Best Tap and Die Set Reviews 2020

There are instances when the threads of your screws and other similar gear are not as good as they used to be. But with the help of a quality tap and die set in your hands, these worn out gears can quickly be restored into full function.

You may ask, what is a tap and die set used for? Essentially, taps are used to cut threads on the holes where threaded fasteners (such as screws) are placed. On one hand, dies are used to cut threads on steel rods, either for repairing or creating new tools.

Owning the best tap and die set is beneficial especially for people who work in garage or repair businesses. It is crucial to know the kind of tap and die sets that possess superb quality and are built to last for a long period of time before purchasing one.

Listed in this article are informative tap and die set reviews that feature five different brands and the corresponding descriptions on what these products have to offer. Also included in this article are several instructions on how to use taps and dies for threading.

Best Tap and Die Set Reviews

GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set


One of the most reliable tap and dies for sale in today’s market is the GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set. With a 4.6 star rating, this set is highly recommended by satisfied customers. Most of the users claim that this set is of high-end quality with a good price. It may not be the cheapest set, but its excellent features and top-notch performance are worthy to spend cash on.

This professional tap and die set comes with a total of 75 pieces of taps and dies, which are made up of carbon steel. These tools are encased in a well-made blow-molded case, keeping the gears safe from damage. In addition, the taps are held together by index holders, thereby making organizing and storing them an easier task.

This kit is perfect to use in tight, narrow places. Also, the 3887 set has a twist lock mechanism that minimizes the die guide’s “backwalk” when in motion. It also keeps the dies to always be fixed in the center while being in use for cutting threads. Taps and dies are kept and locked in their position, which make threading easier.

Furthermore, this set has a ratcheting “T” wrench feature, which offers a 5-degree curve. It has a lever that is reversible, permitting the user to quickly change positions. This is convenient since it saves you the trouble of alternating hand turns.

Allocate a part of your budget and save it up for the GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set, a kit with durability and superb features.

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IRWIN Tools 76 Piece Machine Screw/Fractional/Metric Tap and Hex Die Super Set


The IRWIN Tools 76 Piece Machine Screw Super Setis also among the best tap and die sets. Ranked with a brilliant rate of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this kit is loved by its users. Automobile owners will be pleased with what this set has to offer. Many customers recommend this set because of its cutting precision and top-notch quality that can be bought at a reasonable fee.

This product claims to be a handy tool that can be used for repairing vehicles and machinery. This small tap and die set is composed of 76 tap and die pieces. This set is styled as a fractional and metric type of kit, thus providing versatile functions. It contains sets of machine and screw plug taps that both have 5/8 inch hexagon dies. It also has metric and fractional plug taps, both equipped with 1-inch hexagon dies.

Its structure, which is comprised of carbon steel, provides durability for the product. The kit has a durable blow mold case that stores the taps and dies in a way that you can easily sort and pick what size you need to use at the moment. This convenient arrangement makes working easier.

Instead of settling for a cheap but flimsy tap and die set, it is better to purchase high-end products like the IRWIN Tools 76 Piece Set. This kit is guaranteed to last for a long period of time while providing great thread cutting performance.

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Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric Tap and Die Set

Another well-known brand in the market is the Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric Tap and Die Set. Having an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this product is endorsed by its users. Craftsman is a familiar brand that offers multiple automotive and repair tools, such as this tap and die set. Some customers bought this set because of their existing loyalty to the Craftsman brand while the rest purchased this kit because of its good quality and ability to create clean cuts on the threads.

The components of this Craftsman metric tap and die set are made from steel structured with carbon alloy that is created for longevity. The kit comes with a good case for storing the taps, dies, and other gears included. Its set contains 34 taps and 34 dies with varying sizes that is suited to your needs. It also includes three wrenches for the tap, two gauges for the screw pitch, one die stock, and one screwdriver for a total of 75 pieces.

This metric tap and die is designed to provide precise and clean cuts. This produces the accurate threads you need for any of your repairs. Breakage while cutting threads is not an issue, thanks to its hard-wearing construction.

With proper handling and care, the Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric Tap and Die Set can be used for many repairs. If you are looking for an affordable tap and die set you can use for home repairs, then, this kit is recommended for you.

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TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set


The TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set received a total rating of 4.4 stars from verified users. A majority of the reviews are in agreement that this particular set is great for light and casual use. Among every tap and die set mentioned in this article, this is the most inexpensive kit available.

This cheap tap and die set is comprised of materials that are crafted with a tough steel alloy. This construction is intended for the product to be long wearing. The cuts it creates are for renewing both outer and inner threads to their exact condition as they were in the past.

Within this set are several items. These includes both coarse threads and fine threads, two pitch gauges, a handle each for the tap and the die, and a little tap wedge. All of these are packed in a molded casing. Moreover, the kit offers both Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sizes and standard metric sizes.

Its taps are numbered starting from number 4 to 40 while the dies are labeled from number 12 to 24. The fractional taps measure from ¼–28 inch to ½–20 inch and dies from 1/8–27 inch. Meanwhile, the available metric tap and die sizes are from M3 x .5 to M12 x 1.75.

In essence, the TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set is proven to be of fine quality, particularly for minor and occasional usage. It may not be for heavy use, but it can surely deliver for basic home tinkering and occasional repairs. Purchasing this is recommended for people who need a reliable and cost-effective good tap and die set.

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Neiko® 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set


Finally, the Neiko® 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set is another tap and die set for sale that has garnered an average score of 3.8 stars. Similar to the TruePower set reviews, the Neiko® set is also suggested for occasional home use.

Inside this standard tap and die set, you can find 20 assorted metric taps and dies that are usually used for cutting threads. There is also an adjustable T-handle wrench for the tap, an adapter and a stock handle wrench for the die, and a screw driver.

The pieces of this kit are built with alloy steel. This construction prevents the components from being brittle or fragile. These are coated with titanium, which guarantees the gears’ sharpness. With this coating, the taps and dies is twenty times stronger than the usual steel-based structure.

In addition, both SAE sizes and metric sizes are imprinted on the taps and dies in order to assist you in organizing and selecting the appropriate tool you need for your repairs. Along with this set is a carrying case made up of hard plastic. This casing stores all of the pieces in a well-organized manner.

Thread cleanup is made easier with this professional-grade tap and die set. It may not be for heavy use, but it is the best tap and die set for home use and casual fixing jobs. TheNeiko® 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set is a great tool that offers decent, workable equipment that you can purchase for an inexpensive price.

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Simple Guidelines on Using Taps and Dies

It is vital to learn how to properly use a tap and die set for refurbishing old equipment or creating new ones. Knowing the appropriate method of handling this equipment will make work simpler, efficient, and time-saving.

For the dies:

  • Measure the Number of Threads – first of all, assess how many threads per inch (TPI) is required to do the repairs. Use a gauging system to identify the TPI of the bolt, but, or screw you are about to fix. After doing so, select the corresponding die that is needed. Fit the die into its designated wrench.
  • Make Fresh Threads – to refurbish the threads of an old bolt, put the bolt in a vise. This will clutch onto the bolt while you turn a wrench over it. Pour some cutting oil on the bolt. This will lubricate it and prevent heat from the friction of the two metals. Put the die above the bolt. Hold the wrench horizontally and then turn it. For every few turns, rotate the wrench in reverse for about one-half of a turn. This will clear the threads and make the die slice better. Keep putting some oil for the whole duration of the cutting process. Twist the wrench until you can see the bolt pass through the die’s top.
  • Create a New Bolt From a Steel Rod – other than restoring old bolts, dies can also be used to make new bolts out of steel rods, provided that the rod has a slanted end. If necessary, cut the rod’s end with a grinder to create a bevel. Afterward, use the beveled rod to make a new bolt. Obtain the appropriate die for the bolt. Similar to what is done to worn out bolts, place the die over the rod and hold the wrench horizontally. Put cutting oil on the rod and turn the wrench slowly. Continue this process until you get your desired results.

For the taps:

  • Make Use of a Tap – select the proper tap size wherein the bolt can fit in like a glove. Put the tap in its designated wrench and then tighten it. Next, position the tap’s cutting end just above the hole and rotate it. Similar to the die’s process, pour some cutting oil on the tap to make the cutting process smoother and easier. Remember to reverse the turns slightly from time to time.


Possessing a quality tap and die set is helpful in many ways. First, it allows you to repair your equipment and make it like it is new again. Second, you can create more items such as bolts and screws with this kit. Also, owning a durable tap and die set saves you money from buying new equipment. Lastly, a tap and die set allows you to repair your auto and other machines you have in the convenience of your home. It is wise to invest your money on a professional tap and die set and enjoy its multiple benefits.

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