Best Wader Reviews 2016-2017

If you want a great fishing and wetland hunting experience, you should invest on the best waders because this clothing can make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort level.

These waders are important because it allows you to get into the streams and even marshlands so you can gain access to fishing spots. This piece of clothing will provide protection thus enabling you to get in and out of the water safely.

The majority of these are made from materials which are breathable or neoprene to suit the weather for different seasons. They’ll keep you warm particularly when you’re in cold water to prevent hypothermia.

Best Wader Review

Hodgman Mackenzie Wader


When buying a Hodgman Mackenzie wader you don’t have to break your bank because when compared to other best fishing waders, it cost significantly less but it still is an excellent pair of boot foot waders.

This wader is built using dynamic, heavy denier nylon which is covered with PVC. That material ensures that you and your clothing will stay dry inside because it prevents the water from seeping through the fabric. It has an inner pocket where you can put your devices and other accessories where it will be kept dry throughout the activity.

It comes with an adjustable suspender that you can easily adjust because of its simple on and off fasteners. You can modify its size to fit the built of your body. In addition, this one comes with boots which are made from lightweight PVC material with cleated outsoles making it very ideal for the slick terrain.

Compared to others that are made from rubber, the Hodgman is about 35% lighter hence it is easier for you to traverse through water and other wet terrains minus the unnecessary weight. This will allow you to walk long distances without feeling quick exhaustion.

The Hodgman is one of the top-selling best waders for fishing because of its affordable price. The majority of people who have tried this clothing are satisfied. Users find this one more flexible and experience less chafing in comparison to those made from rubber.

If you are a beginner or you don’t necessarily spend too much time fishing, the Hodgman Mackenzie wader. It will give you the protection you need without the high price associated with other wader brands.

Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Cleated Bootfoot Chest...
9 Reviews
Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Cleated Bootfoot Chest...
  • Lightweight bootfoot chest fishing waders weigh 35% less...
  • More flexibility and less chafing than rubber waders
  • Tough nylon shell fabric effectively seals out water

Redington Crosswater Wader


If you check-out a chest wader review, you can definitely find the Redington Crosswater. It is an entry level product made from polyester, a breathable and lightweight material. On top of the 3-layered polyester, the wader is covered with DWR or durable water repellent.

The DWR is base treated with fluoropolymer which makes the fabric to water. This type of covering converts liquid droplets to bead so it can roll off the exterior of the wader thus this product is 100% waterproof.

On the wader you can ding a front-zip pocket that can sufficiently hold the essentials that you need for the activity. It also has a custom interior flip-out pocket that can carry your valuables in a secured space which is close to you.

The seams of this one are just simply stitched, fastened and taped according to the basic standards of the industry but even it’s like all the ordinary waders, what makes it stand-out is its low price. Considering how much it cost, the Redington Crosswater is a product to beat.

The additional features for this include the wading belt that which is kept in place by the attached belt loops. It also consists of an attached gravel guards, a hook that you can fasten to your wading boots and holds the guards in position.

If you have realistic expectations when it comes to waders, you will surely not be disappointed by the Redington Crosswater. It does what it’s supposed to do so you can enjoy fishing using this product for several seasons to come.

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Frogg Toggs Wader


Undeniably, the Frogg Toggs is the best waders for the money because it’s made from quality materials to guarantee excellent comfort when you’re wearing the product in and out of the water.

It is fabricated using 3.5mm Realtree Max Neoprene that comes with a ploy-jersey shell as well as an inner liner of stretch jersey. This kind of material ensures reliable strength and stability to withstand the irregularity of the water and the various elements.

These waders has a triple seam finish that is glued, stitched and finally taped to make sure that it stays in place and the clothing does not fall apart regardless of how difficult the trail is. Another great addition to this product is the Amphib that functions as an outstanding game disguise.

The Froggs Toggs provides an artic-grade covering for your exceptional warmth and protection as you explore the demanding terrain or experience severe weather conditions. Even when the water level is up to your chest, this product will still keep you dry because of its leak proofing feature.

A common problem that most people have with waders is its fit and adjustability. With the Froggs Toggs you won’t experience this trouble since it is a modifiable neoprene suspender that boasts its state-of-the-art hook and loop connection. With this feature, you can easily adjust the product to give you that perfect fit.

Its boots have a 600 gram Thinsulate, an extra thin insulation that guarantees to maintain your core temperature even when you are in the water for a prolonged period of time.

The Frogg Toggs is an extraordinary wader that enables you to make the most of the activities like fishing and even fowling. With this product, even the chest-deep water can’t stop you from catching your target.

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Oakiwear Childrens’ Wader


If you plan on taking your kids outdoors for fishing adventures, then the Oakiwear wader is perfect for them.

The mission of Oakiwear is to encourage kids to spend time outdoors by providing them quality gear that fits perfectly for their size and has features that cater to their special needs. This ultimate wader for kids can be used for rain play, boating, clamming, playing in the mud and so much more.

Unlike the others for kids, the Oakiwear products for kids are created differently from the adult counterparts. The boots of this product are specially designed for kids so they won’t find it too heavy and cumbersome to use. When using this wader, your kids will surely enjoy maximum agility and flexibility during their activities.

The Oakiwear has one of the best breathable waders for kids since it’s made from tough multi-layer water-resistant breathable nylon. They are lightweight thus it allows for comfortable use in any kind of temperature.

The rubber boots attached to the wader has excellent tread so your child can effortlessly put the clothing on and off on their own. They are entirely covered with neoprene and this helps keep your child warm even when they are in cold water.

The best thing about this one is that it has fully adjustable shoulder straps that can be adjusted as your kids grow. It also has a safety belt that is highly recommended to utilize particularly if your kids are playing near bodies of water. In addition, you can use a flotation device together with this suit, to ensure your child’s safety and security.

With the Oakiwear wader, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors together with your little ones.

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Allen Brule Wader


The Allen Brule is one of the best fly fishing waders in terms of its durability. Its material is made from nylon with coated PVC so other than being heavy-duty it is also lightweight, comfortable and very easy to wear. You can effortlessly walk in water and swamps without feeling too heavy.

This chest wader comes with built-in suspenders to prevent you from falling as you traverse through the water. You can adjust the suspender and this means that you can make necessary adjustment with ease. This adjustable feature is its a great addition to the product since it can be a challenge to find the one that will provide you a comfortable fit.

With this, you’ll find a drawstring that goes right to the top. You can pull this string to tighten the waders against your body to prevent water from getting inside the product. This feature is very useful when you need to go through the water level that is slightly higher that your chest.

The boots of this one is another great feature too. It has tough cleated soles that add to the durability of the overall product. This boot allows you to stride through unfamiliar waters confidently.

An important thing to remember about this one is that it is intended for fishing in warmer environments. So when you plan to use it during cold weather, you may need to put on extra clothing to add insulation when you are in the water.

Many fishing waders reviews recommend Allen Brule for anglers who wants a budget-friendly alternative for their fishing waders. For its affordable price, this one is really an excellent option.

Allen Brule River Bootfoot Chest Waders with Cleated Soles
260 Reviews
Allen Brule River Bootfoot Chest Waders with Cleated Soles
  • Cleated soles with 2-ply upper
  • Rugged nylon construction is lighter than rubber
  • Adjustable web suspenders

Wader Buying Guide

We know that waders will help you feel comfortable and confident in doing various activities but you also need to make sure that you properly select the type of wader. The type of wader you’ll but would greatly depend on the depth of water you plan to wade on.

Below are the different kinds of waders you can use for various activities:

  • Hip Waders – It can be challenging to find best hip waders for fishing since this type is ideal for those who are doing a lot of trekking and less wading. It’s a good choice when used in small or shallow creeks but you can’t walk much with it when the water is about the knee.

The hip wader provides an easy on and off access and you can simply wear it on top of your usual clothing. Most of its kind comes with belt straps to keep them in place.

You can use this type in activities like clamming, big game hunting and recovering boats.

  • Waist-High Waders – The waist-high waders are the type which you wear like pants. It covers the gap between the hip and the chest waders. This type is the one that has belt loops as well as a belt to hold it securely in place. With this kind, you get a few inches of extra coverage while at the same time the upper part is exposed and this will keep you cool during hot weather.

You can use the waist-high wader for moderate to aggressive river walking and other activities involving moderately high waters.

  • Chest Waders – Among all the other kinds, the chest wader is the most versatile since it delivers the most coverage. When wading, you can’t really determine how deep the water can get and with this one, you don’t have to worry about it. This will keep you dry no matter how aggressive your activity gets.

Different Materials Used for Wader Construction

  • Breathable – Waders made from breathable materials are not only lightweight but are also very comfortable. They are created with sheaths that prevent exterior moisture from coming in while at the same time allowing your sweat to evaporate. With these, you can keep yourself dry even if it’s hot and you’re sweating a lot.

During hot days, you can just put on a short and shirt then wear the wader. On the other hand, during cold days, you may need to put extra clothing to prevent you from getting cold.

Breathable waders are the most versatile and most comfortable among all the other materials. To reinforce the durability of this kind, you need to use extra layers on the knee and seat regions since these are high-stress areas.

Breathable fabrics used for waders include GORE-TEX, H2No, F 3.5 Fabric technology and Vapour-Tec.

If your breathable wader fits perfectly, you will forget you’re wearing one thus you’ll be able to move faster and perform better.

  • Neoprene – When it comes giving insulation, nothing beats wader made from neoprene. This type have great insulating qualities so it will keep you warmer in comparison to those others made from different materials. The neoprene is stretchable thus if gives you that fit to feel for easy mobility.

Aside from it stretchable property, neoprene is also warm and waterproof, making it ideal for cold water wading. It comes in different thickness thus providing contrasting degrees of warmth.

Although the material is intended to be worn during cold weather, you can still use it in warm conditions as long as you dress comfortably.

  • Nylon – Waders made from Nylon are extremely durable and economical. Depending on the need, this material can be constructed to be heavy-duty or lightweight. This kind of water is a great choice for individuals who can’t afford breathable waders.

Since nylon is not breathable, your sweat can’t evaporate during hot days so expect to feel humid and a bit warm inside.

  • Rubber – Most rubber wader has PVC covering and this gives 100% waterproof protection as well as added durability. Today, you can only find rubber in hip wader styling because of the availability of other high-end materials.


  • Bootfoot Wader – This is mainly found in fly fishing wader wherein it covers your foot up to your chest. The boot is attached to the wader so there is no need to purchase a separate wader boots however, this kind product is much heavier and bulkier because of the boots.

Bootfoot can be made from rubber or felt sole. Rubber soles perform well particularly in muddy conditions or when you have to spend a considerable amount of time walking out of the water. On the other hand, felt soles works best when you need extra traction like when you’re in the water with slick stream bottoms.

  • Stockingfoot Wader – Unlike the boot foot wader, the stockingfoot does not have an attached boot. Instead of the boot, you’ll find a neoprene sock hence you have to buy the wading boot separately. For stockingfoot, it is the neoprene which is extended from your foot to the chest.

The advantage of stockingfoot wader is that it’s not as bulky so it’s easier to pack and store. Plus, you also get better ankle support which will give you that genuine hiking feel, fit and performance. When you feel like upgrading your boot, there is no need to purchase a whole new different wader.


There are numerous waders in the market but you have to choose one that fits your body built and your budget too. Determine how much you can spend on this product and it can help you narrow down the options.

From here, consider its comfort and functionality. If you’re comfortable and it the wader fits you well, you can minimize wears and tears. Think about the weather and all the other external factors that can affect the outcome of the activity.

Since your ultimate goal here is to enjoy, you have to make comfort your first priority in choosing the best fishing wader. To further guide you with your options, check out fishing waders reviews so you’ll get ideas from other individuals.

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