Best Tool Chest Reviews 2020

This comprehensive review will provide you with the best tool chests on the market that are especially demanded by all the handymen and do-it-yourself buddies everywhere. A tool chest may be very simple equipment for ordinary people, but contrary to that, it is essential for every tradesman out there.

Tool boxes or chests are special places in storing work supplies and tools, giving them a designated location not just for organization purposes, but also providing the tools and supplies with a protective space, while lengthening their efficiency all at the same time. Today, there are wide selections of such equipment available, ranging from the stationary to hand-carried, a rolling tool box, and so on.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the top rated tool boxes with their corresponding customer ratings, durability assessment, pros, affordability, and other information that will help you decide on which tool chest to purchase later on. In addition, this article also gives you a buying guideline, comparing between the types of tool boxes as well as the major considerations you need to take note, before placing your order online.

Best Tool Chest Reviews 2016

Stanley 020800R FatMax

41GRhV132BFLThe very first item on the list is the Stanley 020800R FatMax, which garners an average rating of 4.5-Stars. It is a 4-in-1 storage solution, including tool box part bins, oversized lower bin, and a portable tray. Its oversized lower bin has been designed for larger items, unlike other chests that offer the same small bins or compartments, not taking into consideration large tools and supplies.

The FatMax also boasts a patented tiered cantilever rolling system, allowing an easy and simultaneous access to all of its four storage compartments. This is the best rolling toolbox for many actual users, considering its very sturdy structural foam construction. It has a large latch in front that locks the whole unit, while its telescopic handle allows easy maneuvering.

Moreover, the FatMax offers additional large heavy-duty metal latch with a padlock. Its easy-latch system comes with a quick push-to-close design. Among its selling points is the ball-bearing slide that results in a smooth operation, making it a very reliable roller tool box.

This mobile work station is perfect for the storage and organization of tools and supplies, giving you a lot of storage options for a wide array of gears. Having removable dividers, you can customize or arrange the compartments, based on your tools so as to accommodate everything inside. Its lower bin also allows you to keep some of your power tools and other larger and heavy-duty items.

The Stanley 020800R FatMax is a convertible work station as its portability feature allows you to bring it anywhere. Besides its convenience, the V-groove track on top of its lid allows you to secure pipe, lumber, and other supplies for easy cutting and sawing. Indeed, this top rated tool box offers convenience, versatility, and durability to all tradesmen and professionals who want to stay organized in their job sites.

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BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box

41HKPvpvJaLGarnering an average rating of 4-Stars is the BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box. This 2-in-1 rolling workshop allows you to separate it in two different parts that results in a tool box with a drawer and ball-bearing slide, while the other portion is a bottom bin with drawer and ball-bearing slides.

This rolling tool cabinet features seven-inch full rubber wheels as well as heavy-duty ball-bearing slides that are attributed to its 70-pound load capacity. Hence, there is no questioning about the durability of the BOSTITCH BTST19802. After all, it is also a brand worth-considering and recognizable when it comes to wide ranges of equipment and tools.

In spite the nice touches found in this tool, BOSTITCH still made it as affordable as possible, which means great value for the price. This rolling tool box allows you to access your supplies and tools in a fuss. It provides a lower large tip out bin, small and medium drawers, and the main top box.

When separated in two, each part offers its own sealed top, plus a carry handle for optimum convenience. When compared to other rolling boxes, the BOSTITCH drawers result in smooth glides, while the drawer locks have been built-in to the handle. Thus, these designs allow you to simply grab, squeeze, or pull the handle. The top lid goes the same, lifting the latch will unlock and open it.

The height of the BOSTITCH BTST19802 is generally taller than most of the top tool boxes around. This extra height provides a top, convenient work surface, whether for temporary use or otherwise. All in all, it is a sensible choice when it comes to effective storage units.

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Seville Classics UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet

Meanwhile, the Seville Classics UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet receives a 4.3-Star average rating from customers. This rolling cabinet is made of steel and comes with 6 cushioned and lined drawers. It also features a heavy-duty hardwood top work surface, a chrome handle bar, and four solid 5-inch caster wheels (two of which have locking-designs).

Furthermore, the UltraHD boasts a 1-key-all-drawer locking system, helping to secure your supplies and tools at all times. Its stainless steel drawer fronts have powder-coated steel frame, ensuring both aesthetics and durability. Its 5-inch caster wheels allow you to drag it around very easily, instead of laboriously carrying your heavy tools by hand.

The swivel-type caster wheels also feature a locking system for added security and stability, while rolling the cabinet from one site to the other. For many actual users, the UltraHD is the best tool box for the money, considering all these impressive features, including the hardwood top, which comes in handy in cases that you need a side table.

The cabinet’s hardwood top also serves as an area for tools and tool holders, besides a work table as it can hold laptops, lamps, printer, grinder, and other heavy objects that you might need. Its overall sophisticated look does not compromise on quality and efficiency because this cabinet surely meets customer expectations.

Over and above, the Seville Classics UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet is very easy to assemble that even the first-timers can put the parts all together by going through the simple instructions. All the more, this top tool box has been designed not only to be effective, but also to ensure the safety of users and everyone else around.

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Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center

41DsyQKNkNLCertainly, Stanley is among the most reliable tool box brands on the market today. After the Stanley 020800R FatMax, its brother – the Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center deserves an average rating of 4.2-Stars. This 2-in-1 storage solution features an additional large toolbox, plus a storage bin, all packed with portability.

Stanley 018800R’s large bin is perfect for power tools, for level, and many other large tools and materials. For easy mobility, it also features large wheels. It has a slide down door, featuring an easy snap shut design for optimum use and convenience. Its handle allows you to fold it down, providing additional storage as well.

It has a portable tray, which is ideal for hand tools in its top storage compartment. This would be an excellent purchase for every professional and novice out there, providing you with a recognizable brand, yet with a reasonable price tag.

This work station measures at 17 inches long by 8 ½ inches wide and 6 inches deep for its top section, while the bottom portion measures at 17 inches long by 10 inches wide and 14 inches high. Its wise design and construction can last for years, making customers happy and impressed with this toolbox.

Aside from keeping hand tools with this storage solution, it can also be used for other purposes such as a costume compartment or a mini dresser during dance competitions, for instance. Hence, the Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center comes in handy not only for the tradesmen, but also for everyone who needs reliable and convenient rolling toolboxes.

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Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest

41cpjrUElsLLast, but definitely not the least is the Excel TB2105X-Blue 26-Inch Steel Top Chest. With an average rating of 4.5-Star, this top tool chest features 5 ball-bearing slide drawers that offer versatility and convenience simultaneously.

The Excel TB2105X also boasts a lid-activated internal locking bar, a top tray, recessed side handles, full-length aluminum drawer pulls, plus a blue-industrial powder coat finish. Its entire construction is made from cold rolled steel with features you will never see on more expensive storage solutions. The entire unit measures at 26 inches by 12 inches by 15.9 inches in dimensions.

Its 5-ball-bearing slide drawers can support up to a 50-pound capacity, while its powder-coated body can resist scratches for added durability. The recessed side handles have been designed for easy mobility of the entire chest. The lock has two keys, unlike other chests that offer a single key for all locks.

The Excel TB2105X could be the best mobile tool box that you’ve been looking for, considering a trusted manufacturer – the Excel International Inc., which has been in the business for several years now. Since 2003, Excel has been designing top-notch tool storage systems and servicing dozens of OEM and ODM consumers around the globe.

With Excel’s motto of “Total customer satisfaction”, you are rest assured that the TB2105X will accommodate your needs, ranging from the concept to the production, and the actual construction, Excel delivers its products every step of the way. Hence, the Excel TB2105X is not only the best tool boxes for mechanics, but also for every tradesman and professional worldwide.

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Tool Chest Buying Guide

Types of Tool Boxes/Chests

When it comes to the selection of tool boxes or chests, there are different types worth-considering, depending on your personal choice or the specific purpose of such equipment. After discussing the best rated tool boxes, it is now time to discuss the available types that you can choose from.

  • Stationary – A stationary tool chest is generally too large to easily move around. This type of toolbox usually has multiple cabinets, featuring drawers that can accommodate a wide array of small and big hand tools. Other choices could have wheels, although for limited mobility due to the size and weight. A stationary tool chest is ideal for a good-sized workshop or garage; thereby, such type of toolbox is found is repair shops such as an auto repair shop. It has a distinct construction that can take a lot of abuse, and are usually made of painted metal case, which can be dented, scratched, or damaged by chemicals.
  • Portable/Rolling – A portable or rolling toolbox allows the user to take it anywhere and move it about. Such type of tool chest generally consists of different tool boxes that are stacked on a rolling case, providing an easy-grip handle for a convenient maneuverability. Also referred to as a rolling tool cart, a portable tool chest has wheels with an open bottom chest for larger tools. This type of chest also features a shelf or tray, such as the reviewed products above. A portable tool chest is often constructed from hard-case molded plastic with a rugged design that can still take a lot of abuse, while maintaining a good appearance at the same time. The majority of plumbers, carpenters, and mechanics will appreciate the functionality and flexibility of such toolbox type.
  • Mobile/Truck-Mounted – A mobile or truck-mounted tool chest is usually found in beds of trucks or pickup trucks, while others are attached to the walls of vans. Unlike the portable or rolling type, this one is attached permanently along with the pickup or van. It also has locking cabinets for added security and the cabinet doors are sealed from unwanted elements. Mobile or truck-mounted chests are commonly used by welders, construction workers, mobile mechanics, and the like.
  • Hand-Carry – A hand-carry tool chest is very common for many homeowners and DIYers, giving them an effective storage solution during small, fix-it or repair jobs. A hand-carry toolbox is very easy to store in garages, basements, closets, and under workbenches too. However, this type can only accommodate small hand tools and supplies, although it may still offer multiple sections or compartments for screws, bolts, nuts, and other small tools.

Significance of a Tool Chest

As previously discussed, a tool chest comes in very handy for a wide variety of purposes, not just for the tradesmen, but also for ordinary individuals. Its significance generally applies to the following:

  • Having an organized and convenient location for tools and other gear
  • Having a safe and secure area when tools are not in use
  • Making tasks quicker due to organized materials and supplies
  • Making tasks more efficient, while saving time as well
  • Having an effective and protective storage space so as to reduce probable damages

Tool Chest Combination

The best toolbox will definitely have the best combination to accommodate your needs and preferences. Therefore, it is essential to think things through, considering the combinations and features that a tool chest offers you. The following are factors you need to consider, while shopping for a toolbox.

  • Size and Weight Capacity – The size of the toolbox is the very first consideration you must bear in mind. Choose a tool chest size that suits your needs, considering the extra space you’re willing to shed, and of course, the tools and supplies that will need such storage solution. The size is equivalent to the capacity as you’d want to keep things organized. So, identify the things that need a storage space or location, and from there, choose the size that fits best.
  • Type – Of course, the type of the toolbox matters throughout your purchase. You can choose between the stationary, portable or rolling, mobile or truck-mounted, and the hand-carry varieties. While choosing between the types, it is still essential to consider your space, if it’s limited or otherwise.
  • Number of Drawers – If you’re the type that prefers more drawers for better organization, then go for the model that offers multiple drawers. Having a good number of drawers will help you throughout the organization of your tools and materials, instead of a few compartments that will just let you dump everything and find it hard to find those small pieces.
  • Ball Bearing Slides – The ball-bearing slides have become necessities and highly essential to everyone who’s looking for an effective tool chest. Tool boxes with wheels such as the products above, are very flexible, offering you optimum mobility, especially when your task requires moving around and about.


Keep in mind that the best value tool chest will meet all your requirements and expectations. Every toolbox is more than just a storage solution and a protective area for your precious tools; regardless the level of your proficiency as an effective tool chest organizes, protects, and secures all parts and pieces of your arsenal.

Regardless whether you are a novice, professional, a DIYer, or related to large-scale construction projects, a tool chest is certainly a must-have. By considering the top-rated toolboxes in this article and keeping in mind the buying guideline, you are sure to arrive at the best tool chest, despite the unlimited choices on the market.

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