Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Reviews 2020

Boating and music are something most, if not all, people enjoy. Some other people enjoy both boating and music together. Although speakers are not exactly a necessary accessory for a boat, it does add some extra flare to the adventure. Having the best wakeboard tower speakers can help maximize your boating experience.

However, in choosing the best wake tower speakers, there are certain specifics and features to consider aside from its appearance. These things include the type of wake tower speakers you want to have and what the specific features of a certain speaker can offer.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Review

MCM 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker


This MCM 60-10021 is a 6.5 inches waterproof wakeboard speaker that are specifically designed to be mounted on the boat’s wakeboard tower.

This wake tower speaker is built to withstand even the harsh weather conditions outdoors which make it well-suited even for golf cars and jeeps. It comes in both black and white color like most wakeboard tower speakers so you can choose what fits your vehicle.

These speakers are very custom-engineered from every part to make a durable boat accessory. It has woofers that are made using polypropylene which is supported with a rubber surround that offers both durability and maximum stability.

This two-way wakeboard speaker is surely made with materials that are water resistant which makes it long lasting and ideal for your boat.

The MCM 60-10021 is rated 90 dB for the sensitivity rating and is designed to handle about 100 watts RMS. The 1-inch titanium made dome tweeters doesn’t hurt also. It is made of the best material for tweeters which is impressively light and a little less resonant compared to the aluminum. This allows it to produce even much higher frequencies with maximum accuracy.

The dome design of the tweeters of MCM 60-10021 produces a much wider dispersion pattern.

This marine wakeboard speaker provides a very convenient practical design so you can choose to install it wherever you want. It can fit into various tubes and rails or to any part of your boat.

For the overall design and its impressive technical specifications, the MCM 60-10021 marine wakeboard speaker is an ideal choice for your boat. It’s one of the best in the market that doesn’t cost a fortune.

MCM Custom Audio 60-10021 Marine Wakeboard Speaker Pair...
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Pair Rockville RWB80B Wakeboard Tower Speakers


The Rockville products are one of the best brands in the industry to stand for the value, innovation, and, most of all, quality. It all goes through extensive testing to build and to produce quality products that are durable and virtually unbreakable to last a long time. A Rockville shield on a certain product is a stamp of approval and a quality standard.

This Rockville standard is also what made the pair Rockville RWB80B marine wakeboard tower speakers. This 8 inches two-way marine speakers are rated 200 watts RMS and about 300 watts peak under the true world RMS ratings. The 200 watts RMS rating of this Rockville speaker is equal to the 500 watts rating by other brands.

One of the best features of the Rockville RWB80B is its new and improved mounting bracket. It is an adjustable mounting bracket made of nylon and is reinforced with steel which makes it extremely strong. The nylon component of the speaker makes it easier to adjust while the steel component gives it enough strength to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions.

The Rockville RWB80B is truly made with Marine grade components and materials to fight against both salt and fresh water conditions. The terminals of this wakeboard speaker are also made with stainless steel that makes it completely rustproof. The additional waterproof coating even adds to the protection properties of the Rockville RWB80B wakeboard tower speakers.

Other features that make Rockville RWB80B one of the best wake speakers in the market includes its Polypropylene Mica injected cone that has Santoprene surround, specially tuned for PA voice over, and high BL magnet motor structure. The ¼ inches longer mounting screws of the Rockville RWB80B allow it to fit even into much thicker mounting bars which also make it well-suited for installing in Jeep Cherokee or other ATV’s.

Power Sports Sport6B Wakeboard Tower Speakers

The Power Sports Sport6B wakeboard tower speakers are made and molded using a high-strength poly resin. Its glossy black finish is modeled into the unit and is not painted which prevents it from any peeling or cracking.

It also features a unique UV inhibitor that was mixed into the resin to make it strong enough to withstand any damages from saltwater or exposure to the sun.

The brackets of the Sport6B wake tower speakers are made using a die-cast and high strength aluminum which is also CNC cut. This makes the speakers rust proof and fully adjustable. It can rotate a full 360 degrees which make it easy to be mounted at any angle you prefer.

It is specifically designed so that the wires run internally into the brackets so it is fully clean on the outside with no exposed wires and terminals. But more than that, the best feature of the Power Sports Sport6B wakeboard tower speakers is its sound quality. It has an impressive bass response along with clear, pure, and very loud highs which can provide an excellent live performance sound.

The Sport6B can provide a long range and wide dispersion sound alignment with its silk soft dome with its high SPL tweeter neodymium horn. It features poly mica cones with surrounds made from marine rubber to make it an excellent boating accessory.

The 1.5 inches to as much as 2.75 inches bracket opening makes it capable to fit into a wider range of towers and roll bars. The Power Sports Sport6B is both high performance and durable wake tower speakers.

Power Sports Sport6B 6-Inch Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers...
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Power Sports Sport6B 6-Inch Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers...
  • Wakeboard tower speakers, complete pair in high gloss black
  • 250 watts RMS power / 500 watts peak / 95db spl / fr: 24hz -...
  • Long range / wide dispersion sound alignment

Rockford Fosgate M282 Wakeboard Tower Speakers


The Rockford Fosgate M282 is an 8 inches full range wakeboard tower speaker. It features a 1-inch bridge mounted tweeter which makes it well-suited to use both in marine watercraft and other power sports applications.

It has a stainless steel grille and a polyethylene enclosure which is resistant to UV, moisture, and saltwater. It also features a C-clamp which is made with a cast iron, durable for any outdoor conditions. This clamp also allows the speaker a 360 degrees turn so you can easily direct the sound to whatever angle you want.

The Rockford M282 speaker is designed through VAST technology to provide a better bass without having to install additional speaker components. The Rockford M282 speakers feature an 8 inches woofer with 25 percent increase in cone area compared to other speakers. The dome tweeter also allows the woofer to move freely to provide an even better sound quality.

This wakeboard tower speaker features the Integrated Concealed Crossover technology. It works to protect every element of the tower speaker by hiding them inside the basket of the speaker. This way, you get a cleaner and nicer looking speaker which is also simpler to install.

The overall design of Rockford M282 wake tower speakers offers high durability to last long even under extreme weather conditions which make it ideal for any outdoor applications. The powerful drivers it is designed with can also provide a quality sound that makes it one of the best wake tower speakers in the market.

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Kicker CS65 Wakeboard Tower Speakers


The CS series of the wakeboard tower speakers made by Kicker provides an ultra-clean bass and a remarkable performance like no other wake tower speakers in the market can. It also utilizes a heavy-duty motor and magnet structure with an Extended Voice Coil to provide an even better low.

The CS wakeboard tower speakers’ series also features cones and ribbed made from polypropylene. It also has surrounds that are UV treated to give a more precise acoustic control and excellent reliability.

The Kicker CS65 is a 6.5 inches 2-way component speaker that has a total of 600 watts of peak power. It is made from high-quality aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for a very durable and long lasting overall design. It also features a polished chrome finish to give it a nice and classy appearance when mounted in your boat or any vehicle.

In addition to the impressive external design of the Kicker CS65, it is also built to be fully marinized which means it is 100 percent waterproof. It can withstand any saltwater and freshwater conditions. Its high-efficiency design provides enough airspace for the speaker which is internally wired so there are no exposed terminals or wires.

The Kicker CS65 is also a quality speaker with tweeters made from Titanium and polypropylene woofers. Its EVC technology gives it a customized sound and a one of the best sonic quality. The heavy-duty motor structure of the speakers also serves as the foundation for a more relevant sound.

With the Kicker standard, the CS65 bears its signature high-quality and durability.

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Types of Wakeboard Tower Speakers

When choosing wakeboard tower speakers, the first thing you have to consider is the type of speakers you want to have. There are two main types of wake tower speakers and each of them has their own set of advantages.

1) HLCD Wake Tower Speakers – The HLCD wakeboard tower speakers are also called horn tweeter speakers. This type of speaker is considered to be the most effective in pushing the music where the rider is. This is because of its horn-shaped wake tower speakers which send back the acoustic energy into the rider’s area.

This type of wake tower speaker is also impressively efficient. It can often play louder music at the same power of other wake tower speakers. The HLCD wake tower speaker is an excellent choice if you want to play very loud music and dominate the whole boating area.

2) Dome Tweeter Wake Tower Speakers – The dome tweeter wake tower speaker is the more conventional looking type of speaker system. It can provide a more balanced sound quality and a much wider sound spread. A dome tweeter has a very smooth response, average sensitivity, and a good dispersion of sound. It typically operates from 2.5 Hz up to about 20 Hz and can produce a sound quality from basic to excellent.

High-frequency sound is directional which makes having a wider sound dispersion gives you a larger spot when you set up your speaker system. The dome type of wake tower speaker can disperse sound more effectively. However, this will also require a little more power.

How to Choose Wake Tower Speakers

Aside from the type of wakeboard tower speaker, there are also specifications and features you have to consider when buying a wake tower speaker. This will make sure you get the best one available that has both the sound quality and durability to last a long time.

1) Sound Quality – The sound quality is an important factor in any type of speaker. Thus, this is not something you have to take for granted in buying a wakeboard tower speaker.

2) Speaker Size – The size of the speaker is also something you have to consider when buying a wake tower speaker. The size of the wake tower speaker plays a great role in its sound quality. It tends to work their best as the speaker gets bigger. A much larger speaker can produce a better sound quality.

However, the depth of the speaker should also be taken into account. You can choose between mounted speakers if you have enough space for it and a box speaker if not. Box speaker can be placed anywhere and can be relocated where you want to set the mounted type of speakers.

3) Amplifier – The amplifier is an electronic device that is used to increase the amplitude of the volume of the sound. Some of the best wake tower speakers can send music to as far as 70 feet in which an amplifier is not needed. However, for other wakeboard tower speakers, an amplifier can be necessary to achieve the full desired effect.

100 to 150 watts RMS for every wake tower speakers are enough for a loud music. But, if you really want to rock with even a louder music, you probably need about 250 to 350 watts RMS.

4) Water Resistant vs. Waterproof – There is a big difference between a water resistant wake tower speaker and a waterproof wake tower speaker. A water resistant speaker can simply repel the presence of water. However, waterproof speakers are protected even when soaked in water.

Although waterproof wakeboard tower speakers can be more expensive, they are much safer for conditions where a lot of water hits your boat along with the speakers.

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Tips in Installing Wake Tower Speakers

You can find installation guidelines when you buy a new wakeboard tower speaker. However, it is always helpful to have some handy tips and techniques in installing wake tower speaker in which a step by step installation manual won’t tell you.

Stainless steel clamps help keep the wake tower speakers in place. Loosely fasten the steel clamps into the mounting spot before you mount the wake tower speakers. It is easier to install the speakers this way. But, make sure that you match the bolt-hole pattern. And once you have your desired horizontal spacing and vertical angling, you can now tighten everything up.

Your wake tower should be properly and safely installed. You can also use the light’s wire to pull the wire of the tower speaker into the tower leg. You can also put some lubrication on the wires to help it easily slide into the channel. Do not wrap tapes too thickly on your wires so you can avoid it getting caught in the channel. If you have more than one wake tower speaker, run wires of the speakers at the same time, if that is possible.

Soldering the wire connection and then sealing them using a heat gun and a heat shrink tubing will make it more corrosion resistant. When the wires are done splicing, push the remaining end into the crossbar before securing the clamps.


Wake Tower Speakers Accessories

Wakeboard tower speakers are a great accessory for your boat. However, there are also some popular things which you can use to accessorize your wake tower speakers.

  • Volume Control – This is an excellent accessory to give you a quick and easy volume control of your wake tower speakers to the rest of your speaker system.
  • Audio Controller and Hailer – The audio controller can give you an easy and powerful control on the total sound of your stereo system. You can get a separate control over your in-boat speakers and tower speakers as well as for the volume, tweeter EQ’s, bass, mid-bass, and subwoofer control. It also features a hailer mic so you can communicate with your rider.
  • LED Lightings – Adding some LED lightings into your wake tower speakers can give it a more custom look, especially when you are boating at night.


A wakeboard tower speaker can help improve your boating experience by allowing you to play your music with the highest sound quality even in an open-air adventure. When you have great music that can beat the roaring sound of the boat’s engine, you get an even more enjoyable boat ride.

However, in choosing a wakeboard tower speaker, you have to consider its sound quality as well as its overall design. It should be durable enough to last for a long time in which, for the case of a wake tower speaker, it should withstand both saltwater and freshwater condition.

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