Black & Decker 7698K Planer Review

In terms of versatility and functionality, Black & Decker 7698K will always have its name on top of the list. This brand has been known in the industry to produce quality and high caliber equipment and machineries. This planer is considered as cost-effective because you get to have a really good unit for such an affordable price.

So, how about its versatility? If you are searching for extra smoothness and flourish with your woodwork, you will definitely have it with this unit. This product has a front handle adjustment that you would not find anywhere else. Aside from this, you do 10 positive stops with this. These features are solely owned only by Black & Decker 7698K.

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High Torque Motor

As a residential wood planer, this tool has a 5.2-amp high torque capability. Not all the wood planers in the market have this capacity. What is the benefit of this feature then? Speaking of torque, it includes force and distance. This wood planer has a high-torque power that makes it really effective in cutting. It is the reason why it can effectively cut woods with a smooth finish.

Black & Decker will surely help you in finishing your DIY wood planning jobs with much efficacy and power. There has been a notion that tools with high torque means it has high horsepower. Even though it is not a heavy duty planer compared to the other brands in the market, this can still produce great cuts with utmost smoothness and precision. You will be able to extend the cutting time because of the lock-in button included in this tool.

4 Reversible Carbide Blades

You will be amazed to know that the Black & Decker 7698K has 4 reversible carbide blades that outdo some of the heavy duty planers in the market. Some of these units only have two blades. The reversible blades of this wood planner are very reliable and durable. They are also wear and corrosion resistant. The reason is that it is made of steel. This material is very strong and could cut even the hardest woods.

When these reversible carbide blades penetrate the material, they are able to cut it with much accuracy and precision. The material of carbide blades can work on even the toughest woods you could ever think of. You will not be disappointed with the result because it will surely be great and amazing.

To ensure that it will be able to cut through thick woods, the carbide blades are made into 4 layers. You will be able to benefit from it for most of your woodworks at home. You also don’t need to worry that you will spend more when the carbide blades get dull because they are reversible. This means that you will be able to use for several applications because it is not prone to early wear.

Black & Decker 7698K Features and Specifications

  • 2 amp High Torque motor – this is a perfect residential planer. It has high-torque that makes it really efficient and reliable in cutting.
  • 16,500 RPM – it has the capacity to create deep cuts up to 5/64 inches
  • Rabbeting Feature – it allows this planer to create rabbet stops and more designs
  • 10 positive stops – this used for adjusting the depth of the cuts.
  • Chamfering Groove – it allows this unit to create flourishing designs
  • Adjustment handle – this feature is used to customize the depth and design of cuts

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Black & Decker 7698 Reviews

We will award this amazing residential wood planer with a rating of 6.5 out of 10 due to its cost-effective features. Many of the users are happy to have this unit because they can do much of their woodworks without spending much. Black & Decker 7698K is also very lightweight so it is easier for them to carry it around whenever they need to do planning tasks.

This is best recommended for people who have personal planing workshop. It operates quietly so you can definitely use it without bothering your neighbors from too much noise. Some of the users commended the front adjustment handle because they are able to customize their designs because of this feature.

Things to Improve

Some users noted that the dust bag of Black & Decker 7698 is too small. It could have been better if the dust bag will be larger in size to store much debris and other wood pieces. It will be more convenient because you don’t need to empty it all the time.


The Black & Decker 7698K is definitely a must have compact wood planer for personal use. You get to enjoy unique features that you will only see with this tool. If you would like more design with your woodwork, you can do it by utilizing the chamfering groove. It will give you the chance to come up with more flourishes and designs. Check out the portable wood planer reviews to know more about this highly recommended tool.

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