Best Windshield Sun Shade Reviews 2020

Are you tired from the ill-fitting heat from the sun while you are driving your car? If yes, then it’s time for you to get the best windshield sun shade for your car. This particular device helps in minimizing the penetration of the heat of the sun to your car.

Indeed, there is a company that sells varying shades for the specific requirement of the car. Sooner or later, car owners will realize that they will need to install windshields to prevent further deterioration to their vehicles.

This aluminum foil cover does a perfect job in deflecting the sun’s rays. There are many kinds of windshield sun shades in the market for you to choose from, like the retractable sun shades commonly used nowadays.

Best Windshield Sun Shade Review

X-Shade Jumbo Sun Shade


The X-Shade Jumbo Sun Shade is exactly what you need to put an end to the unbearable heat from the sun while inside your car. This remarkable product is created in consideration of this situation.

This is a product created by Make World Better Inc in the year 2006. This best car sun shade helps in making the drivers feel comfortable while driving. It also adds up to the aesthetic value of the car because it looks cool.

It functions by making the temperature lower inside the car especially during hotter days. As the name suggests, it is way bigger than the other sun shades in the market. Its size is recommended for bigger automobiles like SUVs and Jeeps.

The X-Shade Jumbo Sun Shade is created from reflective polyester. It has the ability to block up to 99% of UV rays from the sun. This feature adds up to its selling factor in the market. The reason why it has this capability is because of the two-layered materials that comprise it.

Even if it would be your first time to install a car sun shade, you will find it easy to use because it automatically unfolds when you pull it out from the container pouch. You can place it right away to your windshield as long as you have a visor to hold it in place.

After using the product, you can fold it back again to its original state. This space-savvy product can be stored in your compartment or just at the back of your car. The reusable container effectively keeps it clean and organized.

You will be amazed to know that even though this sun shade is folded, it still has the ability to cool the interior of your car because of its aluminum component. It allows you to minimize the use of your AC since it acts like your dashboard DC.

Its lightweight feature allows you to carry it anywhere you go. It is also very flexible; you can bend it to fit it in smaller spaces. This simple opening-and-folding will convince you to use it more often.

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Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade


The Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade effectively protects any car from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Your car will no longer experience interior fading and cracking because the product blocks most of the UV rays of the sun.

This best sunshade for cars has a retractable style that makes it easy to fold down. Aside from this, it will surely fit in any kind of windshield as long as it is smaller than 62 x 29 inches. Larger vehicles will greatly benefit from it.

To make it really effective, the shades have silver-coated finishing. This functions as a reflector to deflect the heat coming from the sun. The heat will not entirely penetrate your car even if you expose your car to the sun for a longer period of time.

Most of the users of Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade recommend it to the owners of big vehicles. They like the fact that it has the capacity to cover up the entire window of their cars. It can even function as a privacy screen as well.

The suction cups don’t make any marks or streaks to the glass when you remove it. It is also very easy to pack and unfold with its compact container pouch. Some of them noted that this ergonomic capability is one of its edges versus the other products in its league.

In terms of its size, users are very content with the large shade because it fits all kinds of cars especially the SUVs. Its big size is designed to make it useable to varying sizes of cars. With its versatility, it will be easier to install it on your windshield without worrying if it will perfectly or not.

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Itavah Windshield Sun Shade

The Itavah Windshield Sun Shade is the best windshield sun shade for your car that is equipped with an effective cooling system. It is created with a high-quality reflective material together with pop-up circles.

These circles function by cutting through sunlight and blocking UV rays emitted by the sun. It prevents the vehicle from getting hotter especially in summer.

This can be folded in micro mini size so you can easily store it inside your car. Aside from this, it is very lightweight so your windshield would not be burdened by it. This sun shade comes along with a nice pouch for folding purposes.

Itavah Windshield Sun Shade is available in black and silver color. Both colors have their advantages. The silver color sun shade has an effective reflective mechanism. It has the ability to make the UV rays coming from the sun to bounce off its surface.

On the other hand, the black color one is a perfect blocker for sunlight. This color doesn’t allow sunlight and UV rays to penetrate it. The sun glare is effectively reduced and cut down when the rays hit this sun shade.

Aside from this, this sunshade for car prevents your car seat as well as the steering wheel from getting fire hot. This is a common problem when you expose your car to the sun for a prolonged period of time.

The durable polyester makes this product one of the finest in the market. The size of 59 x 27.55 inches is entirely made from durable polyester which contributes to its efficacy and effectiveness. Surely, buyers will opt for this if they have bigger vehicles.

The pop-up mechanism of this sun shade makes it very easy to install on the windshield. It also stays in place so you will not be hassled. The elastic fastener of this product is handy if ever you need to fold it down again.

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Coveted Shade Car Windshield Shade 59 x 27 inches


The Coveted Shade Car Windshield is known to be the best car sunshade for protecting your car from the damage. It is designed to give ultimate protection to your car to prevent cracking. This sun shade will work for most of the average-sized windshields.

If you have this car windshield sun shade, you don’t have to worry about burning steering wheels and interiors. You will be able to go inside your car without feeling that you are inside an oven.

The surface is made from a reflective material that helps in making your car significantly cooler by bouncing off the rays coming from the sun. Aside from this, you can rely on this product to keep your car in a good shape.

Most average windshields are fit with these sun shades, especially those that measure 59 x 27 inches. It would work with most windshields that will not go beyond this size. The good thing about the Coveted Shade Car Windshield is that they also offer the Jumbo size for bigger vehicles.

The nylon materials used in this sun shade is guaranteed to be of high quality. No wonder many users recommended it because of its ability to block off heat in an effective way.

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Coveted Shade Car Windshield Shade 63 x 65 inches


The Coveted Shade Car Windshield Sun Shade is the best car windshield sun shade for bigger cars like vans and 4 x 4 SUV’s. It has the capacity to cover up to 63 x 65 inches of the windshield. The former version is best for average cars while this one is best for large-sized vehicles.

There are many sun shades in the market but this brand has maintained its competitive edge due to the quality of its material and effectiveness in deflecting the UV rays from the sun.

Although Coveted Shade Car Windshield Shade is not the cheapest out there, you will surely get the value of your money. Aside from this, it also functions as a powerful protector from the sun’s heat, especially in hot days. It has the capacity to maintain its temperature bearable and cooler.

The interior of your car will be protected from premature wearing due to the harmful rays of the sun. Even your steering wheel will be saved from deterioration, all thanks to this highly effective sun shade.

To make it really convenient, the cooling effect lasts longer compared to other ordinary sun shade in the market. If you are eyeing for a windshield sun shade to protect your car’s interior, then this is the perfect option.

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Best Car Windshield Sun Shade Buying Guide

colorful Car Windshield Sun Shade

In times of sweltering summer season, the blazing UV rays from the sun can easily cause damage to your car and might be harmful to your health as well. It is important to have something to withstand this extreme weather.

You should note that you cannot just barge in a store and get a windshield sun shade. There are different designs and sizes of windshield sun shades that are meant for a particular car model.

Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider before buying your own windshield sun shade.

Size of the Windshield Sun Shade

When it comes to a sunshade for car, you cannot find a product that fits all kinds of cars. There are many kinds of cars in different sizes. Take note that there are many designs of windshield sun shades that you can choose from.

If you want your car to be fully protected, you should choose a sun shade that will fit your car’s windshield. This will ensure that 100% of the UV rays will be blocked by the sun shade. In this sense, it is important to get the measurement of your windshield prior to buying.

Aside from this, there is a flexing wire included in each sun shade. It is best to choose the one with an extra fabric so you can easily adjust it to the shape of your windshield.

Material of the Sun Shade

This is one of the most important key factors that you need to consider. Thickness and quality are the key elements here. It is recommended to search for a sun shade that has a great reflecting mechanism.

Remember, the UV rays from the sun can easily make your car like an oven so be sure to install a windshield sun shade that can reflect the heat for your car’s protection. To make it really effective, you should also choose a product with insulating factors.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Everyone would like to have a windshield sun shade that will be easy to install. This product is meant to give urgent comfort to the users as well as to the car. It is best to avail a compact model to easily unfold it when needed.

It is advisable to make use of a sunshade that is easy to uninstall as well. There are retractable sun shades that can be smaller in size when folded.

car windshield sun shade

Effectivity in Blocking UV Rays

One of the things that you need to consider is the ability to block the UV rays of the sun. It depends on the thickness of the sun shade. Some sunshades in the market are lighter and thinner, but very effective in bouncing off the sun’s rays.

If you are going to choose your windshield sunshade, make sure that it can contain heat for a longer period of time. Coming up with a good product means more comfort even during the hot days.

The Design of the Sun Shade

Face it: when buying this product, the first thing that impresses you is the design and look of the windshield sun shade. It is recommended to buy something with a little touch of aesthetics to enhance the interior of your car.

It also adds up to the aesthetic value of your car when your windshield sun shade has a remarkable shape and fit. Isn’t it better to get one that is not only effective but attractive as well?

Installing Windshield Shades

Usually, automobile sunshades are meant to be installed and uninstalled easily. They are equipped with a framework or wire to support the main material.

In order to install it properly, you need to unfold it fully. You need to place one end at the top between the upper part of the windshield and rearview mirror. After that, you just need to push the sunshade opposite the bottom of the windshield. Be sure to keep it in the center to allow it to cover the entire windshield.

If you are luck, your windshield shade might come with a Velcro to speed up the installation. The excess fabric should be pushed up to cover up the entire surface area that the sunshade fails to cover.

Keeping It In Place

This product usually stays in place on your windshield and rearview mirror. However, there are times that it is hard to keep them in place. You should solve this problem because the UV rays from the sun can still penetrate into your car.

The best solution to this problem is to buy a Velcro Strap for easy installation. Apply it directly to the different spots of your sunshade. It will surely keep the sunshade in place and make it easier to uninstall and install.

Folding the Sunshade

You may be amazed by how functional your windshield sunshade can be. They even come with pretty container pouches. Some of them can even be folded in such a small size. There are ways to always keep them compact and handy.

One of the best advice is to look for a frame that can provide stability. You can surely fold it down to a smaller size when you do this.

car sun shade


If you will take these guides by heart, you will stand a great chance in owning the best windshield sunshade for your car. These products are a great reflector of the sun’s rays as well as a protector from UV rays.

The XShade Jumbo Sunshade is surely one of the best options out there because of its reflective polyester make-up. It has the ability to protect you and your car when you install it in your windshield.

They come at reasonable prices so why think twice in getting one? Say goodbye to hot steering wheels and hot temperature inside your car. This is a favor that you must give yourself, especially in the hot season to make your riding experience as comfortable as ever.

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