue in the Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is near to the Ultraviolet (UV) ray spectrum range, which is responsible for intense heating provided by the sun. And silver-type solar cover which is located in the underside belly of the solar cover reflects the heat in the pool just like a mirror.

Major Considerations

If you are considering to purchase a solar pool cover, either online or in-store shopping, there are always major considerations to take into account. When it comes to acquiring solar pool covers for your sparkling fresh swimming pool, the following necessary information will help you make a sound decision that you will not regret at the end of the day,

  • Features and Functionality – It is always important to note that not all solar pool covers are the same in the market as each one has its own unique design and functions. Taking the time to look at product specifications and the features and benefits of the item allow one’s swimming pool clean, heated and well-maintained.
  • Customer Reviews – Customer reviews are so important that it creates a defining impact on your purchasing power as well as the item’s marketability, and the guaranteed satisfaction it can provide to customers. The general feedback including the pros and cons of the product will gives a birds’ eye view whether the item will be good for your pool or not.
  • Best Solar Pool Covers – As this most solar pool cover reviews, just like this one, it gives you the top-ranked items in the pool market. This article in itself arms you with the knowledge of the five best solar pool covers available today such as the Blue Wave, Intex, Sun2Solar, Splash Pools and Harris. Thus, it makes perfect sense to choose these top five brands.
  • OE versus Aftermarket – When purchasing swimming pool accessories, options are provided for one to choose from either original equipment (OE) or aftermarket. When it comes to OE solar pool covers, it sticks to its specified OE designs like solar blankets.

On the other hand, aftermarket solar pool covers are for highly enthusiastic pool users who want to buy without the hassle of coverings, highly specialized liquid-like solar pool covers.  However, it may not cover the pool from debris but maintains its warmth and resistance to evaporation.


When it comes to buying the best pool cover, there are important things to keep in mind.  Does it shield in-ground and above-ground? Other things like type of water used, chemicals for pool sanitation, vacuum for falling debris, pool heaters, pool ladders, safety harnesses, suction and pressure control, temperature monitor control, all of which are equally important.

Keep in mind that buying a top-of-the-line solar sheet will augment the usability and maintenance of the swimming pool, allowing for constantly clean and well-heated pools. It is always excellent to invest in the best materials that are recognized by the pool industry. When one does so, you are always guaranteed with durability, efficiency, quality and the superb solar pool cover experience that you will truly enjoy. So, what better way to do it than to read on some of the best solar pool cover reviews today.

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