BILT Techno BLH48-DAY-2X Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

In the fast-paced world we live in, both functionality and usability are important, and those are present in the BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Helmet. This is one of the most technologically-advanced helmets in the market today. Aside from its main function, which is to protect your head from unwanted injuries, it also has Bluetooth capabilities to enable you to use your mobile device hands-free. You can listen to your favorite songs or even talk on the phone while you drive.

The BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Helmet passed all DOT standards. Its maker, BILT, is considered one of the best motorcycle equipment makers and also known for their high-quality products.

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High-Quality Protection

When riding motorcycles, it is important that your head is fully protected. According to the website, “Motorcycle helmets are basically aimed at absorbing the impact of collision to the brain in case of an accident. With this in mind, among the first things that one should be looking for is the material of the helmet.”

The BILT Techno helmet gives you that protection and more. It has a chin deflector that showcases a double D-ring for you to fasten the helmet more safely. Its shell is composed of high-tech polycarbonate injection which can either have a flat matte or lacquer metallic finish. The ventilation is also great. There is a chin-mounted airflow vent which can be opened or closed and a metal mesh exhaust vents on the rear part. It also has a built-in drop-down tinted shield to protect your eyes from the sun. There are spare visors and are replaceable.

High Technology

One of the stand-out features of the BILT Techno helmet is its Bluetooth capabilities. Yes, this helmet can be synced to your phones or gadgets with Bluetooth technology. This helmet has an integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system which has the following functions: mobile phone communication and MP3 audio playback. So even when you are driving your motorcycle, you don’t have to miss a phone call or you can enjoy your favorite music through its built-in speakers. It also has GPS navigation that can give you instructions while driving.


Another unique feature of this Bluetooth helmet is its intercom. Through the intercom, you’ll be able to communicate to your passenger or to another motorcycle rider with a paired BILT Techno Bluetooth helmet. This feature gives you a better way to communicate because it will let you hear well.

When you are riding a motorcycle, there will be too much noise around you that it will be hard to communicate even with the person who’s riding with you. The noise coming from your own motorcycle and from the other vehicles will sometimes make it impossible for you to hear what your passenger is saying. Add the wind gust you hear when driving, it can really be hard to decipher what the others might be telling you. The intercom feature is really a plus.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Features and Specifications

  • High-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • High-quality metallic paint
  • Either flat matte or double lacquer finish
  • Integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system
  • Mobile phone communication and MP3 playback
  • Intercom: rider to rider/passengerwide orange

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Reviews

BILT Techno has a 7.6/10 Editor Rating. One motorcycle rider using this helmet noted that it has a lot of features which even those more expensive ones don’t have. The Bluetooth feature is really easy to use. The controls are very simple to use and are easy to reach.

Another satisfied customer said that the speakers’ quality really sounds great even when you are at a very high speed on a freeway. Also, when he’s answering phone calls through the helmet’s Bluetooth feature, the person on the other end can’t even notice that he’s calling from his motorcycle.

One rider also praised the drop-down visor which can be easily pulled down and can be easily retracted as well

Things to Improve

One thing that can be improved on is the microphone which, according to one user, is way too puffy. The puffy mic would be either in his mouth or would be rubbing against the tip of his nose. This made him plan to remove the foam completely.

This complaint is actually only a minor one and doesn’t really affect the overall quality of the BILT Techno helmet. It doesn’t take away the fact that this helmet has several features that even those very pricey ones don’t have.


The BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Helmet is truly the high-quality modern helmet that you can get at a very reasonable price. With all its features, this one is a real must-have for motorcycle riders. You can enjoy both being protected and being connected to your loved ones while riding your motorcycle. For more information and comparison, read other Bluetooth helmet reviews.

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