Best Staple Gun Reviews 2020

One of the handiest tools when it comes to dealing with household repairs, especially those that involve putting things back together is a staple gun.

A staple gun can fix any loose corner of fabric, install various sheets of insulation, replace covers for kitchen and dining room chair seats, or attaching posters or home decors anywhere in the house or office. If you want to save time and money, here are the best choices:

Best Staple Gun Reviews

Surebonder 9600A, Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Case


Surebonder has been a proven and highly respected leader in adhesive or fastening products for many years already. This heavy duty

This heavy duty Surebonder 9600A staple gun is extremely handy for a number of various projects because it is lightweight and air-operated. This pneumatic staple gun can also work with various sizes of staples. The Surebonder 9600A is of great help to you in almost every type of stapling job there is – from simple home decorating to heavy duty roofing projects.

The Surebonder 9600A is also equipped with a quick-release magazine that takes only a short time to refill. This is very much unlike other brands and types where the magazine should almost be manually detached and reattached.

More interestingly, the Surebonder 9600A is a heavy duty staple gun, which means that it can undertake the toughest jobs in your home like installing insulation or setting up your house wrap. This staple gun can also be used to repair a screen door as well as fix or craft picture frames or finish the backs of cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

This lightweight staple gun is so much easy to use with its magazine holding as many as 100 staples. In addition, the gun operates under a reliable safety mechanism. This system is useful in preventing accidental staple firing, which may cause injury. The well-balanced structure of the Surebonder 9600A, as well as its rubber grip, allows much comfort and convenient on your hand while firing staples even for a long time. Read our Surebonder 9600A review.

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Roberts Model 10-600 Professional Electric Stapler


All electric staple gun reviews mention the Roberts Professional Electric Stapler. This state-of-the-art stapler is popular for its efficiency using hard hammer mechanism that is heat-treated at the same time.

This electric staple gun is extremely useful in precisely securing carpets on the floor as well as any other sort of flooring. What is unique about the Roberts Electric Stapler is that it carries with it a molded plastic carrying case where you can put in extra staples in case the original 85 staples are not enough for the job.

The Roberts Electric Stapler also features a low profile head that measures a mere 6 and ¾ inches, thus allowing easy access in tight and narrow spaces such as the stairs. Large-headed staple guns become particularly very inefficient in these parts. This enormously popular electric staple gun operates under a 120 Volt capacity and will need a 14-Gauge, 12-Feet power cord that allows it easy movement and a greater degree of freedom when using it.

The hard, heat-treated hammer system in which the Roberts Electric Stapler works defines this staple gun’s efficiency. It is also equipped with a non-slip handle with rubber grip for easy use and handling and also for maximum comfort even while using the staple gun for many hours. So, if what you want is to have a very accurate and smooth finish for your home decorating project as well as for putting up your house wrap or roof felt, then you should try to make sure that you have this electric staple gun. Check out our Roberts 10-600 Review.

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Hitachi 18-Gauge N3804AB3 ¼” Narrow Crown Stapler


Hitachi is a leader in the manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment for such a long time. The Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler is a fine addition to the genius of the Hitachi company. It usually operates under a simple flip actuation switch design. This system allows a very quick and easy change from a single actuation to contact actuation.

The Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler also has a depth adjustment feature that makes it capable of being used on various materials. This is a quality that cannot be imitated by some of the low-quality staple guns whose staples cannot penetrate certain types of materials. The capacity magazine is easy to equip and release and can hold a maximum of 100 staples, thus defining its efficiency. The Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler also has a no-mar tip that can work on a surface without the risk of denting or scarring it.

The 2.3-pound lightweight capacity of the Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler also makes it convenient and easy to use. A lightweight staple gun does not make it strenuous or stressful to the hand and arms when one is using this staple gun for a long time. It also comes with an impressive elastomer grip that can add comfort and security when using this staple gun for a long time. With all these smart and amazing features, the

With all these smart and amazing features, the Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler is sure worth more than the money and is considered the most indispensable thing when you try to finish certain tasks. Hitachi combines traditional durability and efficiency with the latest innovation in technology in order to come up with brilliant products like the Hitachi Narrow Crown Stapler. Check out our Hitachi N3804AB3 Review.

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BOSTITCH 651S5 7/16-Inch by 2-Inch Stapler


BOSTITCH 651S5 or the Stanley Bostitch is proud of its easy to use features that definitely add convenience and boost efficiency for use with this staple gun. The flip open nose design makes for easy clearing in case a staple is jammed.

The Stanley Bostitch also has a vinyl siding adapter that you can use for proper siding installation. In addition, it features a contoured grip, an easily adjustable rafter hook and an easily controlled trigger that can immediately shift between contact and sequential operations, depending on which one you prefer for the current task.

The lightweight capacity of the Stanley Bostitch is a great advantage, especially when having to raise it up upside down. The light staple gun does not cause any unnecessary strain and stress on the hand and arm muscles of the person using it. The power and efficiency of the Stanley Bostitch is at a high level as shown in its rapid fire engine. The engine of the Stanley Bostitch drives more than 10 staples per second. Hence, it is amazingly rapid.

This Stanley Bostitch is very much useful when dealing with roof decking, wood shingles, plywood heating,  as well as vinyl siding. The Stanley Bostitch is extremely useful when doing all the tough jobs. In addition, with its sleek and classy design that combines black and orange colors, there are claims that the Stanley Bostitch is the most popular brand when it comes to getting the worth of the money spent. Read our Bostitch 651S5 Review.

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DEWALT DWFP12232 18-Gauge 1-1/2-Inch Narrow Crown Stapler Kit


The Dewalt Narrow Crown Stapler is another air staple gun that many staple gun reviews never miss.

It features a magnesium body that is both conveniently lightweight and strong, thus having two advantages in one single piece of equipment. It has a long life motor that requires very minimal maintenance.

The Dewalt Narrow Crown Stapler is also equipped with a rear exhaust that prevents contaminants from interfering with work. Armed with a sequential style trigger, this air staple gun features easy, convenient and efficient firing of staples onto any surface.

It also has a reload indicator that signals whether there is a need to reload the staple gun. The non-marring nose tip is easily detachable. This particular part of the Dewalt Narrow Crown Stapler has tool storage. This staple gun also has an integrated rubber grip that keeps hands steady and strong and removes the stress from them while you are using.

The adjustable belt hook keeps the staple gun near the user. It is also an advantage when the user is at a high place and risks dropping the staple gun below. The magazine is easily detachable and reloadable and it has an efficient capacity of 100 staples for a long work session. In addition, staples of various sizes may also be used with this staple gun’s magazine. This makes the Dewalt Narrow Crown Stapler a very good buy for the long haul. Read our DeWalt DWFP12232 Review.

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PORTER-CABLE NS150C 18-Gauge, 1-1/2” Narrow Crown Stapler Kit


The Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Stapler NS150C is another staple gun that is meant for the long haul. This is a staple gun that boasts of long-life and maintenance-free motor that saves you from any financial emergencies.

The Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Stapler is equipped with a body structure made from magnesium, which allows a lightweight capacity coupled with great strength and durability. It is easy to carry and does not put too much strain on the upper body part, especially when the staple gun is held at a higher level from the shoulders.

The non-marring nose tip that you can easily remove or reattach has an integrated rubber grip that allows comfort in usage. There is also a split nose design that makes for the easy removal of staples that have jammed. It also has a rear exhaust that keeps the entire task at hand clean by preventing contaminants to interfere with it.

Another feature is a low staple reload indicator that signals the need for reload anytime that a considerable number of staples have been used. This is very helpful in order not to interfere with work when you suddenly run out of staples without notice.

The Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Stapler can also deal with tough domestic tasks such as grooving the ceiling or putting up a house wrap. The metallic silver and black colors are also elegant and sleek, and thus make for an attractive and useful piece of equipment. All in all, the Porter-Cable Narrow Crown Stapler is another staple gun which is especially invented and designed for long-term use that is worth your money. Read our Porter Cable NS150C Review.

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Staple Gun Buying Guide

Before your next staple gun purchase, what you need most is a buying guide that honestly tells you the most important things to consider. There are basically three types of staple guns. The manual staple guns are manually powered and are usually the top choices for all tasks at home and in the office.

Should You Buy a Manual Staple Gun or Something Better?

Manually powered staple guns need the user to squeeze the handle every time a staple needs to be fired. Every manual staple gun suits simple tasks that do not require continuous repetitive squeezing. The problem with these staple guns is that they can cause muscle fatigue as well as considerable grip strength from the user.

There is also a good chance for the staples to get easily jammed. If you are pressured to do a large-scale fastening work, you should not opt for a manual staple gun at all. However, if you think that the work requires carefulness and a certain degree of delicate touch, then go for the manual type.

Should You Get Yourself an Air Staple Gun or an Electric Staple Gun?

The much better choices for staple guns should be the air or pneumatic type and the electric type as well. Pneumatic staple guns or air staple guns are originally designed for fast and efficient industrial and professional use. Working under the principle of compressed air pressure, the air staple gun drives staples as well as tacks and nails at a fairly high rate.

The rapidity is necessary for large-scale fastening jobs that should be accomplished under time pressure. Most pneumatic staple guns have a safety feature that prevents any form of accidental firing in order to ensure the safety and security of the user or of the people around him. The only problem with air staple guns is that they may be noisy and relatively more expensive than other types. Thus, if you want to have a faster and more continuous rate of fastening things, then you should get yourself an air staple gun.

Another good choice of type for staple guns is electric staple guns. Electric staple guns need an electric outlet but may also run on battery. The electric model uses light pressure because it is the electricity that provides the needed energy to move and squeeze the levers. This type is the easiest to use because of the ease and convenience provided by the electricity.

Electric guns can fire staples in a more uniform manner compared to manual or air models because the pressure behind the driver does not vary at any time. Electrical supply is constant power and it constantly fuels up the staple gun.

However, the big problem with electric staple guns is that they can be dangerous since they do not have any safety triggers. However, if what you want is fast, even and almost perfect work with your fastening task, then you should go for the electric staple gun.

What If You Have Kids in the House?

If you got kids in the house, then the best thing to do is to opt for a pneumatic or air staple gun. They have safety triggers that will prevent any untoward accidents in the house. Do not go for electric staple guns as most of them are not equipped with a safety trigger. Thus, they may automatically fire at young children.

Still, the best thing to do if you have very small kids is to keep them away from you when you are working with staple guns. In addition, keep the guns away from them too.

Does the Size of a Staple Gun Matter?

Another thing to consider would be the size of the staple gun. However, this does not matter much in terms of purpose. When it comes to weight, then it would be better to choose one which has a lightweight feature. It will not make your hands and arms tired or your shoulders exhausted. This is true especially if you have to raise the staple gun above your head while you are firing staples.

Nonetheless, the best staple gun is still the one that is versatile when it comes to using different types of staples. The more types of staples it can accommodate, the better it must be.

How Important is Warranty?

Since staple guns are apt to break down when they reach their limits or when they are just unexpectedly damaged, then the best thing to do is to check the warranty at the back. Always go for the best and longest warranty. If the warranty is short-term and the fixes are limited, then this is not a good bargain since the staple gun may be difficult to keep safe. It is sometimes apt to be broken down. Thus, the warranty is extremely important.

Do’s and Don’ts While Using a Staple Gun

Safety is the primary consideration when using staple guns. Safety while stapling is a must for all staple gun users. Thus, he should wear eyewear as well as gloves. If the staple gun misfires and the staple goes into the eye or on other important part of the body, then this will be serious injury. For the same reason that the staple gun misfires, then you should protect your hands from any injury or hurt. The best way to prevent this is through the use of gloves.

Users or operators of staple guns should also not try to wear loose clothing because you might unknowingly staple the loose clothing to the project. The most sensible users of staple guns even do not wear accessories like necklaces that may interfere with the stapling or fastening process.

Lastly, it is better to strap the staple gun around the body using a belt or any comfortable length of strap. The purpose of this is to always keep the staple gun near your body and not make it fall off. If it falls, then it might either break down or might misfire towards anyone nearby. Thus, the practice of using a belt is a very practical way to prevent any potential energy.

Does Staple Size Matter When Using Staple Guns?

The term “gauge” refers to the size or thickness of a staple. The typical staple has the size of 22 since this is the typical size for all general upholstery projects. However, if you do not want to have any issues, then the best idea is to have anything from 22 going down to 18. The thinner the staple, the easier it is to use it with a staple gun.

Although the gauge of the staples is specified when you buy a staple gun, it is still best to buy a staple gun that is more versatile, like it can use almost every type of staple. This way, you may be able to find many uses for it.

Does Crown Size of Staples Matter?

Before purchasing your first staples, look at the staples crown. It is the part that shows on the outside when you try to staple or fasten something. The wideness of the staple crown is known as crown size. The three standard sizes of a crown size include narrow (1/4 inch), standard (3/8 inch), and wide (5/8 inches). Go for narrow crowns because they do not occupy much space and that they do not unnecessarily add up to the dirt of a bulk upholstery project.

Basic Essentials of a Staple Gun

It is also important to know what basically makes up your staple gun before you buy one so that you do not make the mistake of buying a staple gun with many problems or missing parts. A staple gun must come from a famous and reputable manufacturer that makes products with a high quality, such as Surebonder and Hitachi.

You should also try to check construction especially whether the welding that was done was properly done. There should also be no loose, crooked or missing parts. Make sure the product is also resistant to rust and are durable.

There must also be a reload indicator. Otherwise, you would suffer from having to estimate or to grope for missing nails or tacks or staples when the supply has been used.

Always ask the store clerk for a live demonstration of the staple gun. Test how you would feel if you were holding the staple gun with your hands. Check the staple gun and it should feel generally comfortable. This is a very practical and vital consideration if you are planning to use your stable gun for long hours.

Lastly, ask the sales clerk about the warranty. The warranty of the staple gun must be good or long enough to cover possible breakdown and damage of the staple gun in the future.


Whether what you are planning to purchase is an air staple gun or an electric staple gun, the best advice is to ask yourself which particular purpose you have in mind for this piece of equipment. If you want simple everyday jobs that should finish in a few minutes, then just go for your stapler. If you want large, difficult tasks with only little time to finish them, then go for air staple guns.

If you need to be careful and even in your fastening project, the best thing to do is to get an electric staple gun. Just make sure it has all the essentials that every staple gun should have: a reload indicator, versatility in staple wire size, and a strap to keep it near the body. The user must also try to wear goggles, gloves and other things that should make the stapling experience not only fun but also safe and secure. Most of all, it is best to keep the staple gun out of reach of any child.

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