Best Spark Plug Reviews 2020

A car spark plug is equally essential as the other parts of the engine, or the car in its entirety. It is among the crucial drivers, making the entire combustion system run well. This key component of a vehicle, however, varies in types and features, including the materials used in its construction and design. These aspects eventually affect the total performance and capabilities of the spark plugs.

As a probable buyer, you should be familiar with all the factors, surrounding this component, ensuring that you get the best spark plug on the market. Keep in mind that spark plugs, like many other car parts, have evolved into something more advanced and heavy-duty, ensuring long-lasting durability with optimum efficiency.

Whether you are in search of the regular or daily-use spark plugs, or looking for the best performance spark plugs, you’re rest assured that you’ll find one out there, meeting your needs and expectations. In line with that, this article talks about the best spark plugs coming from trusted manufacturers, and those products that garnered high ratings from consumers. Included in this article is a complete buying guide to help you sort out the best-of-the-best.

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Best Spark Plug Reviews 2016

Autolite APP104 Double Platinum Spark Plug

41J8nrsSYSLFirst on the list is the 4.8-Star-rated APP104 Double Platinum Spark Plug by Auto Lite. These double platinum spark plugs feature a platinum-to-platinum design in order to eliminate gap erosion, reduce misfires, while providing an improved durability at the same time.

Auto Lite claims that these products offer superior performance, featuring a highly preferred technology, which is ideal for DIS engines. These spark plugs also boast a high amount of nickel alloy side electrode, plus full platinum tips, full copper core electrode, and a necked-down core electrode.

The full platinum tips simply promote a reduced gap wear, thus, improving the plug life. The platinum side and center electrodes also contribute to this benefit of the spark plug. Moreover, these performance spark plugs tend to work efficiently, optimizing engine performance, while improving fuel economy simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the platinum alloy pad allows for an extended durability and a longer service life, compared to the regular counterparts. The nickel-plated shell contributes to the long-lasting corrosion resistance of these plugs.

Hence, double platinum types are considered as best spark plugs on the market due to its platinum-to-platinum firing capacity. And, without a doubt, these double platinum spark plugs have created a lot of positive reviews from customers, saying that it is efficient, even for older car models.

One particular consumer of the Autolite APP104 makes use of this product in his 1999 Ford F150, claiming that is the best spark plug replacement for an older vehicle as it is well-priced, instead of buying the expensive types. Aside from fitting well, the spark plug also fires strong, although the ease of its installation greatly depends on the ease of the old spark plug removal.

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Denso PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Next up is the PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug by Denso. Garnering an average rating of 4.7-Stars, these high quality spark plugs feature a twin-top design, enabling fast flame transmission for a more complete combustion. It is known that Denso is the pioneer in the production of platinum spark plug industry, offering no less than top-rated products for consumers worldwide.

With this product, Denso made use of platinum on the ground and center electrodes, allowing for optimum longevity, plus enhanced durability. It is already a given fact that platinum tends to offer exceptional erosion and corrosion resistance; thus, Denso ensures such materials are used to maximize capacity and provide consistent performance.

The twin-top technology features an 11-mm center electrode, alongside an 11-mm titanium improved ground electrode. Its overall design contributes to an enhanced fuel economy, including an improved acceleration and fast starts, compared to single platinum spark plugs. Furthermore, this very good spark plug provides an insulator that is purified alumina powder, resulting in an excellent dielectric strength as well as thermal conductivity as it withstands extreme stress.

Platinum is known to be the ‘better’ choice, while considering the various types of spark plugs. This type tends to result in reduced gap erosion, better durability, better performance, and fewer misfire, unlike regular spark plugs. It also requires less voltage for a more convenient start as well as quicker acceleration.

As with other products, these top rated spark plugs have also generated several positive reviews from its customers, indicating that they made a significant result in the throttle response. While Denso is not recommending the use of anti-seize or grease on these plugs, they surely allow an enhanced durability and consistent performance.

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Bosch FGR8DQI Platinum Iridium Fusion Spark Plug

31siZsBbVoLBosch introduces the FGR8DQI Platinum Iridium Fusion Spark Plug, which receives an average rating of 4.4-Stars. This is the latest when it comes to the spark plug technology, featuring an original combination of platinum and iridium center electrode, alongside a patented surface air gap firing design. These impressive features tend to generate a long and powerful spark.

Bosch claims that these are the best spark plugs to date, considering its 4 yttrium-reinforced ground electrode technology, which outperforms other iridium plugs by reducing gap wear significantly. This design results in less stress on your car’s ignition system; thereby, allowing quick starts, long performance life, and efficient fuel combustion.

Additionally, the voltage requirement of the fusion lessens over time, compared to OE iridium plugs. The fused platinum and iridium center electrode was sintered into a complete insulator nose, which leads towards reaching its self-cleaning temperature within seconds of starting the engine. This feature also results in an excellent wear performance.

On the other hand, the innovative surface air gap firing design features the exclusive 4-ground electrode from Bosch. This technology delivers a very powerful spark, efficient combustion, plus maximum power without having to increase the voltage requirement. There is no more worrying about choosing whether platinum or iridium spark plugs because these ones from Bosch are a very effective combination.

Furthermore, the factory-fixed gap results in a very convenient installation, requiring no adjustments, unlike other plugs on the market. Indeed, these plugs are the perfect choices if you are looking for the latest design in the spark plug technology.

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ACDelco 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

41E9oQcteLMeanwhile, the 41-993 Professional Iridium Spark Plug by ACDelco garners an average rating of 4.7-Stars from customer ratings. These iridium spark plugs are high-quality replacements for different vehicles on the road, offering the exact design and compatibility with the original components of your car.

Apparently, iridium is known to be the strongest of all metals, having the highest melting point as well. This composition provides the best wear resistance over platinum, and other conventional spark plugs out there. This design from ACDelco also offers optimum durability, exceeding your expectations for function, fit, and form.

Moreover, these are considered as the best iridium spark plugs today because its composition provides better engine stability as well as smooth performance. Iridium also tends to allow for smaller, yet more effective electrode design, resulting in an improved starting and faster acceleration. Its fine-wire electrode significantly helps in improving ignition, while burning away carbon deposits as they form on the plug’s tip; thereby, leads to better fuel economy.

The 41-993 spark plug boasts a one-piece suppressor seal that blocks radio frequencies, which badly affect the electronic system in a vehicle. The suppressor seal meters, on the other hand, spark energy that acts as a combustion leakage sealant, while resulting in a long electrode life.

This category of spark plugs from ACDelco covers most GM automobiles and many other models and makes. Nonetheless, the ACDelco 41-993 Professional product lineup is a top-notch substitute to GM OE parts.

Overall, the ACDelco 41-993 spark plugs are high performance spark plugs that are very durable and powerful, creating a lot of happy customers nationwide. The actual users of the product say that their vehicles are running smoothly and feel like they can go much longer after replacing their old spark plugs with the ACDelco 41-993.

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NGK (5464) BKR5EIX-11 Ir IX Spark Plug

31fAfUgipmLFinally, the 4.7-Star-rated BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug by NGK has been designed, especially for the performance enthusiasts. These iridium plugs provide an extreme ignitability and an improved throttle response, like no other. Its unmatched performance also results in a superior anti-fouling.

Compared to other iridium plugs, the NGK BKR5EIX-11 boasts a 0.6-mm laser welded fine tip, ensuring optimum durability, plus a consistently stable spark. The tapered ground electrode, on the other hand, reduces electrical quenching effect, while the long insulator nose minimizes fouling.

The design also features corrugated ribs on the insulator, which prevent and reduce flashover. These spark plugs have a triple gasket seal, eliminating combustion gas leak. While iridium alloy is known to have an extreme melting point, these auto parts give out the highest durability rate, resisting extreme heat as well as electrical wear. Hence, NGK claims these are the best brand of spark plugs for high-performance engines nowadays.

Furthermore, these plugs boast a trivalent metal plating with superior anti-seizing and anti-corrosion properties. Also a technologically-advanced product, the NGK BKR5EIX-11 spark plug’s finewire design makes it the most durable spark plug on the market, including the more focused ignition for superior performance and overall ignitability.

Considered as ‘Elite’ spark plugs, the NGK BKR5EIX-11 also makes people happy, but not limited to the elite consumers. In fact, this plug is very easy to install, even a novice can do it alone. The fit is perfect, allowing a car to run smoother after replacing the worn-out spark plugs. These are recommended spark plugs for anyone who just needs to replace the old ones.

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Spark Plug Buying Guide

So, what are the best spark plugs today? By now, you already have an ample about the top-rated and highly recommended plugs on the market. Perhaps, this buying guide section will help you further in narrowing down the choices made available to you. Starting off with the basic spark plug types, including the tools necessary in replacing this vehicle part, and you’re on your way to a successful DIY job without a doubt.

Available Types

  • Copper Spark Plug – The best copper spark plugs would have a copper core, and are considered as the most inexpensive varieties. With it, you can expect between 20,000 and 40,000 miles/use. This type is also believed to be the longest conductor as its best performance, and rated as the ‘good spark plugs’, this type guarantees to deliver smooth acceleration, fuel economy, and quick starts.
  • Iridium Spark Plug – While iridium is made of a less conductive component, it tends to function optimally at a lower temperature than the copper variant. On an average, it can last from 40,000 to 60,000 miles. The longevity is greater than copper and rated as the ‘elite’ type of spark plugs. It also provides better durability, plus more focused ignition, compared to the copper spark plug; thereby, the overall ignitability is far better.
  • Platinum Spark Plug – This type is like the iridium variant, operating under low temperature, but it is prone to overheating. This type can last twice longer than copper spark plugs, although the performance may be a bit lesser than iridium. With a ‘better’ rating when it comes to iridium vs platinum spark plugs, the platinum spark plug is still capable of reducing gap erosion, durability, and fewer misfires.
  • Double Platinum Spark Plug – Finally, the double platinum is rated as the ‘best’ spark plugs among all types. It is the improved version of the platinum, offering longer life span, plus an enhanced engine performance. While it is not the best conductor, it is still powerful in eliminating gap erosion, reducing misfires, and improving durability simultaneously.

Essential Tools and Accessories

In replacing this vehicle part, regardless the different types of spark plugs, keep in mind that you will need some helpful tools and accessories in accomplishing the task. Similar to what the professionals make use, you can also maximize these equipment throughout your spark plug replacement job.

  • Wobble Sockets – This is a special type of tool with a built in wobble, taking up minimal room in order to reach tight spaces, such as the location of spark plugs in most vehicles.
  • Socket with Swivel Locking Extension – You might also need this hand tool for a turning angle at its maximum. It offers the best clearance throughout the tightest spaces, while the extension and socket will help you remove its spark plug as they are locked together permanently.
  • Flexible Handle Ratchet – Another handy tool is the flexible handle ratchet for a lot of angles. Combining this tool with a swivel socket or one wobble socket will help you complete the task in no time.
  • Puller Pliers – As the spark plug boots seem to weld with the plug, a direct pulling action might damage the entire connection. Hence, puller pliers are necessary in grabbing the boot, breaking it loose without damaging anything.
  • Gap Gauge – A gap gauge is also essential in replacing any spark plug type. However, it is equally crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s specification when using this equipment, allowing you to use it accordingly, finding and forming the gap properly.
  • Torque Wrench – A torque wrench could be in your mechanic tool set, allowing you to properly torque the spark plug during installation, while eliminating engine damage.
  • Wire Loom Spacers – Remember that the best spark plug wires get placed in a specific order so as to avoid cross firing and arcing-to-ground; thereby, wire loom spacers can help in preventing misfires, which can eventually destroy the ignition module, power train control module, and the ignition coil.
  • Anti-seize – Some of the spark plug brands do not require anti-seize, while others do. This requirement is just a drop to the threads (excluding the electrodes) of the plug. A reduction of the spark plug torque may be necessary or not. Nonetheless, anti-seize can prevent the spark plug from permanently bonding to the threads of the cylinder head.
  • Dielectric Grease – The plug boot grease is also optional, although most spark plug replacements make use of it, squirting an adequate amount of grease to the boot, before installing it onto the plug. Over time, the prevention of high voltage flashover is acquired, while making the removal of boot easier the next time.

Note: Throughout the process, it is important to have yourself a complete mechanic tool kit, especially if you’re the handyman type, doing different around-the-house tasks and making minor auto repair works. Even the basic hand tools come in very handy in wide ranges of DIY jobs.

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Identifying what are the best spark plugs to buy largely depends on the current type of plug that’s in your vehicle. Experts highly recommend to stick to your current plugs as your car manufacturer may have used special materials for the overall performance of your car. These special metals may be pricier than the traditional plugs, but you’re assured that better wear resistance is maintained.

Downgrading to a cheaper plug is a huge mistake among car owners because the instant savings will also offset the short service life quickly. As you find the best spark plug in accordance with your owner’s manual, reading about customer reviews regarding the product will simply confirm your choice on the best spark plugs brand for your car.

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