Best Synthetic Oil Reviews 2020

It is better to start off this article by comparing synthetic against the conventional oil, of which the latter is far better when it comes to its longevity and its ability in handling extreme temperatures without the tendencies of breaking down. While such technological advances do not come very cheap over the conventional oil, the best synthetic oil is worthy as it goes beyond better performance characteristics.

Surely, there are several factors to consider, but many experts would highly recommend the synthetic type of oil nowadays because for now, it is the lesser between the two evils. Conventional oil is derived from petroleum, while synthetic is derived from chemicals, which are less harmful to the environment, and can last for three times longer compared to its counterpart. Thus, dumping of quarts of oil in a yearly manner is reduced.

Best Synthetic Oil reviews

Castrol 03087 EDGE

Castrol EDGE Fully Synthetic Motor Oil ReviewFirst on the list of the best synthetic oils is the Castrol 03087 Extended Performance with an average rating of 4.9-Stars. This product boasts Titanium FST, featuring no less than the latest Castrol technology.

Titanium FST understands the constant need of engine oils in responding to the ever-changing environment in your vehicle’s engine. Thus, this technology has been designed to address such issue. The same technology also recognizes the need of engine oil in reacting towards the various metal-to-metal contact points, different temperatures, pressures, and other demands.

Hence, Castrol 03087 Extended Performance simply provides an unwavering protection for such vital engine parts, ensuring optimum performance, along with its capacity for an extended drain interval of 15,000 miles maximum.

This top rated synthetic oil complies with the GM dexos1 performance requirement, including the Ford WSS-M2C946-A, Chrysler MS 6395, Ford WSS-M2C929-A, and the Honda HTO-06 requirements, while exceeding the API SN, ILSAC GF-5, ACEA A1/A5, and ACEA B1/B5.

The Castrol 03087 has also generated a lot of positive feedback from existing consumers, citing that this product has certainly exceeded different specs. Its 5-quart jug also makes it very easy in recycling the used motor oil. It does not compromise on quality, thus, it ensures consumers a better protected car at all times.

This oil has become one of the best motor oils in the industry to date, especially when it comes to long-term protection, although there is a few that can surpass its performance, but just for short-term benefits. The Castrol 03087 Extended Performance with Titanium FST is a brand that really matters to everyone who really knows the value of their cars. Read our Castrol 03087 Review.

wide orangePennzoil 550038221 Platinum 5W-30

614jsbKROAL. AC SX679Next up is the Pennzoil 550038221 Platinum 5W-30, which garners an average rating of 4.8-Stars due to its advanced full synthetic property. This top synthetic oil has the ability in continually attacking probable and stubborn deposits, keeping the essential engine parts clean at all times. It claims to keep the engine 40% cleaner than other industry standards.

Pennzoil understands that any motor oil should have the capacity in cleaning up any engine, maximizing engine responsiveness and protection at the same time. Hence, it has been designed in providing a superior cleansing ability, despite the most severe driving conditions and styles.

This full synthetic oil certainly offers excellent performance in cleaning out engine sludge compared to synthetic blend oils and conventional oils. Its superior cleansing agents also promote better wear protection as it exceeds the usual car manufacturer requirements for protection and cleanliness.

Pennzoil 550038221 Platinum 5W-30 approvals and recommendations include Chrysler MS-6395, Honda/Acura HTO-06, Ford WSS-M2C946-A, Ford WSS-M2C929-A, ILSAC GF-5, APO SN-RC and other previous categories.

Similar to the previous product, this oil brand has also created several positive reviews from customers, saying that it is the best full synthetic oil for several years now. Given the superior quality and low price, Pennzoil 550038221 does a better job than other brands, lubricating and keeping the engine clean as necessary.

It serves as an excellent detergent, especially for those switching from the conventional oil. It may dislodge a lot of gunk for first-time-user engines that it may start clogging the filter. Hence, it only indicates better performance and efficiency at cleaning the vital engine of your car. Read our Pennzoil 550038221 Review here.

wide orangeMobil 1 120764 Synthetic Oil

518b4b6ziLWith a 4.8-Star rating is the Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Engine Oil, which is an advanced full synthetic oil that has been designed in keeping the engine running as if brand-new. This best rated synthetic oil provides an excellent wear protection, cleaning power, plus an overall performance all at the same time.

It also meets the ILSAC GF-5 performance standards, while approved by GM dexos1 requirements. It exceeds the demanding and tough requirements of the industry and outperforms the conventional motor oils.

While Mobil 1 technology comes out as standard equipment in various and selects high-performance automobiles, it is highly recommended for modern vehicles as well, including the high-performing turbo-charged engines, diesel multiple-valve fuel injected, and supercharged gasoline engines that are found in trucks, light vans, passenger cars, and SUVs. However, this multi-purpose motor oil is not recommended for aviation or two-cycle engines, unless it has been approved by the manufacturer.

Its advanced formula greatly helps in preventing deposits as well as the build-up of sludge, enabling longer engine life than the conventional counterpart. It provides an exceptional overall lubrication, plus wear protection, despite driving styles and conditions. Unlike other motor oils, the Mobil 1 120764 offers an excellent oxidation and thermal stability throughout oil change intervals as it boasts an enhanced frictional property.

This is the best synthetic motor oil for current users because it aids fuel economy, not to mention its exceptional low-temperature capability. It is outstanding for a nippy, cold weather startup, resulting in fast protection, while helping extend the engine life at the same time. Read our Mobil 1 120764 Review.

wide orangeRoyal Purple 51530 Synthetic Oil

51NqnE2NYyL 1The Royal Purple 51530 Synthetic Oil receives an average rating of 4.8-Stars from synthetic oil ratings. This product is a blend of first-rate base oils and additive technologies, creating a high-performance oil to optimize engine performance, while providing superior protection simultaneously.

Unlike other brands, it does not require any special procedure during an upgrade to Royal Purple 51530 because it is fully compatible with mineral and other synthetic oils. However, it is strongly recommended waiting for the manufacturer’s first oil change schedule in new gasoline engine prior to upgrade.

Nonetheless, this motor oil is API-licensed, delivering exceptional protection and improving performance in diesel and gasoline engines. It also meets the performance requirements of Dexos1 and ILSAC GF-5.

Among the performance advantages of Royal Purple is its better wear protection than other synthetic oils, including better fuel efficiency. This very good synthetic oil also promotes security of the pricey catalytic emission structure with the ability of improving compatibility with other fuels that contain ethanol. Additionally, Royal Purple offers superior corrosion protection unlike any other.

When it comes to new vehicles, Royal Purple 51530 offers different viscosity grades of motor oils, allowing the proper break-in of engines. For older engines, on the other hand, this top rated synthetic motor oil also works efficiently as mileage or age in never a factor, as long as it is utilized in mechanically sound engines.

The high solvency of Royal Purple 51530 has the ability in removing current deposits in a gradual manner. Keep in mind that these excessive deposits tend to restrict oil flow and decrease the oil service life substantially. But, with the performance of this motor oil, every issue seems to fade away. Read our Royal Purple 51530 Review here!

wide orangeShell Rotella (550019921) T6 5W-40

51mYlqIQdSLLast, but definitely not the least is the Shell Rotella (550019921) T6 5W-40. Synthetic oil ratings show that this motor oil deserves a 4.9-Star rating because it is perfect in on-and-off highway and heavy-duty applications, specifically in modern low-emission and heavy-duty engines.

Rotella T6 also meets the industry’s performance requirements and specifications like the API CJ-4, while this motor oil is especially suitable for diesel particulate-filtered vehicles. Similar to the previous products, Shell Rotella recognizes the necessity of engine protection under any driving conditions. Regardless how muddy, dusty, steep, hot or cold and any extended operations, Shell Rotella T6 aids in protecting your engine.

Among the synthetic oil brands, Shell Rotella features an exclusive ‘Low-SAPS’ additive technology combined with a fresh and distinctive anti-wear system. It also features an enhanced protective power that results in an increased additive activity, delivering low viscosity, fuel efficiency and durability.

By using the Rotella T6, you will enjoy three main benefits, including the protection in the most extreme operating temperatures, fuel economy, and compatibility with exhaust emission control systems. Hence, this motor oil offers an extended-drain capacity, excellent wear protection and engine cleanliness, an improved low-temp flow, exceptional high-temp and low-temp protection, all in this impressive synthetic oil.

In addition, Rotella T6 boasts an improved deposit control through its multiple-functional dispersant additive with artificial base oils that enhance the protection level against the unwanted effects of dirt, soot, and further contaminants. Its improved heat resistance capacity also resists breakdown by heat, offering continuous protection through the service gap. Indeed, Shell Rotella T6 is suitable for both older and new diesel-powered vehicles, ranging from Class 8 trailers or tractors to heavy-duty pickups, delivery trucks, utility vehicles, and even school bus fleets. Read our Shell Rotella T6 review.

wide orangeSynthetic Oil Buying Guide

The above-mentioned reviews surely help you in narrowing down the choices of synthetic oils, giving you an adequate synthetic oil comparison between the top brands on the market. However, it is still crucial to understand the significant benefits of synthetic oil over the conventional counterparts.

Basic Components and Benefits

Primarily, the synthetic type is refined, distilled, and purified that has been broken down into the basic molecules. Such process resulted in the eradication of impurities from the crude oil, while enabling the molecules to be customized for the modern engines’ demands. The tailored molecules tend to offer higher levels of performance and protection than the conventional oil. Throughout the process, blend additives are mixed with the synthetic base oil, creating the correct and powerful synthetic oil.

In this regard, having the best synthetic engine oil will help you in different ways such as:

  • Keeping the Engine Cleaner – The oil tends to pick up deposits as it circulates through the engine. Conventional oil can form sludge, reducing the engine’s efficiency, including the engine life. But, with synthetic oil that contains fewer impurities, there is a better chance of resisting sludge formation; thereby, preventing deposit formation and leads to a cleaner engine.
  • Resulting in Better Engine Wear Protection – While engine parts continually come in contact with one another, it is also crucial to have something that promotes engine wear protection, especially at high speeds. Thus, the motor oil serves as the protective barrier throughout the frictional motions of your engine parts. Synthetic oil comes into the picture as it retains the wear protection properties of your engine parts in a longer time than conventional oil, thus, increasing the engine life as well.
  • Improving Flow in Low Temperature – Whether it’s just overnight or during cold winter months, synthetic oil tends to make the flow process better once you fire up the ignition, protecting the engine parts against friction, while promoting a smooth flow through the engine. Synthetic oils tend to flow quickly, despite low temperatures, starting the engine protection immediately as you fire up the engine.
  • Enhancing Protection at High Temperatures – Engines become hot as they are running, and this state may cause engine wear. However, the synthetic engine oils resist such high temps, which is a crucial property during hot climates.
  • Protecting Crucial Turbocharger Parts – Turbocharged engines are rampant nowadays as car manufacturers would like to create small engine-cars that also lead to better fuel efficiency. Turbocharged engines, however, are more aggressive in nature, thus it needs synthetic oil that will lubricate the shaft properly and quickly, protecting the crucial components, while running at its optimal performance.

Types of Motor/Engine Oil

Apart from the basic components and benefits of synthetic oil, it is equally essential to understand the common types of engine or motor oil. The following information will give you a complete idea on the existing products on the market, while comparing the synthetic motor oil reviews provided by other articles as well.

Premium Conventional Motor Oil – This is considered as the standard oil for new cars as all top brands offer one for the service level. It is also available in different viscosities. There are three ratings, covering this type of oil, including 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 for low temperatures and high ambient temperatures respectively. Such ratings also cover every light-duty car on the road and require regular oil and filter change such as 4,000-mile or 4-month interval as a good practice.

Full Synthetic Oil – This type of oil is engineered for high-tech engines as these products go through stringent special tests that are indicated by their labels. It offers superior and longer-lasting performance than the conventional oil, especially in critical areas. It has deposit protection property with better flow at low temperatures, while retaining optimal lubricity at high temps. This oil type is more expensive than the conventional counterpart, although it offers unmatched benefits.

Synthetic Blend Oil – A synthetic oil review also indicates the existence of synthetic blend oil, which is combined with organic oil. Its overall formulation is to provide protection against high temperatures and heavier loads. It is less volatile, hence, evaporating less and reducing oil loss. This oil type is less expensive than the full synthetic, but more expensive than the conventional type.

High Mileage Oil – The higher mileage oil is another choice when it comes to engine or motor oils. However, this oil type is engineered for higher-mileage automobiles. Oil refiners also identified this oil type as a major customer interest, and recommend such for high-mileage vehicles.


Answering the question on who makes the best synthetic oil is already delivered in this review. There is no need to look further as the best and most efficient synthetic oil for your car has been made available on the market with reasonable price tags. The only thing you need to assess is the oil’s viscosity, which is the resistance to flow. Keep in mind that higher viscosity results in a slower flow, while lower viscosity equates to faster oil flow.

There is also a difference between the single-grade and he multi-viscosity oils, wherein single-grade oil is suitable for vintage or classic cars without using a polymeric Viscosity Modifier. The multi-viscosity oil, on the other hand, has been formulated to compensate engine wear, which is caused by extreme temperature.

All in all, full synthetic engine oil is generally used in high-performance applications and with engines with tight tolerances, high compression applications like turbocharged or supercharged motors, and high engine temperature. The best synthetic motor oil addresses these issues, ensuring and maintaining cleaner and more efficient engine all the time.

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