Best Weed Barrier Reviews 2017 – 2018

Weeds are a gardener’s most persistent enemy. They multiply rapidly in a short span of time, and are natural competitors. Their growth competes with other crops for water, soil nutrients, sunlight, and even space. Hence, their presence significantly reduces the yield and quality of more relevant plants and crops.

Different techniques and products have been used to minimize and control the growth of weeds. Weed barriers are used to cover the soil and prevent weeds from growing.  These are generally preferred over chemical solutions.  The best weed barriers provide a more sustainable approach without harming the soil and the environment.

Best Weed Barrier Review

Scott’s 25-Year Pro Fabric Weed Barrier

31Br6AAGzGLThe Scott’s weed barrier is made out of an inexpensive fabric material.  Its size is ideal for more compact spaces since it can cover a length of up to 150 feet. This makes it very convenient to use for backyard gardens and soil beds. It also works well for patios and walkways.

It can also be used as an aid to keep the soil protected by retaining walls intact.  This product effectively keeps the soil from eroding, especially in sloped areas.  The fabric works in ensuring that the quality and density of the soil are maintained to ensure that the plants are fully secured.

The Scott’s Pro fabric barrier is thick enough to effectively hinder the growth of weeds underneath it but still allow water and air to seep through.  This ensures that one’s desired plants continue to get the amount of nutrients that it needs to grow.

Moreover, it eliminates the need to use chemical sprays to control the growth of weeds.  This keeps the soil and plants from being contaminated with harmful elements.

Installation is also fairly easy.  The fabric is simply laid down over the soil and fastened with metal staples or anchor pins.  It only takes a small amount of time to install and does not require extensive manual labor.

Scott’s fabric weed barrier is sturdy, yet it is light enough to be lifted and fitted to the ground without the need of professional help.  Its cloth-like material only weighs about 4.6 pounds for an entire roll.

Scotts 25-Year Pro Fabric, 3 by 150-Feet
1,658 Reviews
Scotts 25-Year Pro Fabric, 3 by 150-Feet
  • Controls weeds without chemicals
  • Walkways, patios and retaining wall jobs
  • Long term durability

Dewitt 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric

31Nnsif0YYLThe Dewitt 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric is made of polypropylene fabric which has been certified to be ecologically safe, as it contains no harmful chemicals that may seep into the soil after prolonged use.  It is also recyclable and is highly resistant to the growth of molds, bacteria and other microorganisms.

The fabric is made through a spun bond process which allows it to have superior strength, greater permeability, and absorbency.  It is also infused with a higher carbon black substance that effectively prohibits sunlight from penetrating through the fabric.  This feature helps to inhibit the growth of stubborn weeds.

Another noteworthy feature of the Dewitt Weed Barrier Fabric is the application of hydrophilic treatment to the product.  This significantly improves the water absorption and allows water to be dispersed evenly throughout the fabric.

The material is easy to use and easy to cut through.  The fabric is highly durable and is thicker than most fabric weed barriers.  It is designed to limit the penetration of UV rays which results in minimal decay and allows the fabric to last longer.

This weed barrier works well even when covered with mulch, soil or gravel.  It is also recommended for landscaping projects and playgrounds.  It is, however, not ideal for use on pathways since constant pressure on the fabric might cause punctures and affect its performance.

This weed barrier fabric is ideal for use in compact spaces.  It is easy to install and locked with pins to fix it to the ground.

Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric...
1,660 Reviews
Dewitt 4-Foot by 50-Foot 12-Year Weed Barrier Fabric...
  • Dewitt weed barrier 12-years is an easy-to-use,...
  • The non-woven, hydro philic treated fabric allows air and...
  • Dewitt landscape fabric minimizes light penetration to...

Eco-Gardener Premium Landscape Fabric

51yV8d27lLThe Eco-Gardener Premium Landscape Fabric is created with the combined benefits of both woven and nonwoven barrier fabrics.  This weed barrier is strong and durable to withstand foot traffic and sharp surfaces.  It is thicker than most weed coverings and does not tear easily.  It is, however, easy to manage and cut depending on the size and shape of the area where it is placed.

In spite of its thickness, it is still capable of water and moisture absorption.  It lets air and water seep through the fabric to preserve the quality of the soil while effectively barring weeds from growing and competing with relevant crops.  These designated crops are then able to solely absorb the soil nutrients.

Using this type of fabric is ecologically helpful because it minimizes the use of chemically based products.  Consequently, greater focus is given to the health of both the soil and the plants.  It is extremely important to preserve the value and the superior quality of the soil to ensure its sustainability and the continued production of crops and other plants.

This Eco-Gardener Landscape Fabric is made with needle punched fabric in double layers which allow it to withstand changing weather conditions.  This feature ensures that the fibers in the fabric are securely linked to ensure the strength and density of the fabric.

It is very easy and convenient to install and may be done without professional help.  Cutting the fabric and designing its layout on one’s garden can also be done easily.

ECOgardener Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape...
5,713 Reviews
ECOgardener Premium 5oz Pro Garden Weed Barrier Landscape...
  • Discover The Professional Gardening Solution – The...
  • Super-Easy To Install and Set-Up – You don’t have to be...
  • Your Soil Has Value And We Know It – Our exclusive garden...

GardenMate 100-Pack U-Shaped Garden Securing Pegs

511cbYiR3LThe GardenMate 100-Pack Garden Securing Pegs have a thickness of 11 Gauge or 3.033 mm. It is thicker than the average garden securing pegs that are available in the market.  The head of each peg is U-shaped, making it compatible for use with regular garden hoses, as well as electrical wires and cables.

The pegs are coated with a protective layer of zinc to prevent them from rusting. The protective coat helps to lengthen the life of the peg.  This is essential especially in outdoor gardens where it will be exposed to extreme conditions of the soil.

This special feature of the GardenMate Securing Pegs makes it ideal for fastening fabrics for weed control to the soil since it’s more secure and guaranteed to last a long time.

The U-shaped design was created to ensure that the pegs stay in place and will not be easily removed.   It has a trapezoid shape so that the ends of the peg will spread to the side as it is being lowered to the ground creating a more secure grip on the ground compared to a peg that is going straight down.

The edge of the peg is cut at a slanted angle and not straight or blunt.  This beveled design allows ease in driving the peg down the ground.  The bevel acts as a sharp edge, making the job as easy as slicing butter.  With this design, the peg can be used without the need of a hammer and can be pressed down to the soil by hand.

GardenMate 100-Pack 6'' 11 Gauge Heavy-Duty U-Shaped Garden...
12,635 Reviews
GardenMate 100-Pack 6'' 11 Gauge Heavy-Duty U-Shaped Garden...
  • HEAVY DUTY: 100 pack, 11 gauge, 6"x1"x6"...
  • ROBUST: Trapezoidal U-shaped design for additional tension...
  • SHARP END: Bevelled endings for quick and secure mounting in...

UNI-SOURCE TEXTILE PRO Series Weed Control Landscape Fabric

51bGCTUsUL 1The UNI-SOURCE TEXTILE Weed Control Landscape Fabric is made out of a durable thermoplastic polymer fabric that will not easily tear with regular use. It is designed to be easy to use for non-professional gardeners on the look out to remove weeds in their gardens.

First-time gardeners can easily handle the fabric and place it securely on their gardens with garden securing pegs.  All this can be done without the need of a professional landscape artist.  It boasts of easy handling while offering exceptional quality that suits professional landscapers, all for a lower and affordable price.

A special feature of this product is the biodegradable quality of the fabric, hence it is not harmful to the environment. Because of this feature, the fabric can easily break down when exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  To avoid this, it is recommended by the manufacturers to completely cover the fabric with soil or any protective covering after installation.

When left completely exposed to extreme heat, the fabric will decompose and leave a grotesque site in an otherwise beautiful garden or landscape project.  However, if it is installed according to the product specifications, the fabric can have a life of up to 20 years.

The UNI-SOURCE TEXTILE PRO Landscape Fabric is also permeable and allows water and oxygen to nourish the soil. These nutrients are readily absorbed by the plants without any competition from stubborn and persistent weeds. The permeability of the fabric is impervious enough to prevent weeds and other unwanted shrubs from growing and sprouting from the soil.

GardenMate 100-Pack 6'' 11 Gauge Heavy-Duty U-Shaped Garden...
12,635 Reviews
GardenMate 100-Pack 6'' 11 Gauge Heavy-Duty U-Shaped Garden...
  • HEAVY DUTY: 100 pack, 11 gauge, 6"x1"x6"...
  • ROBUST: Trapezoidal U-shaped design for additional tension...
  • SHARP END: Bevelled endings for quick and secure mounting in...

Best Weed Barrier Buying Guide

Best Weed Barrier Reviews 2017 - 2018

Types of Weed Barriers

There are several types of weed blockers that may be used for any space.  Depending on one’s preference, these barriers offer the same relief against stubborn and harmful weeds, although with varying degrees of effectiveness.  These options are readily available and are easy to make

1) Natural Barriers – These garden weed barriers are mainly composed of natural materials such as leaves, mulch or straw.  These items decay over time and need to be constantly replaced.  They may, however, be used as a temporary covering to limit the spread of weeds while waiting for a more permanent and sustainable option to be implemented.

Since these are organic materials, some may contain seeds of weeds and thus promote the growth of weeds instead of prohibiting it.  Although this would seem to be the eco-friendliest option, using plants as barriers may also be counter-productive.

There is a risk that the recurrence of weed growth would come sooner, and would multiply at a much faster rate.

2) Homemade Barriers – By its name, homemade barriers are made out of things or waste that may be found around the house.  This may include scrap papers, newspapers, old boxes, plastic bags and other household items.  This is a practical and inexpensive way of recycling used materials.

One downside to this type of barrier is the mess that it creates.  After being exposed to the heat of the sun and being drenched in rain, there is a high probability that the garden would look like a big pile of trash.

3) Fabrics – These are readily available in gardening and specialty stores.  It has become a more popular alternative to chemical solutions because of its high success rate in limiting the growth of weeds.  Fabrics effectively starve the weeds of sunlight.  It is naturally porous so it still allows air and water to penetrate the soil and maintain its moisture.

A lot of gardeners have started using weed barrier fabrics as an alternative to plastic coverings.  This is because of the possible harmful effects of plastic to the soil after a prolonged exposure to varying weather conditions.

4) Plastics – Plastics are considered to be the most effective garden weed barriers among all the other options.  It is, however, not the most environment friendly.  Plastic barriers effectively shield the soil, preventing even the most persistent weed variety from sprouting.

It suffocates the weeds by blocking the entry of oxygen and sunlight.  It simply absorbs the heat from the sun and keeps the soil warm.  It also allows air and water to be absorbed by the soil.

Plastic barriers are usually used for long term gardening or landscaping projects.  However, critics of this material continue to emphasize the damaging effect of continued use of plastic barriers.

Weed barriers are helpful in ensuring crop productivity and quality.  Their main function is to inhibit the growth of harmful and stubborn weeds that may compete with the nutrient absorption and healthy development of relevant crops.

It is important to identify several features and attributes that must be present in every weed control material before buying.

Why Do You Need Weed Barriers?

Best Weed Barrier Reviews 2017 - 2018

There are several reasons why people should opt for weed barriers over other options. Here is the breakdown.

1) Absence of Harmful Chemicals – The primary reason for installing a weed barrier is to employ a more natural means of eradicating or minimizing the presence of weeds in the garden, rather than use commercially available chemical sprays.

Having a weed blocker that is made out of potentially harmful chemicals defeats that very reason.  The material, when it is placed on the soil, will become exposed to all the elements.  Over time, those harmful chemicals will seep into the soil and eventually cause substantial damage.

Taking care of the environment should be a major priority among gardeners and agriculturists.  All types of plants, not just weeds, will not grow properly on contaminated soil.  It is essential that the health and moisture of the land be preserved in order for plants to keep growing.

2) The Kind of Material Used – The material used in making the weed blocker correlates to the effectiveness of the product to perform its functions.  Therefore, it is imperative to check the composition of the product and how such material would ensure that the product is effective.

Fabrics are the more popular type of weed blockers primarily because it is breathable.  It allows water and air to be absorbed by the soil, and allow it to release heat.  Otherwise, the water will stay above the surface and potentially drown out or wash away the plants.

The best weed block fabric will be thick enough to inhibit the growth of weeds but permeable enough to allow air and water to seep through the soil in order to maintain the moisture content within.

It is also wise to check the strength and durability of the material used.  A weed blocker must be able to endure the constant change in seasons and must be capable of withstanding varying weather conditions.

Best Weed Barrier Reviews 2017 - 2018

3) Strength and Durability – The best weed barrier can last for several months and even years.  It is capable of enduring being exposed to the sun and the rain.  It is able to survive through extreme weather changes.

Ensuring that the product installed in one’s garden is durable is a cost-efficient action.  Some weed barriers may be sold at a very inexpensive price but these may only last for a very short time.

This would require constant replacements and reinstallation, which would be a waste of money, time and effort.  Some brands, on the other hand, may start out to be pricier but will last for a longer time.  Hence, it is important to strike a balance between the price and the quality of the product.

4) Easy Installation – Putting up a weed barrier requires additional time and effort from the gardener.  With everything else that needs to be done in the garden, it is impractical to get a product that would take so much time and effort to install.  Hiring professional help would also mean additional expense.

The best landscaping fabric should be easy to manage, easy to layout and easy to cut.  A lot of effective weed barriers may be conveniently installed with the help of simple tools.


Having a beautiful garden that is totally weed-free is a sight to behold.  Eliminating these weeds in a safe and ecologically friendly way is key to practicing sustainable gardening.  Protecting the environment while making something magnificent should always be the top motivation.

Choosing the best landscaping fabric helps in achieving the balance between achieving one’s garden and landscaping goals and, at the same, preserving our natural resources.  There are healthier options available to ensure that both aspirations are achieved, without sacrificing the other.

The environment is, after all, a limited resource and it is something that we cannot live without.

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