Black & Decker BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander Review

The Black & Decker BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander Black & Decker BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander is a three inches by eighteen inches compact 6A belt sander with a mobile design to ensure that when you’re sanding work pieces, you can fit it into the tightest spaces around. Thusly, if you’re a wood or marble sculptor, you can make good use of this portable and handheld device to make stunning art. It has many practical uses as well since it’s 13% narrower than most of its competitors with a small front wheel and sands two times closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces. This means that it has many practical applications and uses in the world of construction and manufacturing as well as residential-grade home improvement or DIY woodworking projects.


Small and Useful: A Mighty Mite

Miniaturization is a thing that’s currently taking the technology world by storm, from creating smaller and smaller computers to smaller and smaller smartphones that are every bit as powerful (if not more so) than their bigger counterparts. A miniaturized device that has even better capabilities than a bigger console also has the added bonus of portability and easy storage, making it superior in every way. That’s what the Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander brings to the table with its small, compact design that comes with a comfortable front handle to boot. It offers superior operation in a small package that gives you a better chance at literally smoothening out the edges of all sorts of materials.

Lightweight and Superior Performance

The true essence of miniaturization is not only to make the same device smaller; it’s also about making it better while making it smaller. In many ways, the Black & Decker BR318is superior to its competition. It has an easy to empty dust bag, for one thing. It’s also lighter and less cumbersome to deal with than a bigger, more tiring to use belt sander that’s incredibly noisy to boot. Aside from being a lightweight alternative to even a similar Black & Decker model, it comes complete with the aforementioned low profile roller that makes it easy to fit into tight spots without you having to manually sand that part with sandpaper and elbow grease.

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Here are the specs for the Black & Decker BR318 3-Inch by 18-Inch Low Profile Belt Sander. 

  • Tight Fits: TheBlack & Decker BR318 Belt Sander is specifically designed to fit into tight spaces easily.
  • Narrowness: Compared to its closest competitors or even comparableBlack & Decker belt sander models, the Black & Decker BR318 is 13% narrower.
  • Sands Closer:TheBlack & Decker BR318 Belt Sander also features the ability to sand closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces thanks to how it’s designed.
  • Dust Bag: Its dust bag is superb at collecting dust and debris plus it’s just as easy to empty it.
  • Front Handle Design: It’s one of the more ergonomically designed front handles for belt sanders in recent memory.

Customer Reviews


As a woodworking hobbyist of thirty years and a three-year chair factory worker, I’ve seen them all and used them all in regards to woodworking power tools like radial saws, chainsaws, and (of course) belt sanders. As such, I’m speaking with thirty years of experience when I say that the Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander is a welcome addition to my belt sanding collection. As far as inexpensive, lower-end tools are concerned, this one brings the most bang for your buck thanks to its smallness and utility. It delivers just as it advertises in regards to fitting tight spaces and smoothening them out faster than you can sand them down by hand with sand paper.

The Black & Decker BR318 3-Inch by 18-Inch Low Profile Belt Sander has received 72 reviews and has a 4.0 rating on


There’s a reason why despite its praises, it only got a 4.0 rating on The reason for that are dissatisfied Amazonian customers giving it low ratings because of its supposed flaws, according to them. One user claims that the rollers on the model, while convenient, unnecessarily reduce the usable sanding area. Herein lies the main gripe the detractors of the Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander has: It’s too small! Like in the case with smaller smartphones having smaller screens, smallness does have drawbacks. As great as miniaturization is, certain issues will crop up when something is too small, like dealing with wide area sanding.

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Despite the obvious drawbacks of smallness, the positive comments at agree unanimously that the Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander is easily the best small, cost-effective belt sander you could buy. It’s so affordable that you might as well buy two, with one serving as a spare (or as an extra sander for heavy duty work since it’s so small, you might need two to deal with non-detailing sanding). It’s comfortable, it has more power for its class, and it does detailing sanding superbly. It even has increased 6 amp power and a true auto-tracking belt design to boot! Just be careful when using it with its type of handle, and you should be able to smoothen out all sorts of irregular or tight surfaces. Do check out our reviews of other best belt sanders here.

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