Best Trunk Bike Rack Reviews 2020

There are tons of equipment that you can include in your car and one of them is the car trunk rack. This is a convenient way of carrying your bicycle anywhere you would like to go.

This equipment can be mounted directly on your trunk or be padded on all sides of the car.  There are different kinds of styles and designs that you could choose from.

To make it easier for you to choose which one will be a perfect pick for your car, this buying guide provides the top-rated trunk bike rack.

Best Trunk Bike Rack Review

Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack


The Allen Sports 2 is considered as the best bike rack for a car since it is one of the bestsellers in the market. The design of this trunk rack goes well with most of the sedan cars. Not only that, even minivans and SUV’s benefit from its convenience.

As a manufacturer, Allen Sports has started making back racks in the 90’s. Since then, they have become one of the biggest manufacturing company in its league. The Allen Sports 2 is perfect for many car types and may be considered as one best bike rack for SUV.

The design is very straightforward and is light so even beginners will find it easy to use. Even though it is so simple, you will not have a problem regarding its stability and durability. In fact, this characterizes most of Allen Sports products. They have a minimalistic design, but they can deliver outstanding performance.

Another important feature that you can find in it is its own tie-down. It ensures the safety and protection of your vehicle while you are traveling. Even if you come across bumpy roads, your bike will still be fastened securely because of the provided tie-downs.

This best trunk mounted bike racks are created with a full lower frame to keep the bike at a certain distance from the car. This is an important factor because it can cause scratches on your vehicle. The full frame also provides delicate care and protection to the components of the bike.

When you buy this product, it comes with a frustration-free packaging. It is also already assembled, so all you need to do is to mount it directly on your trunk. Setting it up only takes seconds of your time.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R ,...
23,003 Reviews

Tyger Auto Deluxe Black 1


The TYGER Deluxe is also known to be one best bike rack for hatchback because of its longer safety straps. If you are looking for a bike rack that you can trust, then keep this as one of your options.

It only weighs 8 pounds and measures 15 x 10 x 10 inches. These specifications make it very compatible with hatchbacks as well as with minivans. Even SUV’s can work well with this Tyger Auto Deluxe.

You must remember that vehicles with rear spoilers are not included in the list of compatible vehicles with this product. Aside from this, this trunk bike rack is perfect for single back inclusion. Like another bike rack in the market, it is also equipped with a full framework.

The construction of this best trunk bike rack is very sturdy. It ensures longevity even with frequent use. The cradles are made to be individually soft for protection and security. Aside from this, it is coated with E-black for utmost resistance to rust and corrosion.

The hitch back rack reviews show that Tyger Auto Deluxe has received several recommendations from the users. They like its foldable feature when not in use.

There are a lot more of remarkable features of this bike carrier that makes it one of the top-rated tracks in the market. You will also notice that the design is unique compared to other brands in the market.

The good news is that it is offered at such a reasonable price so everyone can readily avail this trunk bike rack without breaking their bank. The folded arms are also one of the features that distinguish it from other brands.

Clearly, Tyger Auto Deluxe is the exact product when it comes to portability and availability. Nothing is easier to carry around than this best bike rack for the car.

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount...
1,308 Reviews
Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black 1-Bike Trunk Mount...
  • 100% assembled. Fits most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and...
  • One bike capacity (Max 25KG or 55LB) with sturdy and handy...
  • Individual soft cradles made to protect your bike frame and...

Saris 805 Bones Bike Trunk


The Saris 805 Bones Bike Trunk is the best hitch bike rack that can utilize the contact to the bumper for added support and stability. You have an option to adjust it to make it fit for your vehicle.

The Saris 805 Bones holds the bike is through the top tube. This is the reason why it can have a direct contact with the frame. This is best for mounting rough road bikes and other mountain bikes. To make it convenient, it is designed to carry two bikes.

It has a total weight of 70 pounds and can hold bikes as securely as possible. There are three plastic-made straps that can be used to clamp the bicycles right on top of the top tube as well as on the seat tube.

It is compatible with bikes with a triangular front design. However, you must be cautious in using it off-road. The same goes to other manufacturers of trunk bike racks. The speed of your car should not go beyond 65mph to ensure your bike’s safety.

The main body is where the three straps are fastened. Each of the straps contains a hook as well as a cam lock for double protection mechanism. However, you must keep in mind that centering the trunk bike rack will not be easy.

Saris 805 Bones Bike Trunk for sedans is recommended for frequent short travels. Don’t be too lax with your security because its security features are not that reliable to prevent theft.

Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack, 2 Bikes , Black
3,083 Reviews
Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack, 2 Bikes , Black
  • MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER RACK: Awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars from...
  • ARC-BASED DESIGN: Fits over most spoilers and separates...
  • STRONG: Injection-molded arms and legs are the strongest on...

Hollywood Rack Express


The Hollywood Rack Express is known to deliver precise and outstanding solutions to your needs when it comes to carrying your bikes. These best trunks mounted bike racks are perfect for carrying two bikes.

If you have a small body type of car, then this is the right pick for you. Once purchased, it will come fully assembled, so you don’t need to do it yourself. The rack comes with tie-down straps for easy securing of the bike to the trunk.

Your car would be protected from scratches because there are soft rubber cradles included in the rack. You can also adjust the hubs based on the size of the bike. The hubs are also very easy to change.

The Velcro straps are very sturdy and do not wear out even with frequent use. Aside from this, you can fold it easily for easier storage.

Many of the users from bike rack reviews noted that it is easy to carry because it is lightweight and compact. Hollywood Rack Express is also very easy to distinguish the correct angle for your bike when storing them on the rack. Most customers haven’t encountered problems during the test runs which means that the product is reliable.

Some of the users of this bike rack noted that the straps are very useful in keeping the bike tightly secured. They recommend it for people who are looking for stronger straps that can survive heavy loads. Try this great product today and feel the convenience of having a great bike rack for your trips.

Hollywood Racks Express 2 Two Bike Trunk Rack (Black)
1,189 Reviews
Hollywood Racks Express 2 Two Bike Trunk Rack (Black)
  • Rubber bike cradles and EPDM rubber straps hold up to 2...
  • Comes fully pre-assembled; Folds flat for easy storage in...
  • Max Capacity: 35lbs per bike; Not to be used for E-Bikes

Swagman Bicycle Carriers XC Cross Country


The Swagman XC is the best hitch bike rack both for adults and for children’s bikes. It can also accommodate suspension bikes and BMW bikes. You will find it very easy to use with almost any type of bike designs.

It can carry two bikes at once and four bikes when used with another module. The good thing about this rack is that the seat can be adjusted based on the size of the motorcycle.

The frame grip arms are equipped with soft cradles which are friendly to your car’s coating. After using it, you can fold it up for easy storage. Compared to all bike racks in the market, the Swagman XC contains the widest array of bike frames.

It can fit a hitch receiver measuring 1- 1/4 to 2 inches. It can sustain a bike as heavy as 35 lbs. Aside from this, the center arm can be folded down to have access to the rear-to-vehicle without the need to remove the rack from its place.

Most of the users noted that the hitch is very easy and straightforward to use. The screw-in-pin inclusion makes it more convenient than ever. It is mainly used to tighten the screw of the bike against the rack, thus minimizing the chance of falling.

Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black, 2-Inch Receiver
4,358 Reviews
Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black, 2-Inch Receiver
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & USE: Only takes a few minutes to assemble...
  • KEEPS YOUR BIKE STABLE: Sturdy design includes a built in...
  • SAVES YOU STORAGE SPACE: Rack folds easily in to compact...

Best Truck Bike Rack Buying Guide

Best Trunk Bike Rack Reviews 2016 – 2017 1

There are times when it is necessary to use your car to transport your bike when going biking. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to get a bike rack for you and your family.

Choosing a Bike Rack

The first question that you need to ask yourself is how often you do need your bike to be transported. Another important issue is the type and number of bikes you need to carry with you on your trip.

Another good thing to consider is the method you will employ to carry your bike. Does your car have a receiver hitch? Are you going to bring other equipment as well?

Bikes in the market vary in size, shape, design, and cost. These are the things that you should consider when planning to buy one. You also need to be practical; it is recommended to purchase a trunk bike rack that will suit your requirements and will be easy to use.

Different Types of Bike Racks

There are three major types of bike racks namely; hitch-mounted, roof-mounted, and strap-mounted. Each has unique features and attributes about the other. Always consider that determining what you need is the first step in getting the right bike racks for you.

1) Hitch Mounted Racks – This type of frame is used by connecting it to a 1 ¼ or 2 inches hitch that is already attached to your car. Most of the time, they are available with a higher price tag, but you will observe how easy to install bikes using this one.

This hitch mounted rack functions by locking the bike to the rack and vice versa. You can even do the one-hand fitting as one of its remarkable designs. If you would like access to the boot, then hinged load sections are recommended.

Best Trunk Bike Rack Reviews 2016 – 2017 2

The more features it has the higher its cost. You might also need a hitch for your car which will add up to your expenses. This type of rack also holds the bicycles on its wheels rather than by its arm. Say goodbye to a hassle bike-carrying experience. You can also opt to bring up to two bikes if you like.

One of the good points of hitch mounted racks is that it is usually robust and durable. Loading and unloading the bike will also be simple and without complications. You can also be assured that your bike will not damage the surface of your car.

2) Roof Mounted Racks – They are commonly equipped with feet that can be attached directly to the ceiling of your car. There are also cross bars where you can attach the accessories.

There are types which require the removal of the front wheel. Several others, however, allow for both wheels to remain intact. The first type helps in keeping the bike lower. It is also very simple to load.

On the other hand, the type that allows for both wheels to stay in place makes the bike higher. Aside from this, they often cost more than the other ordinary racks on the market. One of its weaknesses is its stability.

There are also some types that do not longer require a base bar set up because of their suction cups. Other types provide attachment to the car’s factory instead of an on-the-roof type of rack.

They are non-permanent solutions for your travel with bikes. They are indeed very versatile boots and useful for many applications. You can attach other sports-related equipment with this rack. You can also carry kayaks and surf boards together with your bike.

Another benefit that you can get from it is that you can securely bring up to two bikes without the fear of dropping them while you drive. Just make sure they are fastened securely. It is avoidable that you will pass by bumpy and ragged roads.

This type of rack is very versatile for all kinds of gear hauling. If you are very particular with security, then you should go for this one.  You don’t need to be worried that your bike might fall off because it is well-supported.

There might be factory installed towers as well as mounting points. This can transport bikes, boats, skis, and snowboards. Lockable mounts are also readily available. Your bike won’t surely sway when attached to this rack.

Best Trunk Bike Rack Reviews 2016 – 2017 3

3) Trunk Mounted Racks – This is one of the most cost-effective options to carry your bikes. The main thing that is being used to hold the bicycle is the strap. The number of straps and the material of the belt vary across different brands.

Some are made of nylon, and some are made of cloth. They hood around the trunk’s lip or bumper. In fact, this is one of the priority features that are taken into consideration by potential customers.

You can adjust them quickly so it is easy for it to fit almost all types of cars. The one gripping the car is called the rubber feet. The entire bike is fastened secured, maintaining stability all throughout out the trip.

Other than your budget considerations, you should also check if the straps and hooks fit your bike. If not, damages might occur. It can even lead to damages to the paintjob of your car. You should remember that they can’t go too loose or too tight.

This particular type is also very portable. Carrying it around will never be a problem. You only need to do moderate lifting to put out your bike. It is also very easy to transfer between vehicles. The best thing about it is that it can be removed from your car.

Best Trunk Bike Rack Reviews 2016 – 2017 4

Since the straps are removable, you can attach it and detach it whenever you need to carry a bike. It doesn’t need to be necessarily on your trunk if you don’t have a bike to attach on it.


It is probably frustrating to choose the best bike rack for car type that you have. To make it easier for you, you should take note of the recommendations in this buying guide. The models stated in this handbook are the top racks in the market.

You should realize the importance of these trunk bike racks especially when transporting your bike from one place to another. It makes it more convenient and less stressful on your part.

The Swagman Bicycle XC is one of the top options because of its versatility. It can work for many bike designs and sizes.

Your biking experience will never be the same again with this acceptable trunk bike carrier. Now, you can enjoy riding in nay place you would like to as long as you have a solid bike rack with you.

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