BILT BLH48-DAY-2X Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are gaining popularity nowadays. The BILT Techno Helmet is one of the latest innovations in this league. BILT is known to be a manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle parts. No wonder this Bluetooth helmet has already established its name in the market.

To make it more interesting, this helmet, which has already passed the standards of DOT, can be considered as highly technological as it comes together with a chin deflector that is built with a D-ring to ensure safe fastening.

The shell of BILT Techno Helmet is equipped with polycarbonate material. To make it more stylish, it is created with a flat matte style; and for the user’s convenience, this helmet has a sun shield to protect the eyes of the rider.

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Polycarbonate Shell

It is a known fact that the helmet’s shell can absorb heat energy because nobody wants to feel the sun’s heat burning on your face while wearing a helmet. Actually, it has two layers: the outer shell and the inner shell. The latter is the energy-absorbing inner liner.

The polycarbonate shell of the BILT Techno helmet is a very light material for most helmets. Aside from this, it also comes at a cheaper price. You will surely like to know that polycarbonate shells have more crushability than other materials. It will load less G-force in your skull if ever you will experience a sudden crash.

You will surely love the light feeling of this helmet on your head. It will not be a burden when you are wearing it. Most people choose to wear this kind of helmet for convenience and practicality purposes.

Integrated DWO Bluetooth System

The BILT Techno Bluetooth System is a highly advanced technology in the telecommunication industry. It ensures that your security is at its peak while you are driving. One of its best features is the intercom function. This allows the rider to communicate with other riders who are using the same techno helmet.

The communication is made a lot easier and convenient because of this feature. The integrated DWO Bluetooth system allows the helmet to communicate with other mobile phones as well. Who would imagine that helmets are able to have this functionality nowadays?

The BILT Techno helmet comes in sync with other Bluetooth enabled devices within the vicinity. The signal is easily picked up by this helmet. As long as your device has Bluetooth, syncing is possible no matter where you are.

Another great feature of this helmet is the metal mesh. You have the option to remove the lining if you want to feel the air passing through space. This will surely give you more ventilation. You will be able to use the helmet in extended time because of the comfort that it can give you.

This helmet is designed to protect your full face. It ensures that your face and neck are well-protected from minor injuries as well as from flying debris while you’re on the move. BILT promises that you will enjoy wearing it again and again.

BILT Techno Helmet Features & Specifications

  • Polycarbonate Shell – the shell of this helmet has more crushability. It ensures that less G force will be inflicted on the user if ever an accident occurred.
  • Metallic paint with flat matte finish – the design of this helmet is indeed fascinating. Your helmet would always come in style with this design. Aside from that, the flat matte finish provides a professional look.
  • Integrated DWO Bluetooth System – it has the ability to be in sync with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones.
  • MP3 audio playback.
  • Intercom Function – one of its best features is the intercom function. Riders can communicate with each other as long as they are also using this techno helmet.

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BILT Techno Helmet Reviews

The highly technological helmet of BILT was awarded a rating of 7 out of 10 by the customers. The feedback and reviews of the users prove that this techno helmet is indeed a product of technology.

The majority of the users noted that the Intercom function is fantastic and phenomenal. They are able to communicate with each other while driving. Many riders benefit from this feature. According to most of them, they are able to update each other about the real-time traffic situations through this feature.

Another user noted that he is able to use this techno helmet during wet days without any problem. The Bluetooth system is also not affected by the heavy downpour. He recommends it for people who are always on the go.

Things to Improve

The BILT Techno helmet is an advanced version of most helmets. It can improve its performance if the steps for setting it up will be simplified especially for first-time riders.


The BILT Techno Helmet gives you the ability to listen to your favorite music while on the go. You can also benefit from its intercom function. Driving alone will never be the same. You will feel more secure and relieved. Check out the best bluetooth helmet reviews for added knowledge about this device.

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