Best TIG Welder Reviews 2020

Basically, welding is a process wherein metals are joined together by means of melting the portions you want to amalgamate and then make use of fillers in order to create a joint. There are many sources of the energy used in welding procedures. One of these sources includes the use of Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welders.

Tungsten Inert Gas welders are technically called Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). For this welding mechanism, tungsten electrodes are used to power the welding machine. These devices carry out the current needed for the welding arc to function. Owning a good TIG welder is a advantageous in terms of repairs that concern metallic objects. The unique feature offered by TIG welders is their ability to start and stop from a soft level of heat, which can be gradually increased when needed.

This article can assist people who are interested in buying a TIG welder. There will be TIG welder reviews to be discussed. Five brands will be included for the reviews together with their corresponding features. Advantages of using TIG welding machines will be discussed, and a guide on how to choose the most appropriate TIG welder for your needs will also be included.

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Best TIG Welder Reviews

TIG Welder, DC, Maxstar 150 STL, 115/230VAC


Garnering a superb rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, the TIG Welder, DC, Maxstar 150 STL, 115/230VAC can be considered as the best TIG welder in this article. User reviews reveal that this welding device delivers quality output and performs well for a small welder.

The Maxstar is an inverter-based welder that weighs at about 13.7 pounds, making it the best portable TIG welder. Aside from its light weight, this unit is also provided with a handle and a shoulder strap that is adjustable. These features enable you to carry this welder around with ease and convenience.

In terms of material thickness, this DC TIG welder can accommodate steel measuring from 0.020 inches to 3/16 inches. Its weld-able materials include stainless steel and steel.

It makes use of a stick as the electrode holder for the machine in the welding process. The electrode holder is responsible in conveying the needed current for the welding process. This inverter TIG runs with direct current (DC) power, making use of 120 voltages to 140 voltages of power. It has a DC inverter that is equipped with lift arc qualities. Customer reviews are pleased with the stability of the arc to support welding activities.

Its input phase is at 1. This small portable welder is equipped with a Multi Voltage Plug (MVP), which is designed to accommodate 115 voltages to 230 voltages of alternating current (AC). The minimum amperes (A) released by this unit is at 5 A, while the maximum is at 150 A. There is no need to get a torch and gas valve for this TIG welder since it already has a gas solenoid built in it.

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Thermal Arc W1003203 95 S Inverter Portable DC Welder Stick/TIG Package


The Thermal Arc W1003203 also belongs in this article’s TIG welder reviews. With a total average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this welding machine is recommended by customers because it is easy to use for simple repairs and maintenance work, is convenient to carry around because of its small size and light weight, and is budget friendly.

This DC TIG welder claims to be the ideal welder for beginners, home hobbyists, do-it-yourself (DIY) people, maintenance and repair, small businesses, light fabrication, and others. The 95 S enables you to create superior quality welds with ease. Accomplishing any welding task at home or work is made possible by this affordable welder.

Weighing in at 9.7 pounds, this good, cheap TIG welder is a compact and portable power source that delivers great power. In total, the 95 S can deliver 95 amperes of power while running on 115 volts. This enables you to work on a broad range of welding jobs.

It is equipped with a process switch for the stick and lift TIG. The 95 S has indicator lights for showing the status of the welder’s power, overheat levels, and fault display. Also, it has a control knob for the weld amperage. There are positive and negative weld outputs for this TIG inverter, measuring at 25 millimeter for each dinse screw.

Overall, the Thermal Arc W1003203 is the best TIG welder for home use that delivers top notch performance and can be bought for a reasonable value.

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LOTOS Technology TIG140 140 Amp IGBT Stick/Lift Start DC TIG Welder


Another excellent stick TIG welder included in the list is the LOTOS Technology TIG140 TIG welder. This unit has received an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Users claim that this is the best TIG welder for the money because it can provide great welds, is easy to use, and is comparatively cheaper than other welders.

This is a compact DC inverter that offers stick and lift start capability. Its panel is equipped with a protective casing that prevents you from pushing buttons by accident. Also, it is designed with a simple interface for the controls, which makes it easier to use. It incorporates an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) in its system for high efficiency.

They have upgraded this affordable TIG welder this 2016. A new design is available for this welder’s printed circuit board (PCB) and its cooling system. This is to ensure more efficient performance and output. Also, they have raised the original ampere output from 85 A to 100 A, which run with 120–240 volts.

In addition, this mini TIG welder can weld stainless steel, copper, and other metals. The metal thickness this unit can accommodate is from ¼ inches, starting at 120 volts, to a maximum of 1/12 inches powered by 240 volts.

The package of LOTOS Technology TIG140 includes a TIG torch, a stick electrode holder, a ground clamp, and a 120–140 pigtail conversion. Also, there are some TIG accessories included in this kit, such as a hand-held shield, a brush, and an argon adapter.

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2016 AHP AlphaTIG AC DC Tig/Stick Welder


Next on the TIG welder reviews is the 2016 AHP AlphaTIG Tig/Stick Welder. Rated with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this excellent TIG welder is recommended by users because its performance is similar to an industrial welder. It gives maximum power and quality output.

This AC DC TIG stick welder accommodates both professional and basic welding activities. In terms of design, it is equipped with a metal foot pedal, which enables easier control and operation for TIG welding.

Aside from stainless and mild steel welding, this is also an aluminum TIG welder. It can weld aluminum measuring up to ¼ inches thick while it can accommodate 3/8 inches of mild steel. Moreover, this welder can provide precise welding for materials with thinner gauge.

Due to its AC and DC compatibility, this is the best 200 amp TIG welder because it is a versatile device and can conveniently be used for any task. It runs on 110 volts and 220 volts, while releasing 200 amperes of power. The minimum ampere level it can release is at 10 to 20 A.

Equipped with power width modulation (PWM) and IGBT technology, this TIG welder inverter aims to deliver reliable and long-lasting power for any welding task. Additionally, this TIG welder has full range pulse features and a cleaning regulator for AC.

In essence, the 2016 AHP AlphaTIG is your go-to brand if you are in search of the best TIG welding machine that provides top quality welds and is approved by experts and professional welders.

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Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i 230-Volt Inverter-Based AC/DC Welder


Belonging to this welding machine reviews is the Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i AC/DC Welder. This unit has gathered a total rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars given by its users. Customers are pleased with the simplicity of using this device and its long lifespan.

The Hobart EZ TIG 165i is a reliable and versatile tool. According to Hobart, this dual voltage TIG welder delivers excellent weld performance and is ideal for jobs in auto shops, fabrication, and even metal art usage. This is also a device perfect for home hobbyists’ use and for vocational trainings.

It is a lightweight inverter-based TIG welder weighing at 50 pounds, making it a portable welder. It comes with a foot control device for ease of use. This model features a single knob for control, allowing you to set up and use the power source without hassle.

The device shuts down automatically if the temperature is too high. In addition, it has a fan-on-demand feature that runs only when needed. This reduces the debris and dust entering the device. Also, it has an amperage control that is infinite.

This inverter welder TIG runs with 230 volts of alternating current. It has the ability to weld a variety of metals including aluminum for alternating current, Chrome–Moly, mild steel, and stainless steel for direct current. The EZ-TIG 165i can weld metals with thickness, ranging from 22 gauge up to 3/16 inches.

Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i  package includes several items such as a TIG torch, a 12 ½ feet electrode cable, a gas regulator, a shielding gas hose, a 10-foot power cord, and a clamp cable.

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EVERLAST PowerARC TIG / Stick IGBT Welder Dual Voltage


Last on the list is the EVERLAST PowerARC Welder Dual Voltage. TIG welder ratings from verified users give this product a total score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. User reviews state that this model is easy to operate, and the ampere settings can be changed effortlessly.

According to Everlast, this TIG welder is ideal for both hobby and professional activities. The EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Welder has a minimum ampere start of 10 A and a total ampere capacity of 140 A, which runs with 120 or 240 volts. Moreover, this welder makes use of IGBT inverter technology, together with Stick and Lift TIG.

This is the best arc welder for the money because it offers a smooth and stable direct current arc. The PowerArc 140 has a lift start setting that is intended for welding steel and stainless. It features a digital display monitor that you can use in setting the current amperes easily and repeat the settings when needed. Also, it has a manual valve for controlling the release of gas. It is located at the welder’s 17-volt series TIG torch handle.

Moreover, this Everlast TIG welder has a hot start that is automatic. This reduces the sticking of electrodes. Another feature this inverter device possesses is that it is equipped with 25mm dinse connectors, which enable an easy connection. Furthermore, the device consumes low power for welding.

Its standard equipment includes a stick electrode holder, a TIG torch, a 6-foot cable with a work clamp, a plastic case that is high impact, a wire brush, and a lift TIG feature.

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Advantages of TIG Welding

There are several benefits in using TIG welding, especially in terms of amperage use and overall versatility.

First of all, TIG welders can control the amperage being used, which enables them to work with both thin and thick materials. Low amperage is beneficial for materials that have thinner structures since this prevents damage from too much heat.

Also, since heat can be controlled, materials being welded acquire minimal distortion, resulting to excellent, high-quality welds. Moreover, in using TIG welding tools, you can weld any material with the option of using a filler metal or not.

Another advantage is that there are no by-products left when TIG welders are used. Other welding tools produce slag and spatter after every welding session, which can be inconvenient to clean up. But with TIG welders, clean and precise weld outputs are made.

Finally, the use of TIG welders is beneficial because these consume less power as compared to other welding devices.

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Selecting the Proper TIG Welder

Having the best TIG welder in your possession can make welding activities more efficient. There are many things to check before actually purchasing a welder. Here are a few considerations as to what features should you look for in a TIG welding machine.

  • Range of Amperes

You must always take into consideration what the amperage range of the TIG machine is. It is best to purchase one that provides the widest range with the best price. TIG welders with limited amperage range can only weld a few types of materials.

Look for brands that offer ampere capacities that start from 5 amperes and reach up to 230 amperes. This range provides the flexibility needed for welding thin materials such as stainless steel with 24 gauge and thick materials like ¼-inch aluminum.

For those who are in need of TIG welders that can weld aluminum, it is important to remember that 200 amperes or more is needed. Aluminum needs a higher amperage usage as compared to other metals. Take note that the broader your ampere range is, you can perform more applications.

  • Performing with Low Amperes

Aside from having a wide range of amperes, it is also crucial to choose a TIG welder with great arc stability with less than 10 amperes.

Having a soft start provides better control and superb capability of filling the crater by the time you finish welding. More often than not, TIG welding is commonly done with thin materials, which is why it is important to start at low levels.

Starting off at higher levels of temperature may burn the material being welded. This can also ruin arc stability. Lowering the amperes when the weld is almost done is also important. This provides stability and prevents the material from cracking or melting away.

  • AC and DC Voltage Welding

For multiple welding capabilities, it is best to pick an AC DC TIG welding machine because this accommodates voltages from both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). AC is best for soft metals that are self-oxidizing, such as aluminum. Meanwhile, DC is meant for hard metals such as copper, stainless steel, and steel. Having both voltage options is advantageous because these allow you to weld both hard and soft metals.

  • The Right Controls

Being able to have proper control of the TIG welding machine’s heat is an important attribute. One mechanism used on TIG welders is the presence of pulse welds. Having a TIG machine with pulsers can be beneficial in regulating the heat when you are welding. This is crucial especially for thinner materials because too much heat may cause damage to the material being welded on. Pulsed TIG welders alternately heighten and lower the heat, thus allowing the welded material to cool down while still maintaining its arc’s stability.  Certain brands sell pulsed TIG welders.

  • Portability

If you are in need of a TIG welder that you can carry around conveniently, then, the best options for you are inverter-based and engine-driven TIG welding machines. Inverters weigh mostly around more or less 10 pounds. These function with 115 and 230 volts. Meanwhile, engine-driven TIG machines are commonly used when there is no direct access to a power outlet. These can be transported with ease since they are designed to be lightweight. Also, having portable TIG welders is convenient especially if there are emergency welds you need to accomplish away from your workshop.

  • User-friendly Operations

Welding should be made easier with TIG welders that offer simple operating systems. It is recommended to purchase a TIG machine that has basic controls and can be operated with ease.

One feature that you may want to consider is the presence of an ampere regulator, such as a foot pedal control. These devices assist in increasing or decreasing ampere levels, depending on how high or low you need it to be. Having control over the level of amperes significantly affects the quality of the material you are welding.

  • Quality Design

Also, check on the design and features of the TIG welding machines. Some have fans that help in the reduction of dust and debris from the welder’s system and at the same time provide cooling services to the welder to avoid overheating. Some provide pulses, automatic hot starts, automatic shutdown features for overheating machines, lift start capabilities, and other attributes that help you in creating top notch welds.

  • Detachable TIG Torches

Having the ability to change the torches is a necessity especially when you are working on varied surfaces that need different torch types. A TIG torch that is permanently fastened on your welder limits the welding activities that you can do. Also, if damages occur, these permanent torches need to be replaced, and a new torch must be electrically connected by service shops.

  • Availability of Stick Welding

If you need other welding abilities, it is best to pick a TIG welder with stick welding features. Stick welding can be used for construction welds with hefty materials that need heavy duty performance.

Metals are complicated materials to fix. High levels of heat are needed to mold them together. Tools such as TIG welders are needed to get metal welding jobs done. Good TIG welders are beneficial tools when it comes to repairs. These welding devices assist in producing fine quality welded materials for your home or shop.

If you are planning to buy a TIG welder, make sure to read on TIG welder reviews online and research the specifications that you need to determine what brand of welders is best suited for your needs. Invest on thebest TIG welder in order to have a better welding experience.

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