Blue Heaven NS420 Solar Pool Cover Review

The Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Pool Cover is one of the best solar pool cover in the market today. This can provide your pool with both heating and protection.

Regular pool heater consumes too much electricity, which can really hurt your monthly electricity billing.

Through the use of the Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover, your pool can be heated without consuming any electricity. It will get all the heat from the sun during the day, and then, it is trapped underneath the cover keeping the pool water warm and ready for your cold day or night swim.

And since it is literally a cover, unwanted elements like dirt or dried leaves will not get into the water keeping your pool clean and clear.

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The Blue Wave Pool Cover effectively gets any pool heated as needed just like your usual pool heater but with no electricity consumption. The pool can be heated up to 15 degrees warmer.

The heating element is just coming from the trapped heat gathered throughout the day through its unique design. It is using heat-retaining thermal bubbles. Its transparent blue color helps the sun’s rays to reach and penetrate your pool. Once you have this, you no longer have to worry about its energy consumption.

One important note is that the product will appear darker in the box and not a transparent blue color as it is rolled or folded up.

Once the item is out of the box and laid out on a pool when the sun is up, the sun’s rays will penetrate the dark blue cover. That is the only time when the cover will look like the one on the image shown.

Protected and Durable

The Blue Wave 12-mil Pool Cover is UV-protected so it can withstand the harshest sunlight. With its UV protection, the cover is surely a durable one. Aside from that, it is backed with a 5-year warranty. You will truly get your money’s worth with this pool cover.

While it is heating your pool, it is also keeping it clean at the same time. So what else can you ask for?

Blue Heaven NS420 Features and Specifications

  • Heats your swimming pool to up to 15 degrees warmer
  • Entire cover loaded with heat-retaining thermal bubbles
  • Transparent blue color aids the sun light penetrate your pool
  • With UV protection
  • Purely solar so no electricity will be used
  • Product has a 5-year warranty

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Blue Heaven NS420 Reviews

The Editor Rating for Blue Wave Solar Pool Cover is 7.5/10. Several satisfied customers all agree that this solar pool cover is able to perfectly heat their pool.

It is also very easy to set up. One customer said that he is able to get this on the pool in minutes. Once it is settled on the water, he easily trimmed the edges to fit his pool. It keeps any debris out of the water while keeping it warm.

Another happy customer said that this Blue Wave Solar blanket is thicker than what they had in the past. They are certain that this will last longer than what they had before.

One user also commented that it is very easy to put on top of the pool and very easy to remove as well. He said even his wife can remove the cover easily with no hassle.

Overall, a lot of users say that this really makes a difference in retaining the pool’s heat overnight. It is truly a great value at a great price.

Things to Improve

One thing that can be improved on is the amount of air the bubbles have. One customer said that it should at least look like more of the bubble wraps where there is plenty of air on every bubble.

This is just a pretty minor issue considering the amount of savings you could have in not having to use any electricity in heating your pool.


The Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Pool Cover is a very good investment. Not only that it will help you save electricity since this will be able to heat your pool through solar energy, but also it will keep any dirt or unwanted things off your pool. This means you don’t have to clean it frequently as before.

It also has a 5-year warranty so you do not have to worry about it for the next five years. This is all so much at a very reasonable price.

If you are planning on buying a solar pool cover, know more about the Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Pool Cover and compare it with the other solar pool blankets by reading more solar pool cover reviews.

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