The Best Strike Anywhere Matches Reviews

We always wanted to have the best brand of matches to help us create a flame for cooking, bonfires in a camping activity, lighting a cigarette, or keeping ourselves warm. Without the best strike anywhere matches, it’s always a challenge for everyone.

A strike anywhere match is considered one of the most efficient and practical tools to start a fire. The head of the match has combustible material so that you can strike it almost anywhere. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find strike anywhere matches. They are often sold in small hardware and grocery stores but are easier to purchase online.

Striking a match still requires some sort of technique. Surfaces such as smooth hardwood may be easier to strike compared to a rough bark. Sometimes short strokes are enough to ignite a strike anywhere mask while others require longer strokes. It really depends on what type of surface you are striking. You may even flick it against your thumbnail but this may take a couple of tries before you succeed.

This article will give a valuable data to guide you in purchasing one of the top matches for sale online, to teach you the types of matches, and to share some do-it-yourself tips on how to make a strike anywhere matches at home.

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Best Strike Anywhere Matches Reviews

Penley Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches


Another best strike anywhere matches on our top list is the Penley Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches. This is actually similar to the wooden match, called Ohio Blue Tips, produced by Ohio Match Corporation before its demise.

This is another great quality product among the many outdoor matches in the market right now. Unfortunately, this brand is declining its production. These are suited to be used at home as emergency matches, but they are also observed to be more useful for camping as survival matches. Penley strike anywhere matches is such a handy survival supply that one would really need for an outdoor activity since it’s tested to light 20% easier than other brands.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, this best strike anywhere matches still ended up to be of eminent worth to its consumers. Though many were sad due to the acquisition, various recommendations of this brand can still be found online. The majority of the consumers were still fulfilled and found their purchase worthwhile since no other strike anywhere matches can beat its cost.

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Diamond GreenLightTM Kitchen Matches


With a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, diamond strike anywhere matches is one among the numerous brands considered to be of good quality. The product has a dimension of 5x2x3 inches, weight of 4 ounces. A pack contains 300 red blobs with a white tip that you can ignite on any rough surface.

Diamond GreenLight matches is, in fact, known for being sturdy and simple to light. In addition, the wood on the stick comes from the sustainable forest. Imagine lighting this match by simply striking a brick, rock or even the base of your skillet. This product offers a long blazing time too. Aside from the fact that this has been observed to be perfect for open air survival exercises, this can also be used on stove grills, candles, fireplace and even on campfires making it the best kitchen strike anywhere match. This brand has been on the top rundown of the best strike anywhere matches for a long while now.

The majority of the actual users found this product as satisfying and is simply justified regardless of the cost. Though some consumer misses the old strike anywhere matches, all the customers still find this brand extremely convenient.wide orange

UCO Strike Anywhere Matches MT-SA-LARGE


The Utility, Comfort and Originality (UCO) Strike Anywhere Matches essentially is on top of our list of the best strike anywhere matches. With a consumer review rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, this product, has been broadly utilized and best recommended for daily use because of its unique component.

This light anywhere match was specially made to be kitchen-sized and lights on most dry and rough surfaces making it very ideal for campfires, fireplaces, stoves, BBQs, lanterns, candles, etc. One box contains 250 strong carbonized matchsticks that are safer than the regular matches.

UCO has been delivering quality crafting outdoor gears in Washington since 1971. The company concentrates on manufacturing items well-suited for the safety of their customers, especially the outdoor enthusiasts. UCO has additionally been putting forth quality and excellent products like stormproof matches, original candle lantern, waterproof matches, nine-hour candles and even portable camping grills.

Visiting their website will definitely help you in shopping for the best strike anywhere matches that will suit your outdoor adventure. Their wide arrays of camping matches were demonstrated to repulse water giving a steadier outside lighting.

As evaluated by consumers, this brand has been performing extraordinarily to the majority of its users. Though this is an old-fashioned match, one strike to any rough surface will, in a second, create a long-time burning flame that will undoubtedly justify it’s worth every penny you spend.

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Two Main Types of Matches

  • Safety Match – a type of match where all chemicals are contained in the head of the matches’ stick and can be ignited on any surface with sufficient friction. The red phosphorus these days are already found on the side of the matchbox. The head contains oxidizing agent and chemicals like antimony (III) sulfide and/or sulfur to help the match head smolder.
  • Strike Anywhere Match – a sort of matchstick where the compound phosphorus is contained on a special striking surface accordingly requiring another phosphorus surface to strike it. Strike anywhere matches worked comparatively with the safety match. Mostly, this type must be bought online and may take a couple of days to deliver because of the few limitations in air freight.

DIY Tips

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are wide varieties of best strike anywhere matches that you can shop online. Nonetheless, a few people still want to make their own strike anywhere matches at home because they want to spare some cash or they simply prefer home-made products over commercial ones. So, here are 5 simple steps on how to make a strike anywhere matches safely.

What you will need: Safety matches (with matchbox), sanding paper, a small container, something to stir with, a pair of pliers, a tube or a D-cell battery and water.

Also, prepare something where you can place the matches on.

  • Strike it off – Get rid of the phosphorus on the sides of the matchbox by striking the surface and place the powder in a holder.
  • Dip your matches – Put a small amount of water in the container and mix well. Take each of your safety matches; soak them in the mixture, and lay them on any flat surface perhaps on the side of a table.
  • Beat and coat the phosphorus – After your safety matches are dry, take a portion of the new matches and crush off the heads using the pliers. Beat the powder with the pipe or battery by squeezing it down and moving it over the powder before setting them in another holder. Add a few drops of water and stir. Then dip the matches again in the new blend and let them dry for some time. Remember, if you are utilizing a similar holder, try to expel or clean any extra phosphorus in it.
  • Try it out – Now you can try your own home-made strike anywhere matches. Strike the match at any safe surface to create a friction and ignite it. Make sure there are no other materials around you that can easily catch a fire.
  • Consider the friendly reminders – Of course, once you’re done making your own strike anywhere matches, always make sure to wash your hands well. Phosphorus is a lethal synthetic which is unsafe to your wellbeing. Clean the area too, as it might have left portions of the chemicals amid the procedure. Finally, keep the materials in a protected place and out of the reach of children for they may inadvertently put them in their mouths.

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Regardless of what brand of best strike anywhere matches or brands of matches you’d like to use, it’s always a must to observe safety first. This type of fire starter is truly convenient and easy to use. However, the product performance will still rely on how and where you’re utilizing it for.

At all times, one must ensure that, in lighting a safety match or strike anywhere match , it has to be far from the body and set in a descending position. Using it with much care is prompted as this may produce sparks that can fly off upon igniting the head. People around you may get hurt. Subsequently, ensure to run it in the water to be certain that it won’t put anything else ablaze.

Checking for a second opinion is, in fact, very helpful too, particularly in choosing what brand of strike anywhere matches to buy. Many reviews and feedbacks can be found online in a matter of seconds. Prior knowledge of a certain product will surely spare your time and money, which what most people always wanted. You simply need to type in the correct keywords and you’re good to go. Ensure that the review is up to date or is recently posted because some are actually old ones. Companies are exerting all their efforts from time to time to meet the standards of their consumers, therefore providing enhanced quality products. Following all these helpful tips and useful information can definitely guarantee a more safety and healthier environment in your homes and during recreational family bonding activities.

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