Best Surefire Flashlight Reviews 2020

When it comes to producing the best flashlights and illuminations in the world, Surefire is on the forefront.

Employing technologies capable of producing flashlights that are highly compact, powerful and efficient, surefire flashlights are commonly used by military personnel, emergency responders, or even professional hikers and sports adventurers.

Best Surefire Flashlight Reviews

Surefire 6P Original Single Output Incandescent31AyLsdFL

Surefire 6P is one of the brand’s more affordable technologies. The price is even better than what you will get with the product, as it employs features that give users a durable, highly-illuminating survival light.

Surefire 6P provides users with a high-output flashlight with an anodized aerospace aluminum body – this is to provide a finish of an aluminum oxide to the body of the flashlight, a finish that only a diamond coating can prove to be harder.

The surefire light also uses micro-textured reflector combined with its Surefire incandescent lamp producing a strong beam of light capable of protecting the user from aggressors, rendering him blind by impairing his dark-adapted visions.

The product from SureFire can produce a 65-Lumen output of light for about an hour, making sure that you don’t go without any vision and protection when you needed it most. The surefire flashlight also has ergonomic tactical switch methods – press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on.

Users rated it as a 4.6, saying that the incandescent product has more than matched the performance of the modern LEDs. They also noted it for being tactically adept to use during emergency situations, noting that the ergonomic features of the product will keep it from draining its battery in any given situation.

One user even applauded the survival light for its more natural color and brightness than that of the typical flashlights in the market.

If you are to enter the market of the surefire flashlights, always start with this affordable product – its topnotch features will never fail you especially in times of need.

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SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights

The SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights are designed specifically for law enforcement agents. It is more durable, brighter, and easier to use than most survival light in the market.

The G2X LED series features a high-performance LED producing 400 lumens of light refocused by a parabolic-shaped reflector capable of blinding any aggressors and maintaining surrounding illumination for positional awareness.

The surefire flashlight also has a 15 lumen light that the user may opt to in case a bright light is not needed – thus, prolonging the battery life of the equipment.

Its ergonomic features include a dual-output tail cap click-switch – press for momentary-on low light, click for constant-on low light, then off-on for a constant-on bright light. The surefire light ultra-lightweight product also takes pride in its tough Nitrolon body combined with its anodized aluminum bezel making it indestructible under typical breakpoint conditions.

Users agree that the 4.7-rated, 400-lumen surefire flashlight is capable of producing blinding lights despite its size and weight. They also commended its battery life, saying that it can last up to 45 hours with its dimmest light, and 2.5 hours with the 320 lumens.

The G2X product might not be as ergonomic as the previous flashlights of the same brand, but it still offers a better grasp than the other products of the brand and can be used in emergency situations requiring quick action response nonetheless.

It is safe to say that the affordable SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlights is yet another masterpiece of its product line. The bright LED output is worth more than the surefire flashlight’s cost in the market and is more resilient in the long run – helping you to save amounts in the future.

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SureFire 6PX Series

Looking for a product in the market that will surely be with you for a longer period of time? Give SureFire 6PX survival flashlight a try. The product boasts of its capability to live longer than usual flashlights because of its composition and material built up.

Surefire 6PX Series is considered virtually indestructible as it uses LED emitter than the usual bulb filament. The surefire light produces a high-output of 320 lumens and low-output of 15 lumens, making the battery of the material longer lasting.

For switching between different modes, the user has to learn its dual-output tail cap click switch – pressing the tail cap switch will produce a low light momentarily; pressing the button further will cause constant-on low, and clicking for a second or two further will produce the brightest light.

The surefire flashlight also has a strong material for its body, consisting of high-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-spec hard-anodized to military specifications. In other words, it cannot be broken down easily with bare force.

Its window is also made up of tough polycarbonate and precision micro-textured reflector that not only makes the lighting material capable of enduring impacts but also makes the material focus light more efficiently.

Reviews of the material from the users include the toughness of the materials used for it, the moderation of the level of lighting, and its reliability especially during times when it was needed the most. Some police officers find the product more convenient to use as this does not produce glaring bright light similar to defense-oriented types of the same brand.

The additional costs you will incur with the surefire light pay itself with the fact that the product does not operate with a typical bulb filament, making it virtually unbreakable and, in turn, will provide rebates from your supposed replacement costs.

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SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED Keychain Light Series


Moving on to a more compact product, the SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED gives you an impression of a keychain with its size and portability but will intrigue you with its features and capacity.

The survival light takes the size of a keychain but offers more durability and flexibility than the normal-sized flashlights in the market.

The surefire flashlight makes use of three modes of light levels – 300, 75, and 15 lumens. Do not fret – the mini flashlight does not operate as a laser albeit its size, since it uses proprietary faceted reflector creating MaxVision Beam, ensuring that your field of view does not get compromised with its portability. The 3.4-inch, 58-gram product provides industry-type protection as its body is made up of brass plated with nickel.

The product comes with a removable pocket clip, which gives it a secure pocket-carry option for quick and easy access. The survival light also comes with an AAA NiMH rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about replacing it over and over again.

The users rated it with a 4.3, commending the Titan’s blinding light despite the size. A typical survival light of the same built can only produce 100 lumens of light – an output tripled by the Titan. The surefire flashlight only needs improvement with the battery replacement ergonomics, as some would need to use screwdrivers just to get the batteries out.

If you need a survival flashlight that fits easily to your pocket, can produce light comparable to products that are about three times its size, and a light you can have for a long time, you need to give SureFire Titan Ultra-Compact LED Keychain a try.

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SureFire P2X Fury Dual-Output LED


The SureFire brand delivers another quality flashlight on its own – this time, providing the market a “smart” flashlight. The SureFire P2X Fury uses the features of a robust surefire flashlight but offers another twist to its already capable specifications: it actually adjusts its illumination to the surroundings.

The P2X Fury employs IntelliBeam Technology – an intelligent sensor and microprocessor-based system – that evaluates your environment continuously and provides an adequate amount of lighting ranging from 15 to 600 lumens.

The surefire flashlight is also designed to preserve dark-adapted vision by actually evaluating your surrounding before even turning on. The flashlight will not produce any high-output light when in closed spaces, so as to protect the users from the blinding reflected light. This is also to help the user focus on the job at hand rather than adjusting the illumination all throughout the process.

The product comes with the same material strength as do other flashlights of the same brand line. The survival light uses LED focused by a parabolic reflector that maximizes the reach and capacity of the output light. The body is made up of brass hard anodized to military specifications and ergonomically shaped to fit the hands of the users.

The P2X is rated by the users with a 4.7, saying that the product is ‘insanely bright’! They also noted of it as being ‘the future of flashlights’ saying that the IntelliBeam actually works depending on where you point the surefire flashlight at.

No words needed. The cutting-edge P2X Fury is a must-try.

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SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights


You will virtually have nothing to lose with the last product in our review, as the SureFire Defender Series provides the protection they need from any aggressors while also providing them savings on costs with its exceptional shelf life.

The Defender Series provides the consumers with 500-lumen output, with a 5-lumen light for low-light usage. Other than its high output capable of paralyzing any attacker, the survival flashlight also provides additional protection as it has a crenelated StrikeBezel technology that users can tap into should the need arises.

This will not be complete without the durability and adaptability that a surefire flashlight can only provide. The flashlight’s body is made up of high-strength aerospace aluminum, hard-anodized for extreme durability. The coated tempered lens employs the science of Total Internal Reflection, maximizing the light concentration and protecting it from breaking with any levels of impact.

Users rated the surefire flashlight as a 4.6, noting that the strike bezel can provide additional protection from any attackers in case that the flashlight itself ran out of power. They also find it relatively easier to carry around because of its size and ergonomic built. Its bright output efficiently focused by its lens is also noteworthy. One consumer even said that the product can even light a room!

For maximum protection, the SureFire Defender Series LED is the most recommended surefire flashlight, especially for professionals. The compact design makes it easier to keep and bring with you around, without compromising its cutting-edge features.

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Major Considerations

There are only two types of SureFire flashlight that you need to keep an eye on the ones that offer exceptional brightness and output, and those that give maximum protection against night aggressors.

In order to choose for the best product in the market, you have to determine the purpose of your flashlight first, and your budget after.

Mid-range priced products often offer the most balanced features, giving you a bright light enough to ward off attackers. The costly ones either offer more technologically advanced features or provide brightness and ergonomics than the cheaper variant.

Nevertheless, the surefire flashlight will give you quality products out of your predetermined budget – you just have to first know your wanted functions.


The article provided you with various SureFire product reviews along with their specifications, which will surely help you in determining your next product to patronize.

If you want to purchase the best survival flashlight in the market, there is only one brand you can surely trust on – the SureFire brand line offering robust, high-end, cutting-edge flashlights that really speaks for itself.

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