Best Window Tint Reviews 2020

There are very reliable window tint brands on the market that will provide you with the elegance that you’ve been looking for. Besides elegance, tinting car windows also allow for distinction apart from others. Additionally, it provides privacy, while others prefer tinted windows to keep them protected from the direct UV rays of the sun.

Having the best window tint surely goes a long way, protecting the interior and upholstery of your car, including you and your passengers. Cars with tinted windows suffer from less fading, warping, or cracking of their interiors. This is more so if you are spending a lot of driving time.

This valuable addition to your vehicle also results in substance and style at the same time. So, without so much ado, here are the best window tint film for cars with some that you can also use for other purposes, apart from car windows. Besides the products, a buying guideline is also included in this article, providing every probable buyer more information about the product in its entirety.

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Black Magic Insta Cling

31oUd3tViLFirst on the list of the best window tint for cars is the Black Magic Insta Cling by Auto Expressions. This product garners an average rating of 4.1-Stars from its customers because it is very easy to apply or install. It comes in a jumbo 5% pack, allowing a simple press-on procedure during installment.

The design of this tint can, hold instantly via static cling. You are not required to make use of glue or any adhesive for that matter. It is much-loved by actual users due to its removable and reusable features. The Black Magic also comes in different shades as well as degrees of darkness. Measuring at 26 inches by 78 inches, this could be a long-lasting supply, which you can use for other windows, such as in your receiving room or bedroom.

It is one of the reliable car window tint brands that is also suitable for vans and trucks. With a lower number, the film gets darker; thereby, the shade highly depends on your personal preference. Accentuating your windows with the Black Magic is quick and easy. All you need is a straight razor, utility knife, and a pointed squeegee. Viola! You’re on your way to a professional-looking installation.

Moreover, Black Magic has been tested for clarity, quality, endurance, fade, as well as bubble factors. This makes it the best window tint film due to the metalized layer that reflects heat. It also features a scratch-resistant coating, which eliminates your worries about such circumstances.

Black Magic Insta Cling provides safety warning, indicating that extra dark tint could be illegal or dangerous when used incorrectly in any vehicle. Keep in mind that the use of a window tint film varies from one state to the other. Therefore, it is imperative to consult your local and state agencies regarding the matter, even before purchasing and applying.

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41zI4SULkELNext up is the LEXEN 20″ X 10FT ROLL MEDIUM SHADE FILM TINT. Garnering an average customer rating of 4.1-Stars, this is a roll of non-reflective, uncut tint film. The entire kit includes a yellow squeegee, a razor knife, and detailed instruction manual. It is available in the standard black and gray colors.

The LEXEN film tint is also a scratch-resistant product, protecting you and the passengers against the sun’s UV rays, while giving your vehicle a better look. It is surely helpful in blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun, while allowing for cooler temperature inside. Aside from protection, it likewise gives you an unmatched privacy.

It is a very good window tin, which has been designed for durability and easy installation. It also features an exceptional heat-forming capability. In addition, the LEXEN film tint is very affordable, yet packed with features that are ready to impress.

It does not require any professional skill, or complex tools for installation. Hence, it is perfect for both the professional installers and the first-timers. To help you install, a knife and a small scraper are already included in the package.

All in all, the LEXEN film tint could be the best car window tint that you’ve been searching for. It is a highly recommended product for the adventurous and the experienced. It works well not only for automobile purposes, but also for home use.

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PROTINT WINDOWS Window Tint Film Roll

41eEMFMJuiLMeanwhile, the 30% shade color of Window Tint Film Roll from PROTINT WINDOWS garners an average rating of 3.8-Stars. Measuring at a 24-inch by 10-foot dimension, this tint film roll for windows is perfect to obtain privacy, while enjoying heat reduction from the harmful UV rays.

This is the best auto window tint, considering its rate of 99% anti-UV. Its design is very good in reducing heat. It also allows you to choose between 5% and 50% of visual light transmission. Because it is uncut, you can use it for different applications like for home use.

There is no thinking twice about the reliability of the PROTINT WINDOWS as it works perfectly for its design. The application is also simple, although you have to ensure clean windows, before installing. It is highly recommended mixing a tablespoon of dish detergent and two cups warm water for the cleaning process.

After accomplishing this task, you can now cut this best brand of window tint in accordance to the size of the window surface. Once you have more solution, you will have a better cleaning process. Feedbacks from customers also suggest using a towel or rag for cleaning up the drips. It is also essential to give it an adequate drying time, checking for smudges and haze as you await such process.

Window tint film reviews likewise indicate fast installation of the product, allowing them only an hour or less, which has never happened before. It gives you windows an un-filmed appeal, without being excessive and too much dark. The PROTINT WINDOWS is of high quality, and can be used for bedroom windows too, keeping the sun out.

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OxGord Car Reflective Window Tint

41wX0mDJc3LThe last, but definitely not the least is the 3.8-Star-rated Car Reflective Window Tint by OxGord. It has a measurement of 20-inch by 10-foot. This solar film roll is also considered as a privacy sticker not only for vehicles, but also for house and office use as it is ideal for use with any glass.

OxGord claims that by using this product, you will enjoy a limousine-look, aside from obtaining your well-deserved privacy, while inside your vehicle, but without paying for expensive price associated with the limo. This is the best window tint brand, also because it can protect you, your passengers and your car’s interior from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It keeps you cool at the same time, despite extreme hot climate outside.

This top-rated window tint is easy to install. Included in the kit is a plastic smoother and a razor blade, giving you all the necessary tools for a DIY task. This may be the cheapest among the other reviewed products in this article. But, it is very versatile, delivering a tint range between 5% and 50% of darkness.

The 20-inch by 10-foot measurement also captivates a lot of probable buyers, making it the cheapest, yet a trusted brand. The large dimension is more than adequate in tinting the four windows of your car, allowing you to maximize the extra sheet for other windows like the ones in your bedroom. There is no greater package than the OxGord Car Reflective Window Tint, making it the best window tinting choice for budget-conscious buyers.

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Window Tint Buying Guide

In order to find the best automotive window tint, reading about and considering product reviews with high ratings is essential. The same thing goes, if you consider this buying guideline section of this article. The following are equally essential factors that you have to take note of when shopping for such accents for your car.

Heat Blockage Rate

It is wise to identify the heat protection rate of any car window tint, while determining your personal choice or requirement. By doing so, you will have higher chances of getting the most suitable product for your needs. Also, this factor is most important if you are living in a place with a warmer climate than others. Hence, the heat blockage rate typically ranges between 10% and nearly 100%. Most drivers find the middle range as the best option.

Throughout temperate climates, getting a variant with 25% to 40% range is ideal. The majority of experts will suggest that this range will suffice the need of the motorist who is driving within a city that seldom reaches 85 degrees of temperature. This level will still allow for enough sunlight inside the car during winter seasons, helping to warm the interior, on the other hand.

In places that top 90 degrees, the best tint range to get is one with at least 50% heat blockage rate. However, the price tag might increase with such an option. Nonetheless, it will be a valuable investment eventually.

Aesthetic Quality

Another thing to consider is the aesthetic quality of the tint film. Surely, you have been noticing different vehicles with tinted windows, but by looking at them closely, you will notice visual differences. Take note that this factor has a great influence on the price. Top-of-the-line tint brands are undoubtedly more expensive than the basic ones. There are also the mid-ground choices, if that is what you can afford. After all, you will prefer a spectacular-looking window tint on your car.

Warranty Card

Due to the intense competition between providers of the best window tints, manufacturers or providers would usually offer their premium warranties and consumer guaranties. Regardless the brand you’re buying, it is very crucial to understand the warranty type that comes with your product. Typically, a lifetime warranty is included in your purchase, but knowing what exact things are covered by the warranty is imperative.

Of course, as a buyer, you would want the manufacturer to cover the product itself in cases of defects such as colour changes. The manufacturer will usually handle such issue by product replacement with free charges. Keep in mind that every manufacturer’s warranty has documentation, ensuring that the service you get gives you this.

Aside from product replacement, manufacturers of the best auto tint products may also provide a free re-installation when things do not fall into place. Hence, it will never be a product failure when it begins to bubble. Instead, this is something related to the installation process. So, make sure that the warranty can cover that too.

Legal Tint Limit

As mentioned earlier, there are limitations or legalities when it comes to car window tinting. Each state has different policies or regulations, so it is imperative to determine yours. Without proper compliance, you might be charged with a certain violation, say for instance, for having an unsafe vehicle. Thus, everything will just come to waste at the end of the day.

Important Tips

Besides the above mentioned factors and aspects, there are additional tips that you have to keep in mind when shopping for best car window tint brand. Hence, the following information will help you choose the most suitable model or variant or window tint for your car windows.

  • Window Tinting Options – Acquiring knowledge about the available window tinting options for your car allows you in easily narrowing the choices. You are better equipped by following this initial step. Fortunately, upon arriving at this section of the article, you have now an adequate idea about the top-rated and reliable window tint products on the market. Acquiring more information is also possible by reading about customer feedbacks from different sites.
  • Top Tints Versus Standard – Choosing between the top product and the standard, greatly depends on how much money you are willing to shell out. Undoubtedly, top tier tints can last longer than the standard or regular. Besides the durability, such choice is more appealing, while doing its job better than its counterpart.
  • UV Reflector – It is also a wise decision going for the best auto window tint film with UV reflector technology. It is already a given fact that UV radiation from the sun can damage the human skin, making it unhealthy and prone to diseases easily. With this feature, you are rest assured that the sun’s UV rays are not trapped inside your car, especially during long periods under exposure.
  • Professional Assistance – While installing a car window tint is already considered by many as a DIY task, it will always be best to leave such job in the hands of professionals. Such professional has the proper skills in accomplishing such task, bringing out the elegance out of the tint. Car window tinting with professional assistance will, of course, cost you additional cash, but that extra charge will be priceless at the end of the day.
  • DOs and DONTs – When it comes to tinting there are also do’s and don’ts that one must consider. For the sake of newbies, it is essential to identify where to tint and not to. For instance, the rear mirror and the side mirror do not require such process or upgrade. It is sensible safer to install lighter shades on the side and rear windows as too much darkness can become obscure, resulting in the difficulty of viewing images.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining your tinted windows is also crucial, playing a vital role in maximizing the efficiency of the best brand window tint that you already installed. It is highly recommended waiting for several days, before rolling down the tinted windows and cleaning them up. Allow the tint to dry fully in order to prevent damages. A soft paper towel or ammonia-free cleaner is highly recommended when cleaning newly-tinted windows.

Note: By following these crucial steps and tips, you are rest assured that you will soon get your well-deserved car window tint, enjoying them for a long time, provided that you clean and maintain them accordingly. While DIY tasks are prevalent nowadays, the task of installing window tints is always best left in the hands of pros.


All in all, here are the things you need to know and understand when shopping for the best car tint. Considering the reviewed products in this article will ensure you of no less than dependability, convenience, protection, and efficiency for years to come.

While window tint basically offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun, it is undoubtedly helpful in improving the overall aesthetics of your car. In addition to this, having nicely-tinted windows can deter thefts drastically, assuming there are high-tech and expensive electronics in your vehicle, which are highly visible without the tint.

So, regardless the best car tint brand you can find, keep in mind to leave the installation process to the professionals who are more skilled in doing such job, ensuring you of perfect cut and fit at the same time.

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