Best Work Gloves Reviews 2020

Having the best work gloves is essential for every employee’s protective gear. Thousands of worker’s compensation claims today are directly related to hand injuries, so such protective gear comes in very handy in preventing unwanted hazards.

In relation to this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been implementing regulations and requiring employees to wear working gloves in an effort to reduce hand-related mishaps. This is more so for workers who are facing high risks of hand injuries in their work sites.

Fortunately, you can find a wide selection of good work gloves on the market nowadays. These gears are offered by different manufacturers and brands that promise unwavering benefits with their products. In spite a few limitations gloves impose, such gear offers unmatched benefits and features that fit certain workers and specific work environments.

Best Work Gloves Reviews 2016

Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove

41sEtO2BpY8LWith an average rating of 4.3-Stars is the Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove. These top rated work gloves have a durable cotton duck shell, featuring a grain cowhide palm, plus suede cowhide palm patches. Its shell is 100% leather with a 100% polyester lining. It measures at one inch high and six inches wide.

It can be hand washed, while allowing an easy on safety cuff. The design also boasts a cowhide knuckle protection, which is a great feature for every protective glove. This pair of work gloves is much loved by many employees as cold weather will never get in the way of completing every job. Hence, it has a fully insulated design.

These Carhartt durable gloves’ leather construction has been reinforced with suede patches that are water-resistant, protecting your hands from wet conditions as well. It features 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate for its insulation technology, while the side vent and safety cuff results in an easy on-and-off capacity.

Indeed, the suede thumb and palm patches enhance durability, besides its cowhide knuckle protection. The Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove outperforms other work glove brands out there, considering the comfort, fit, and durability it provides – features that Carhartt is known for.

This brand is also well-known for its rigorous testing of its fabrics, turning them into garments that meet, if not surpasses durability standards. It makes use of premium fabrics as well as heavy-duty zippers, plus triple-stitched seams, making Carhartt a premier outwear choice. The Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove could be the best working gloves for you.

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Epica Cut Resistant Gloves

51dQvzMZVLLNext up is the 4.6-Star-rated Epica Cut Resistant Gloves. It claims to be the best quality, cut-resistant food-grade gloves on the market today. It is constructed from innovative 4-component cut-resistant yarn, which makes it four times stronger than leather. Its overall design and design provides better protection than its counterparts.

Moreover, these durable work gloves are perfect in the kitchen if you’re faced by shucking oysters or slicing with your huge knives. However, its functionality is not limited to such tasks because these gloves are also ideal for around-the-house projects.

Its construction helps you in preventing the risks, hassles, and pains of slicing or cutting your fingers or hands; thereby, you’ll never be disappointed with its smart design and functionality. Additionally, these gloves have gone through meticulous safety and performance testing, meeting the Level 5 Cut Resistance standards. Thus, it gives you the peace of mind that you deserve when working.

While it helps in the prevention of acquiring unwanted cuts and scrapes, the Epica gloves still ensure your control and grip. It allows you to safely and effectively handle knives or any sharp tools without sacrificing your grip or control. Its lightweight design is also durable, while offering optimum dexterity.

These high quality work gloves are available in two sizes for men and women. Furthermore, the superior knit material used in these gloves has been specifically manufactured for stretch recovery, excellent manual dexterity, and maximum flexibility all at the same time. Overall, the Epica Cut Resistant Gloves are great for professionals and hobbyists alike, offering a strong, yet comfortable construction for optimum efficiency.

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Custom Leathercraft 125L

Meanwhile, the Custom Leathercraft 125L receives an average rating of 4.2-Stars. While it is only available in the large size, these pair of gloves features a wing-closing wrist strap for easy adjustments. It is also made of elastic wrist cuff, keeping debris and other unwanted elements out.

These can be the best work gloves for men with Clarino synthetic leather palms. They are soft and very comfortable to wear. Its overall design also resists shrinking, hardening, and stretching. The padded palms offer additional comfort, while the stretch spandex results in flexibility and a perfect fit.

The stitching is concealed inside, which also helps to prevent snagging. The padded knuckle, on the other hand, delivers padding against bumps. Certainly, the Custom Leathercraft 125L is created with dexterity and durability as top priorities.

In addition, these form-fitted gloves also help in reducing fatigue, making it perfect in accomplishing jobs with ease. The high quality materials went through time-tested construction methods, creating dynamically-styled construction gloves and more. The overall design also features Syntrex synthetic palm materials, increasing its abrasion-resistance capability, plus longer life than standard work gloves.

The texture tab allows easier donning, while its 1-1/2 inch woven elastic cuff features a hook and a loop close for maximum convenience. These gloves are perfect for many applications such as in basic utility industries, automotive, carpentry, plumbing, assembling, framing, ranching, farming, and more. The Custom Leathercraft 125L is a perfect combination of quality, function, and style.

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Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert

41CfTFgB1hLOn the other hand, the Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert garners a 4.4-Star as an average customer rating. These are the best work gloves, revolutionizing the hand protection industry through its versatile design. The brand has faithfully served and created satisfied customer since its establishment.

Thus, with these innovative gloves, the brand has certainly proved its worth, offering durable microfiber materials to extend the life of the product. It makes use of the TrekDry, which is a breathable technology that forms towards the back of the hands. This technology also creates an excellent fit with outstanding dexterity level. The form-fitting TekDry design also helps to keeps your hands cool and comfortable at the same time.

It has a nylon web loop, allowing you to secure your gloves to your backpack or gear. The nylon web loop is a part of the gloves’ Thermal Plastic Rubber closure and is conveniently located beneath every wrist for optimal ease and efficiency. The Original Covert also offers an unmatched feel and functionality.

Aside from this work glove’s nylon web loop, it also features a seamless, single-layer palm for an improved fit and dexterity. It is machine-washable and useful for wide ranges of applications like in the military, shooting sports, law enforcement, maintenance and repair operations, and more.

The Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert has also generated a lot of happy customers, especially the novice and professional shooters. Work glove reviews indicate that this item is a huge consideration when shopping for work gloves as it offers a well-defined feel and response underneath it, allowing the users to perform their duties more effectively.

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TenActiv Cut Resistant Gloves

51e4VZS16fLFinally, the TenActiv Cut Resistant Gloves deserve its 4.7-Star rating due to its original 18-gauge design. These unparalleled cut-resistant gloves are very dexterous, offering a high tactile sensitivity. After all, TenActiv went through a rigorous, 2-year research and development of these gloves, perfecting its unmatched design and technology.

These may be the toughest work gloves to date, which is made of heavy-duty composite filament fiber that improves cut resistance. This material has been incorporated into the overall design, creating a totally comfortable glove and an extended glove life.

Similar to all TenActiv gloves, this version also features lint-free and a continuous filament yarn construction, making it stronger than, even on an equal-weight basis. It comes in a black body with palm coating hide dirt; thereby, maintaining its sleek aesthetic.

Unlike other work gloves, this model boasts a foam nitrile coating that results in a combination of wear, wet grip, and flexibility. Its slip-resistant feature is attributed to its nitrile coating that increases dexterity and grip by displacing oil, while wearing them.

Aside from being cut-resistant, it is also silicone-free and has been tested to be touch screen compatible. Hence, you can still use your Smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets, even if you have your gloves on. It is an industrial-grade product, which is also ideal for around-the-house projects, whether in the kitchen, garage, or the workshop. For a cut-resistant glove, the TenActiv is never bulky and slippery, making it one of the most effective and thin work gloves today.

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Work Glove Buying Guide

After discussing the best gloves above, it is now time to talk about important factors when buying working gloves. This buying guide section provides you with more than enough information, gearing yourself with accurate knowledge so as to obtain the best item possible because you will face unlimited choices later on.

Work Glove Materials/Types

When it comes to the work glove materials, keep in mind that they are constructed from various components. It is essential that a work glove is made from protective materials, preventing unwanted hazards like cuts and scrapes. Other glove choices offer insulation for beating wet and cold conditions. Nonetheless, it should be made from a combination of useful and protective materials.

  • Chemical Resistant Gloves

There are wide ranges of chemical-resistant materials used in tough work gloves that result in different glove types. These gloves include butyl, latex, neoprene, and nitrile gloves. All of these chemical-resistant gloves tend to protect your hands from chemicals and other liquid hazards. Below is a more detailed explanation of each glove type, alongside OSHA recommendations.

  • Butyl Glove – This is made from synthetic rubber for skin protection against strong chemicals like rocket fuel, esters, and peroxide. It has the quality of resisting ozone-related deterioration, while staying flexible, despite a low temperature.
  • Latex – This is the most common gear in food service and medical fields. In spite its popularity; a latex glove may stimulate allergic reactions in some employees, but still maintaining a substantial tensile strength, size flexibility, extreme elasticity, and temperature-resistance.
  • Neoprene – This type is waterproof and extremely tear-resistant, providing users a high level of manual dexterity and hand flexibility. It is an effective protection against most alcohols, gasoline, organic acids, and alkaline compounds.
  • Nitrile – It is the least common when it comes to chemical-resistant gloves. However, a nitrile glove withstands oils, greases, acids, and chlorinated solvents, but not with acetates. It is perfect for jobs requiring high levels of dexterity and protection through prolonged chemical exposure.
  • Leather Gloves

The best leather work gloves could be on this list, such as the Carhartt Grain Leather. Leather gloves are available in different textures, but are usually effective in protecting the hands from mild burns, light abrasions, and sparks.

  • Aluminized Gloves

These types of gloves generally offer a reflective outer surface, which is a design in repelling heat. Aluminized gloves also feature synthetic interior lining for basic temperature protection.

  • Fabric Gloves

Most fabric gloves are made of light materials such as cotton flannel and yarn. These may not be the toughest gloves as they are predominantly used in handling hay bales with rough strings, bricks, dirt, and other mild irritants.

Key Features to Consider

Knowing the types of work gloves is insufficient and basic as there are more tips worth-considering when shopping for these items. Below is additional information that focuses on key features you might want your gloves to have.

  • Anti-Vibration – The anti-vibration feature of a work glove is attributed to the use of foam, sponge, gel, or air pockets in absorbing the vibration impact, while protecting the hands and arm tissues against damage. This feature is useful for employees in the assembly line who often use grinders, wrenches, and many other hand tools.
  • Double Palm – Gloves with leather-reinforced palm design is a wise option in preventing instances of cuts, abrasions, and wounds. This key feature or design significantly prevents sharp edges and abrasive surfaces from penetrating the glove.
  • Fingerless Feature – Today, there are fingerless gloves, but none of which of the reviewed products above. This feature, however, is preferred by employees who require full dexterity in their fingertips, allowing them to touch the work surface, while manipulating detail-oriented jobs and having hand protection at the same time.
  • Insulation – This feature is equivalent to temperature protection, whether from extreme cold condition or hot surfaces. But, the level of insulation necessary is identified by the extremity of the temperature under which a worker is exposed to.
  • Cuffs – Effective workers gloves also feature cuffs that come up above the wrist and the lower arm, providing added protection further up the arm area. This design is useful in certain work situations like welding and grinding to resist sparks and burns.
  • Wrist Support – This key feature involves metal supports, compression fibers, wrist stabilization, and other methods. When the thumb and wrist tackles more stress during the work, this feature becomes more important.
  • Comfort and Durability – Comfort and durability are huge factors worth-considering, especially when looking for gloves for construction workers. Comfortable and durable gloves are equivalent to quality products, delivering perfect fit, breathability, and durability simultaneously.
  • Flexibility and Grip – Flexibility and grip differ from one another, although both features are essential when buying carpenter gloves and related products. Flexibility helps you in performing your tasks precisely, but this feature depends on some factors such as the shape, yarn, and coating polymer type used in the glove construction. By far, soft foam rubber tends to make the gloves more flexible than rigid latex. The grip equates to the less use of power or energy and maximum ease.

Note: These key features may vary, depending on your line of work and work environment, as every circumstance involves certain requirements.


Choosing construction work gloves may be a good option, but going for an all-purpose or multi-purpose item is a wise investment. This will allow you to use the gloves in a wide array of instances and applications so as to protect your hands, fingers, and wrists from unwanted hazards; after all, you’d never want to increase the number of hand-related injuries!

While shopping for work gloves, keep in mind the reviewed products in this article because the trusted name behind every product offers no less than a good grip, flexibility, comfort, durability, and an overall protective equipment. Other versions, even offer exclusive technologies and designs, just to improve the overall efficiency of the protective gear.

It is also crucial to stay with the OSHA-compliant products in order to ensure safety. You can likewise inspect other product reviews and customer reviews to find out the top-rated and reliable gloves today. Indeed, gloves for work are as essential as protective glasses and hard hats, protecting millions of employees in various workplaces.

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