Best Towable Tubes Reviews 2020

Best tubes for boats are everywhere, giving you more reasons to enjoy your trip by the sea. However, the selection also requires careful evaluation since not all construct of towable tubes are high quality. You could not always be certain that the towa­­bles will last longer unless you found out more about its made, material, and added features.

They would also largely depend on your personal preferences. For instance, you simply need to set up a lounge in large perimeter of water. Moreover, you may prefer smaller towable tubes than those that can accommodate more persons.

Best Towable Tube Review

Airhead AHGF-3 G-Force Towable Tube­­

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The product is one of the best boat towables. It can accommodate up to three riders. It is designed with fins for extra stabilization, making the ride more enjoyable and longer.

Airhead AHGF-3 G-Force aims to go beyond the standard of gravity center. It resists tipping easily, making it ideal for friends and family. The handles of the towable tube are made from nylon material ensuring extra comfort.

This protective feature even has knuckle guards out of neoprene, guaranteeing long-lasting use without compromising the comfort. Besides the added features for protection and longer ride, the towable tube also has nylon-wrapped PVC bladder with 30 gauges. Moreover, it has a Kwik-Connect feature for security and easy towing with rope.

When deflated, the towable tube has a size of 78 inches by 75 inches. It is very convenient to use since it also allows faster hook-up of rope. You could try it to give friends, families, and kids a great ride.

Airhead AHGF-3 G-Force is also described a very low profile towable tube. Whenever you slow down your speed, you will put your riders closer to water, giving a more feel to the speed of the tube.


  • Thrilling yet comfortable ride
  • Stabilized with fins
  • You can kneel, stand, or lie on the tube
  • Ideal for kids
  • Pulls easily


  • Reports of waterlogging

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SportsStuff 53-1329 Towable Tube

This is also called as the Big Bertha inflatable tube. The product could be your best towable tube if you are looking for a four-ride type. Despite its larger size, it could still provide a single rider a fulfilling experience.

SportsStuff 53-1329 has a 68-inch diameter, giving convenience and ample space for the riders. This is why you could choose whether to give one, two, three, or four people a ride at a time.

Compared to its counterparts, the product could be considered larger. It is relatively an update given its added top-of-the-line features. Primarily, it has a Quick Connect feature that makes the towing process easier.

Moreover, it has new air cushioned floor for more comfort to ride. Its handles are also cushioned but resist slips. It will allow for extra grip given its padded knuckle guards.

SportsStuff 53-1329 could be regarded as a fully loaded and heavy duty choice. It may be a classical towable tube, but it may give the smoothest ride for your friends and relatives. Besides relaxation, it is also usable for fun in the lake or pool.


  • Partial nylon cover
  • Air cushioned floor
  • Easy to install tow ring
  • Very sturdy
  • Prevents excessive fall


  • Requires longer air pumping

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O’Brien Super Screamer Towable Tube


The towable tube is one of the many products under the brand. It is part of the Screamer family that is known for its quality and affordability. The construction of this item has undergone rigorous testing to attest its long-lasting use.

O’Brien Super Screamer has a diameter of 70 inches. It is also made with PVC bladder having 26 gauges. This PVC material is wrapped with 420D nylon material for added protection.

The towable tube could take in up to two riders. It also has a Quick Connect tow hook for easier preparation of the ride. Besides, it has a Boston valve for easier rope connection.

The six handles of O’Brien Super Screamer are added with protection since it has EVA knuckle guards. Riders would find it easier to stabilize their positions. Moreover, the towable tube has three dividers in its interior, which avoid sudden deflation due to stress.

Since it has a low profile, even kids will love the towable tube. Even they get ejected from the tube; they will find it easier to return to their positions.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Good grip for riders
  • Eliminates the cut-out style center
  • Easy to climb up on
  • Provides ample space for two riders


  • Handles are placed too far from the back

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Rave Sports 02322 Towable Tube

It is a round-shaped towable tube that can accommodate up to two riders. For each person, the weight limit is 340 pounds. This only shows that it is durable enough to carry even the heaviest riders you have.

Rave Sports 02322 features quality construction that will last longer than its counterparts. Moreover, its four handles with extra grip feature are covered with neoprene material for protection. These handles even have knuckle guards for added convenience.

In any depth of waters, riders will find it easy to climb onto the towable tube. This is proven by its low profile design. Moreover, Rave Sports 02322 has a PVC bladder resistant to ultraviolet rays.

The heavy duty and 24-gauge PVC structure of the towable tube is even paired with durable nylon cover with 420 deniers. In as short as five minutes, you could set up the tub for use.

Besides its viewable design, the bottom material of the towable tube is perfected to catch mere amount of air off the wake side. This also supports the optimal speed of the ride.


  • Inflates in a few minutes
  • Has a low profile
  • Material is proven durable
  • Safe for kids
  • Cost-effective


  • May be too small for adults

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WOW Sports 14-1060 Towable Tube


This is also termed as the Bingo 2 towable tube from WOW Sports. It is specifically designed for friends and families. It is made to accommodate two riders at the maximum.

Compared to any towable tube available on the market, WOW Sports 14-1060 is the distinct one with front and back reinforced tow points. This means people could ride on it in the chariot way or seating position. It could either be for fun or extreme experience.

The towable tube makes it more manageable to change the tow points even during the ride. It comes with 11-inch 4K EZ tow connector. Added security is also guaranteed by the deep seating at the cockpit of the tube.

The seating area of the riders even has a high backrest. Less drag is given to the boat since it has a drop speed bottom feature. This allows for a smooth glide on the water.

Since speed is regulated without the pressure, you could save more gas. Quick inflation and deflation are also assured by the towable tube since it features PVC bladders made of heavy-duty and durable material. For more comfort while seating, WOW Sports 14-1060 tube is designed with EVA foam cushioning.


  • Deep cockpit seating style
  • Well sewn handles
  • Stays inflated for long
  • May be used by kids and adults
  • Has back support


  • Very bouncy ride

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Types of Towable Tubes

There are also different types of towable tube for boating. This is among the primary considerations you have to make. Most of the time, towable tubes vary in style or made.

  • Round Donut Towable Tube – This is considered as the classical style of its kind. It is generally inflatable and from the name itself, it takes in the shape of a donut. The hole of the donut could either be covered partially or completely.

Generally, round donut towable tubes could only accommodate a single person. The newer models today are upgraded and could hold more people. You would find the round donut towable tube distinctive since it has a higher gravity center and small footprint.

It is prone to tipping, but could reach the wake more easily than its counterparts, particularly at larger sizes. The type of towable is best used for teens and adults since its center may be too big for kids.

  • Ride-In Towable Tube – This towable tube is designed for one to four rides at a time. It could be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. Most of the time, it mimics the style of a boat.

Instead of laying or sitting on its center, the ride-in tube requires rides to sit down. It is ideal for individuals who want to stay dry and convenient while riding the tube.

  • Ride-On Towable Tube – If there is a ride-in towable tube, you also have the ride-on type. The category is found in different sizes and shapes. In most cases, this is called the banana boat.

You would find it in an elongated shape. It could also carry more than four riders. The maximum number it can accommodate is 12.

Many resorts prefer to have this type of ride since families enjoy it most. However, you would always notice that it gets tip easily due to increased gravity center.

  • Deck Towable Tube – This type usually takes in the D-shape style. It could carry four rides at the maximum. Compared to other tubes, it could cross wakes perfectly.

It also allows the riders to stay close to the water, making the experience more enjoyable. It could also tip easily whenever the tub turns or bumps into something. Many teens and adults would love riding this tube since it provides the challenge of staying on top.

  • Rocker Towable Tube – This is one of the latest releases. It is a perfected design that has sides or wings. The tube keeps the riders from water.

The towable tube is obviously more stable as well. It will not flip easily regardless of bumps or whip turns.

  • Concept Towable Tube – If you want the most thrilling experience on water, this is a towable tube to look for. It could give a unique experience similar to rolling and flying but on water. Usually, it could carry only up to two riders.

It is a warning that riding this tube will somehow make you sick due to excessive spinning, particularly if it is your first time.

What to Look For When Buying

The water tubes for boating are available almost anywhere, which makes the selection more confusing. In order to get the most fulfilling experience while riding a towable tube, you need to find a high-quality product. There are certain considerations you must take regard of, such as the following:

  • Family-Friendly – There is nothing better than looking for a towable tube that your family could enjoy. Alternatively, if you a beach resort owner, you may prefer this as well for your guests. Towables are best used if both families and children will enjoy it.

Compared to the others towable tubes of professionals, family-friendly varieties are easier to use, more stable, and safer at the same time. You will notice it in the design. These come in wider dimensions and deeper center for comfortable seating.

Moreover, these are towable tubes that at times feature inner-tube for several riders. Family-friendly tubes are also ideal for more relaxing rides. Although this aspect is not applicable for extreme water sports, it could still comply with considerable acceleration and speed standards.

  • Voltage Requirement for Inflatables – If you will buy an inflatable towable tube, you need one that could run on 12 volts. It is probable that if you found a product requiring more than the standard, you will have to find a plug outside your house.
  • Inflatable and Deflatable – In buying an inflatable towable tube, it is imperative to look for a product that deflates. This is an advantage if you will not need a ride frequently. Moreover, it is easier to store a deflated towable tube, especially if it has a larger size.
  • Choose a Durable Material – Towable tubes have different materials. You must select one that will last longer despite frequent use. Commonly used artificial fibers are neoprene, nylon, and polyester.

If you would prefer a time-tested material, you must select polyester. For extra comfort, you may have to settle with neoprene. However, this material is the most expensive you could find.

  • Get the Right Rope Length – The ropes for the towable tubes also matter. This is largely dependent on the number of riders you will accommodate. Generally, the ropes must be in 50 to 65 feet.
  • Understand High-Performance Towables – Not all high-performance towables are ideal for families. This requires skills and experience in riding the tube. There are cases that riders may feel because of too much movement while on the tube.

However, if you insist on getting one, verify the ability, size, and confidence of your riders first.

Using/ Safety Tips

Even the best towables should be used with care. Proper utilization of the device will not only focus on lengthening the lifespan of the towable, but also on getting the most out of its advantages for your riders. The more effective you use it, the more enjoyable the ride of your guests will be.

  • Read the Instructions and Warnings – It is imperative to read the manual beforehand for every product may vary in specifications and requirements before use. Consideration of the warning indicators is also crucial. The safety precautions include the number of people the tube can accommodate, the weight of each ride, age limit, and speed restrictions among others.
  • Inflate Fully – In inflating the towable tube, you must ensure that there are no wrinkles left on its cover. By doing so, you could guarantee that the ride will remain firm and more stable when used. You can check the firmness of the device by letting an adult stand on it.

Once tried, the towable tube must not sink even an inch. You must use a good pump to inflate it properly. Remember, even the healthiest lungs will not be able to blow up the entire tube, especially if it has a larger size.

  • Find the Right Water Space – You must find the right area for towing the tube. If you want the best experience, you should allow at least 100 feet allowance on both sides of the boat. The front must have a minimum space of 3,000 feet.
  • Do Not Forget a Hand Pump – Although you have inflated the towable tube firmly, you must not forget a hand pump to bring. This is essential when the ride becomes a bit soft. Poor inflation may cause extra stress on the tube, rope, and cover.

There are cases that pulling under-inflated towable tube results to rupture and displacement. Even nylon material could tear up easily. Never compromise the safety of your riders.

  • Leaving the Towable Tube Unattended – If you will leave the towable tube under the sun, you should not let it be exposed to UV rays for too long. It is best to deflate it first. Find a shaded area to store it as well.
  • Always Check Boat Traffic – If you are the driver of the boat, do not recklessly drive side-by-side with another boat. It is best to let the fleet pass before you. The other driver may not be seeing the tube you are dragging behind, resulting to accidents.
  • Slow Down When Possible – It is not necessary to pull the ride at a fast speed. Take caution in doing so. Excessive manoeuver of the boat could cause injury to the riders, especially if they are sitting instead of lying with their stomach facing down.
  • Study the Route – Before you begin dragging the tube for a ride, you should be aware of your route properly. You must study possible obstacles around.


For your easier selection, the most recommended of all the best towable tubes out of all reviewed is the O’Brien Super Screamer Towable Tube. It has everything you need – convenience of riders, comfort in usage, safety, and easy installation in one. Though its handle feature may somehow have a positioning flaw for others, it does not compromise the ride experience or the people’s protection.

The possibility of you checking out another product is high, and you are free to do so. Simply follow the guidelines in selecting the most suitable towable tube for your purpose. Do not be caught up with promises of low upfront cost without guarantee of high performance in the end.

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