Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station 12 Volt Inflator Review

Black and Decker is a famous and trustworthy brand in the power tool industry and this company initially manufactured drills only. Over the years, it has developed into a premier company that now produces a complete line of power tools that includes the replacement parts and accessories. Right now, this company has been producing the top selling air compressors in the form of ASI300 air station inflator.

Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Feature

This unit is covered with black and bright orange, which is the iconic trademark of Black & Decker. It is power-driven by a cigarette lighter socket as well as an electric outlet. Moreover, this compressor is a useful device for several purposes as well. Plus, it will permit you to operate on either AC or DC power source and it can be used for jobs that are done at home or for road emergency situations.

Furthermore, a lot of people have brought this item to air up their car tires and you will not have to rush to the gas stations for filling up the tires as well. This device is designed to perform small task, for example, inflating the car tires, lawn mower tires, wheelchair, etc. So, it will be an ideal product for as you will be able to avoid the hassle of going to the gas stations.

Apart from these facts, this air compressor is constructed with an inflation power up to 160 PSI and few users have complained about its pumping process. Additionally, majority users of have revered this air compressor’s performance and one user have said that he had inflated one of his car tires from 0-35 PSI within four minutes (04). Besides, another customer has expressed his delight by saying that he was able to fill the spare tires from 05-60 PSI in just two minutes. So, this proves that it can inflate a near flat tire from 05-35 PSI in just three or four minutes

The shut off feature of Black & Decker ASI300 is one of the exclusive features and you can also take this unit as an automatic pumping device as well. This automatic feature will allow you do the other things as it will do the air filling on its own. At the time of reaching the desired pressure level, it will stop the pumping operation immediately.

Additionally, this model boasts numerous advantages over other units and it is created with a compact design, as well as the weight of this unit, is only six pounds. It is a small unit, but it can work fastly and you can power it up with an AC or DC power source as well. Besides, the automatic shut off function is praised by many people and the amount of noise that it emits is acceptable to the users.

However, there are some drawbacks of this unit and lots of users have addressed them as well. They have expressed their dissatisfaction with the gauge machine as its very small compared to other units. On the other hand, this compressor’s pressure gauge has an accuracy rating of +/- 3%. So, don’t worry about these negative comments. Lastly, there have been problems with the fuse as after some use, it might refuse to work and some have reported that they were not able to replace it quickly as well.


To sum up the article, I would say that this Black & Decker ASI300 is a great compressor and you should use it for small and lighter works. Every product has its own problem, but it should deter you to buy this product because it is more than capable of solving your emergency needs.