Best Top Carrier Reviews 2020

Roof boxes become very helpful equipment for car owners in so many ways. During vacations and getaways for instance, these automotive accessories provide an additional room for more gear and luggage, especially when the trunk is already full. This is more so for the more compact cars when some sports gears, golf clubs, tents, canoes, and bikes are needed to be brought along.

Having the best car top carrier will solve this dilemma, although factory luggage racks have specific ratings, usually range between 75 and 250 pounds. Checking and following the limit is also imperative so as to get the most efficient and useful top carrier for your vehicle.

So, without so much ado, here are the top 6 car top carrier reviews to help you choose the best cargo solution for your needs. Along with the product reviews is a comprehensive guideline for probable buyers of a top carrier, providing added information about this product.

Best Top Carrier Reviews 2016

Keeper 07203-1

51X6nqsBBILFirst up on the list is the Keeper 07203-1 with a space of 15 cubic feet and garners an average rating of 4.3-Stars. This cargo bag could be the ultimate cargo box storage solution you have been looking for. It is waterproof, keeping your cargo protected from rain, wind, sun, and road grit.

The Keeper cargo bag also features soft sides flex in order to accommodate different-shaped loads, hence, you can bring virtually everything that you want. The overall design allows you to fold the cargo bag into a compact size for easy storage when not in use.

Measuring at 44-inch x 34-inch x 17-inch in dimensions, this roof top cargo box has a rubber laminated nylon construction for ultimate durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions during travels and more. Its exclusive design can fit different roof racks that have 4-side attachment capabilities, although it can also be used otherwise. But, an added security is necessary if you are using less than the four-side attachments.

This roof luggage box is very easy to attach and detach at the same time, requiring minimal effort, thus, reducing user fatigue during the process. And, when it comes to customer feedbacks, the Keeper cargo bag has undoubtedly created a lot of happy customers.

It is a highly recommended product due to its easy installation that eliminates the fuss of strapping and re-situating. It also lives up to its waterproof design, provided that the zippered area is protected by the covering flap. Indeed, this car top cargo is able to hold a lot of assorted things, freeing the back or trunk of your car, which means more space and more convenient ride.

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Yakima SkyBox 21

31MmQY2BbRHLMeanwhile, the Yakima SkyBox 21 receives a 4.8-Star average customer rating. The Ski box claims to give room for everything, taking the biggest families ready for road tripping and out-of-town getaways. This equipment for your car or SUV is ideal for carrying gears for up to five members with its 21 cubic feet of additional space.

This Yakima cargo box also fits Yakima factory, round, square, and aerodynamic bars. With its built-in SKS Locking system, you are rest assured that all your gears are safe during long travels. It also boasts a new textured lid, which is part of the new evolution SkyBox series. It has a versatile, aerodynamic and sleek design, reducing both wind and drag noises simultaneously.

The integrated lid stiffeners provide rigidity, ensuring you of utmost durability like no other, while the SuperLatch technology adds further security. This Yakima roof box also features a quick-release mounting system that will fit most crossbars. Hence, there is no assembly required, allowing you to pack up everything and hit the road in no time.

Unlike other top carriers, the SkyBox requires no tool during installation and removal from your vehicle. For easier access on both sides of the vehicle, dual-sided openings are provided, giving you more convenience. In addition, the tapered design tends to reduce hatch interference.

Overall, the Yakima box is a carbonite roof box, featuring dimple-textured lid, which eliminates drag; thereby, reducing noise, while offering more stability at the same time. In spite its overall sleek look, this equipment is surely one of the best cargo solutions for big families or group of friends who are going camping, road tripping, and other outdoor adventures.

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SportRack SR7018

On the other hand, the SportRack SR7018 with a 4.5-Star rating features an ABS construction, claiming to be very durable, while resisting UV rays at the same time. The SportRack Vista XL has a rear opening, and perhaps, one of the cargo boxes with such feature, allowing easy access from traffic.

This roof cargo box provides a quick-release hardware that allows you to mount the system on and off quickly. A lock is also provided in securing the contents. As per customer reviews, this equipment certainly generated a lot of happy customers, saying that the box is huge, holding almost double of the user’s previous luggage.

The ease of use has also captivated several consumers as the mounting system is incredibly easy and quick. The locking mechanism, including the locking arms keeps the box in the open position, working fantastically when necessary. The removal goes the same way, letting the user detach the unit in less than five minutes, and store it away.

This could be the best rooftop cargo carrier, considering its reasonable price tag, while providing an unmatched quality and size. It warranties the price, in spite the availability of other brands. Certainly, the SportRack Vista can expand any vehicle’s space with its 18 cubic feet of additional storage room. It is perfect for a wide array of items, ranging from luggage to toys, sports gear, and more.

Besides the aerodynamic design, this top carrier mounts directly to most round crossbars, factory crossbars up to 4”D, including Thule square load bars. Weighing at only 42 pounds, this cargo box is capable of accommodating up to 110 pounds of weight capacity. In all, the SportRack Vista provides an on-the-go, convenient storage space for different adventures.

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WeatherTech 60001

41HNOpGsNKLIn addition to the list is the WeatherTech 60001 that can expand the cargo carrying capacity of up to 13 cubic feet. This 4.3-Star-rated RackSack Cargo Carrier is constructed from durable and water-repellent polyester material to ensure stability at all times. The soft felt bottom, on the other hand, tends to protect the paint and finish of your vehicle during installation and removal of the unit.

This rooftop box also includes a separate bag for easy and quick storage when not in use. There are swivel straps, which mount to the side rails of a current roof rack or crossbars, while the exclusive Roll-and-Wrap tabs tend to prevent the straps from flapping, especially when the vehicle is in motion. It has a total measurement of 39 inches x 32 inches x 18 inches in dimensions, while requiring consumers to use it in conjunction with a roof or cargo rack.

Similar to the previous cargo box reviews, the WeatherTech has also created a lot of positive customer feedback. On top of the manufacturer’s reputation, the product itself is really well-made, hence, making it a top choice for many buyers.

According to most reviews, the greatest quality of this equipment is mainly attributed to the product’s heavy material, strong zipper, double seams that are almost everywhere, and finally, the efficient and quick attachment system. Certainly, the WeatherTech RackSack Cargo Carrier could be the best roof cargo box for your needs, regardless how long your road trip may be or where you are headed.

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RoofBag Explorer

41BSR3yvvaLMoreover, the RoofBag Explorer receives a 4.6-Star rating and comes with a one-year warranty. It is made in the United States, featuring a waterproof design and is perfect for SUVs, vans, and any type of cars.

Unlike other cargo boxes, the RoofBag Explorer can work on bare roof, side rails, crossbars, or baskets with easy installation and easy to store design. The heavy duty construction also includes sturdy seatbelt-style straps in securing the carrier bag to any vehicle, at any speed. The size 11 fits a van, SUV, or any car, while the size 15 fits full-sized sedans, vans, and SUVs as well.

As per customer recommendations, the RoofBag Explorer is optimized by using some accessories like the protective mat for protecting the roof, while keeping the bag steady simultaneously. This 99% waterproof, large roof box is surely an exceptional weather-protection equipment, withstanding extreme temperatures, sun, rain, wind, sand, or snow.

The overall design will never peel, crack, or rip, unlike other items on the market. Furthermore, this top carrier for vehicles has polyester canvas that coats both sides, alongside a unique abrasion-resistant and waterproof vinyl material. It is entirely committed to safety and quality, while providing not only a waterproof cargo solution, but also toxic-free equipment as well.

The RoofBag Explorer kit includes the RoofBag Explorer Carrier, two straps for rack or without rack options, and an installation booklet. Indeed, the features and unique design of the Explorer could make it your best roof top carrier solution, in spite other offerings on the market.

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Thule Force Cargo Box

41elR5IFEjLFinally, the Thule Force Cargo Box is a 4.5-Star-rated item with a diamond-textured aerodynamic skin lid. This unique feature makes it the most durable Thule cargo box ever created, while the aerodynamic shape greatly helps in cutting through the air during vehicular motion.

Similar to most of the rooftop cargo box reviews, this one too, offers a tool-free installation. It provides a quick-grip mounting system that attaches the unit to the rack under five minutes. An oversized secure lock system ensures that the cargo is closed securely at all times. Moreover, a dual-side opening is perfect for loading and unloading items from either side of the car.

This Thule roof box model fits different Thule rack systems, most factory racks, and round bars. It is certainly a perfect combination of style and convenience in one box. Additionally, the winning combination of space and value results in a large interior capacity, while utilizing the exclusive AeroSkin technology that leads to aerodynamic and durable shape.

When compared to other items on the market, this car top box is highly recognized due to its diamond-textured aerodynamic skin lid technology by combining a feature-rich design, value, space, and convenience all at the same time. This dominant feature is attributed to the five-layer of sturdy ABS plastic, allowing the lid to withstand tough weather conditions, while reducing noise simultaneously. Hence, the overall design is very successful with extreme rack compatibility that results in effortless configurations. All this makes the Thule Force Cargo Box the best cargo carrier for many actual users.

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Top Carrier Buying Guide

Without a doubt, rooftop cargo carrier reviews are useful components for any buyer of such equipment. However, there are more things to consider when shopping for these top carriers for vehicles. With that said, below is an additional guideline, providing you with more information, ranging from the types of cargo boxes to the features and factors to consider when buying.

Types of Top Carriers

There are different types of roof cargo boxes and top carriers that you can choose from. The following are the most basic types together with their brief descriptions and advantages over one another.

  • Top Carrier Bags – These types of top carriers are very easy to install, requiring you to just attach the straps to the existing rack over the carrier. Once finished, top carrier bags are also easy and quick to unfold and store away. However, these bags must be packed full so that the material will not flap in the wind. A key feature to look for when it comes to top carrier bags is the material used or construction. A high quality choice would be one that is made of polyester material with UV-resistant ability. Dual-layered materials are also perfect options, alongside a vinyl to support water resistance. Bags with durable and urethane-coated zippers as well as liner systems are top picks as well.
  • Top Carrier Baskets – Meanwhile, top carrier baskets also offer a sturdy structure in lifting gear off the rooftop of your vehicle. These baskets usually offer a solid base with sidewalls. Pairing a top carrier basket with a bag would be a great setup for added flexibility.
  • Top Carrier Boxes – Perhaps, car top boxes are the most widely-used types of top carriers, although they typically require a luggage rack with a bar system. Generally, it is the most expensive option of all the storage solutions, but is said to be the most durable, versatile, and efficient.
  • Car Back Carrier – Primarily, this cargo box solution does not fall under the top carrier category, although it is the newest addition to such equipment. It is not a top carrier for vehicles because it hangs from the steel rack hooks or luggage rack at the back of vans, wagons, and SUVs. It is also easy to load with minimal lifting and without aerodynamic drag.

Factors to Consider

When looking for the best roof boxes, there are other factors that you need to consider. While the brand plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and durability, small features and other designs equally contribute to the overall performance and efficiency of such equipment.

  • Total Volume – The total volume is equal to the total capacity or the space of the box or bag. The volume is usually measured in ‘cubic feet’ and will help you in narrowing the available choices. For instance, a 12-cubic feet carrier bag would be enough for a couple who are going skiing, while a box with 18 to 21 cubic feet of space will be perfect for a family of five members.
  • Height – The height is usually an issue when it comes to clearance. Figuring out the amount of overhead clearance is essential for some buyers. For example, large SUVs will never fit into a 7-foot-high conventional garage with a high-clearance carrier top; thereby, it is important to determine such option, especially if there are no plans of detaching the cargo box instantly.
  • Length – The length is also a major factor to consider when shopping for the best car roof box. The length of the box should be considered alongside the length of the vehicle or the roof. This is most important with small cars like hatchbacks, wagons and mini vans. A perfect fit should still allow the rear door to open completely.
  • Width – The width of the cargo box is imperative to specific items such as carrying a bike beside the box, a canoe, kayak, and so on.
  • Installation or Attachment System – When looking for such equipment on the market, also consider the ease of use. This is largely attributed to the installation process or the attachment system it requires. Certainly, each model of roof rack cargo box varies from one model to the other, and choosing one with an intuitive attachment system will be the best choice. The Yakima and Thule models are known to have the most convenient attachment and hinging systems.
  • Dual-opening Options – Getting one with a dual-opening design will also give you the utmost convenience when it comes to accessing your luggage, instead of going around your vehicle just to reach the single opening, or reaching across the entire roof.
  • Finish – Every car top cargo box boasts different finishes. There are matte-finished options with dimpled, cross-hatched texture, or pebbled texture that is generally cheaper. On the other hand, acrylic-capped boxes provide a glossier finish and a clear-coat look, which are pricier than the former kinds of finishes.
  • Shape – The shape of top carriers may be overlooked by most probable buyers. Keep in mind that the shape plays a crucial role in the overall aerodynamic capability of the equipment. By choosing the perfect shape, you will likewise enjoy the cargo’s maximum aerodynamic ability, saving you money on gas, while reducing road noise at the same time. Take note that most shapes of top carriers have been designed for the human element, and are not likely the most aerodynamic shapes.
  • Vehicle – In addition, considering the type of vehicle that you have is equally essential throughout the process. If you have a small car, perhaps, going for a box with 16 cubic feet of space or smaller would be sensible. For larger vehicles like trucks, minivans or SUVs, you might want to choose a larger one of more than 16 cubic feet of space.

Special Features

The dual-opening option of a car cargo box is undoubtedly an impressive and useful feature, reducing a lot of hassles and stress, especially during long trips. Today, some models also feature unique and easy-to-access boxes that usually have stiff lids like the Thule cargo boxes. Convenient latch handles are also provided by other brands like the SkyBox from Yakima, allowing you to simply pop the box open.


In a nutshell, you will arrive at the best cargo box as long as you take note of the buying guideline provided in this article, keeping in mind all the factors that will affect your buying decision. Also, the reviewed products provided are worthy to consider as each of the equipment has high customer ratings and comes from reputable manufacturers.

As a probable buyer, you are fortunate enough as there are wide selections of top carrier products on the market, offering top-notch quality with useful designs and effective technologies, giving you no less the best rooftop cargo box solution.

All in all, having the largest rooftop cargo carrier will provide the largest space to accommodate luggage, sports gears, and more, allowing you to enjoy adventure and getaways with friends and families, and even pets, without sacrificing the seating capacity of your vehicle, while withstanding extreme weather conditions all at the same time.

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