Best Work Light Reviews 2017 – 2018

The best work light comes in handy in many situations, applications, and job sites. While there are plenty of work lights from different manufacturers, these products serve a common purpose – to provide adequate lighting when and where it is needed. Today, there are portable varieties, ranging from the cordless to the folding, standing, and other sorts.

Manufacturers have also recognized the efficiency of such equipment, by improving the entire system with the use of Light-emitting Diode (LED) for optimum brightness. Hence, this article talks about the LED work light reviews, helping you sort out only the brightest work lights in the industry.

The multiple purposes of work lights are evident during emergency cases, including in work sites such as in mining, construction, digging, automotive, around-the-house duties, and many more. Studying further the features and benefits of each product is crucial for any buyer. So, without further ado, provided below are the top-rated reviews and ratings about the LED portable work lights.

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Best Work Light Reviews

Might-D-Light LED130, LED Rechargeable Worklight

514XZhrcIYLFirst on the list is the Might-D-Light LED130, LED Rechargeable Worklight with an average rating of 4.2-Stars. Provided by Cooper Lighting, this is the best rechargeable work light by far, which is a 15-watt, portable, cordless, and folding variety – almost an all-in-one work light.

Perfect for repair works, the Might-D-Light is very easy to store due to its foldable feature, while allowing you to position it in many ways. It boasts a D-shape configuration with LED bulb type and battery operation.

It is a versatile work light that can illuminate, even the serious outdoor tasks. It is a stylish, yet smart addition to the whole tool kit of every handyman. This innovative work light also features a friction tension hinge for effortless adjustments from 0 up to 200 degrees. The same feature allows for its free-standing function under the hood, beneath the sink, or in a variety of light-deficient spaces.

This cordless LED work light also offers two, built-in neodymium rare-earth magnets that can be used for its secure mounting on metal surfaces like tool chests, file cabinets, metal shelving, and tables. Such feature eliminates the need for extra tool like a permanent mounting hardware; thereby, improving the working space in job sites.

Unlike other work lights around, the Might-D-Light has a 360-degree rotating swivel hook, which is made from nylon, allowing a hands-free illumination of work areas. Thus, this model is perfect for the DIYers as well. It emits a bright, energy-efficient light h cool operating temperature due to its 80 long-life LED bulb type. This cordless LED worklight makes use of Ni-Mh batteries that offers between two and three hours of continuous operation.

Included in the kit are AC and DC charging adapters, operating instructions, and the Might-D-Light, which is constructed from durable plastic combined with sturdy polycarbonate lens, offering adequate illumination, transforming spaces, creating ambience, and setting moods in different places. Check out the Might-D-Light LED130 Review.

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Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights

51OBFuX2CLNext up is the Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights by Hallomall, which garners an average customer rating of 4.2-Stars. This model is among the best work lights that provide bright LED for multiple functions, greatly attributed to the high-quality 24LEDs for optimum brightness.

Its overall construction is durable due to its robust aluminum alloy shell. It is also portable, providing a lightweight design, while allowing you to carry it or hang it almost everywhere. This model claims to be the best rechargeable led work light for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Moreover, the Spotlights offers two USB ports, functioning as a power bank as well. Besides its internal, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this version has two USB ports that you can use for charging the batteries and also for other mobile devices.

This is the best LED work light, functioning as a roadside emergency gear at the same time. In fact, you can upgrade the unit with four flashing LEDs of red and blue combination for a stylish, yet efficient lighting gear for emergency situations and more.

It is a 15-watt, 110-240-volt work light, boasting an IPX5 waterproof level. It has two mode switches with three-mode settings, ranging from High to Low, and Strobe. The manufacturer also offers a one-year, worry-free warranty with this unit.

In line with its 4.2-Star rating the Spotlights has also generated a lot of positive customer reviews, saying that the unit can be mounted in many directions and positions, ensuring enough light where it is needed. Its easy assembly has created happy customers as well, indicating that even toddlers can do it, while the overall lighting is never disappointing. Read our Spotlight Work Lights review here.

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Snap-on 922261 2000 Lumens LED Work Light

51f326ySJoLMeanwhile, the Snap-on 922261 2000 Lumens LED Work Light receives an average rating of 4.7-Stars from customers. Its top rating greatly attributes to its 2000 lumens output. With a revolutionary design, the Snap-on 922261 remains cool to the touch during operation.

Compared to an incandescent or halogen work light stand, this unit does not radiate heat, making it a safer light source for various applications such as automotive, sports, construction, video, photography, and more. Its lightweight design also offers optimum mobility, making it easy to transport and carry around and about job sites.

The Snap-on 922261 is a 25-watt work light with 46 LEDs, plus a 6-foot-length of cord. All the 46 LEDs generate a whopping 2000 lumens, providing ultra-bright lighting, yet durable and long-lasting. Snap-on claims that the integrated LEDs will never need replacement, despite heavy use.

Furthermore, this unit boasts lower power consumption than other work light stands out there. It has a design that offers a sealed, on-off switch, combined with adjustable angle knobs for easy tilting. Aside from that, Snap-on 922261 features an ergonomic padded carry handle, reducing user fatigue during transport.

Similar to the previous products, this unit has created a lot of happy customers too. Thus, it garners a high rating from actual users. Work light reviews indicate that this work light is extremely bright as some owners have installed the unit above their work tables to maximize the lighting capacity.

Due to its extreme brightness, the Snap-on 922261 can even be mounted to shelving or pointed to the ceiling, allowing the light to be diffused throughout a space or room. All in all, the Snap-on 922261 is great for multiple purposes, serving hobbyists and professionals alike. Read our detailed review of the Snap-on 922261.

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DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Worklight

51REGfb97CLOn the other hand, the DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Worklight receives a 4.6-Star rating from its customers. It is among the cordless work lights, featuring bright LED with 80 lumens of output. It boasts a compact design for excellent transport and portability.

This work light also features two Zone light patterns, providing you with effective options during operation. It has a maximum of five hours run time, while the 8V MAX battery is not included in the kit.

This portable led work light is perfect for small shops and other applications, considering its overall durable design, portability, long-lasting construction, swappable batteries, and a sleek look. In fact, the DEWALT DCL023 8V Max Worklight is among DEWALT’s complete product line of its 8V Max tools, aside from the 8V Max Gyroscopic Screwdriver.

DEWALT definitely considers the DCL023 8V Max Worklight as a work light, not a flashlight, although some consumers think otherwise. Nonetheless, this unit can stand on its own, staying in its place, while providing a wide area of light. It’s the perfect model to keep on job sites, making it the best portable work light so far.

Similar to many DEWALT products, this work light is an epitome of durable construction, withstanding drops and bumps within the toolbox or in job sites. Its power switch is user-friendly as it is very visible against the yellow body. With five hours of run time in a single charge, you are rest assured with proper and adequate lighting for a long period, having the DEWALT DCL023 at hand. Check out our detailed review!

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Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 LED Worklight

41WB2NICUHLWith an average rating of 4.6-Stars is the Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 LED Worklight. Engineered with a durable design, this work light is very easy to use. Each LED can generate 160 lumens of white, bright light output. This work light also features a professionally-designed reflector, plus an electronic package that shine a smooth beam.

The brilliant beam shines up to 4 times longer than a standard fluorescent portable work light or the standard incandescent lights. The overall design features a sealed aluminum head, including a shock-resistant handle; thereby, giving this work light optimum durability from impact and extreme weather conditions. The built-in hook also offers additional hands-free convenience, unlike a hand-held work light.

The Milwaukee M18 LED Worklight is powered by Milwaukee’s M18™ REDLITHIUM™ battery, which runs up to 4 times longer in a single charge, compared to standard incandescent lights. The M18™ REDLITHIUM™ technology is a superior pack construction, performance, and electronics that deliver more power per charge. Hence, you can work longer over pack life than any battery packs on the market.

The 135-degree rotating head allows for easy direction of the light beam, depending on your desired work area. This feature certainly provides more flexibility and a more focused illumination. This unit also comes with a limited lifetime LED warranty from Milwaukee.

While this work light works great, it also runs cool, making it ideal for plumbing and automotive repair works. LEDs have been engineered to last for a lifetime; thereby, there is no need for bulb replacement with this unit as well. Overall, the Milwaukee 2735-20 M18 LED Worklight could be the best rechargeable lights you’ll ever find today. Check our Milwaukee 2735-20 Review.

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Work Light Buying Guide

You will be equipped with more knowledge through this work light buying guide section. Knowing about the top-rated work lights on the market could be sufficient, but having more information about this product will prepare you on your way throughout your decision-making and purchasing.

Power Source

When dealing with LED work lights, you will encounter either the corded or the cordless LED light. The corded variety will always require a continuous power source through an outlet, while the cordless type makes use of either the regular batteries or rechargeable battery packs, and referring to the reviewed products in this article, all of which makes use of rechargeable batteries, although each type has different battery types.

  • Battery-operated – You find out later on that some consumers prefer the battery-operated work lights than choosing the best LED work light rechargeable. This type of work light makes use of alkaline batteries, which are believed to offer long shelf life with high energy density as well. They are used in any orientation, despite the single, long use, and low discharge rate.
  • Rechargeable-battery-operated – Rechargeable batteries are self-explanatory, allowing you to charge them up again once completely discharged. Alkaline batteries can also be rechargeable, although there are diverse types.

Battery Types

  • NiMH – The Ni-MH batteries are said to be the best choice when it comes to rechargeable batteries. Hence, you can consider this battery type when choosing rechargeable LED work lights as these are free of potential kinds of toxic materials, compared to the next battery type – the NiCads.
  • NiCads – Once popular, the NiCads are now fading out due to its toxic materials, making them difficult to dispose. The performance is lower too when compared to the NiMH batteries.
  • Rechargeable Alkaline – These types of batteries require a special charger, although they are generally considered as the cheapest choice of rechargeable. They do not require special recycling procedures of any sort.
  • Lithium-ion – Also known as the Li-ion batteries, these battery types are said to be the most expensive of all rechargeable batteries. Li-ion batteries have the tendencies to discharge, even when not in use. However, these batteries are the best choice for many devices, and that does not exclude rechargeable work lights.

LED Light Sources

If you are looking for a car work light or for related applications, being familiar with the LED light source is equally essential. Today, you can choose between three main categories of LED light sources. Each of the categories is preferred by users, based on their personal preferences and the purpose.

  • Straw Hat LED – The Straw Hat LED has a shorter, wider, and flatter envelope, compared to the other categories. Owing to the extra width, the radiation it offers tends to be more, thus, improving illumination because of the light distribution pattern that it scattered evenly. This category of LED is used as an internal reflector. Therefore, the brightest work light could have the straw hat LED, offering wide illumination, extreme wide viewing angle, and can be for multiple uses.
  • SMD LED – Also known as Surface Mounted Devices, the SMD LED is the newest form of LED lighting, which is extremely versatile and used in different applications. Such category makes use of DIP technology with small chip sizes, involving three diodes; hence, a powerful combination. SMD LED work lights tend to provide outstanding and powerful performance for different purposes.
  • COB LED – The Chip on Board or COB LED is also a new technology, involving different LED chips that are arranged together in a way to provide a single lighting module. The large number of chips tends to generate a huge amount of lighting; thus, offering higher illumination. Overall, the COB LED offers a higher lighting intensity, easy to install, with low maintenance, less heat radiation, and emits multi-directional light. This technology also bears with power fluctuations easily.

Available Designs

When choosing between the portable, cordless, and handheld LED work lights, it is also essential to take note of the available designs for each work light type. This section gives you the most basic designs that you can find on this equipment.

  • Magnetic Base – The magnetic base in work lights offers an improved performance and productivity. This design also allows for easy grip such as the Might-D-Light LED130 model. Some models also offer a swivel belt buckle for multi-directional movements. Hence, the magnetic base can provide an enhanced view of work spaces.
  • Hanging Hook – Referring to the products above, both the Might-D-Light LED130 and the Milwaukee 2735-20 models offer the hanging hook design. This feature provides a convenient hands-free operation, unlike handheld work lights.
  • Pivoting Stand – Another feature worth considering is the pivoting stand. This design is more evident to an LED work light with stand as opposed to handheld models. Such feature ensures stability during operation, and the best design allows you to place it anywhere.
  • Folding Design – Having the folding design means flexibility and portability. This design is widely preferred for underhood work light, allowing the user to easily fold it and take it anywhere.

Note: There are more designs that you can consider such as a belt buckle and the screw mounting hole. Depending on the demands of your job site, your purpose, and other factors, you can consider all these designs and features in a single product.


In a nutshell, there are multiple purposes of work lights, not only limited to automotive and construction demands. These gears are effective as emergency lights, illuminating poor-lit spaces, used in repair operations, serve as inspection lights, for household lighting, and many more. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you acquire bright work lights that also offer ease of use, versatility, flexibility, and efficiency in one package.