Best Tire Gauge Reviews 2020

Maintaining your inflated tires seems very easy with the use of a pressure gauge, especially considering your safety on the road. Hence, this task is really convenient, provided that you have the proper knowledge and a reliable tool. Keep in mind that under-inflated tires result in the build up of excessive heat during driving; thereby, resulting in tire failure, which may also lead to road accidents. With under-inflated tires, there are also chances of faster wear and tear, while wasting fuel at the same time.

So, in order to keep your tires in tip-top condition, checking the pressure on a regular basis is a crucial part. Moreover, using the best tire pressure gauge is essential so as to assure accuracy and dependability of your tire pressure. On that note, here are the tire gauge reviews from trusted manufacturers and providers, alongside the products’ ratings and feedbacks from customers.

Best Tire Gauge Reviews 2016

TireTek Flexi-Pro Tire Gauge

First up is the TireTek Flexi-Pro with an average rating of 4.8-Stars. This high quality tire pressure gauge is heavy duty and is suitable for cars and motorcycles. As a professional tire gauge, the TireTek offers the measurement range between 0 and 60 PSI, providing accurate and clear display with its two-inch of high-contrast dial.

Additionally, this gauge features a 360-degree swivel chuck for utmost flexibility as it allows you to easily read the dial at any angle. It also boasts a durable rubber hose, preventing air leakage, while ensuring durability at the same time. A case boot is likewise included, which is provided to protect your gauge from knocks and drops.

It is certainly one of the best tire gauges today, considering the integrated bleed button that allows for accurate tire deflation adjustments. The mechanical gauge surely performs precisely and reliably without batteries.

Choosing the TireTek Flexi-Pro Tire Gauge means quality auto accessory brand as TireTek specializes in high-grade mechanical tire gauges, including inflators. It is 100% ANSI B40.1-certified and Grade B accuracy standard-compliant. It is a trusted brand name for motorcycle, car, bicycle, truck, and passenger vehicle needs.

By using the TireTek, you are guaranteed to save money on your tires, because this tire pressure gage greatly helps in the prevention of under and over inflation, hence, reducing wear dramatically. It also helps you save money on your fuel as your tires are maintained at the accurate pressure. All in all, it keeps your family safe, besides all the savings, while ensuring the optimum performance of your vehicle.

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JACO ElitePro Tire Gauge

41CO4Nu7oSLMeanwhile, the JACO ElitePro receives a 4.8-Star as its average customer rating. This is a very good tire pressure gauge because its performance has been tested, while acquiring certification from the International Accuracy Standards in terms of the ANSI B40.1 requirements. These ratings alone ensure you of precise and quick readings without batteries.

Similar to the previous product, the ElitePro also features a measurement range of 0 to 60 PSI. Its body is made of heavy duty brass, feeling solid and durable in the hand. The entire body is also shielded by a gear-style guard for optimum protection. There is also a very flexible, non-leak air hose, making your task easier than ever.

The robust design of the ElitePro makes it the best tire gauge for many actual users as it is equipped with an integral air bleeder valve, reducing pressure in tires that are over inflated. The 360-degree swivel chuck comes in handy when accessing the tire valve in different angles.

The 2-inch glow dial allows you to read clearly even in the dark. The glow dial also provides a lock feature, giving you an accurate reading in place, unless the reset button is pushed once again, making it the best tire pressure gage within its class.

A lot of customers have been happy with its performance, saying that the ElitePro is professional-grade auto equipment that is very easy to use with accurate readings. It does not require batteries; thereby, there are no worries of battery wear out. Overall, many people choose this gauge due to its no-leak design, shock-absorbing protective guard, integral air bleeder valve, rugged steel casing, durable brass construction, and more.

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Joes Racing 32307 Tire Pressure Gauge

41E0StyEEBLNext up is the Joes Racing 32307 with an average customer rating of 4.6-Stars. It is the best tire pressure guage for current owners as this gauge features a bleed button for easily draining off excess pressure. With a simple push of the bleed button, you can accomplish such task, until you reach the desired pressure.

Unlike the previous products, this model boasts a 2-1/2-inch glow dial face, making the display larger by ½-inch. It also features a built-in gauge damper and a 17-inch flexible hose for utmost user convenience. The swivel fitting design allows you to seal the chuck easily to the tire valve.

Compared to other brands of tire pressure gauges, the Joes Racing 32307 is equipped with a chrome angle chuck and a ball chuck inside the package. These features ensure that you have the correct version, despite tight clearance applications. You can also change the thread on the ball and angle chuck quickly, even if you’re in a tight space.

Without a doubt, the Joes Racing 32307 is among the top-rated products because of its quality, construction, and accuracy. Consumers are satisfied with all these aspects, adding that the protective rubber case, chucks, and hose are all of excellent quality, considering that it is made in the United States.

When it comes to the overall accuracy of this gauge, consumers also indicate Joes Racing 32307 could be more accurate and more consistent than digital variants. It delivers similar results, even if you test the pressure over and over. It is, indeed, the best air pressure gauge for tires.

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Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Gauge

31VU9qK8RfLWith a 4.4-Star rating is the Accutire MS-4021B, which is a digital tire gauge. It boasts a large LCD display, providing easy-to-read and accurate readings ranging from 5 to 150 PSI within 0.5-pound increments. This tire pressure checker has an ergonomic design, including an angled head as well as an easy-grip handle with rubber coating.

It has a heavy duty construction that can withstand shifting around inside your toolbox or the glove compartment. There is also an automatic shut off feature, turning the gauge off once you forget to do so. Aside from the auto shut off feature, digital tire gauge reviews will also tell you that this product provides an extra-large and backlit display.

Hence, these features are much-loved by many owners of the Accutire MS-4021B. Besides the gauge, a replaceable battery is included that also captivates a lot of buyers as they consider such as a bonus.

Many feedbacks from customers also indicate that the Accutire MS-4021B works great with the amazing display that shows very readable readings of tire pressure. In spite its simplicity, it provides good and accurate reading at all times. Nonetheless, Accutire is surely a reliable brand under Measurement Ltd, which has been specializing in the designing and production of sensor-based products.

It is also an expert when it comes to ‘private label’ products intended for global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Hence, their reliable product lineup includes no less than the best tire pressure gauges, parking aids, distance measures, including luggage, kitchen postal, and more.

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Craftsman Programmable Tire Gauge

41ZmhNiwX3LFinally, the Craftsman Programmable Tire Gauge is also a digital model with an average rating of 4.6-Stars. This is the best tire pressure gauge with batteries included and bright LED display. This programmable digital gauge allows for accurate readings, ensuring you that your tires are at the ideal pressure.

It is also very user-friendly equipment, considering the convenience of the straight-push nozzle during operation. Its air bleed feature can measure the exact pressure, delivering a beep sound when the reading is complete. An ultra-large backlit display allows for easy reading in all conditions, even during dark situations.

Craftsman recognizes the importance of having the accurate tire pressure. Thus, it provides this model of only the best air pressure gauge for longer durability, safer driving, and fuel efficiency all at the same time. It is fast, easy to use and very accurate; thereby, it is a highly reliable option of completing the task.

With this tool, you can set the target pressure for your vehicle, as it has been designed for such task; thus, it is entirely programmable. The backlit display does its job very well, while functioning as a white LED flashlight simultaneously.

According to digital tire pressure gauge reviews, the Craftsman gauge is far much better than other brands. It does not require you to turn it on; instead, a simple push to the stem works its way through. The digits displayed are also larger than what others provide, while the beeping sound occurs when reading is stable.

This tire gauge is also capable of setting optimal pressure to back or front, and makes it effortless in releasing air. Overall, the Craftsman digital gauge may not be the cheapest option, but many owners of this equipment say they’ll buy it again due to the useful features, fast and accurate readings, including the trusted name behind it.

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Tire Gauge Buying Guide

Without a doubt, tire pressure gauge reviews can give you a good comparison between the reliable products and otherwise. But, in addition to such information, you still need to equip yourself, as a buyer of tire gauge, with more knowledge, surrounding this equipment. By acquiring as much information as possible, you’ll have higher chances of arriving at the most suitable product that meets your needs and requirements, including your available budget.

On that note, this section of the article provides you with essential information about the available types of tire pressure gages, things to consider when shopping, and many other vital references.

Basic Types

When it comes to tire gauges, there are basically three types that you can choose from. The types include the stick, dial, and digital variants. Based on the advice of experts, it is wise to pick a model with a wide measurement range, which is generally at 60 PSI, although there are some gauges that provide a range between 5 and 99 PSI. If you’re also buying through online dealers, it is sensible to check the shipping details and charges, ensuring a bargain deal.

  • Stick Gauge – A stick gauge resembles a ballpoint pen. It is simple to use and very portable due to its compact design. It is also very affordable, although most comments about this gauge type are related to the difficulty of interpretation, compared to digital gauge types.
  • Digital Gauge – A digital gauge, typically provides an electronic, and sometimes, a glow-in-the-dark LCD display. It resembles a pocket calculator that allows for easier reading than the stick gauge. Also, it is more damage-resistant than its counterpart, resisting dust and dirt simultaneously. It could be bulkier than the stick type and usually requires batteries, despite claims of the battery life can last for years.
  • Dial Gauge – A dial pressure guage features an analog dial and resembles a clock face. It also features a simple needle in indicating the pressure. Today, there are dial gauges that also feature a bleeder valve, extension hose, shock-resistant cover, dual-scale dial, and so on. It also allows for easy readings, although it can be bulkier than the previous variants, and may cost more.

Importance of Proper Inflation

Proper tire inflation is very important for all vehicles. This equates to longer tire life, including more safety, not just for the entire vehicle, but more so for the passengers. Having over-inflated and under-inflated tires will result in instant tire wear. Driving with such condition also results in the use of more fuel. So, a regular tire pressure check with a good tire gauge is undoubtedly crucial, before everything else worsens.

Features Worth-considering

Remember that not all tire pressure gauges are the same. Perhaps, you should consider your priorities or requirements so as to obtain the best model of tire gauge from the market. Nonetheless, there are major features that you should consider when shopping for such equipment. Below are important features you should be expecting from this device.

  • Long Hose – A long hose is worth-considering if you’re getting the dial type of gauge. This should be the most basic design of such gauge type. So, dial gauges with short hoses are never worth your money.
  • Convenient Display – Another thing to consider is a convenient display. The readings should be read easily any time of the day, despite poor lighting conditions too. Make sure that the face of the gauge allows for easy interpretation under all circumstances.
  • Reading Low PSI Increments Capacity – The best tire gauge can also be measured via its ability in reading low PSI increments. With this capacity, it can easily and accurately pinpoint the exact pressure level of your tires. Hence, it is a crucial feature.
  • Consumer Protection – For an additional safety measure, it is also important to look for consumer protection offers such as customer satisfaction guarantees and warranties. It is a great thing and worth-considering feature with such product, considering the confidence of the manufacturer or provider.
  • Accuracy – Of course, you can never assess the claims of manufacturers when it comes to the accuracy of tire gauges, unless you have tested it yourself. So, in this regard, look for the tested and proven effective items, while reading about reviews from different customers. It is also helpful to look for related certifications from concerned organizations.

Useful Tips

It is imperative to keep your tires correctly inflated, based on your car’s manufacturer’s recommendation. Hence, tire pressure is generally measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) or kilopascals (kPa). You can find this label usually inside your driver’s door frame, on the fuel tank flap, or in the glove box.

Checking the tire pressure is most effective when your tires are cold, not just after a sudden stop. It is highly recommended checking the pressure of your car when parked for at least three hours. Thus, it is always best to do the inspection, before leaving home or any of your destinations, especially when there’s a long drive ahead. Otherwise, you can always stop at the nearest gas station for such purpose.

A tire pressure gague is equally useful if your vehicle is loaded up. If you’re driving an RV or a trailer, for instance, it is strongly advised to inflate the tires to a higher pressure, considering the load that your vehicle is taking with it. But, then again, it is crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation, before doing so.


Over and above, there are variables that may affect your choice when choosing the available types and models of the best pressure gauge. Regardless your priorities and requirements, it is of utmost importance to pick one with high customer ratings as these products have been used and tested by actual consumers. Thus, you are relying on first-hand experiences.

It is always wise to stick to trusted manufacturers and providers, ensuring you of paramount efficiency and safety of their products. After all, buying the best car tire pressure gauge results in safer driving; longer tire life, safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

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