Best Survival Watch Reviews 2020

If you are the type of person who usually goes out in the wilderness, then it’s important to track time. This means you need to have a GPS or a compass for navigation purposes. The best survival watch is also necessary in this case as it can help you all throughout your journey.

Whether you lost your path or just wandering around a new place, having a good and reliable survival watch is invaluable. Most of these watches don’t require any battery for it to function. IT lets you keep track of the time and day so you can manage time effectively.

This buying guide will give you the top-rated survival watches in the market. They have their unique capabilities and features that make them indispensable.

Best Survival Watch Review

SharpSurvival Watch V3

419ZgpxQCsL 1The SharpSurvival V3 can be considered the best survival watch in town. This is your ultimate survival gear in situations when you need to keep track of the time and day. This unique paracord watch offers a buckle system that has been patented by the company.

It features a high-quality compass and whistle for navigation. Aside from these, it has a magnesium fire starter that includes a scraper. The paracord band is patented and ensures to be made of military-grade material.

It offers a 12ft paracord that fits comfortably on your wrist. It is adjustable and is suitable for wrists that measure 7-10 inches. You can use these in many of your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or biking.

The built of this survival watch is hand-made. It features a 550-lb military grade paracord that is known for its ultimate durability. If ever you need to start a fire in a given situation, the magnesium flint-rod fire starter can be handy.

There are times when emergency situations arise, and the whistle is very useful in this case. Aside from this, you don’t need to worry about losing your way because there’s a built-in compass that’s ready for navigation purposes.

One of its best features is its water resistance of up to 5 ATM. You can submerge it in water for 15 minutes without getting damaged. Also, the visibility is excellent even at night because of the light effect analog display for night viewing.

You will notice that this is not bulky to wear like other watches in the market. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then the SharpSurvival V3 is the best companion for you on your journey.

Casio GW-9400BJ-1JF

51JKQHm4PnLThe Casio GW-9400BJ-1JF is a model of an improved technology of its predecessors. This is one of the latest technology of G-Shock that features a superb design. This comes with several added features that make it one of the best models of Casio ever.

This survival watch provides an altimeter and barometer for weather forecasts and a compass for navigation purposes. When it comes to measuring the temperature, this watch also features a built-in digital thermometer.

The Casio GW-9400BJ-1JF is also considered as a professional military watch with its easy to use buttons and functionalities. It’s 200m water resistance also made it invaluable in most of the tactical missions of militaries.

You will also find a 1000h chronograph as well as a countdown timer. The time stamp also helps in keeping track of the activities in an organized manner. The auto LED is also a notable feature since it makes it visible even at night time.

This survival watch also has a solar shock resistance which reduces and minimizes the effect of external shock on the watch. The band acts as the shock absorber.  Aside from this, there is a cushioning material to reduce the problem in operations.

It also boasts a carbon fiber that effectively creates a strong band structure. It is also notable for its excellent textile strength like no other. Most of the users commended it for its reliability during emergency situations.

This Ranger watch is a little larger compared to the other survival watches out there but weighs lighter than them. This is the reason why users said that they feel comfortable wearing it even for the whole day.

Casio Men's GW-9400BJ-1JF G-Shock Master of G Rangeman...
184 Reviews
Casio Men's GW-9400BJ-1JF G-Shock Master of G Rangeman...
  • Carbon Fiber Insert Watch Band
  • Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping
  • Tough Solar, Shock Resistant

Fanmis Analog Digital LED Watch

51MAoyBo7LThe Fanmis Sports Analog Watch is a multifunctional wristwatch that features a sporty design and military outlook style. It also comes in a round shape with a black band color. The dial is painted silver for a sophisticated look.

This watch has a lot of essential functions that you will surely be amazed about. It has an auto date alarm system that is needed by almost all workers and military personnel. For tactical missions, this can also be a good companion for you.

You will like how the Fanmis Sports Analog Watch notifies you as every hour passes. It chimes to inform the user that an hour already passed. This will help in keeping track of time, especially when you are currently working on a project with a time constraint.

You can also choose the time format. If you are more used and familiar with the military time, then you could set it at a 24-Hour format. Aside from this, it also features a LED display for greater visibility.

It also includes a stopwatch function and backlight that can be used for night viewing. To ensure its longevity, it is made to be shock resistant. This makes it durable even when you frequently drop it. It can also survive up to 30M of water because it’s water resistant like the other watches in the market.

Most of the users said that for you to fully protect your watch from being damaged underwater, be sure that no buttons are pressed while submerged in water.

Mens Analog Digital Dual Display Sports Watches Military...
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Mens Analog Digital Dual Display Sports Watches Military...
  • 164FT WATERPROOF: 164 ft waterproof (50 M) - 5ATM water...
  • DUAL DIAL TWO TIMEZONE: analog and digital dual dial support...
  • COMFORT with FASHION: silicon rubber watch band with the...

PALADA Electric Quartz LED Watch


One of the most talked about survival watch in the market is the PALADA Electric Quartz Watch because of its excellent water resistance capability of up to 50M deep. The overall appearance and functionality of this watch have also exceeded the users’ expectations.

It is made from a senior acrylic mirror and provides high transparency for easier viewing. Aside from this, the watch is also compressive. The compressive strength of this device is incredible as well as its abrasion resistance. These factors contribute to its long life.

Another significant element of this tactical survival watch is its 50M water resistance that is incomparable to other models in the market. Remember that you should not press any buttons while submerged to maintain its water protection.

The PALADA Electric Quartz Watch also includes a LED backlight for easier viewing during nighttime. It will be easier for you to check the time especially in a place where lights are not dominant. Even when you are under water, you will find its display readable because of its high transparency feature.

Its digital display follows the trend in the market. It’s always easier to read the time in a digital clock instead of an analog one.

When you avail this, you will find that it is nicely packed in a Styrofoam. It is very durable and lightweight. You can find two buttons designated for the backlight. Even the bands are durable, and it comes with a very clear cover for protection.

If you are looking for the best survival watch, then you have come to the right page. The crystals are also invaluable added feature. Indeed, style and functionality in one device.

PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch...
13,825 Reviews
PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch Waterproof Tactical Watch...
  • Digital watch: Fashionable sporty dial design, military...
  • Sports watch: Suitable for men, especially to those who like...
  • Water resistant to 50M / 164FT. In general,suitable for...

PALADA Digital Analog Watch


Another innovation from PALADA is the Digital Analog Sports Watch for Men. This features an imported quartz that can display both analog and digital clocks. It is considered as a tactical watch because it is a professional military-grade device.

The design is inspired by a reinforced resin band that makes it very comfortable to wear. It is ergonomically engineered to provide ultimate comfort to the wearer. You can also feel its lightness when you try it on.

It is enclosed with an ABS Plastic case and sturdy steel that contribute to its durability and strength. It is also water-resistant so you can bring it anywhere—you can take it with you when you swim or shower. Just remember not to press any buttons while submerged.

Another feature that will prove its durability is the profoundly explicit material that has been sealed by a high-frequency machine. It is extremely hard and can sustain pressure.

Most of the users noted that this watch is big, but it fits men. The design also catches the attention of most of the buyers. They pointed out that they can use it for their casual wear and sportswear.

They noted that this is also multi-functional because it has an alarm clock and stopwatch functions. You can also view the day and the time at the same moment. A good thing about the PALADA Digital Analog Watch is that you won’t feel any pain while wearing it.

The best thing about this watch is its versatility. You can wear it anytime and anywhere you go whether it’s an outdoor or indoor activity.

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Best Survival Watch Buying Guide

Having a survival watch is a good investment if you are someone who always spends time outside. This includes hiking, camping, and hunting. These activities require you to keep track of your location and time.

Factors in Choosing the Best Survival Watch

man looking at his watch

If you are searching for the best survival watch for your activities, it is important to think of the factors you need to consider first. This is something to be used for your survival, and that is why you should not take it lightly.

With a variety of models and brands in the market, it would be hard to tell which one is the most suitable. It can be a tricky affair, so here are some considerations that you need to take.

1) Accurate Time – This is a no-brainer factor! If you’re lost in the wilderness and trying to find your way, you will lose track of time. In this case, it is important to have precise and accurate timekeeping. This is a pre-requisite for your survival.

It is recommended to get a quartz-based watch or even a digital watch because they are more reliable when it comes to timekeeping. If you want to keep the fire burning or if you are determined to find something to eat, being able to know the time spells out a huge difference.

2) Water-Resistance and Waterproof – You need to know the difference between these two. There’s a great marketing malarkey when it comes to this feature. You can find a lot of advertisements for survival watches that claim it’s water-resistance or waterproof.

You might think that these two features are interchangeable, but the truth is they aren’t at all. Water resistance means that the watch can be exposed to rain or snow. This also applies to be being submerged in water. However, there is a certain depth that it could sustain.

One the other hand, waterproof survival watched can withstand the pressure of being submerged for a longer period without imposing a particular depth. Most users value watches that are waterproof since they can wear it even during diving sessions.

3) Watch Power Type

  • Quartz-Based – This is the most common models of survival watches because they are created to last. They are operated by batteries, and you only need to replace them if they stop working.
  • Solar Power – If you are an outdoor type, then you might want a solar-powered solar watch. These watches don’t need maintenance because the power comes directly from the sun. There is no need for batteries because the sun can recharge it directly.

4) Mechanical/ Self-Winding – This type of watches simply needs to be worn for it to function. No need maintenance at all. People who don’t like to be hassled by replacing batteries opt to have this type. It has the self-winding capability which just requires a motion.

man looking at his watch

5) Temperature Reading – Some watches include built-in thermometers. This is applicable for those who engaged in outdoor sports like hiking and mountain climbing. It could tell you precisely the current temperature of your surroundings.

6) Altimeter – This is one of the unique added features of survival watches. An altimeter can tell you your elevation above sea level. Most people would not appreciate it, but it is invaluable for hikers or mountain climbers.

7) Barometer – This is relevant when you want to keep an eye on the weather. The air pressure frequently changes, and it is a real signifier of the coming weather changes or disturbances.

8) GPS – This is needed for navigational purposes. You can use this feature if you are lost or on a journey. It can tell you the precise location to prevent yourself from getting lost. This feature can be used for tactical purposes.

9) Compass – This is the most convenient way of telling the location accurately. It ‘s nice to know that you can do it with just a glance at your watch.

Watch Care and Maintenance

man looking at his watch

1) Keep Your Watch Lubricated – Your watch will come with lubricant, but they do wear out over time. You should remember that a watch that is properly lubricated tends to last for longer periods. You can spread the lubrication by winding it.

Most of the watches in the market today are already adjusted to a full wind. The mainspring might uncoil so expect an isochronism error. To maintain precision and accuracy, your watch should be sufficiently wounded.

If you have a manual self-winding watch, it is recommended to wind it several times a day. It is also advisable not to turn it while you are wearing it on your wrist. It’s best if you wind it somewhere safe and away from hard surfaces to prevent breakage.

2) Clean It But Not With Soap – If your watch is dirty, the debris can enter your watch’s interior. To keep it from happening, you can use a microfiber polishing agent with a dry cloth in wiping the fiberglass. It’s not advisable to clean it with water though.

Another tip is to prevent the leather straps from getting wet because it can lead to premature wearing. One of the strict rules is not to use soap and water. It’ll result in damage and malfunctioning.

3) Checking the Seals and Gaskets – Even though your watch might have a high water-resistance feature, there is a possibility that the gaskets and seal contents might dry out. It is best if you will check the water-resistance of your watch to ensure its efficacy.

A watch might be water-resistant or waterproof, but it can also wear out over time. It is best if you check it now and then to make sure it’s still working.


There are many survival watches to choose from out there, and it takes a keen observation and comparison to come up with the best fit for your needs and style.

These watches can be used for casual, sports, or even for tactical purposes. Among the products mentioned in this buying guide, the Paladin Digital/Analog Watch has surpassed others because of its dual capacity.

This watch is professional grade, and it is made from high-quality materials that can resist damaging environmental factors. Aside from this, you can utilize the numerous features of this watch like the hourly chime and altimeter.

Remember the factors you need in choosing survival watches. They are invaluable devices that can spice up your style as well as provide tactical benefits.

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