If you are looking for a motorcycle GPS, the BMW Motorrad navigator V is the first one you should check. This device was co-developed by BMW together with Garmin International and it has improved features with added user convenience compared to the Navigator IV.

BMW Motorrad Navigator V has the same external housing dimension as the Navigator IV but its screen is bigger and brighter with 5” display. Its integrated storage capacity is twice as much as its previous model. From 4 GB, the storage is now increased to 8 GB.

This device has an improved navigation logic and route planning. It has preload lifetime maps for North America and BMW dealer database.

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Larger and Brighter TFT Touchscreen

The BMW Motorrad Navigator V features a 5” screen with 800×480 resolution. Its high-resolution screen allows great map viewing experience plus, during a daytime ride, the screen is still clear even with a direct sunlight.

It has an accessible docking unit that allows you to remove and transfer the device to a different ride when needed. The screen is easy to navigate because it only has 2 basic buttons – the option and return button.

When you press the option, a series of selection will be presented to you. Then, to go back, you can simply press the return button.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Navigation System

The device has a premium class Bluetooth which is capable of GPS navigation system and is reliable on and off your motorcycle. You can also use the Bluetooth and navigation system to connect to your mobile phone and headset or the audio service of your bike.  With this feature, you can easily take calls even when you are on the road.

For the navigation unit, you have the option to have the maps of Europe and North America preinstalled or you can opt not to. If you decide to have the maps preinstalled, you will also get lifetime map updates. To get the plan routes, you have to download the Base Camp tour planning software.

The unit provides you the ability to modify your maps. You have the option to change the map view depending on what you want to be displayed on your screen.

BMW Motorrad Navigator V uses a new trip technology which redefines route planning. It also has longer and more comprehensive tour with about 3,750 reference points every trip.

BMW Motorrad Navigator V Features and Specifications

  • Larger and brighter 5” touchscreen display with enhanced readability in direct sunlight
  • Doubled integrated storage capacity (from 4 GB to 8 GB)
  • Pre-installed BMW dealer database in North America
  • Pre-installed lifetime maps for North America
  • Advanced Audio Distribution profile stereo Bluetooth technology for hands-free telephone use, built-in media player and turn-by-turn directions
  • Optional smartphone link which provides real-time traffic information and latest weather en-route
  • 5 mm jack plug to connect your headphone and MCX socket to connect external antenna
  • Smartphone like application compatibility
  • Supports micro SD card with storage capacity of 64 GB
  • Programmable buttons for commonly used functions
  • Media player

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BMW Motorrad Navigator V Reviews

BMW Motorrad Navigator V received a high editorial rating of 9 out of 10. According to the many users, this device is a nice upgrade from the BMW Navigator IV because it has bigger and brighter screen. They say that the device is easy to access even if they have their gloves on.

In addition, users say that it is easy to see the screen even under direct sunlight. The device provides them with all navigation functions and options that they need for their trip. They liked the expandability of the internal memory by simply adding a micro SD card.

Another feature that users love about this unit is the ability to program buttons and map views. The programmable buttons allow them to get to the function that they usually use.

Things to Improve

A few users are not so happy with the problems they encounter when doing a hard reset. To do this they have to remove the battery from the device but since there are screws they had to remove it in order to get to the battery. This is actually not a problem because the screws are needed to secure the battery on the unit. Without it, the battery could accidentally fall off especially when going through a bumpy road.


The BMW Motorrad Navigator V is a sound option for motorcycle riders who are looking for a simple yet functional GPS unit. It can easily meet the criteria of an adventure riding GPS.

Any rider would appreciate the screen which is slightly larger than other GPS in the market. It has a glove-friendly screen than can easily be seen with direct sunlight thus, it is perfect for those who are always on the go.

The map and navigation features will find the right amount of GPS satellite so you can get to the right spot and determine your exact location.

To learn more about this product visit motorcycle GPS reviews here.

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