Best Soldering Gun Reviews 2020

Soldering guns are one of the most useful tools at home and industrial companies. This tool is pistol shaped, and it needs electricity work. It is basically used for soldering metals with the use of a solder in order to produce a strong mechanical bond.

You can use it by just using one hand because all you need to do is to trigger it just like a gun. It is easy to find the best soldering gun because there are a lot of options in the market. The body of a soldering gun has a transformer wind connected to it.

The tip of the soldering gun is made up of a very thin copper wire that is secured under the transformer. This soldering gun is very useful when you need to solder joints, and this is actually used if more heat is needed in the process.

The wattage of most soldering guns is just in the maximum of 240 watts. They don’t actually need it to be high powered. The tip of the copper would gradually melt as the soldering starts. The electromagnetic spike is being generated when you already released the button.

The tip of this tool is replaceable. The heat is being supplied in order to produce the ample amount of heat that is applicable to the process. It is supported by an electrical cord because heating could be produced electrically.

There can be a simple iron and cordless iron. In some jobs, a lower power iron is fine while other applications need a high power heating. There are different types of soldering irons. Cordless irons are also being used in some applications.

If you would like to know some of the best soldering gun available in the market, then, this article is just for you. Soldering gun reviews are really helpful in determining the most appropriate soldering gun.

Best Soldering Gun Reviews

Wall Lenk LG400C400/150 Heavy Duty Watt31saRz16l7L 1

This is a product by Wall Lenk. This soldering gun received 4.2 stars out of 5. One good thing about this product is that it is double wattage. You can either set it in high or low wattage depending on the application.

This is a good soldering gun because it is meant for heavy duty applications. It could reach up to 100 Fahrenheit and is really hot for faster melting. Another positive attribute of this is its fast and abrupt response to commands. All the controls are very practical and easy to use.

This soldering gun comes with a built-in working light that provides extra amount of illumination to the user. This small light has the capacity to illuminate the entire area of the working place, so it would be convenient for the user.

One more thing that is convenient in this soldering gun is that the tip is changeable and can be used as a plug-in tip. This gun could work on 400/150 watt power, which make it very convenient in different working conditions. Tip could withstand until 1000 Fahrenheit.

You also need not to worry of the safety of this product because the heat can be controlled by the Trig-R-Heat Control of this soldering gun. The tip of this tool is one of the most important part of it. You can determine the best solder gun based from the quality of the tip.

Some of the soldering gun reviews for this product are positive feedbacks. Users noted that it is very convenient and time savvy. The good thing about it is that you don’t need a soldering paste in order to get the actual job done. Many professionals have been hands down to this tool because it saved them a lot of time and money indeed.

Another amazing thing with Wall Lenk LG400 is that the heating capability is indeed very powerful and eminent, so you need to gain control of it. You don’t need to worry because there is a set of instructions or guide in the package. Of course, just like some other products, you need practice before you can get real good in handling it.

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Weller 8200 PKS 120 volt /10/100 volt

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Weller has launched the best soldering kit which is the Weller 8200. It impressively received with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 from the users of this brand. Weller is known to create highly innovative tools as well as for electronic soldering gun. The product possesses eminence and perfection.

It comes with a complete kit with a case for effective organization. This is perfect for industrial uses, for home use, and for hand crafting enthusiasts. The manufacturing process of this product was done in Mexico. This is considered as the brand’s best soldering gun because it is universally used for different applications.

You will really find convenience with this all-purpose solder gun. The Weller soldering gun review has noted some of its practical uses. You can find a small light source to light up the working area. The gun is designed to look like a real pistol for easy grappling, especially while working. And to give you some appreciation for buying, Weller has extended their warranty period until 7 years.

The price is just middle ranged and you get to have the best soldering kit ever. The price is all worth it, and the fact remains that you could actually use this soldering gun for a lifetime due to its durability. Another feature is that you could actually set it in two. The reason why so many users love using this gun is that the heating time is indeed very fast. Though it is fast, it is still controlled, so you don’t have to worry in burning the material.

Weller has been one of the longest standing distributors of industrial materials and tools. They have been manufacturing top soldering iron for quite some time already. The public is still continuously patronizing this brand due to the outstanding performance and durability.

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Apex Tool Group D550


This is another innovation from Weller. This is the D550, and it gained 3.8 stars out of 5, slightly lower than the previous one. The price is rather costly. This soldering gun has some similar features with the Weller 8200 because their makers are the same.

This Amazon soldering iron is considered as a heavy duty too. It can actually be set in two modes either 260 or 200 Watts. There is no question with the durability of this product because it is highly durable and can withstand the heating factor. If you will check out how it looks, it really looks so gorgeous with its pistol shape design.

For added convenience, the wire was made to be 2-wired for extended length and replacement. It is light with a weight of just 2.9 oz. This is an easy to carry buddy when you’re travelling. You also get a 7 year warranty when you purchase this product. This can be used by professionals because it can be a soldering gun for electronics.

If you need to work on a high heat requirement, then, there is no problem because Apex Tool Group D550 can be easily adjusted to a high intensity of heat for soldering. You also get a linoleum cutter when you purchase this according to some of the consumers. Isn’t it a wonderful freebie? Weller has been known to also make their products protected from falls that would cause it to break.

If you are looking for the best soldering gun for your particular professional need, then, you have come across to the right product. Experience endless possibilities with this amazing tool. If you are very particular with durability, then, this is perfect for you. The built-in lights are indeed very helpful for outdoor use.

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ATD Tools 3740


This soldering gun is made by ATD Tools, and it gained 4.5 stars out of 5, which speak greatly about the value of this tool. The cost is relatively expensive because it is actually the whole kit. This is like a typical soldering gun with similar capabilities and features. This soldering gun kit contains all that you need in doing soldering jobs.

The good thing about this is that you can find everything in one place, so it wouldn’t be frustrating to do your job. Not all brands would offer a complete package, so it is recommended for you to grab this chance of purchasing this kit. You should be careful though in handling this product because it can heat up quickly.

Better handle it with care to avoid accidents. Try practicing first with minor soldering task before diverging to bigger projects. If you are an amateur, then, this project is the best for you. You can practice the whole time because everything that you need is already in the kit. The case is blow molded so that’s another factor for making it durable.

This Amazon soldering kit contains dual heat soldering gun as well as a set of instruction guides, a soldering aid tool, and a flux brush and 15 g of solder. This is a good bargain for all the inclusion.

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Weller D550-PK


Last but not the least in this review is another product from Weller. This is the D550, and this is considered as the best soldering kit for the professionals. It received 4.3 stars out of 5 from the users of this tool. The cost is relatively cheaper than the others. It is already a good price for the best soldering gun you could ever have.

This is equipped with a tin copper tip that is very usable in different situations. In terms of durability, there is no question about that because it is very strong in terms of structure. This product is manufactured in China. For total control of this product, the trigger could be easily manipulated. It is easy to use because the gun is shaped like a pistol.

Based from the users, it is really so comfortable to use with the hands. You won’t feel your fingers getting stressed by doing the job. The twin lights are really perfect for working in dim lighting conditions. There are many types of soldering irons, and D550PK is indeed one of the best. This is already based from the many reviews conducted about soldering guns especially in Amazon.

Within 6 seconds, you can already start working on your task because this tool can heat up incredibly fast. To make it really very conducive to work, many accessories are included in the package. You can make use of them and maximize your soldering job. You can find a lot of soldering guns in the market, but not all can give you superior quality; so you should be careful in choosing.

This tool can produce 200 or 260 watts of heat, which is actually very versatile. The gauge is heavy enough to let you work efficiently. This brand is indeed the leading in the market in terms of making professional soldering irons. The users have provided their feedbacks on this product, and it has been all praises. What you surely like with this is that this is a general purpose soldering gun. Safety is also one of the priorities of Weller, and they made sure their products would be safe for everyone’s use.

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How to Choose the Best Soldering Gun

There are a lot of factors in choosing the best soldering gun in the market. In fact, you need to know first the purpose of availing this tool and for what purpose you would use it. They come in variety of sizes and shapes including the weight as well. If you are not yet knowledgeable enough with soldering guns, then, you should read this.

Consider the Wattage

This is one of the most important when choosing your soldering gun because your output would also depend on this. A typical electronic soldering gun would use up to the maximum of 60 wattage. This will already give you enough heat for your soldering task. It is very important to know your material to avoid dealing with problems in handling your soldering gun.

The Shape Matters

This actually means that you should consider the shape and size of the gun. The reason is for your own good also. It would not be comfortable to use if it doesn’t fit your hands well. Try choosing a shape that you would be most comfortable with. Your job would be finished earlier if you are at ease with the tool.

Accessories Are Also a Factor

Of course, you would like to get the value of your money. There are promotional offers that include the whole kit together with the soldering gun. This is such an amazing promotion. Try to find these kind of products because it would be budget friendly.

Uses of Soldering Guns

Soldering Metals

This is actually used for making joints bond tougher. It would be impossible to bond metals unless you use extremely high intensity of heat. Soldering guns are useful in this case. A flux is usually used to catalyze the heating process. This is perfect for galvanizing sheet metals.

Plumbing Purposes

There are times when you encounter problems in your plumbing area, and your soldering gun would work wonders here. The copper pipes could be repaired and stick together. The only consideration here is that you should make sure that the faucets are closed, and no running water is around to efficiently repair it.

Soldering for Arts and Crafts

When you say arts, yes you’re correct. You are dealing with the creation of arts by using the soldering guns. The uses of this tool in making crafts are too many to mention. They are actually indispensable, especially for art makers. Making hard to imagine work of art could be possible by using this specialty soldering tool.

Connection for Circuit Boards

This is one of the most important uses of the soldering gun. Making a circuit for the mother board could be frustrating enough. Through the use of this tool, sticking two wires together could be possible.

Repairing Cars

This application is commonly done. Cars are subjected to get damaged from time to time. This is an inevitable part of owning a car. You would notice that in some car repair shops, they have the complete set of soldering materials for this purpose. You should choose the best soldering gun in order to initiate efficacy for the job.

To sum it up, there are a lot of uses for the soldering guns. You should get familiarized with these little tools, so you can maximize their uses. It is common that you won’t have any idea on how to choose. It is recommended to check the soldering gun reviews before getting one for you. Try asking some experts with this tool to get a good piece of advice.

Life is made easy by these conventional tools, so it is wise to have them around, especially in your toolkit.

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